Hand Of Ice

August 19, 2015:

After the events in M-Town a few days ago, Bobby finally wakes up

X-Red HQ


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Bobby's eyes snap open. He hasn't been awake since Jean knocked him out, which was a couple of days ago. "Ow…" He murmurs. Okay he's… X-Red HQ. That's good. Nothing really hurts either, so that's also good. Well, slight headache aside. The ice nerd sits up and cracks his neck. Oddly… he can't seem to move his left hand. Glancing down, he notices that's because it's turned entirely to ice.
That's not good.

Brins been monitoring Bobby, waiting for him to awake. Which is why she's sticking her head in the door as Bobby sits up. Seeing him look at his hand, she grimaces slightly "Welcome back, I was starting to worry." For now, she'll lean against the doorframe and watch Bobby's response…

Bobby glances down at his hand. "I'm… worried now." Much less starting. "I…" He tries to move his hand and can't. "That's… really… bad." He sighs. He's panicing just a bit. She can feel it from him. He concentrates a bit more and his hand moves, slightly. "Right… okay…"

Moving across the room, Brin puts a hand on Bobby's shoulder… she can feel his panic and concern, and works hard on projecting calm - but she's only an empath… not a telepath. "Bobby, I'm here for you." the brunette speaks quietly "We'll work this out together." Sitting on the side of his bed, reaching for the hand made of ice… knowing it will be cold, but maybe it will help calm him a little. "This is worse than the rest of your wounds, I know."

Bobby swallows hard and nods. "I'll… have to contact a bio-specialist. I know of a couple. Maybe they can come up with something to stabilize my phsiology…" Hopefully otherwise he's gonna be a statue in fairly short order. "What about Jean. Is she back with us or…" He knows she's in trouble. More than his own situation, this takes precedence.

"You do that, Bobby" Brin keeps her voice low "If you want someone to come with, you know I will." It's what she does for the team. "We'll work it out … and you'll be fine." He has to be.

The mention of Jean has Brin wincing and shaking her head "No, she's not. But we did catch some of her handlers last night, they'll be given to the X-Men to question." Biting her bottom lip "That collar and implant, seemed to be a transceiver as much as a control device…" Jeans flip has Brin really concerned, because the woman is an incredibly strong telepath among other things.

"Got to find her…" Bobby winces, trying his hand again. The fingers curl. A little. Not much. "You let me know if there's anything I can do. I'll focus on that as much as I can. What about everyone else? How are they holding up?" He means both Red and the wider X-Family.

Bobby's been unconscious, or sleeping, since the incident in the M-Town the other day. He's just woken up and his left hand is all ice, Brins currently sitting on the edge of his bed speaking to him - about Jean.

"The X-Men are searching for. Jericho is as well. I'm working with them and could use your help - Cyclops asked Colossus to help out in the field." That quick update given, Brin thinks for a moment "They're all worried about Jean, Psylocke was in the field yesterday. As for us here, it's mostly business as usual. Oh, Mikes gone to Japan to chase down a Purifier lead, he's taken one of the Titans with him."

"And what about Wanda? She was with us. She get hurt?" Bobby is, of course, concerned about his teammate. "Alright, so we're down Mike…" He's thinking. His hand isn't moving. He can make it twitch, make his fingers move a little. Truth be told he can hardly feel it right now.

"Hello" greets Wanda softly from the doorway. She has been very low profile lately. The way that her friends, her team, reacted in horror to what she did to those Purifiers has had her questioning herself…again. "I didn't get hurt" she replies, catching Bobby's question when she arrived. "I was knocked down but nothing bad". Certainly not as bad as what she did to others. Wanda frows at Bobby's condition before looking to Brinley for answers. "How is he?"

"And Wiccans' asked to join the team. We'll need to get him in to meet everyone… but as an Xavier student, he's a direct intake." Looking up as Wanda speaks, Brin smiles and gestures the woman over, still holding Bobby's ice hand in her palm. "As you can see, Wanda's fine. She really did a good job, Bobby." Even restoring the purifiers to their normal states.

Wanda's questioned directed to Brin, has the brunette smiling softly "Bobby can answer that … but he's a little concerned." She's not going to reveal the depth of his concern.

Bobby looks concerned. It's his hand. He can hardly move it. Also, he didn't hurt it, that he knows of. Contact with Jean's… psychic backlash seems to have affected him. He's on a timer now, if it's speed up to this degree. "I'm okay. For now. Worried though. I need to talk to someone who can help." He pats the bed next to him. She's welcome to come make herself comfortable. "You sure you're okay?" He watches for her answer and then glances to Brin. "Was there anything else while I was out?"

