Pretty Birds

August 15, 2015:

Robin, Flamebird and Supergirl chill.

New York



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Kara is presently trying out the training facilities at the JSA Headquarters, not that she didn't have other facilities she could use but she wanted to give them a shot. It became obvious after breaking a few apparatus she was going to have to dial it back a bit.

"Looks like we could really use some training gear that can stand up to some real punishment."

Ok, nobody was here so she was talking to herself. Kara sighed a little before hugging her arms around herself a feeling a little lonely.

Tim Drake had stayed the night at the JSA HQ. He's been doing the rounds, so to speak, between the Titans and here. It's been a good thing, really. He's starting to feel connected again. It's strange how isolated he had felt as he took his world tour. Like a survivor on a remote island, lost at sea for years. Coming back was welcome, and felt good, but… it was different. He needed some adjustment time to feel like he could be a part of this world again.

But the former Boy Wonder seems to be getting his stride back, and as he comes down into the training area, he's bright eyed and bushy tailed, already haven eaten breakfast and gotten himself ready for the day. Which, for Tim, means a long training session in order to keep him in top physical form.

He steps into the training room, still wearing the loose fitting pants and tank top from last night. Upon seeing Kara, he stops in his tracks, catching her hugging herself like something's bothering her. This causes his brows to knit together, forming a tiny crinkle above his nose. A quick intake of the surroundings and he notes the broken equipment, so quietly, in a warm voice, he says, "Hey… you alright?"

Having received an unexpected letter, to her home address no less, Flamebird has made her way to the JSA HQ. Carrying out a little recon out of costume before finally finding a discreet place she can change into costume. She makes her way cautiously towards the front door before, half expecting it to be some kind of cruel joke, buzzing the doorbell.

Kara looked over at Tim and smiled like nothing was wrong, "Yep! I'm fine." She heard the sound of the intercom buzzing, "It sounds like someone is here, you want to go greet them or should I or should we both?" She lets Tim decide while poor Flamebird waits at the door.

Tim's about to respond to Kara's brushing off of his question when the doorbell rings. Hearing Kara ask who should get it, Tim just smiles and moves to the panel on the wall beside the elevator, which will show a camera feed of the front door and offer an intercom to the person standing there.

"Flamebird?" Tim muses, half to himself, before pressing the button. "Flamebird. Welcome. This is Red Robin. I'll buzz you in and we'll be right up to meet you."

Of course, when Tim speaks as Red Robin, his face becomes deeper, slightly more harsh. It's tone is almost foreign coming out of the lips of such a boyish face.

The door, however, buzzes, then clicks as the lock unlatches, allowing her entry. Tim glances to Kara and says, "Let's go say hi."

Flamebird lets herself in, still glancing around in case of surprise attacks or other dastardly occurances. Like there being a bucket of water balanced on the door (although there isn't one). She does however manage to smile in the direction of where she suspects the intercoms camera is.

"Flamebird? Seriously, someone uses that name?" Kara seemed a little pouty before asking Robin almost hopefully, "Do you think she would be willing to change it? Nevermind." An old Kryptonian folk legend translated in English as 'Flamebird', she had intended to use the name when doing magical stuff and not wanting to be known but.. that plan was off the table.

Greeting the newcomer with a smile she extends a hand before thinking better of it and giving Flamebird a big hug! "Nice to meet you, I'm Kara."

"Change it? Why change it? She has this whole fire… bird thing going on. It works." Tim, of course, isn't really a scholar of Kryptonian legends, like that of Flamebird and Nightwing, but, if he was he'd have to say that it's a strange twist of fate that sees both of those names used now for Gotham city crimefighters of the notably mundane variety.

When they arrive in the front room, and Kara rushes to meet the newcomer, Tim hangs back, standing just inside the doorway. He lifts one hand in a wave of greeting, and after Kara introduces herself, Tim does as well. "Hey. We've met already. Sort of. I'm Red Robin."

He'll leave the real name out, for now, even if she does see his face.

"Uhm. Hi," Flamebird manages, trying not to flinch at the sudden hug from someone who can bend steel with her pinky finger. "I got this letter asking if I'd be interested in joining up. And that if I was I should turn up today and say hello." She shrugs. "So here I am."

"Cool, Robin and I were just about to do some training." Kara had a real issue with leaving the Red part out, even if she had suggested the name when seeing the new costume, "Why don't you join us?"

"…rock you like a hurricane." Tim says, following Flamebird's last sentence. Because Tim's a bit of a dork. When Kara calls him Robin, he gives her a half-joking look of consternation and just adds, "Red."

