White Tiger And Bear

August 17, 2015:

Zee seeks out a Sharman to help decode the tomes that were recovered from a Darque acolyte

Oblivion Bar


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Zee has a job to do… she has a set of magical tomes that are an encoded. The tomes, contain the spell that will remove the Deadzone. Seeking assistance is a lesson that the teen mage is learning - she can't do all these things on her own. Hax has already told her that the books are Native American metaphor, now she's looking for someone to help with the next step of the translation.

Thankfully, Zee and her father have a number of contacts in the mystical world and enquiries have directed her to seek out Ripclaw… maybe, this lead will prove fruitful.

The raven haired 19 year old, has sent a message through said contacts and requested a meet in the Oblivion Bar - the meeting place for those in the magical community. It'll be hard to miss Zee - the only young human woman there, currently sitting at a table with an overlarge book bag on the floor beside her.

The Oblivion Bar is no unfamiliar place to Robert Barrington, Berresford, Bearclaw aka Ripclaw the Ghost Warrior or whatever he chooses to call himself this day. He had been here several times throughout his life and most recent that he could recall was with Tallhorse in Atlantic City. A man no longer of this world, not dead, just no longer of this particular world.

No amount of shadow from the brim of his cowboy hat could hide the mild amusement on Robert's features as pale white skin creases in to a light smile while opening the door. Not a welcoming smile, he has never been told he has one of those. His smiles at best look understanding but most often look menacing, challenging or little more than a grimace. That mystical doorway opens up admiting the mutt of a man. Whom politely removes his hat seeing one other individual within having already placed his own hat on the bar. Gentleman's code that there, it is fine to go without cover indoors unless of course another man inside takes his hat off. Basic manners or as far as he remembers them.
To no surprise again the Bar looks exactly how he remembered it in Atlantic City. It is afterall the same in all spaces and times… magic… what can ya say.

Funny how Zee gets to meet all types… Gods, Demons, Sorcerors, Mutants, even humans… she works with them all. Poor Fox, was a little flabbergasted during one conversation where she admitted to requesting the presence of Loki and Thor, and received it. The Fox had said it was /unusual/. Perhaps it is for most, but for this teen mage it's just part of what she does everyday.

As Ripclaw enters, she glances over and offers a bright smile, the mans light amusement fuelling her own, but she's trained to 'put on a show' and that's what she'll do till she knows this man better. At least he seems to have manners!

Recognising him from the details she'd been provided, Zee rises and inclines her head "Mr Barrington?" That's one of the names she was given and she is, if nothing else, polite "I'm Zatanna, Zee, if you are he. Will you join me?"

"Happily. Zatanna, I've heard of you." The hat palmed and set down on the tabletop Robert eases himself in to a seat, no longer obscured by it his gleaming mutant red eyes settle on the young sorceress. "My mentor worked with your father… guess the buck has passed on."
Tipping his chin up as he gets comfortable Ripclaw gazes down long proud features at the woman, a light half-smile still worn. "The usual bells and chimes lead me this way… dreams, visions, signs… no surprise I'd wind up here since the cities seem to be at risk."

"Zee, people call me Zee." Zatanna on special occassions, but she's more comfortable with Zee. Resuming her seat, the young mage places her hands on the table. "The buck … has passed, I suppose." The bright smile fades to a softer one "Or perhaps there's just more of them in circulation. Dad tells me he's as busy as ever." and she's being kept busy on her own accord.

Ripclaws words get a small nod of acknowledgement "Not just the cities, I'm afraid, although they do seem to be a nexus. It's the world's magic I'm concerned for, and what's happening here is one threat to that… a significant one, make no mistake." Raising blue eyes to his red ones, Zee's not challening just offering the respect due to another by speaking to them "You've heard of, I take it, the deadzone that has been created just outside Metropolis?"

As they speak, a server approaches, a dwarf with a long beard "Will ye be orderin' today, Ms Zatanna?" She's only been here a few times! "A glass of white wine for me please, and whatever Mr Barrington would like."

"Zee it is then… and Ripclaw or Robert… please, no Barrington." A small twist of the lips, "Just a beer, whatever you have on tap. Thanks." A response to the dwarven tender. Not the same guy last he was here. As far as he recalls.
Ripclaw picks at the table with a impossibly sharp thumbnail, it looks more like a knifehead. "One of many, the blight happening in Metropolis is a ripple from one set of wings. Things stir, all with any insight are aware of this. However, this Deadzone, this thing is a direct and immediate issue that I intend to aid with. I came across a spirit that had been tainted by this darkness already. It was… disconcerting. It's our duty to see to this, I imagine that is why we're speaking now? Fate or someones guidance." That sharp set of fingers lifts up and waves in the air in a dismissive motion that isn't quite a shrug.

