De-squishying The Shieldies

August 14, 2015:

May and Black Widow do some training with the squishier of the Shield employees

The Triskelian - New York


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It's Dead-Proof the Squishies, take two!

Today, that gym usually reserved for more advanced combat specialists has a few random people here and there working out, and in one of the more open sparring areas, four women have convened.

May, currently attired in SHIELD issue exercise gear, has set Jemma to practice sparring with Romanoff while she stands in front of Rain, those padded boxing targets on her hands.

"… remember, punch with your entire torso."

Jemma's wearing a workout T-Shirt with a SHIELD logo and a pair of yoga pants, hair pulled up in a ponytail. Standing in front of Natasha, she's giving those punching targets the good old '1, 2' listening as the other woman gives feedback.

And no, Jemmas' not wearing a bikini under her gear - she doesn't expect Natasha will take her swimming today.

Natasha seems to be wearing pretty much the same outfit Jemma is, a shield tank top and a pair of black yoga pants and she seems to be observing Jemma deal with the targets as part of her warmup, "Good form Simmons. I think you're about finished with those dummies though." She smiled just a little and moved towards the practice mat.

Rain is - Rain. She probably has a t-shirt and sweat pants or something. Captain is there, guarding a water bottle and looking cute as cats do. He even has on a little fitness jacket. Yup. Cute.

Rain seems uncertain about this. "Are you sure? Okay…" Rain's personality seems to hold her back, a servant mentality doomed. But she'll try leaning and putting a bit more into it.

"I'm sure." May nods to the witch and holds her hands still, giving Rain the chance to properly throw that punch. When it hits the padded target over her hand she nods. "Better. Don't forget to keep your elbow down until you're extending your arm. Again." She glances over toward Jemma and Natasha, knowing the redhead won't just slam the biochemist into the mat without making sure she learns something in the process. Still…

"I … am…." Simmons really doesn't sound sure but she follows Natasha to the mats. Standing nervously at the edge, Jemma casts furtive looks between May, Rain and Natasha… please be gentle on her, please.

Natasha gives Simmons a few moments to get ready, "We'll go at your pace. Come at me when you're ready." She waits, relaxed for Jemma to make the first move; it wasn't a real sparring session it was training.

"So… no Karate Kid quotes?" Captain offers helpfully. Sweep the leg! He settles quiet, tail around the water bottle. His tailtip does the little wiggletwitch of amusement. Humans. No claws to speak of! Or good bites after a successful ambush and disemboweling with a kickkickkick of hind legs. They just got all weird about fighting, far as he can discern.

Rain frowns faintly. She nods. Erm. Okay, moving bits in a proper order. She skipped out on PE so hard. Rain is really in no position to judge anyone, so she just sort of is chill with Jemma. Okay, so … down elbow, theeeen extend. It's a slow work in progress.

Melinda May nods again. "Better. Now with your other hand." If Rain is like most combat newbies, she's probably not even considered yet that she has to master this with BOTH arms. She's going to see if Rain actually thinks to adjust her stance for throwing a punch with her other hand. She's pretty confident that the witch is more than smart enough to pick that up on her own. Oh, and …

"Captain, don't heckle too much. You're next."

Natasha wants Simmons to …. what? Taking a horseriding stance, she throws a punch, as expertly as she can. Palm down, fingers curled under, aimed at Tasha's stomach.

Right. Wait, what? Her OTHER arm? There's a quirked eyebrow and a baffled look to May. Okay. Rain takes a deep breath and kiind of shifts but sortanotreally because dominant hand. She'll try with the left then.

Captain kind of blinks at May. "What. I am a skilled combatant. Why, if I were lion sized…" Huff. He fights just fine! … he cat fights.

Natasha waited until the last moment before twisting slightly to the right and grabbing Jemma's wrist, twisting her around but stopping before there was any pain or injury; it was gentle in a way.

"Do you see what I did there? Now you try, when I attack you."

She stepped back and punched towards Jemma, slow enough that it was a normal punch but fast enough it would be a challenge.

Melinda May let Rain try a left-handed punch. "Again. And don't forget about putting your whole torso into the swing." Her eyes flick over toward Captain as if to tell the cat that he can't hide behind that 'if I were lion sized' excuse forever.

"unfff" Simmons arm ends up behind her back, immobilising her quite effectively. Stepping away from Tasha, shaking her arm out, Simmons watches as the punch comes towards her and tries to grab the womans wrist. She Does! But doesn't quite turn Tasha and ends up in a slight tangle.

Rain takes a deep breath and grunts, trying again. She'll get there. Slowly. Eventually. She's just been a non-combatant right up until she sprouted magic powers and was homeless. Captain is pretty handy when augmented with magic, although an angry cat on one's face or neck is pretty rough.

