Finding The Handlers

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August 18, 2015:

Chasing the Humvees from the scene of Alpha's escape Jericho captures them



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Fade In…

There hadn't really been time to collect anyone when Jean went haring off. Jericho wasn't thinking on chasing her fortunately. Not yet. The moment she was clear he packed in his rifle and signalled Brinley to get her butt over to a car. Then he called May. The message was simple: On the trail of a group responsible for subverting a powerful telepath. Could use some backup. And some coordinates. They've moving but he's already got a rough direction and a constant fix from the radio chatter. So… this'll be interesting.

The hacker locates a stretch of road they should come tearing down, arriving minutes before they do. Hopefully May will be in contact soon.

"How fast can you fly, Brinley?"

ETA, one minute. Okay, how the heck is May able to catch up with them THAT fast? Well, other than her ley line pendulum, simple. She got the message while bringing a quinjet in for a landing at the Triskelion. She hastily told the tower of her change in plans, and took off again. Plus, she'll be there soon, and with some decent firepower at hand. Minus, the quinjet's already been out and about and has at best half a tank of fuel left.

Leaving Psylocke to do whatever she has to, Brin takes off towards the car.

Brin blinks at Jericho's questions "I can keep up with most cars, sometimes I just have to be clever about it though…" trailing off, the brunette concentrates a for a moment, glowing green and gold wings spring from her back…"Where do you want me?" If it comes to combat, she'll have to rely on hand to hand.

"Well if you're fast enough we'll leave the car. Just a liability if you can keep up." Harder to crash when you're flying. "Fortunately humvees are built for power, not speed." So they're not race cars. "In fact here they come. Expect some shooting."

Jericho crouches and his wings flare to life along with his traces as the hummers approach… and then zoom by. And he's off after them, easily keeping pace as he reaches for his gunblade.

Agent May, we're tracking three unarmored hummers westbound, my location. We'll need them alive. And the vehicles are probably stolen or misplaced.

It doesn't take long for him to get noticed. Someone pokes his head up out of the hard top, squawks in alarm and brings a rifle up.

May has got far, FAR too much experience in the close quarters of Manhattan's skyline. She goes up and over the location Jericho gave her, using the quinjet's vastly superior speed to get a good quarter mile ahead of the unusual car chase. She's got Trent's location on her HUD, and sets the hover-capable jet to wait in place just behind a convenient building. When the hummers get past their last chance to turn off of this one street, she'll move in to block their path, and maybe fire a weapon at them if there's no risk to the flyers pursuing them already.

Brin follows suit and leaps into the air, taking the other side of the convoy, hanging back, just a little. "You know I don't have any weapons on me, right?" The words likely lost in the rush of air.

Sure, the movies show people landing on top of moving vehicles and disarming the bad guys all the time - but from her own training, Brin knows that's not as easy as it looks and watches … assessing for her opening …

Jericho swerves to avoid the gunfire that follows. Like Brin he can only call his armor when not flying so he relies mostly on not getting hit while that happens. One starts shooting at Brinley too. Jericho clearly isn't too worried. He's shooting back but he's not making any move to disable the vehicles.

That's because as they round the next corner there's May's quinjet right there. He trusts she can stop them.

They'd better stop, or they'll run smack into the quinjet and the seriously heavy duty ordinance that the aircraft is carrying. In fact, as if to prove a point, May aims carefully and fires off a single round, aiming for the radiator of the lead hummer. She's not worried about them actually hitting the jet, she can get up and out of the way more than easily enough. She just hopes that Trent and Myers can get clear if that happens. The VTOL motors on this thing would be very … unpleasant.

Brin might be worried… bullets can hurt! Swerving, dipping and rising she tries to make herself as difficult to hit as possible. At least if a bullet hits her wings, they'll reform - afterall they're a psychic construct.

Rounding the corner, Brin sees the quinjet and starts to fallback - she can see how this could get messy.

The hummers are moving but they're not in any mood to ram an armed quinnjet. The first one slides to a halt in shock, the other two sliding into place left and right behind it. There's a moment of wide eyed incredulity from the lead driver as the others pile out, raising weapons. Their pursuers are momentarily forgotten.

And then Jericho slams down on the roof, blade flipping with a clack as his wolf armor appears.

And then the shooting starts.

