Rekindling Memories

August 15, 2015:

NYPD take down a Purifier enclave in M-Town and Alpha shows up

M-Town - New York


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Even though the cleanup of M-Town is progressing, it doesn't mean the Purifiers are gone. From previous investigations, X-Red have found that there are Purifier strongholds being set up in M-Town, and they've been slowly piecing information together and liaising with the NYPD to shut them down.

Today is one such case, the riots have revealed one of these locations - so Brin and Wanda are watching, from a distance as the location is cleared. Brin's wearing her X-Red uniform, brown eyes serious as she watches the location being raided.

Wanda is also in her X-Red uniform - which is her clothes with an embossed X in the material. She frowns at the sight. "How can they establish bases in M-Town? Are there collaberators here too? Mutants who think they can survive by siding with them?" That idea makes her even sadder…but it always happens when a group are oppressed.

M-Town is finally getting a chance to start recovering from the double whammy of the SRD and the Purifiers. At the front of the people converging to help M-Town instead of destroy is a contingent from the Maria Stark Foundation, most notably, Pepper Potts. Dressed in much more utilitarian jeans and a white buttondown. Oh, and steel toed boots that were very likely special made. Because steel toed boots rarely come in average to small women's sizes.

Bobby's with the others, watching the raid go down. His arms are folded and his expression slightly grim. "How many does that make, Brinley? Four that we know of right? They were setting up for something big and the worst part is we can't be sure we've found them all." Something a bit more proactive has to be done… but Red style. He glances over to Wanda now. "I wonder how willing the police will be to talk about all this… wait a sec… over there. Is that… Pepper Potts?"

"That's part of what we're trying to find out." Brin blows out a breath "At least four, Bobby. And it's worrying." Glancing over to where Pepper is standing, Brin calls out "Hello, Miss Potts, thank you for coming down to help out." with a gesture, she indicates the NYPD opening the doors to a basement area… "That's another Purifier stronghold."

As the police open the basement, a glimpse of high tech equipment can be seen and … the barrels of guns pointed at the NYPD officer … before the occupants flow out onto the street.

The Purifiers move as a unified unit. Not some of the previous scragglers that were picked up off the street to join the causes. They've been at it mildly longer; former soldiers, men and women who knew the code and know the troubles and trials they face as soon as they pick up the mantle of cleansing the salt of the earth of it's mutant and meta-human stain.

Thanks to Alpha, who's senses were on high alert from her earlier 'meeting' of the minds, had already set up the first base of raids with a few of the men settled at the front door, huddled.. others in the basement, and a few who rounded the alleyways in cloaked affair to draw down upon the NYPD with hell in their hearts and the fury that could burn a thousand planets with their gaze.

'You wanna back up there, haus.' One man says, holding the barrel tight to the officer..

That was the cue for the others to filter out to the streets, shoulder to shoulder, weaponry blinking as a woman in all black, arm in her sling, steps out onto the porch, one booted foot lifted as she leans over to the side.

"Now, I know what you all are thinking.." She reaches up with her good arm to tap her temple. "..But…" She considers, her gaze lifting towards the sky. "In the interest of the 'greater good', how about you all drop your weapons and come inside. Promise there'll be cookies and milk for those of you that obey."

Even though it sounded nice at the moment? Anyone could note the undertone; it was a threat, clear and simple, she means for the purifiers to do them harm.

Not good. Wanda's frown is threatening to become permanent (again) as some Facist hussy starts sprouting crap while looking all grandiose. Bobby probably knows her of course but she's the kind that grates on Wanda. She comes from a land where these people are as common as the muck they claim superiority over. A quick manipulation of the witch's fingers and whatever the woman's foot was leaning on snaps and causes her to stumble in a really uncool way. It's the little things that count. For the big things, Wanda looks to Brin and Bobby for permission to make a mess.

Bobby glances over at the voice. He's seen Brinley's system wide alert. "Oh no. Brin. It's Jean." Bobby ices up. He's familair with the extent of Jean's powers. Wanda gets a nod. They need to make a mess. "Don't let them hurt the police and try not to kill any of them."

