Let There Be Darkness: Mindwolf

August 16, 2015:

A few days after the pillars touched down in New York, the heroes gather to gleam information from Mindwolf.. (Backdated Scene)

Hall of Justice


NPCs: Mindwolf, Shield agents, Hall of Justice Guards



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A red blur streaks across the skies of New York, some giving thoughts and hand-waves towards Jean in mistake of her being Superman. For it is not uncommon to associate the red and blues with the man, however this time it is. With her, she carries the captured Mindwolf, the man mentally sedated with the help of herself and Psylocke, added temperaments from Charles to keep the man under-wraps and agreeable so that he could be woken up, watered.. fed, and back down again just as a means to keep his health in tact.

While they were no slave takers and hostage breakers; they still kept a modicum of humanity even though their methods are not all that conventional. Why, every now and then he was allowed to see a nurse to speak to even though his mind was not all there. It was the best that they could do. Mindwolf proved himself a dangerous sort. And that was by Jean's insistence, for she was the nice one out of the entire bunch.

If you mess with children of any ilk, you'd get far worse than the whip.

She touches down at the Hall of Justice, her powers kept within wraps as the guards offer nod and allow her entry with the precious cargo; keeping him above and laid out as a fantom gurney rolls him in. And it was in there, she waits. Polite, hands clasped behind her back, typical X-Man regalia donned to keep identity secret save for the mask that is usually pressed against face and jaw. That thing is stifling.

The arrival and visitation is called up to the Watchtower, a video relay sent as well identifying both of those who came. Jean and her cargo - the man at the invasion that had been taken, his background running temparance upon the minds unknown as he had been taken by them, none the less no less important in the role he played.

Within the Watchtower, their own scientists have been monitoring one of the tattooed and marked children Strange had brought in, though their wn precious cargo had yet to awaken from his coma even while all the precarious tests were being run and attempts being made.

Wonder Woman heads down, the face of Jean nt one unknown though, she saw her there briefly that day and then gone, no thanks able to be extended and the moment can be had… Though after the query is raised…

The elevator dings and when twin heavy doors part the black on silver boots cross the threshold into the open foyer just behind the spread of security that has been upped due to everything coming to pass as it is. Boots form to spires just above knees, legs bare from there upward of thighs where spangled black and silver encases around hips, torso clad in the red reinforced leather cresetry where a hawk lays emblazonedacross chest in additional armor and effigy.

Long black hair spills down over olive shoulders, pinned fron her face only slightly by the diadem above brow.

Vambrace's flash against the light, a swift gesture forward when her footfalls carry her before Jean and a hand is extended in greeting.

"It is good to finally meet a Mother of Mutants and one who also comes to aid of the Patriarch's." Wonder Woman states with a smile, though it slightly fades as he gaze shifts towards Mindwolf. The question obvious.

+MEET: Morien has arrived via +meet.

Doctor Strange has been a frequent visitor to the Hall of Justice the last few weeks. Usually brief visits, relating either Master Darque activities or reports on the obelisks and their effects on the surrounding area. He had tried to set wards to stop the transformation effects, but to little success.

How did he know Jean was bringing in Mindwolf? Well, he is a magician, he just figures out things from clues normal people can't see. And Phoenix echoes with trades of entities beyond humankind, one of his specialties. So he appears shortly after Diana, "good afternoon," he greets politely. "Ah, I have been waiting to question this gentleman for a while. Thank you for bringing him here, Phoenix, it is?"

The good doctor looks somewhat tired today, and has left somewhere his jacket and tie. White shirt and black pants and shoes today, and the Cloak of Levitation on his shoulders, clasped by the golden Eye of Aggamotto.

Ozymandias' non-costumed activities have absorbed most of his free time, so he only has made it to the Hall of Justice for watch standing duties. Ozymandias is actually getting off of duty, when the trio of heroes arrive. Ozymandias finishes logging on his monitor and gives a wave to one of the Shield support agents. "If you are on duty with me again, you really need to bring some better music."

Ozymandias walks over to the trio, and dips his head slightly to Wonder Woman, "Anything interesting going on that you need help with me, before I take off." Ozymandias shifts his glance to the captured Mindwolf. "Uhmm, besides that? "

The guards were sturdy and stalwart; and it gave Jean added comfort when approaching the Hall of Justice. These men were trained and trained well, for there were no ill thoughts that she could gleam from the surface of her arrival, though, she did manage to catch the thoughts of one of the men recanting a recipe to try later on. This causes a smile to touch her lips, her eyes soon alighting upon the double doors that open, her back straightening as she closes in with those few spaces, hand already outstretched to grip the offered one in a friendly show of soliditary.