Natasha laughs just a little bit at Simmons predicament and untangles herself, "Let's try again. Try not to twist your own wrist so much this time." Natasha follows up, giving Simmons an identical shot to practice with.

Melinda May nods. "Your form is improving." Even if the witch appears to have the upper body strength of a half-cooked lasagna noodle. "Now I want you to alternate. One punch with your right, one with your left. Try to put the same amount of force behind both." Once she's got the form down, May's going to assign her to the heavy bag.

It's not the catching of the wrist that trips Jemma up, it's the follow through and twisting the arm up the back that's an issue. Concentrating on the movement, Jemma blocks the wrist, using Tasha's motion to spin her and then hold the wrist and try to immobilise her. Maybe she will be successful.

Rain really does have the upper body strength of said lasagna. Muscles are not her strong point. Maybe she does keep Spearhead around to open the jars (kidding, she's a witch, MAGIC those suckers open). Regardless, she listens to May and nods. Okay. Riiiiiiight. Wait, leeeeeeft. She'll get it after a few repetitions.

Captain makes sure no one takes the water bottle.

Jemma is successful, thanks to Natasha toning down her speed just a little bit. She winks at the girl and backs off, "Very good. You're almost ready to cage fight Rain, just a little more practice."

SHIELD. Triskelion. Training room four. Not exactly the most glamourous place, but at least it doesn't smell like gym socks. People come and go as they will, and currently four women are sharing a sparring corner. Romanoff is working with Jemma and May is working with Rain. And Captain is seated nearby guarding a bottle of water. By shedding on it.

"Uhhhh" Jemma is so coherent! "No, no cage fighting…." Jemma watches Natasha carefully, standing on the balls of her feet, waiting for the next attack….

"…no, er, no cage fighting," Rain offers shyly. She smiles faintly at Jemma. "Thanks." She doesn't seem too excited by the idea of a cage fight, though. Captain is protectively shedding on the water bottle, and Rain tries to keep form up. But it's tough.

"Awww, cage fighting is so fun." Jericho leaning on the door, peering in and watching everyone spar. He's moving a little stiffly. There might be the hint of bandages sticking out from the collar of his long sleeve tee shirt. "Used to do it every Sunday when I was in Iraq." Dry as the desert, his tone.

Melinda May keeps her hands up for Rain, though she does glance over toward Trent. "Participate or take your heckling elsewhere." She knows only too well the look of bandages concealed by clothing — her own left arm is wrapped from shoulder to elbow currently though if anyone asks her, she'll say that the vampires in Medical are also wasteful when it comes to bandaging.

The next attack for Jemma is a punch which is only a feint, followed by Natasha sweeping low to go for Jemma's legs. If Jemma isn't quick, she might fall flat on her ass, "Always be prepared. Use an opening move to distract your opponent and then follow up with something entirely different."

Jemma's kind of ready for Natashas next attack, but she's momentarily distracted by Jericho's dry tone, and whilst she blocks the punch, she misses the sweep and ends up flat on her back. "Ngggghhhh…."

Distraction - that's her story and she's sticking to it.

Rain looks over to Trent. "Do you need mending? I cost way less than an HMO," She offers helpfully. Captain pauses. "Leave me out of this, it'll turn into a cat fight." He's right, though.

Nevertheless, Rain is briefly distracted. Poor Jemma. But she's punching, so she's fine for now. Even if she's sort of regretting being out of shape so hard.

"Be nice. Had a run in a… friend of mine." Jericho apparently has rough friends. May's seen him come back from fights on the Other Side not looking this bad. He's still mobile of course but it's been a bit since someone managed to land more than feedback burns and psycho-stigmatic bruises on him. "Don't let it tax you though. I'll be okay eventually if you can't."

Melinda May lets Rain take a few more swings then lowers her hands. "Good. I want you to practice that fifteen minutes every day on the heavy bag for the next two weeks." She indicates one of those stereotypical punching bag things. She pulls the punching target things off of her hands and drops them to the mat. "Let me see your hands." She doesn't comment on Trent's injuries, knowing if the man wanted to talk about them he'd speak up. She unwraps Rain's right hand to see how red her knuckles are currently. If they're not RED, Rain isn't trying hard enough.

"Must have been some friend." Natasha observed before offering a hand to help Simmons up, not showing any sign of emotion or amusement when she helps the other woman up. She gestures her to go ahead and try to repeat the move.

