Suspicious Moves

August 16, 2015:

Simmons notices something strange whilst sitting in on an operation

The Triskelian - New York


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Reports have come in that SHIELD operations in the Far East are meeting with very well organised opposition, very well informed opposition in fact. The latest was from an operation last night, that Simmons had been asked to monitor - there appeared to be some bioweapon tie in and her expertise had been requested. Not that it was needed, the operation was a bust.

She's in her lab now, reviewing data - she could really use Fitz's help with this, but he's out again on another mission, so it's down to the biochem.

Of course, May has been advised as well as other Senior Agents.

Agent May has learned from much experience that the best way to get an update from either Simmons or Fitz about something they're researching is to go to their labs directly and be a pest until they spill. So that's why May is arriving at Jemma's lab. Not to mention, it spares her from having to wait for the biochemist to meet her in a conference room somewhere. And, she can steal some of her tea back.

Simmons doesn't immediately look up as May enters… she's not being rude, but the analysis she's doing requires (and takes) her full attention. It takes a few minutes but she finally looks up "Agent May, I suppose you're here about last nights failed Operation?" Jemma has worked with May long enough to know the senior agents ways.

As she's talking, the display in the middle of the table in the room rises and turns on. Footage, from the view of the camera wearer, is displayed showing how the SHIELD taskforce sent in to an area was met at precisely the right time … and in the right way. It's just all too perfect, really.

Rain is - puttering about. She's one of the odd, more experimental types melding magic and technology. She also stores captured soul shards in tupperware labeled 'TOFU DO NOT EAT' 'SRSLY DO NOT EAT' and other warnings. But she's an electrical engineer, so she really helps here or there. And divining lost keys and such. It's a livin'.

Nevertheless, her path takes her through there, with an empty tupperware bowl of the damned. There's agent May and Simmons. Captain is jogging along behind, tail up in a ? formation.

Melinda May nods to Simmons and watches the footage. It's likely not the first time she's seen it, but there's always the chance of noticing something new. She looks over when Rain and Captain approach, and… you know, it's worth a shot. "Moontree." She knows that the witch isn't overly fond of her given last name, and that's why May used it just now. To get her attention, and quickly.

"Rain, how goes the search for the soul shards?" Jemma makes her way over to the nook where the tea making facilities are and heats the water as she speaks. "Hello Captain." Why does addressing a cat not bother her?

Looking back to the display and seeing Mays response, Simmons nods slowly "I've been doing some digging through the data, everything about this indicates there was insider information, Agent May." the biochem blows out a breath "They knew exactly where the team would be and what they would do… and the only people who knew that were the team and their handlers… and me." She'll wait to see what May and Rain make of that as she turns to prepare three mugs of tea and bowl of something for Captain.

Melinda May promptly starts to pull up a list of the team members and their handlers, and of course Jemma's on that list as well. "When was this mission schedule okayed?" She doesn't want to blame Jemma, so she starts by trying to rule out that the biochemist might have leaked information before she was 'cleaned' by Wanda of that strange red and black in her eyes and the associated VERY un-Jemma-like behavior.

Winter Silverwolf Moontree is not fond of her name in general. And the use of her last name makes her blink and look up. Rain sort of snaps to. She smiles faintly to Jemma. "Well enough. It just takes time and dealing with the people who get them…" Captain sits, nods in greeting. "Hello there." Because this cat can talk and seems to be about on par with a human. He is, however, still a cat.

The two settle quiet as May asks Jemma the question. She and Captain are both quietly waiting.

"Yesterday morning, Agent May." The leak is not due to Jemma at all - Jemma had been cleansed by Wanda several days before and Mays notes will show Jemma hadn't been added till the last minute.

Finishing the tea preparation, Jemma hands the mugs to Rain and May and places the bowl of tea on the table for Captain to lap at.

"I can imagine it does, Rain. If I can be of any assistance…" Simmons is already pulling up more information to display for May "I did some digging, as much as I could with my clearance level, and found several other instances of too good timing, Agent May… " none of which Jemma was involved in, all in Far East Asia… the reports that are displayed are highly redacted - May could probably unlock them.