Iced up, Bobby is not subtle. And he doesn't mean to be. Every move is accompanied by the cracking and refreezing of water. In an instant he throws his hand up, aiming to turn the actions of the weapons aimed at the police into solid blocks of ice. If they move at all, they'll shatter. Don't bring a gun to an ice fight. "Drop 'em!" He shouts at the Purifiers, hoping the police take the initiative.

Pepper had been in the middle of discussing something on her phone when the police broke through and … well, let's just say there's a fan involved. She startles at the sudden influx of armed combatants and lowers her phone as the black-clad woman saunters on out and starts trying to boss people around. Weapons? She doesn't have anything on her more dangerous than her phone.

Though, for anyone who knows Pepper, her phone is probably all she'd need. A familiar-sounding man's voice rings out as a distraction, and Pepper takes that chance to duck to one side and hide around the corner of an adjacent building. Oh, and for those with sharp enough eyes, they'd see that she's rapidly tapping her thumb against the screen of the phone in her hand.

The police do respond as Bobby ices things up. Disarming and disabling the Purifiers as they can - thankfully they're decked out in their riot gear.

"I'll look to the civilians." Brin glances to Wanda and gives the woman an imperceptible nod, echoing Bobbys.

With a little concentration, a glowing green and gold wall appears between the Purifiers and Peppers group of people, Brin taking up position at the front. Brins read Jericho's report and watched the video footage - AND she knows what Jean is capable of, but she's reached Jean before this… Letting her mind seek Jeans, Brin seeks to touch the other womans and remind her of the team that needs her.

Just when Jean was about to give the order to blatantly have the Purifiers open fire upon the police, her foot slips, her good hand reaching out to grasp the edge of the rail she had her foot upon to prevent crashing her face against the metal. "Shit."

'Hah, looks like Alpha lost her footing.'
'Ahh haaaa.'

A stone cold gaze is afforded to the man as a voice that nearly hits home rocks out through her psyche. It was funny how that worked, the men reacted.. one turning in their direction and the other squeezing his trigger finger to bring the hammer down to end a life; yet it's all halted by ice, which cracks and shatters the gun that it's encased in, and freezer burning the trigger finger which causes one of 'Alpha's' men to scream.

Jean backs up against the door as she looks at the crew, her lips curled in a scowled expression.. her team.. needs her? But her team is right here.. right? Right?

"Don't just stand there! DO SOMETHING!" But who was she talking to?

Either way, the Purifiers jump into action, some of the men throwing themselves against the riot shields while others aim low to go for their legs. At least three of them break off from the crowd, heading towards Brinley, Bobby, and Wanda.. So far, Pepper is safe.

Wait…Wanda knows that Fascist woman. Jean? She helped with Bobby…so Bobby /does/ know her. But she was good then… Wanda goes even paler than usual. Has she infected someone else? The other X-Red members nodded assent to her though…they want her to cause chaos so it's alright to fight Jean now? Damn this superhero business is confusing. Mumbling ancient words to herself, her fingers twitching and spasming as scarlet energy builds around them, she unleashes chaos on the 'soldiers' intending to do harm on the trio of mutants. Reality shifts and undoes. What was once certain is now a hazy memory. And it is nasty. Cells forget how to work. Flesh unstitches. Air becomes like lead in lungs. When the chaos clears there are just puddles of protoplasm where those people once advanced. Wanda may have gone a bit overboard…

The rest of the contingent Pepper arrived with were in the process of being escorted away when this all started, so they and the officers that were leading them away manage to flee to safety a few blocks away. For her own part, Pepper stays hidden around the corner, apparently having a VERY hasty text conversation with someone.

"WANDA!" Bobby is more than a little horrified. He is most decidedly not a subscriber to the X-Men's blanket no kill policiy. He thinks the world is rather to complex for things like that. But, the fact is that he doesn't kill unless left with absolutely no other option. And he had just disarmed them. "I hope to hell that's reverseible." He's not sure if he's saying that to himself or to her or to the universe at large but… well, handling it if it's not is going to be a nightmare.