Rain looks over. She frowns faintly. "It's fine, it's fine. I used to heal for sandwiches when I was homeless. If you don't mind healing. I never force it on people," She offers after her swings. "I'll uh… do my best… Provided I don't deal with Cenobite Avon Ladies, MechaHitlers or whatevers again." Rain does get into THINGS. "Or Silent Hill'd." Oh, the ultra masochistic soul reavers. That was a weekend.

She holds out her hands. They're pretty red, she's just not super strong.

Taking Natasha's hand, Simmons rolls to her feet, looking over to Jericho and frowning. "I would like to take a look if I may, Mr Trent." off the record of course.

Shaping up before Natasha, the biochem fakes the punch and executes the sweep of the leg, maybe she'll get lucky!

"If Rain doesn't…" Ow that looks painful. Rain's hands that is. Hand to hand training hurts. He's got a lot of experience at it. "Either, I guess. They're just gunshot wounjds. And tears…" He sighs and nots to Widow. "Yeah, some friend. You know that line from Firefly 'I can kill you with my brain'?"

Melinda May lets Rain go to either check on Jericho or take a breather and some water. She remembers only too well when her own hands would look that red after just a few minutes of training. It's been decades, but that doesn't mean she's forgotten what it was like.

"Captain. You're up."

Rain pauses. "I can let Jemma look, but then I'm going to mend it," Rain offers. She's a reasonable witch. Poor Jericho. "It's okay, I put a guy back together after he got hit by the ONE Gotham Bus that was running on time." Rain tries not to think about her now angry hands.

Rain will check on Jericho. Captain was starting to snooze and jerks upright. "… you were serious?" The cat's tail flicks. "I uh, I bite?" He so does.

Simmons totally manages to execute the move properly and Natasha falls flat on her ass with all of the skill of a trained actor. She needed to give the other girl some kind of encouragement, otherwise what kind of training would it be!

"Very good Simmons. Why don't you look over Trent and take a little break."

Giving Natasha a hand to get up, Simmons gives her a small smile. She knows exactly what the Black Widow just did and she appreciates it.

"Thank you, Rain. I just want to get some readings first." She hurries to her kit bag by the wall of the room and then heads over to Jericho. Poor man, is going to be subjected to a number of tests and questions…

Jericho actually has to take off his shirt if he's going to be examined. Which reveals three things. One, he's in excellent shape. Seriously, very, very high level of physical fitness. Two, there are traces covering his entire torso, up to the neck and down the arms ending just before the wrists. If one looks on his back there are additional black marks in an odd pattern and his forearms have a number of scars that circle the entire forearm starting above the wrist and continuing to just shy of hte elbow. And they appear to be filled with… what looks like mercury.

Three, he's got two ragged wounds bandaged on his right shoulder and bicep.

"This is training, Captain. You break the skin, I send you to get a lion cut." Did May just give the cat permission to bite, within reason? Whatever the case, this could be an interesting exercise, pitting her training against a very much non-human combatant.

Rain doesn't really pay attention to people's shirtlessnesses. She's a healer, dammit, Jim. She will glance over the injuries, frown faintly. Well, Rain will let Simmons do her thing. "No problem. But uh, I think this is going to be a mission of mostly mercy really." Rain looks sympathetic. Those things look bad. She furrows her eyebrows, making sure to ascertain injury versus normal oddity. And mostly to let Simmons do her thing. It will take Rain a few moments of being quiet, looking completely zoned out. This time, there's no flashy magic. Only quiet concentration.

Captain just kind of looks at May. He squints. "That's kind of my strategy. But we'll see." This is going t be hilarious. "Just don't damage me," The cat isn't so sure about this. Nevertheless, he pads over and bolts between her legs. Cats are fast and he's going to jump from behind.

Simmons takes the readings, barely glancing at how fit Jericho is. She's more interested in the traces and the scars. "When you come in for more tests, I'll have more questions about this." Now is not the time for indepth analysis. "What happened here…" she asks nodding to the bandages.

When she's done, she steps out of the way, letting Rain take over with whatever it is the violet eyed witch does.

"Someone tried to kill me." Jericho deadpans. "With her brain." He's apparently not kidding. When Jemma is finished looking and examining he'll let Rain heal him, and he won't let her wait for too long. He knows May might have questions when she's done playing with the cat.

Natasha is fairly quiet, listening to the information that is being shared with a curious mindset. Was this a potentially dangerous meta that would need to be eliminated or taken in before it became a threat to the general public? She hoped not.

Melinda May tries to catch Captain by the tail or something when he dashes past. But… Cat 1, Human 0. This time. And since he takes sanctuary with his human, she doesn't try to chase him. Instead, she turns her attention to what Trent just said and gives him a LOOK. She WILL want to know who tried to kill him with her brain. And whether or not she needs to take exception to it.

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