"And it is an honor to finally meet you as well, Wonder Woman." She did not gleam that. She does watch television, after all. Green eyes follow the gaze which causes her hand to drop from her grip, her lips pursed well in thought as she attempts to draw the conversation towards Mindwolf's current state of being; yet Doctor Strange's appearance has brows lifting as well as a nod given. "Correct, and you're welcome. You are?" A hand was given for a shake as well, noting the tiredness, "Care for a little pick me up?"

Ozy's approach was another miracle, she never forgets a face, especially one that helped out in the throes of Africa. "About that. I believe it's best that we get started right away. While he is contained, it is starting to breach morality and my comfort at keeping him in such a state. I can help you all get the answers that you all seek, and then I shall leave him in your custody. I do hope that is fair to you all." She looks at each one of them in turn, hopeful.

Wonder Woman releases Jean's hold and only then does she give Mindwolf's incapacitated form a more thorough look, that and when the words of Strange give a name to the face trapped in slumber does a solitary dark brow rise. "I am sure if this is how he is brought to us, and there is a need to pull questions and answers from him we should take him to a more secure space." Her words do not quiet for the company and arrival of Ozy, instead they solidify and become something of a 'heads-up'.

The reaction is very smooth, trained, calm… Militaristic.

People behind the desk move into position, consoles rise from beneath the polished surface and where walls are placed bearing history within secure glass containment for public viewing, they slide aside. The typical meeting chambers are left aside and empty for the revelation of another that seems a bit more reinforced.

Once a path is lain for them, Wonder Woman gestures for Jean to lead the way with her captive while she steps up to pause beside Ozy. "Considering the way he has been brought to us, we may need you if he should wake and push for a fight. Beside that, you are team. If yu wish to simply stay and join us, then do, Ozymandias. Your presence is always welcome."

Di then steps up behind Jean and Strange to go into the safe room that does not yet breach the Watchtower sanctuary and once they are all within the walls and the door slides sealed behind them to leave them in a monitored space bearing a gourney, a projected computer screen activated by movement, voice and gesture as well as a small table with chairs. "And who is this that you bring to us, or, that you have been awating. Doctor?"

Cerulean eyes slide between them both as she stands in wait.

"Doctor Stephen Strange, sorcerer," replies the dark-haired man, shaking Jean's hand and nodding politely. Then he glances to the unconscious Mindwolf, "we should move him to a cell or the infirmary." He examines the man briefly, "a cell, he is in good health. He has psychic powers, can we deal with them technologically or should I establish some blocks?"

As for Diana's questions, he frowns faintly, "this man was helping the aliens during the New York attack. I hope he has some inkling on our enemy's plans and nature. At this moment our ignorance is our worst enemy."

"It is good to see you again, Phoenix. With all the recent events that have being going on, I had no idea how you and your people were doing." Ozymandias arches his eyebrow slightly, "Which I must confess, I am truly impressed. I rarely do not have trouble finding out about information of people.

As he follows behind the group, he remains quite and keeps an eye on Mindwolf. When Wonder Woman comments about being part of the team, A smiles comes appears his mask "I think sometimes I am only able to remain on the team, because I seem to always been nearby when some attack is occurring, but thank you.

Ozymandias turns his attention to Doctor Strange, then to Mindwolf. He turns on monitor to catch on any new information.

Once the path was laid before them, Jean begins to walk, hands placed behind her back as if she were the Scholarly Professor X.. that's if he had legs. It was always good to mimic, it simmered the nerves and eased spirits so it was always a clue as to where she received her moxy. As Stephen replies to Diana, she offers up a little smile, her hand lifting to give him pause. "It is no need. The blocks are already in place. In fact, my methodology will be a little bit intrusive but not as damaging as most might suspect. Of all the telepaths that are in.." How could she say this? "..my team, my methods are more gentler and kind. And that is saying a lot." A little dig at the fellows back home always makes her smile. All said in jest. "But he was right. We found him not too far from where the pillars fell. He has a nasty habit of draining your life source and making you old as sin. However, I will admit that my hair flourishes when I am much older."

"Ozymandias.. we're a tricky bunch. But if you would like, I could introduce you all to my people so that a friendly accord could be established. I'm sure, without us knowing, you all have saved us time and time and again, and I wish to at least say thank you on the behalf of all mutant kind.. and human." She smiles just a touch, then gets right down to business. "I wish to lay him upon the table. There after, place your hands upon my person. I will guide you inside the mind of the man and keep you safe and sheltered. I suppose, Mr. Strange shall lead?"