The hacker hops down off the roof and smashes the unsharpened false edge of his blade into nearest purifier, sending him flying. Bullets spark and riccochet off his wolf armor as two in the back clamber for larger, heavier weapons to shoot at May. Brin's been forgotten for the moment.

The quinjet doesn't actually join in on the fire fight except to fire a single shot into the engine block of each now-stationary hummer. Because, really Way, way too many civilians in the area, even with the Triskelion interfacing with the local police to keep the streets clear and people inside the buildings. May is NOT about to risk a stray shot. It's so not her style. Now, if Trent weren't down there going ginsu-wolf on the lead hummer, she might consider landing the aircraft on the ground vehicles. Like a cat sitting on a tiny dog to get it to stop yapping.

Brins kinda pleased they've forgotten her… it means there aren't any bullets flying her way. With the purifiers out of the vehicles, Brin alights on the ground, dismissing her wings and calling her armour… she's not going to try and fight these guys, but she will help apprehend them.

When May lands that quinjet, that is.

Jericho cannot stay atop the hummer because, well, they're scattering. So he does move, now six men into his twelve man hat trick. He's actually really, really good with that sword. May's seen him work before possibly but this… good enough to perhaps make her wonder.

So the good news is that no one is attacking Brinley and half the guys are down. And there's vacated room on the hummer. The bad news? Well, someone just pulled an AT-4 from the back of one of them and is pointing it May-ward.

An AT-4? Seriously? Please. May says tersely, "Trent, Myers, brace." And then she's angling the jet's wings up, aiming the extremely heavy jet wash straight down the street at the Purifiers, the hummers, and the moron with the ordinance. Ever seen that video where a taxi makes the mistake of driving behind the engines of a passenger jet? Well, yeah, this isn't that bad. But it's close. And it's directed very intentionally.

There's a reason Brin had hung back - she might be trained to fight but she's not a trained fighter and… as May maneouvres the jet to hit the AT-4 and truck with the backwash, Brins /very glad/ she listened to her instincts.

May's sudden vectored thrust bowls over… well everything. Jericho even takes a tumble but comes up with a roll and before his foes can recover he's got the remainder under attack. Three more take rather abrupt naps before the remainder decide that they don't want to deal with the point of that blade if he decides to use it.

All clear May. Thanks for the help. Eyes head over to Brin. You can come out now.

As soon as Trent gives the all clear she straightens the quinjet back out and the settles it onto the street ever so gently. It almost doesn't even go *clunk* as the landing gear touch down.

Stepping out of the quinjet via the loading ramp, she calls out toward the other two. "I hope you're not expecting me to be your taxi service."

Brin does come out, looking a little sheepish… maybe Jeans attack the other day has had more of an effect than she realised… "Uh, no… Agent May. I don't think so…" Looking to Jericho "What are you going to do with them?"

Jericho looks down at the cowed Purifiers and frowns for a moment, then looks over at Brinley. "I know you can't keep them at Red but I'm also sure your friends will want to talk to these people." Maybe she has some ideas but absent that… "May are there any fairly isolated facilities near Westchester that might go overlooked if used for a day or two?" Surely the X-Men have places to hold people, frightening a thought as that is. The trick is the handoff.

"I can think of one or two." May steps over to help haul all of the captured Purifiers onto the quinjet, and while it's very much improved, she's clearly still favoring her left arm.

"Cyclops will take them." Brins sure of that. "If you can hold them, Agent May, I'll arrange the transfer." She knows how much the X-Men want to get Jean back and these guys hold a valuable key to that…

Jericho nods. "I've got some other leads that could use both of your help." Pause and another wry face. "Well, strike that, I've got some things that could turn into leads and I could use some support. If we can get these guys to a place where others can get to them that'll be good for now. I can raise the rest with you when we have a minute." He knows he's asking a lot and Brin will have to coordinate a lot of this. He's not that deep into the X-er's comms.

Neither is May, so she's concentrating on getting these jerks loaded into the quinjet. The ones that can walk she makes walk. The others are going to get dragged.

And maybe this time Scott will fix that. But for now this, at least, is something Brin can do. Moving to help May move the Purifiers, Brin gives a nod to Jericho "If I can help, I will… I've already sent a message to Cyclops, he'll arrange the transfer of these guys as soon as he can."

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