"Ripclaw…" Zee acknowledges and nods to the Dwarf who heads back to the bar. "Someone tainted by the darkness?" That has the young mages attention for a moment before she focusses on her own mission. "A ripple, yes, from the same person and definitely an immediate threat. Darque and his minions are trying to expand it - it's a constant battle to keep it contained and it's wearing." another slight smile "That you intend to help, is welcome news. I, we…, need help and I was told you might be able to …"

Blowing out a slow breath, brushing the hair back from her face, Zee considers a moment before proceeding. "I've been investigating how it was created, trying to find clues on how to reverse it. I, we, are are getting close. It's a melding of at least four underworlds, one less popular and tended, held in place with power from the Darkforce Dimension." a small shrug "The gods of those underworlds have either faded or disappeared, which is how he's managed to do this. But, we may have found something to help - which is why I have sought you out."

"Something, yes. It had escaped to New York actually but perished of it's wounds. Little importance beyond symbolism." Ripclaws brow knits in a scowl as if thinking of something before he speaks again, "Darkforce Dimension is largely unfamiliar to me. I have only heard of it through musings of others but nothing substantial. I deal in the spirit realm, in communication with Giizhigong, the Sky World, land of dreams and beyond… even then it is generally of limited use in this realm, but, with this, I would be happy to help where I can. Tell me what you have in mind, Zee?"

Zee offers a self-depracting smile to Ripclaw "Very little is known of the Darkforce Dimension and the Darkforce. Except that it's power that seems to be wielded by Master Darque and gifted to the more powerful of his followers. At least… that's how I see it."

Reaching into to pick up the 'book bag' at her feet, Zee takes out one of the tomes and places it on the table "I can into the possession of three books recently." She, Fenris and May had raided a Darque acoloytes house "They're encoded … cryptology isn't my thing, so I had a colleague, a rune mage, look them over. They say they are written in Native American metaphor and that a shaman may be able to help where others can't."

The dwarf returns and places the drinks on the table before leaving the pair alone - it's one of the reasons she chose the bar, privacy could be guaranteed.

"We believe these tomes detail the spell that created the Deadzone. If so, I can use them to create a counter spell… if.." another small smile "I could read them. I had hoped you would be the one to help me understand them.

"Oral tradition is our thing not the written word." Ripclaw affirms while reaching over to take the book, "The newer generation and those curious have been able to capture some of that medicine in words, rare, but not improbable. I'm curious, may I see this book?" A quirk of one dark brow and the Ghost Warrior studies the woman, "Of course. If it will assist you in cleansing this entropic terraforming… gladly."
A nod is given to the tender and the beer in one hand is taken and swigged at.
"I was hoping to be tested. I have as I said, had dreams… visions of our encounter and what is to transpire next."

Zee hands the book over, gladly, and takes up her wine, sipping at it… barely touching it really. "Hax, my colleague, said it was more symbology than the written word." As Ripclaw takes the book, she studies him back and the smile grows just a little, the minx that Zee is coming to the fore "You dreamt of me?" She can't help it, she really can't but she sobers quickly "Tell me more of our encounter and what transpires… and of the testing you were hoping for." Zee knows that she's still be tested and it weighs on the young woman a little.

The book is taken and handled with the reverence one would expect of a fellow lover of knowledge, fingers gliding along grooves and touching over the paper to flip it open. "Yes." Ripclaw states matter of factly, "Though, it is vague now I remember bits and pieces. As the blurring between reality and spirit realm makes things hard to translate, I recall you… " A pause, " Turning in to a small white tiger and myself a bear. Which, not unusual to seek strength in totems. Obviously when dealing with something of superior power we do such to cope and rise to the challenge… we climbed a mountain of bone to slay an obsidian wyrm with a single hellish eye. Where it's venom dripped all things died and rose again. No doubt our Darque Lord. This spire of bone, it was his nest. I imagine this is where we must go if we are to face him. The den of the beast where it lies strongest… heh." It is obvious the man is leaving out parts or cannot remember them, the book is slid back over. "It does me no good to read it now, it isn't time but thank you for letting me gaze upon it. I feel it will serve us in what we require."

Zee's eyebrows rise. "A small white tiger?" the words murmurmed. "Symbology definitely." Whether it's apt for Zee, only time will tell. She considers him "Taking down Darque is one thing, removing the Deadzone another. Are you able to help me translate these, at all? Fenris is sure these are the key to removing the blight and then we can move on Darque."

A nod, "I can and will. A couple more beers and we can begin, not here though, sanctuary as it is we will need to go elsewhere. Somewhere with more life and wind." A nose curl and it's obvious Ripclaw is finding the cigarette smell on the side of offensive or at least thats the reason he might be using. Could be any number of reasons with a shaman, as oracles and the like go… they tend to be strange and very particular about odd things. "We'll talk until then, play the game of Zee… which means, I ask questions, you tell." The next smile from Robert is actually a little more genuine, still feral and dark but warmer than his previous ones.

"Thank you." Zee looks slightly relieved, she's eager to have the Deadzone removed. Hooking a strand of hair behind her ear, the smile he gives her noted. "One wine is my tops, but I'll switch to water. I take you have a place you like to study? I like my library in Shadowcrest…"

The minx in Zee raises its head again "We can talk and I'll answer what I can…" but he might not get everything "as long as we also play the game of Ripclaw… it's only fair."

"Deal and we will, fair is fair."

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