"Your timing, efficiency, resoluteness, and that of your steadfastness as well as unwavering loyalty is what makes you part of this team." A hand rests tentatively upon Ozy in passing and falls back to her side with the furrow of Diana's brow when Strange speaks up in regards to the mans placement during the New York incident.

Her own distraction had been dealing with the two children, one of which trying to battle the custody of. Sometimes, despite indignation you have to give in to the possibility that your course may not be the best until proven and you have to put trust into others without forcing the Truth of the matter. The young mutant girl was finally released to CADMUS' custody despite Wonder Woman's reproach at the idea, but after these weeks of debate and assurances as well as the team of attorney's drawing up paperwork as well as looking over others - This was the best laid course. Especially when there is no parentals stepping upp to claim the children they are considered government property. Sometimes this worlds rules make no sense to Diana, but she has to rely on their word and that in and of itself is disconcerting. Trust.

Just believe.

And now this Mother of Mutants asks for the same in a way with a criminal in their midst, one requiring quite a bit to be held in place, a different talent. A glance to Ozy as the screens and monitors come up and reveal to his presence then to Strange and Jean. If Ozy wants part of this it is up to him, she will not force, and sometimes it is best to have one on the outside looking in to keep them all safe. He seemed to know and have history with Jean, which is good enough for Di.

A single breath is taken in and she closes the gap between herself and Jean as well as Strange, one hadn resting upon her lasso lightly while the other touches upon the woman's shoulder.

Strange looks at Diana for approval, then gestures quickly over Mindwolf. Jean can feel his weight vanishing from her telekinetic grip. Tendrils of coppery light form a few inches around the floating villain. "Since he is already sleeping, it will be very simple to put him in a hypnotic trance. However we might want him bound by the Lasso of Truth too, in the case he has been conditioned beforehand."

Strange touches the man's forehead, forcing his will on the unconscious criminal. Usually a psychic would be able to resist him, but since Jean has his own powers blocked, he is almost helpless. "Mindwolf. Awake. We have questions for you," demands the doctor.

Three Quinjets cut through the air. Two of which are trailing behind one that is leading the pack…
Sensors would detect that the following jets not only are fully armed, but locked onto the leading Quinjet. This display is sheer lunacy to anyone who does not understand the requirement for such precautions. The Quinjets begin a slow holding pattern around Hall of Justice, quite high above it and far as if to avoid a possibility of collateral damage…The jets are not in pursuit, but apparently in a normal pattern.

"*static* This is Agent Martin with SHIELD. We have a request to land…as soon as possible. *static*"
Anyone scanning the jets from below for life signs would find plenty in both jets…except the leading one. Nothing can be sensed within in terms of life.

Wonder Woman's words to him do cause him to feel a sense of proud and happiness, which he quickly tries to hide with a mumbled, "Thank you. He quickly finishes catching up with all the mission details, "I think I will monitor the situation from the outside his mind. I do not like people venturing into my own head, so I rather not venture into anyone else's either. Ozymandias peers down at the monitor, "If his only trick is to make people old as sin, I think I will be handle myself if things go south."

The weight was lifted from her brain; she could feel it. As if muscles were released from their heavy burden as Strange jumps into action. A mild look of surprise is given, along with a hand that reaches up to lightly pat Diana's fingers that rest upon her shoulders. "I suppose venturing into his mind is not needed.." There was amusement there, as hands reach forward to press against the table to watch, listen and learn what the Mindwolf has to say.

"Tis not his only trick. I suspect we've yet to see all that we could." She offers up towards Ozy, understanding the need to not venture; thankfullly, that road won't be traveled this night.

SHIELD never has needed permission to land here, and over the monitoring screens one zooms in on the small fleet asking permission, wiring it through to Ozy to view as well. When Jean seeks to touch down upon Diana's hand when Strange steps in to take over she had already begin to withdraw, the timing too -odd-. A glance to Jean as the lasso is lifted from the hold at her hip and clutched in a whitening fist…

Outside and upon the steps of the Hall, SHIELD agents make themselves known by decorating the ends of the steps, above that small fleet a helicopter hovers, scanning that small fleet for credentials as well as life forms and when one comes back with a flatlined readout the findings are also radio'd back in, to which the screen where Ozy is sitting begins to scroll with the translated text to keep it quiet for them but permit someone to /know/ if they wished.

