TWNN: Flag Smasher, Part 1

August 20, 2015:

The Team With No Name sets up for a mission against a Swiss terrorist.

Sewers under New York

Gross, Sewers.


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12:33 AM

In a locked out room, just off from a clean-water sewer valve, is a relatively clean landing with circular exits on three of the sides. A small generator hums in the background and one of those high watt lamps that is used at construction sites gives some light.

In the foreground is a table with several maps laid out with the topic of the day being the Island city state of Madripoor.

There are several seats and Steve is off in the corner on his phone, sending some sort of text message as everyone arrives.

Audrey is hard to reach these days. And harder to find. But she manages to show up when she's needed. Furthermore, she doesn't actually seem put off by the sewer, climbing down to the landing and heading over to the table full of maps. "Madripoor?" she asks as she comes close enough to get a look at them, glancing over to Steve.

Ronnie — sorry, Agent Hautzig seems different today. A lot of times at these meetings she's sullen, aloof, withdrawn. She just seems like a hard person to get to know, and like maybe it's intentional.

But today, Ronnie's more… open. It's not anything she's saying. It's not even really anything she's doing. It's just her attitude, her posture, the clearness in her brown eyes. Like a weight is off her shoulders. She's already standing at the table, surveying the maps. "That's what it looks like to me," she comments to Audrey just a little teasingly, then looks up with a smirk, as if to prove that she didn't mean any hard feelings by the comment.

"Sorry, Agent Carter won't be with us tonight," Steve says as he makes his way back over. "Audrey's right, it's Madripoor."

A brown envelope is thrown down on the table. Either of the ladies who inspects it will find several photographs inside, as well as dossier's of information.

"The guy in the picture is a man by the name of Karl Morgenthau. Swiss. 28 years old. He's an international terrorist and of the belief that nations, in and of themselves, are evil. He hopes to bring about a New World Order, one nation for the entire world in hopes that we can stave off alien invasions…or whatever, I really don't follow his logic. But he's radicalized and a true believer, so we have that to contend with."

Audrey smiles faintly to Ronnie, but it's the dossiers and the map that have most of her attention. "So of course he's in Madripoor. Which is pretty much the definition of unfriendly territory." Young as she is, she stands with military self-assurance, looking over the information like someone who knows what they're looking for. "What sort of resources does he have?" she asks, looking back to Steve.

Ronnie doesn't look quite so military in her posture, even though she's an actual active SHIELD Agent. Instead, she just seems… strong. Self-assured. That kinda stuff. You know. Ronnie picks up one of the dossiers and flips through it, scanning. "A lot, it looks like — if I'm reading this stuff on ULTIMATUM correctly." She robbed Steve of the good part, because she read too far. She can be court-martialed later.

Steve nods to Audrey, "Well not quite. He's not there yet. Instead he will be, at some point this week. My intel hasn't gotten me information on when he'll be arriving, only that he will. I could be wrong and he might already be there. I'm not quite sure."

Steve nods again, this time to Ronnie, "ULTIMATUM is what he's heading up, you're right. The good news is this is Morgenthau himself, so we can do a big bit of damage if we can apprehend him."

"Here's the twist. Agents from the separatists in Kaznia are planning on giving him detailed schematics on chemical agents. Morgenthau has been piecing this information ever since he got out of Guantanamo two years ago. He's also going to be bringing a fat suitcase of cash for the Kaznians. We think the deal may be done right at the airport, before anyone has to go through customs. Our goal is to stop them."

"Thoughts. Everyone shout what you're thinking—don't be bashful."

"The way airport security's run anymore, you might be able to accomplish something just by delaying his flight," Audrey muses. "Though I guess if you did, the people doing the pick up would just wait until his flight made it in. I was going to suggest alerting airport security, and then I remembered Madripoor." She pauses, a brief smile touching one corner of her lips. "On the other hand, Madripoor. If you alert airport security, chances are he's not going to have the cash for long anyhow."

"And on the third hand, Madripoor," Ronnie notes, still reading, talking without looking up. "One of us dresses up nondescriptly and steals the cash or the plans out from under them, they'll blame each other because there's no honor among thieves, and we pinch Morgenthau in the chaos."

"I like what we're thinking. Perhaps the best way to get a win here is to hit it from all different angles. We alert security, we try and delay the flight, and we try and pinch the cases. If any of the three work, then we're alright," Steve says as he takes a seat and leans back in the chair.

"Hautzig, we need you on the Kaznian's plane. Any way you can get it delayed will work. Just don't be seen; Audrey and I will rendezvous with you on the island. If you can get the plans it's double trouble."

"Audrey, I'll have you scope the airport and see how we can break through security and get past customs, maybe even out to the tarmac. I'll see what I can do to find Morgenthau and we should have our bases covered."

"The trick is that there's more about this one that we don't know than what we do. We'll have to be on our toes and act accordingly."

Audrey nods, looking at the map. "I'll see what I can find out about their usual security measures there. Place like Madripoor, there are two possibilities. Either nobody cares and corruption is so rampant you can go wherever you want, or they're so used to so much corruption that security is all but impenetrable. Depends on who's got control of the airport right now."

"Just call me D.B. Cooper," Ronnie says, closing the dossier and picking up another one. She pauses, then looks to Cap: "He was a famous plane hijacker." She's gotten used to occasionally having to explain cultural references of the post-WW2 decades.

"Oh, right," Steve says with a laugh to Ronnie's bit about Cooper.

"Well, we won't know till we get a better look, about the security. Audrey, you and I will rendezvous in town once we get settled." Cap slides a pair of burner phones to each of the ladies. "I'll text you the address I want to meet you at. Ronnie, you let us know when you land. I have no idea what plane you'll be on, or when it's coming, but we can work on finding out who the Kaznians will send."

"Any questions?"

All this open endedness makes him a bit worried, but what they have to go on is what they have to go on. They can't let Morgenthau get these plans.

Audrey shakes her head, taking the phone and tucking it into her pocket. "No sir," she replies. "I'll go and see what I can find out before we make a plan to go in. Or as much of a plan as we'll manage."

"Same," says Ronnie. "We'll fill in the blanks. Maybe as we go, but…" She gives an easy smile and a quiet laugh. "But we'll get it done." Isn't it usually Cap's job to give the pep talks?

"Excellent," Steve says as he stands. "See you both on that enchanted desert isle." He starts gathering the things and putting them into a large art-bag. "Hautzig, you seem more chipper than usual. You feelin' okay?" He gives her a quick grin, but his mind is already racing as to how quickly he can get over there.

"We'll get it done," Audrey agrees, nodding once to Ronnie, tapping her fingers to her brow in a salute to Steve before jogging back up the stairs and out of the sewers.

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