"You are still turning into ice?" Wanda asks before warily settling on the bed…though not as close as Bobby patted. "Do not worry. Worry is the worst thing. Who can help? Why aren't they here now?" She looks to Brinley too for an answer to that one before taking a deep breath. "I should apologise for what I did the other day. I…I do not have a lot of control over what I can do and they wanted to hurt us so I wanted to hurt them. I did not mean to make you both so horrified. I went to see Doctor Strange about it. Well…just to talk to someone too. He suggested some meditation and another big word and I shall try to be better from now on. Not so…" She taps the side of her forehead. "Mad, bad and dangerous to know. I learned that from a song…I think."

"Nothing. X-Men are searching for Jean." Brin moves over to make room for Wanda "Colossus is going out with them in the field. We have handlers in custody…" Right now, it's hurry up and wait. And she's not about to mention to the already worried Iceman that she's not sleeping well because of the nightmares that have been rekindled.

Wandas apologies and explanation has Brins head canting "You put them back, that was a start… but…" Maybe Bobby can finish that off.

Bobby smiles and leans over to pat Wanda on the shoulder. "It's okay Wanda. You put them right, I heard. It's just… I was surprised and, well I'm sure Brin can explain our particular situation, if she hasn't already. We're trying to make sure people aren't afraid of us. And we have to comply with the letter of the law." Most of the time. "You fixed it, it's all fine." He won't hold anything against her.

"Jean's going to be a problem if she remains in the wind." Bobby sighs. "We've got to find her. I'll contact Scott if you haven't already."

Wanda offers a nod and a half-hearted smile to her forgiveness. Now all she has to do is forget the looks of horror on the faces of those with her. "No one has caught her yet?" she asks about Jean before the brow furrows. "Wait. You did not say who should be here to fix Bobby and why they aren't here already. I can go and get them. Should I get Doctor Strange? He asked me to help with some obelisks but he can help Bobby in return. That is how things work, right?" A snort of amusement. "If you wanted people in X-Red that are not scary, why did you pick me? Witch. Mutant. Gypsy. Foreigner. I am everything that people like to be afraid of."

"X-Red use non-lethal methods. In co-operation with the police, we detain and hand people over to the authorities." Brin blows out a breath and mutters "even the Purifiers. And we wanted you on the team, because we believe you can show people exactly that we're not to be feared." She's serious.

"Scotts already been by and I've been sending reports, Bobby." Brin has been handling the liaison for now "but do contact him, he might appreciate it." Scott had looked ragged the other day which prompts something … "He's still undergoing smooth withdrawal from the SRD attack the other day. Fast track version." The one that Audrey had gone through.

Back to Wanda "Bobby will be going to see some bio-specialists. What's happening… " a glance to Bobby "needs specialists." Bobby can expand on that if he wants.

"Because I trust you Wanda. And I think you can be the best of us, really." Bobby does. He likes to think of the best in people though. Ever the optimist. "As for the help, as Brin says, I'll need a special sort of doctor. I know a couple." The X-ers have ones on file but in this case Bobby thinks he'll reach out to his other contacts.

"Then they should be here now. Bobby should not be sick for one second more than necessary." Wanda is in danger of getting quite worked up about this but then she takes a deep breath, closes her eyes and mutters softly to herself for a moment. The meditation is remembered just in time. "Okay. I won't let you down again. I won't be the best but I will be my best. Smooth withdrawal? You should have called me, Brinley, I can take that out of people." She has done it before…but has always kept quiet about any effect it may have had on her after she did so.

Brin puts her hand on Wanda's other shoulder "We'll look after Bobby, get him to the people he needs to see. But the best you and I can do for him now…" Brin speaks quietly "is remain calm and be there for him." the brunette mutant remembers what it was like for her, when the remaining Paragons returned.

"Honestly Wanda, I didn't realise until Scott came by. We have… a cure… but I'll be sure to put that on file and let the team know." with the Purifiers and the SRD in M-Town that week, it had been a little fraught.

"If they're still suffering from it…" Bobby ventures. "Maybe take Wanda to them, let her make her offer. They might appreciate not having to go through the heroin withdrawals." He takes a deep breath. "They don't know I need it yet Wanda… but they will. I'm going to talk to them soon." He rises. "Speaking of, I need to check on the mail and messages. And get something to eat. I'm starving."

"I'll get you something!" Wanda offers, standing quickly before realising she was probably a bit too enthusiastic. "I mean…if you don't mind Transian food. You don't think Pietro ever learned to cook, do you? And you have some food here…more than I find in an alley at least." A faint smile at that before she looks at the pair. "You would like something, Brinley?"

"Good thinking. Although Scott had already started…" Brin nods to Bobby. "I'll take Wanda over though, let them meet her at least."

Standing to let Bobby rise, Brin smiles as Wanda makes her offer. "At least one of us can cook… " although Bobby does a pretty passable job himself "I would love something, thank you Wanda. " Putting a hand on Bobby's shoulder "You're on light duties till you and I agree otherwise."

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