From teh helicopter with the SHIELD logo emblazoned on its side outside a man speaks over the intercom systems: "This is Agent Nilte. You are being directed to land upon the west point green and remain within your aircrafts." And in saying as much a few of the uniformed men step forward, taking points around the green, not once had weapons been drawn, one man bearing thick goggles directing them to where they must go. But that does not mean they are not being handled with an unsure delicacy and suspicion, a look that Diana slides from the screen to Ozy while the golden rope slides between fingers…

Mindwolf's body is suddenly looped in the capture of the Lasso of Truth, Wonder Woman keeping her stance distanced while a mind unravelled.

Inside Mindwolf it is darkness, decay, and insanity. Screams galore as his eyes open suddenly to Strange's touch…

Another monitor screen displays the med bay in the Watchtower, a childs body surrounded by people in lab coats as he screams and writhes as if in a seizure upon the table, those tattoo's casting a low pulsing blue glow.

Strange frowns when Mindwolf's awakening causes one of the children to scream. Or was it a coincidence? "Are you completely sure his mental abilities are blocked, Phoenix?" He asks the redheaded woman. Then turns to the villain again. "Mindwolf, we want to know about the Apokolips. Tell us what you know. Tell us about the alien obelisks."

"The situation is different, he agreed, we have a delic—*loud static*…I'll be landing myself, gentleman! These two can keep their paranoia in the air, they are more annoying than flies above a meal," a metallic voice suddenly blasts through with unusual clarity.

The leading Quinjet suddenly does a sharp turn, heading directly causing the other two to follow suit but simply buzz over it.
The agent transmits one last line, "Green is landing."

The lone Quinjet, the one that showed no life within, does follow suit, and rather delicately hovers a moment before slowly lowering down onto the green. What happens next of course is to be expected, the jet remains entirely still. The occupant within though is already moving towards the back, and the door lowers open.
No one exits, but a cross armed figure is clearly visible inside standing just within the reach of the outside light.

"Must we do this every time? It is beginning to be a bit of a chore. Time is wasted on policies when the time of a leader is short…"

Eyes dart from the monitor of the med bay, the monitor showing the quinjets landing, then back to Mindwolf. He does a quick glance at his weapons, then over to Wonder Woman and calmly states. "Where do you want me?"

She felt it, that streak of terror within the building, her mind reaching out which directs it to the screaming of the child in the medbay. She wasn't in the childs mind; no. She was but a visitor, linking up and seeing through the eyes of a nurse as she tries to calm and still him with soothing coos and hushes. Her eyes snap open and cut to Strange, her brows knitting briefly as she reaches forward to lay a hand upon Mindwolf's shoulder. "He's subdued but they're linked. There are things that even -I- cannot anticipate."

As the last word leaves her lips, her own eyes retain the pulsing, unhealthy blue glow, the tips of long, red locks slowly beginning to rise as she traverses the edges of darkness and beyond.. seeking out that tether.. and riding the waves..

..and the effects of it coupled with her own newfound gifts could be felt. The air hadn't gone out of the room but the latent psionics that those within possess were supped up and taken as fuel to the fodder.. which leaves temples slightly massaged and squeezed.

..But that tether was followed until there was nothing but emptiness.. and the child found within the middle of a spotlight, bound with blue chains that wrap around and covet the child in a grip that would send most to a spiral.

'Shhh..' The apparition of Jean coos as she slowly lowers herself to the childs side.

'Everything is going to be alright..'

The translation over the monitor as Doom lands and the hatch of his jet opens is scrolled across the screen, to which Diana glances from the pan and zoom of the man standing at the opening to that of the presence of Ozymandias. "Do you agree that if he plays a part of what we are dealing with, he would be more forceful in his approach?" But caution and politics must be cautiously played in this game of planetary chess.

Here, the Truth is being sought through minds while a young mind has just burst into a fitful wake and attempted to be soothed by Jean. Diana is tethered to the moment, and it shows in the sudden golden glow that descends along the lasso from her clutched hand to the roused bidy of Mindwolf that now struggles to sit upright, though another strain shows on his face as he also struggles to keep a hold on a child who suddenly begins to age. Not grow, but wither in the hands of the nurse Jean watches and attempts through…

From the screen to the duo and then to Ozy she slowly inclines her head when she speaks to the Kushite. "Please inform the visiting leader if his time is all that short then perhaps his successor can revisit us in a few days with the proposition."