None of which matters just at this moment because there's a very present nightmare in front of him. Jean's still got Purifiers in action and she's still in action herself. Bobby ices off the ground in front of those coming at him before focusing on Jean. He's not going to make ice. He's just going to tank the temperature all around her. Brin and Pepper can handle themselves, right?

"Wanda, that's not what we…" Brins voice is hoarse with the horror. "I'm going to have to handle it, if you can't reverse it." She's already heard Bobby's words and is reinforcing them. Wanda can unmake reality, right?

As the civilians Brins shielding get safely away, she glances over to Pepper. The Purifiers haven't seen Pepper… that's good. Pulling her shield in around her, Brin's fairly certain she's obvious and moves back towards Wanda - distracting them (she hopes) from Pepper's location.

All the while, the brunette empath is sending feelings, thoughts and imagery to Jean - how she is loved by the X-Men, images of good times had with the X-Red team, helping heal Bobby… anything she can to remind the redhead of who she really is.

The Purifiers that were left standing were busy with the cops, until one woman (Purifier) is pushed down, her gaze falling towards the man who was immediately liquified into a puddle of.. something, causes her a moment of pause. 'Wha..' She starts out, rolling upon her belly, stage crawling towards the man who carried her heart.

'Steve! STEVE!' She screams out.. 'OH GOD NO STEVE NO GOD WHY!' There were tears, a lot of them as she reaches out towards the puddle of where her man once lay, 'WHAT DID YOU DO?! WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY HUSBAND!'

Loss felt around, which made Jean angry of course, angry enough for that hand to shoot up towards her ear. "Zero, Nine, Twelve, Alpha, One. No Time. Full Release."

'You have permission, Mack. Give them hell.'

That one good arm strikes out as she feels the air around her gone colder, the images blasting within her brain winced at as she banks and pushes two SUV's in opposite directions of them out into the open. Their tires whir and screech against the ground, creating a hellish racket.. but yet.. they start to slow, for her hand was pressing against her forehead causes her to tremble, nearly stumbling from the porch that she stood.

"STOP IT!" Jean hollers out, unleashing a wave of mental feedback towards the three.. who in the hell was picking at her mind? And why were those people so familiar?

With the man she loves yelling at her in one ear and the woman who could be her best friend yelling at her in the other, Wanda's confidence takes a big blow and she physically steps back and almost cowers from the onslaught. There is a reason it is called 'chaos magic' and not 'I am in control magic' and Wanda is feeling like shit at the moment. Not as bad as that woman screaming at the puddle but that sight is also causing her powers to shrink back even before the wave of metal feedback smacks her to the ground. She is sooo bad at this. After all, didn't her mother die when she let her powers help like this? "I'm sorry" she whispers under her breath before she has one of her (really not a) good idea. Wanda stumbles back to her feet and yells over the battlefield at the screaming woman and Jean. "Surrender and I'll bring them back!!"

Pepper crouches down with her phone still clutched in her hand and peeks back around the corner… luckily she didn't see those humans become puddles. That would have given her nightmares for a VERY long time. Anyway. She sees the chaos getting worse, and the woman in charge of the people that raised weapons at the police seems very distracted now. She's really only got one chance at this. Taking another quick look at everything, Pepper slips back around the corner and while keeping as low as she can makes a quick dash TOWARD Jean. WHat is she about to do? Well, considering all of the different internal voices telling her that this is a bad idea nearly on par with Tony Stark levels of bad ideas, she doesn't let it make her hesitate.

The Feedback strikes Bobby right at the wrong point and he simply collapses like a destrung puppet.

Mental feedback from Jean is not a good thing… particularly when she's been inside your head to repair you. As the backlash hits Brin, she's driven to the ground and her shield begins to fail. Memories from the attack on The Paragons assault the brunette empath… for now, she's lost in that world of remembering - where everything seems so real…

Thankfully, Jean wasn't carrying any weapons this time. She had full faith in the Purifiers with her, which didn't amount to much. Three of them were puddles, one was a screaming mess, the others were being thrown down upon the ground and aggressively handcuffed (as in, holy cow those binds are tight!)