But glancing back to Flamebird, he says, "Yeah. And you can ditch the union duds, and relax if you want. This is a home and refuge. A place we can be safe with people like ourselves. Come on. You can ask us any questions you might have, too."

"A hurricane?" Bette asks Red Robin. "I tend to try train with the costume. That way I'm used to moving and fighting in it, but I suppose I could ditch the mask. If it's safe from prying eyes in here..?" Without waiting for a response she undoes the mask and stashes it in a belt pocket. "I don't tend to use the Flamebird beam when training anyway. Seems a little rude to almost blind people!" Although she hasn't given an actual name it probably isn't hard for anyone that's seen Wimbledon in the last few years to figure out her secret identity. "So, what sort of training did you have in mind?"

Kara shrugged a little, "Why don't we leave that up to Red and you, I'll just watch." She smiled, not seeming at all unhappy by the option.

Kara shrugged a little at the question, "Why don't we leave that up to Red and you, I'll just watch and see how you both fight." She smiled cheerfuly, not seeming at all unhappy by the option; in fact she was hopeful she would learn a lot about the pair.

"It's a son-… nevermind." Tim says, his face starting to flush with color. When she speaks about training in the costume, Tim gives a nod of his head. He likes to do his combat training in costume, as well, for that same purpose. He remembers just how clumsy it was when he was a fresh faced Robin just trying to get around with a heavy cape getting in the way. "I was just looking to do my workout routine, but if you'd like we could perhaps run some drills or some sparring, if you'd like."

Tim looks back to Kara and lifts a brow, as she politely bows out of further training. He does add, "Or we can just… not get to training right away, and just hang out. Like I said, we're happy to answer any questions you might have. Could show you around the place. That kind of thing."

He's already at the elevator, though, pressing the button to call it.

"A quick tour might be nice before getting down to training. That way I know where I can find the medical supplies after you whup my butt!" Bette agrees, finally starting to relax a little. "But anyway are there any important things I would need to know as a member?"

Kara is rather quiet as she follows along with the pair before asking Flamebird curiously, "So how did you get into heroing? Choice? Circumstance? Tradition?"

Kara is rather quiet as she follows along with the pair before asking Flamebird curiously, "So how did you get into heroing? Choice? Circumstance? Tradition?" She seems to have something on her mind but she's keeping it to herself.

As the elevator door opens, Tim steps to the side and slides his arm in to hold the door so the girls can both enter before he, himself, follows. He does offer a small smile to Bette when she quips about butt whupping, but he shakes his head. "I've seen you in action. You're no slouch. Someone's taken the time to give you proper training."

Tim glances to Kara when she asks her question about Flamebird's decision to live a life of crimefighting. He's curious about that, too. Especially now, because he does, in fact, recognize her face as one of those tennis stars that get talked about for their looks as much as their skill. If not more. But he answers her questions, first. "There's not too much to know, really. Do good. Don't be a killer. We're here for Justice, not Vengeance. Everyone coming in has to spend some time as a junior member. After that period, though, we're all about equality. There's no one person calling the shots, and we try to deffer to individual members when dealing with their particular foundation of expertise. This gives us a freeform structure that helps us adapt to the situation, as well as just… makes everyone feel good. Everyone matters equally."

"And presumably you have some sort of central information hub?" Flamebird asks curiously. "The reason I got into… I'm not sure I…" She coughs. "It was to try impress a guy.. I was /young/. But uhhh eventually I realised it was a way to do more for people than just smile and give them a novelty cheque for a photoshoot." She blushes furiously. "Several someones. I paid for private tutors, people who train competetive fighters in things like Muay Thai. Told my friends I wasn't to learn self defense, you probably know the way that goes."

"To impress a boy? Cute." Kara didn't laugh since it would have been disrespectful, "It was nice to meet you but I just remembered, I promised I'd be at a birthday party in England for a little girl." She wouldn't mention the circumstances, it was too sad.

"I'll see you both around, try not to burn the place down, Kay?"

"That, I don't think, has been a priority. Unless people have upgraded in my absence. We tend to be drawn from people with their own, very well established lines of information. I suppose I could cook something up for us, though…" Tim rubs his chin thoughtfully. It wouldn't be hard for him to create a network like that he shares with the Batfamily for the team. If others would be willing to share their data and resources towards it… it could be something impressive.

Snapping back to reality, Tim looks to Kara and just nods his head. "Yeah. Alright. Have fun."