Diana is all out of leadership empathy, settle for royal sarcasm? Though the look she gives Ozy says all. Be short, be pointed… However you see fit, though within means.

Outside and above Doom the SHIELD helicopter hovers, sweeping in front of the other two aircrafts, and though the one upon the ground reads of no life despite the contrary being shown, Nilte holds on his own orders he gave, now inquiring further. "What is your badge number and ranking with SHIELD?" He asks of the other agent that had inquired for their landing. Let them battle the laws and statutes of impersonating agents.

Along those tethers of mental linking the child can be found, Charlie that Jean had known, but she will need to teach him this all over again. His name, his life, and his place, because she may gently be coaxing the bonds to break, and with the force of Truth and hypnotism by Strange as well as the fatigue Mindwolf makes one final attempt to reave from the child what he can to repower his will, but not enough and instead when he seeks to lash out it gives Jean the fraction of a moment she needs to place a suitable block, but she has to be fast!

Instead Mindwolf twists and tries to slam into Strange's mind with the locking of bloodshot eyes to the Sorcerer's tired own, snarling out the Truth in a foreboding manner due to a Tale from the Crypt, all the while there are images flashing in his head.

"Apokolipse is the beginning of your end. It is precisely what it is named. A new era, a new species, a powerful force unlike one your simple minds and mechanics will ever know. A bridge to an evolutionary standard that makes this degenrate battle of Purifiers, politicians, vigilantes, and Gods a pointless one. You all look feeble in the grand scope of it all, but a speck you are too important to even notice in the universe." Mindwolf tries hard on Strange, turning his head to the side and so much as spitting at his feet, if it were venom it would melt the very flooring, but his words were enough…

"It is the name and the leader would /move/ all your masses. He will plant his darkness and oblitherate what does not seek to rise!"

Though even as he speaks his words tremble, and muttered quietly at the very end…

"We will all die."

Ozymandias makes his way towards to the Quinjets, he shakes his head as he passes by the Agents of Shield. He quietly thinks to himself that a lot of these problems the groups face would be lessen if not for their partnership with Shield, but again there is problem not another organization on the planet that can vetted people to work with the Justice League.

Ozymandias peers up the landing and calls out to the figure in the ships, while holding on to his Zulu style shield, "I assure you that security requirements will always remained the same, if you feel your time is being wasted, you are free to depart until you have adequate time. If not I highly suggest you permit us to succeed with our duties.

'No no, it's alright Charlie.. come here..' She holds her arms out, yet the boy cannot get free.

Jean had the ability to be in multiple places at once. Each barrier that was placed upon Mindwolf lessens as she focues all her attentions upon the boy, the strength at which she keeps Mindwolf upon the table is almost tantamount to what she puts into that tether.

'Come here Charlie.. please. You have the pow—..'

As he begins to sup from the child as his last act of malice, Jean visibily groans, her body hunching ever so slightly as fingers dig into his shoulders to keep a deeper contact than she's had before. It was dark.. it was almost like hell…

And within those minds, that tether was soon snapped as Jean lurches forward to bring the boy into her bosom as if he were her own, feeding him the memories of his time with Xavier's. And to show him at last? To let him feel it? That he is loved.

Even though there was no danger to Jean's physical nor mental self, being truly linked to that mind allows her to see.. allows her to quietly echo the voice of the man, speaking the words he speak, as if this was a practiced play and she provided the whispery backdrop, the cacophony of truth spoken from the mind that fears nothing but one.

"We will all die." She echoes.. her eyes widening as that blue intensifies.


"Succeed? You are nowhere near such. Even now, your resistance shows Doom all he needs to see…"
That's when the hood moves back enough to show the mask beneath it, glinting in just the bit of light that hits the man. He has not exited the Quinjet yet, and two SHIELD agents are walking up the door to where the man stands. Doom was allowing them on, because he knows he chose to take his own jet here. He didn't plan on flying himself back. As he stands there just in the range of Ozymandias's own eyes, he would boom a slow warning out.
"This boon that was offered was only a formality, after all, your government requested my opinion on this situation."
That's when Doom turns, his robe waving out a bit from underneath the Quinjet's edge to just show a flurry of green.
"The time of Doom is only given if the problem at hand can only be solved by his hand…"
The Doctor then steps back into the dark of the jet, slamming the lowered ramp of it with his sheer will alone in a sudden display of annoyance.
Within, he only lets a low hissed breath out through his mask…startling the two agents who now were his personal pilots.
"The fools…They almost warrant my pity."

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