August 15, 2015:

Spearhead, Supergirl and Miss Martian Hang out!

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The kitchen of the Justice Society is filled with the aroma of baked goods. Wanting to show her appreciation to the Society for letting her say, M'gann has been baking up a storm, and the table is laden with platters full of cupcakes and cookies of all varieties; from chocolate chip to snickerdoodles to oatmeal raisin. M'gann herself is in her Martian form with human clothing, and is cleaning up the mess she made while everything cools.

Kara and Spearhead had been in the process of showing Lynwen around the Justice Society Headquarters when the aroma of baked goods could be smelled coming out of the kitchen, "..and up here is the kitchen. It smells good to."

Stepping in, she gestures to Lynwen and says, "Hey M'gann! This is Lynwen."

Mikial had been helping show Lynwyn the new headquarters, while trying to familiarize with it himself, "Smells pretty sweet, too!" he follows the two through the doorway and eyes the abundance of sweets, "I think we can support a couple fundraisers with all these goodies! You say you've never baked before?" He says, clearly impressed by M'gann's baking skills.

Lynwen is there and taking it all in. She is dressed in a khaki shorts and a black polo shirt. Her long golden hair has been braided and bound up with golden combs. Around her neck is a golden torque. She nods her head. "That smells good." She says with a nod of her head. "Good baker." She nods her head. Her moss green eyes seem to be taking everything in.

When Kara and Mikhail arrive with Lynwen, M'gann comes out of the kitchen, smiling. "Hi, Kara! Hi, Mikhail! And nice to meet you, Lynwen. Go ahead and have some cookies." She goes over to the table and sits down, surveying her handiwork. "Well, I've never actually cooked or baked before, Mikhail, but I've watched a lot of cooking shows. I started off with Julia Child's show when it first came out, so I've been watching how to cook for a long time now."

Kara wasted absolutely no time in rushing for the various cookies that had been baked by M'gann. She was scarfing them down with super-speed, Kryptonians had a very enhanced physiology; she had nothing too worry about in terms of weight gain, "Ohmygodthesearesogood." She managed to say with her mouth full.

Mikial nodds at M'gann, "Huh! Wow! I have to say, I think some of it may be natural talent!" He chuckles as Kara super-bu-rushes the goodies, and offers Lynwen to go before before he does, then takes a cookie or two and calmly munches on it.

"Hello, what is Julia Childs?" Lynwen's accent is thick and sounds like a combination of Welsh and Cornish. "No thank you, I had eaten this morning, I appreciate the offer." She says to M'gann. Her gaze goes to Kara and she nods her head. "Thank you Sir." She says as she moves deeper into the room. "The headquarters are very nice; it is also a pleasure to meet you." She smiles at Kara and then to Mikial.

M'gann munches on a cookie, smiling at the results of her handiwork. There's an obvious blush on her face when Mikhail compliments her. "Well, I'm just glad everyone likes them. Although I think I used up all the flour and eggs that were in the pantry." When Lynwen asks about Julia Child, M'gann goes for the easy answer. Her skin starts to shift and fades from it's green color to caucasian, her features get heavyset, and very quickly, she's morphed into a perfect copy of the legendary chef. She even has the woman's voice as she says, "And for my next dish, a succulent duck a'la orange with a side of fresh asparagus." A smile later, M'gann changes her shape back to normal.

Kara seems impessed by M'gann's transformation before holding a tray of cookie's towards Lynwen, "Come on! Give them a try, they're eally good you can eat a snack, it's healthy. M'gann is really talented at many things it seems"

"It's a pleasure to meet you too, Lynwen." Mikial says after swallowing the chewed confection in his mouth, "Mmm! this is, somehow, even better than it smells!"
The transformation is quite impressive, "Wow! that is something that'll come in handy around here, to be sure! And I don't know, but I'd say that with baking like this, no one would mind too much about the eggs!" Mikial does limit himself, though, having the metabolizm of natural humans.

M'gann doesn't have to worry about metabolism, either, but she maintains a slower pace than Kara, prefering to savor the tastes. "Well, Martians have many abilities that are natural to us, but are considered super-powers here on Earth. Shapeshifting, telepathy, invisibility, density control…Martian physiology is one of the most unique in the galaxy. But heroes like Captain America prove that you don't need to have super-powers to be a hero. So I guess, all you really need is a desire to do good."

Kara raised her eyebrows and laughed, "I know Cap. Trust me, he has superpowers, he's not an ordinary person like Hawkeye. Girl hawkeye that is."

Mikial looks confused at the two names M'gann and Kara name, "I'm afraid I haven't heard of them… But I guess I can understand that, even if I don't do good one-hundred percent of the time."

That comment from Mikahil makes M'gann tilt her head in curiousity. "What do you mean, you don't do good 100 percent of the time? Aren't heroes supposed to be a good example for others and do good things?"

Kara looks between M'gann and Mikial curiously, waiting to see where the question goes. She continues to stuff her face with cookies like a cookie monster,

Mikial clears his throat, "Umm… well… Alright, Other than a few recent slip-ups, I used to work for a clandestine militant group," Mikial says visibly nervous, "They had offered me the position and I took it, Believing it would sae lifes in the big picture…" He stands a bit straighter, as he had slouched somewhat, "…Then, I find out that it was more of a political silencing program, Anyone certian politicians wanted dead, we were sent to kill them, no questions asked… And, well, that was the major problem…. I decided to ask some questions, was warned, decided to find out for myself, and the rest kind of writes itself…" Mikial finnishes a distant look in his eyes.

M'gann listens to Mikhail's story, looking down at the table a few times. When he finishes, she looks over at him, eyes puppy-dog wide. "But you don't do that any more, right? I mean, you don't kill unless you have to now? Becasue you're a hero now, and heroes don't take a life unless it's absolutely neccessary to stop something else really bad from happening, right?"

Kara looked towards Mikial sadly, "That's terrible to hear…" She had never known much about the man, just that he liked to fish, was attached at the hip to Rain usually and he was a bit of a badass. She looked to M'gann hoping the other girl could offer comfort to the man.

Spearhead says, "@emit Mikial pauses, then smiles weakly at M'gann, as if she were a small child who had just said the obvious truth, "Ye-yeah… Yeah, that's right… I guess I am in with a group of hero's now, aren't I?" Mikial turns to Kara, "I stole the files on all the people we had been ordered to kill……" Mikial's head began to slowly shake back and forth, "We… we were really good at not failing missions……" Mikial takes a deep breath before continuing, "Just before I started asking questions, I had requested the helmet that I use these days… the rest of it is what they used, except I removed all the patches and emblems from mine…. They all know more about me than I'd /ever/ care for someone like tham to know about me!" his voice began to crack slightly as a hand clenched into a fist, then unclench andhis voice returned to normal, "These really are good cookies." He takes one and pops it into his mouth."

Spearhead says, "ooc …… double @emit…… How???"

M'gann smiles at Mikhail as he confirms her belief in the nature of heroism. But she goes rather quiet and stares at the table, her shoulders hunched together.

M'gann would not find it hard to read Kara's slightly uncomfortable thoughts after all of the oversharing from Mikial; she had no idea what to say to the young man so she replied with a polite smile, "Yeah, they are. Really good… where did you get the recipe M'gann?"

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