Looking back to Flamebird now, he offers a small smile and asks, "So… Impressing a guy. You operate in Gotham… was it the Bat or Nightwing? It's only ever those two."

"It was the previous Robin if you /really/ must know. Like I said I was young," Bette admits with a groan of embarrassment. "Batman is a little old for me. At least I think he'd be a little old for me. I don't really have a huge amount of information to share, but I think I could operate more effectively with better data."

"I was the previous Robin." Tim says with an uplifted eyebrow and a sidelong glance. He's not suggesting anything, nor teasing her for the possibility that she means him. He does, however, smile and nod, adding, "Batman is a bit old, but… that doesn't stop girls from having crushes on him. Of all ages."

As the elevator doors open again, they're released on one of the upper floors. It's primarily a series of open room connected together with a variety of recreational things. Pool tables, lounging areas, tv, and all sorts of stuff. Even a pool. "This is where we go to relax, mainly. We have rec rooms scattered about the place, and we have rooms to accomodate our members and then some. There are dining rooms and kitchens on various floors, too, so you'll never have to worry about waiting to cook something or anything like that."

Finally, he says, "As far as information goes, I'll hook you up with my own database. It's not as global as some, but if you're operating in Gotham, it'll have you covered. Have you been contacted by Oracle?"

Flamebird facepalms. "No I probably meant the previous Robin before you, to be honest I never actually met him. I've had a few gaps in my hero career so it's sometimes hard to keep up with who is going under which name." Her blush now reaching the level of red on her costume. "I've heard of Oracle but only by reputation."

Tim just nods his head and waves it off. No explaination necessary. She indirectly answered the question for him, anyway. Nightwing. All the girls love Nightwing. And a large portion of the guys. "That's surprising. Oracle is often pretty up to date with the crimefighters operating out of Gotham. Oracle provides a lot of support to their operations. It's interesting that you might have flown under the radar. Likely an oversight."

"Like I said I took a lot of long breaks. If the rumours are true it could just be that Oracle has a file on my activity and thinks I'll be back out of the hero game fairly soon," Flamebird muses. "But a lot of the distractions that kept me from 'the life' are done now. No more college and that just leaves my work, which I can be fairly flexible with."

"That's a fair point. This is a life that really has to be commited to. There is a good chance that Oracle thinks that you're not able to make that commitment." Tim says with a half shrug of his shoulders. "Either way, though, I'll provide you support while you're in the field, regardless. It's a lot safer for you that way. I'll give you information, and provide backup. We can go on patrols together sometime, if you'd like. Makes the nights go quicker if you're not alone." A beat and he asks, "So the tennis thing… that's your work?"

Flamebird nods. "I kinda expected my secret identity wouldn't last very long after I took the mask off," she admits with a grin. "Yeah I still play professionally and have to fit in my patrols around training. Still at least it's a job which pays well and keeps me in decent shape. I can't begin to imagine how some people fit in a regular job, fitness training and going out to fight crime. Must be exhausting!"

"It is. It takes training just to be able to maintain a peak efficiency on only a few hours of sleep a day. But running a business is… well, it's important, so I can't slip up in either facet of my life." Tim confirms, looking back to Bette now with a small smile. "I've seen you play a few times. Saw you at Wimbledon. You know… maybe I can have my people in finance draw up a sponsorship plan…"

With a shrug of his shoulders, Tim starts to head back towards the elevator. "I, however, have to be in Gotham for a presentation in a couple of hours. I should really get a shower and get a move on. I'll make sure to follow up with you about getting you on my network. In the meantime, when you're in Gotham, feel free to swing by Drake Industries and see me anytime. It's good to work with you, Flamebird."

"Oh. I'm doing fairly well for sponsorships," Bette counters with a laugh. "But my manager would kill me if I didn't say 'have your people contact my people'. I've hopefully got a few more years before the big name sports sponsorships dry up."

Flamebird smiles. "It'll be nice to work with people for a change. There's only so much you can do by yourself before the risks start to outweigh the rewards. So perhaps on a team I'll be able to make a bigger difference. It was good running into you again Red Robin and good luck with your presentation!"

"I'll have my people contact your people, then." He says with a bright grin, and an upnod. "And with Drake money, you'll not have to worry about drying up anytime soon. It was good seeing you, again. Look forward to meeting up with you on patrol and working with you on the team. And thanks for the luck, though, really, I just have to sit there while people talk at me about why they want my money. So not much luck required. More just… weathering boredom."

With that, the elevator doors open again, and Tim steps inside. As the doors start to close again, he adds one last thing. "Feel free to wander and make yourself at home."

Then he's gone.

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