Melinda May looks over the additional information, then uses her security clearance to unlock still more data. She accepts the tea and takes a sip while the computer compiles the data, looking for correlations in the different incidents. "You're right to be suspicious, Simmons. This has happened far too many times." And she's going to make sure that someone hears about the fact that ALL of SHIELD's analysts missed this and that a scientist assigned only to study the bioweapon angle picked up on it.

Rain was - completely uninvolved. She looks a little puzzled, staying quiet. "Thanks," Rain smiles and accepts the mug. With a grunt, Captain hops up onto the table easily - for cats are genetically adapted to leap onto surfaces intended for use by humans. They never forgot who was truly in charge. Consider it payment for devouring snakes, pests that ate crops and grains and companionship unrivaled.

The witch tilts her head, perhaps waiting for the okay. "And sure, we'll keep it in mind," She promises.

The unlocked reports prove Jemma's suspicions. Each incident was just too well planned … like they knew what SHIELD would do, the security precautions … It seems the first incident that shows is approximately 18 months ago, with rare incidences that slowly became more common more recently.

Of most interest, the attacks seem to be against fixed SHIELD assets and interests… the operation last night was conducted in a SHIELD facility.

Jemma looks over to Agent May and notes the first date "Do you see when these started occuring, Agent May?" She'd only started investigating last nights event because it had seemed odd to her - maybe field ops are rubbing off.

Rain is listening. "If I can help, let us know." Captain's official position may be morale officer, but he's also a good messenger. He's one of the few SHIELD agents who can get through vents, closed doors and into boxes. This all sounds incredibly beyond her paygrade.

Melinda May looks through the compiled data. "Yes," she replies to Jemma's query, and points to the requested data on the screen she's been using. "Does that correlate with anything of significance?"

Jemma sighs and bites her bottom lip, looking between the data, May and Rain/Captain. "That first incident was within a month or two of when Agent Barton said he was taken." and the Clint-Bot put in his place.

This is not something that Jemma really wants to think about. "It's starting to make sense, Agent May. Why replace Agent Barton? And when we apprehended the Clint-Bot, they were doing a data upload somewhere."

Rain listens. She furrows her brows. Rain seems to remember something about that from the gym. Poor Clint. She feels bad for the guy. Captain is listening. "I would guess because he's a known and trusted person," She offers. Someone once verified, perhaps.

"So you're thinking that the LMD was the leak." That WOULD make sense, but May is nothing if not thorough. "We need to follow the data regardless. I don't want to find out that we still have a mole because we thought the LMD did this and neglected to investigate properly."

Nodding to Rain, Jemma confirms "Yes Rain, that's what I was thinking. I'm not sure Agent May, but it's worth investigating." It's been on Simmon's mind - why kidnap and replace a senior agent? "May I request the LMD to examine? It was put into cold storage when it was returned. And may I investigate this further?" If anything, Jemma is persistent…

"I'll put in the request, but I can't promise they'll give the okay. It's a bit ouf WAND's jurisdiction." Though… she could ask Coulson to make the request on Jemma's behalf.

"Well, it could well be both," Rain notes. "If /I/ were wanting to infiltrate, why limit the flow? One leak is easy to plug, but a lot of small ones, perhaps not?" Or maybe just a couple. She nods to Jemma. A senior agent is probably less suspicious. "Or even if you only have a couple… You can also get a feel for their investigative strengths," She considers. "But I'm not really that sort," She holds up her hands. She just works as an occult detective. She is thinking, though.

Jemma nods. "If I could get in touch with Agent Coulson, I would ask him directly." A slight shrug. It's a little difficult sometimes. "In the meantime, I'll keep up my investigations." You never quite know what she'll turn up - and she and Fitz seem to be able to find lots of information. For now though… "I've sent you all my findings so far, Agent May. It might be helpful in ongoing investigations."

Melinda May starts closing down the access levels on the screen, as the data that Jemma would find useful has already been gleaned. "Let me know if you can't get a hold of Coulson in the next couple of days." She'll either track him down, or put in the request herself. "Anything else?"

Rain is quiet again. Captain looks up from his bowl. "Well, we're here if you need us. We're pretty good at divination." "we?" "Yes," Captain nods sagely. Rain rubs the back of her head. "Yeah, I think - we'll have to just see as it comes. For now, I need to make more soul tupperware. It was good to see you guys."

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