"Surrender?!" Jean hollars out. "You are out of your cotton pick—"


How could she have missed that? The other red-head slamming right into her.. why.. does her legs feel numb and stiff? Oh.. that's a shock. Not to be gross, its a thankful moment that Jean had cleared herself necessarily before a fight. That knock however, was strong enough from the phone weilding woman to knock her right back into the door of the safe-house, the door which comes off of it's hinges to send both of the women carrening inside.

Even women are allowed silly mistakes. This just happened to be both of theirs.

Wanda suddenly realises she is the only one standing…who can turn people into puddles of composite goo. She glances at both Bobby and Brin and neither of them look to be in a state they can help. And the bad guys didn't want to surrender? Hey…where did Jean go? She runs for the safe-house door, pausing on the way beside the screaming woman. "I'll fix him. I promise." And she truly hopes she can. "Just don't touch anything." Then she is heading for the dark interior of the safe-house.

Yes, Pepper did just D&D-thief-backstab Jean with a small handheld taser (aka, her phone, because apparently even retail StarkTech isn't good enough for Iron Man's CEO to be carrying around). And yes, she DID plan it poorly, as the zapped redhead tumbles backwards into the safe-house she came from, and takes Pepper with her.

Having not expected THAT particular scenario, Pepper gets knocked back into the safe house with the black-clad redhead and to the floor, where she stays for a few crucial seconds longer than is probably wise. Ever had the wind knocked out of you, where you can't seem to draw in a breath and everything feels like it's about to collapse in on top of you? Oh, wait, that last part is probably Jean who collapsed on top of her. Still, Pepper's momentarily stunned.

Wanda truly is the only one still left standing.

Brins fighting the memories, maintaining that shield … but she's not in any shape to fight back. Wanda is the only one left standing…

It was a devastating blow to the woman, really, and as Wanda stops and promises to fix him, she could only nod. This was the day that the two of them quit the business, get new identities, flee to florida and live out the rest of their lives in peace. After a ton of therapy, no doubt. But he needs fixing first.

Jean groans slightly as she untangles herself from Pepper, rolling back onto the floor to heave out a little breath, her limbs numb and nearly like jelly, but not enough for her to reach out and give a slight 'dunce' slap to the side of Pepper's head if she didn't move.

Someone just got Gibb-smacked (if she didn't move, that is!).

Her arm was hurting again, the fresh stitches torn from that tackle and reflective tensing of her arm, her hazy gaze drawn up towards Wanda as eyes open wide enough for her to mutter out a curse, she was not about to get warped to hell and back. Jean? Was officially getting out of there.

She scrambles backwards a few paces, turning to run towards the back door, her hand outstretched to blow it off the hinges as she exits out the back side. From there, she takes off into the air.. she doesn't even look back. Being captured with the rest was not on her agenda.

Wanda considers going after Jean but…she's caused enough trouble for today. Both of them. Instead she helps Pepper up, offering her a faint smile. "Hi. Remember me?" She will help her back to her people before she makes her way over to the puddles of people. A deep breath as she tries to remember what Mimic told her - 'Don't try and reassemble, but 'turn off' what she did in the first place'. Wanda concentrates hard, words spilling from her lips and fingers twitching manically. The scarlet glow envelopes the globs and when it dissipates there are some very confused, but whole, people returned. No one is more relieved than Wanda.

Pepper feels an impact to the side of her head — not nearly enough to be worrisome, and how sad is that that she actually knows how much of a blow to the head is enough to worry about? — but she's still struggling to draw in a breath when someone pulls her up to sit. And now, finally, she gasps in a breath and starts coughing and after a moment registers that someone asked her a question. She nods to Wanda but stays where she is until she's able to breathe more normally. Again, thankfully, she misses what Wanda did. Because even returning people would be the stuff of nightmares for her.

Brins finally got control of those thoughts and drags herself to her feet - just in time to see the scarlet energy swirl … and she breathes a big sigh of relief. Walking, carefully, into the building to find Wanda and Pepper, Brin observes the downed Purifiers.

Police move in and apprehend those that are left - that's one stronghold that's been neutralised.

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