First Timers

August 14, 2015:

Some members of the Society hang out.

New York

New JSA Headquarters.


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Night settles in over New York City, and in the JAS Brownstone, there's an unfamiliar face settling into the couch in the living room. Since J'onn broght her to the JSA HQ, M'gann has been quietly staying out of the way, letting the Martian Manhunter think and adjust to the infomation she gave him. Even though she's in the HQ of J'onn's teammates, M'gann felt that it's only right for her to try and minimize her impact here. So, the Martian girl is in her 'human' form: caucasian skin, short red hair, brown eyes, freckles across her nose, and a simple outfit of a white blouse, a blue vest, and a matching blue skirt of modest length. Right now, she's watching the TV, fixated on the Food network's 'Cupcae Wars'.

Kara had only visited the JSA Headquarters once before, when she had been asked to join the Society and she wasn't quite sure what to make of it. She was hopeful the team would have a good future, but she wondered why every superhero team had bases in the city.

Didn't it just leave them open to Supervillain attack? Everyone knew where the Baxter building was, the Hall of Justice, the Xavier's Institute. Why didn't supervillains just attack?

Kara knew if she was a supervillain that's what she would do. She would just fly into the base, solar flare it and be done.
Thank Rao that Zod couldn't do that or Superman.

Putting the thoughts of supervillains aside, she was wandering through the base seeing if she could meet any other members of the team.

+MEET: Tim Drake has arrived via +meet.

M'gann doesn't have super-hearing, but she does sense a new mind entering the area, so Kara's approach does register. She doesn't know who it is, yet, but it's probably a member of the Justice Society, which means that she needs to make a good first impression. M'gann gets up from the couch and smooths out her clothing, making sure that she's presentable. "Hello?" she calls out towards Kara's general direction.

Tim Drake has been something of a distant face recently. He had been lost in Gotham, trying to reestablish his presence there, and as a result, hadn't been much of a common face among the friends on his teams. But Tim knows well that if one lives like that, they become consumed with the shadows of Gotham, and drown in them. It's a problem that his mentor often suffers, and one that Tim desperately wants to avoid.

So here he is.

Tim hadn't made any real big deal of his return to the brownstone. He had just slipped quietly in and set about cleaning up his old room. After that, he had done some training, because he's the kind of guy that typically has to work twice as hard to keep in the shape that he's in, when compared to the raw athleticism of the Bat, or the natural agility of Nightwing.

Fresh from the showers, now, Tim Drake comes wandering into the living room. His raven hued hair is slick and shiny, dripping still with crystaline rivlets of water. He's wearing a pair of loose fitting black pajama pants made from that super soft jersey style cotton, and a red tank top that clings to his lean form like a second skin, while a towel drapes over his shoulders. His bare feet tread silently across the floor, and his eyes are closed as he hums along with the music that fills his ears from a pair of earbuds connected to an MP3 player clipped to his hip.

Kara hears the call from an unfamiliar person and arrives just as Tim is entering the living room, "Hello there." The young Kryptonian woman says rather cheerfully to M'Gann before spotting Tim and turning a fierce shade of red. It was hard for her to see him.

Normally, M'gann would wave and greet the two arrivals, she's just polite like that. But when she sees just *who* is coming into the room and greeting her, M'gann's jaw drops a little. She stares at the blonde Kryptonian in a mixture of amazement and awe. The existence of Tim is completely forgotten as she tries to gather her wits. "You're…you're….you're Supergirl!" M'gann sounds like she just can't believe who she's talking with right now. "You're actually her!" And she seems rather excited to be in the same room as the Girl of Steel.

Tim's eyes open, and first see the strange girl but she looks like she's very excited to see someone. His gaze ticks to the side, and falls onto Kara as M'gann rushes to her. One brow ticks upwards on his forehead, and he pulls the earbuds from his head, shoving them into a pocket and tapping the MP3 player off.

Well, this is a bit awkward. Tim reaches up and runs his fingers through the wet mop of hair that's clinging to his scalp, and just watches the interplay for a moment before quietly stating a muted, "Hey…"

"Supergirl? Where?" Kara laughed and tried to act a little surprised as she looked over the other young woman who she totally didn't recognize, "Seriously, call me Kara though. Do you live here?" It wasn't her first time at a 'team home' sort of setting, she had spent quite a bit of time living at the JL:A mansion prior.

"Hey yourself Robin."

Without any more than a millisecond of hesitation she gave him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek, leaving little time for protests, "You're looking good. How's Batman?"

The poor Martian girl is still geeking out over having Supergirl talk to her, and she's sort of sputtering her answers. "Me? Oh, I'm just M'gann. And I sort of live here. I mean, I guess I do live here now. Huh. Ummm…" Even without the need to breathe, M'gann takes a deep breath to try and get her mind back in woring order. "I'm here as a guest of Martian Manhunter. He's my…uncle." Technically, that is what J'onn told her to say. But all further explanations are forgotten as Kara kisses Tim. M'gann gets a deep blush going at the PDA and turns away to give them a bit of privacy.

Mikial, A.K.A. 'Spearhead' rounds the corner into the room, holding a ammo clip, and without looking up from it asks, "Hey, anyone got a good incendiary hookup?" He looks around now, "Oh, Hello Kara, nice to see you joined!" he nods respectfully to Tim and then looks at the M'gann, "Andf I don't belive I've meet you. I'm Mikial, or spearhead, if it's out there," he gestures in a outside general direction, "Wow, I really should visit here more, huh kar….." He turns to see Kara with Tim, and pauses just a moment before shruging and redirecting his attention to the guest, anmd putting his right hand out in the usuall American greeting.

"I'm not Rob—" He's shut up when Kara wraps him up in a hug, and he finds his arms sliding around her waist without his permission, as if they have a mind of their own. The kiss to the cheek brings a flood of warmth and color to his face, but he offers only a small smile in response. "So are you… But… Eh. That is the question, isn't it? How is Batman? I don't know that anyone knows right now."

Suddenly mindful of his arms around Kara, Tim takes a step back and retreats from the hug, shoving his hands into his pockets. His eyes dart away, over to M'gann and he looks almost apologetic. "So… You live here now? That's cool. Welcome. I'm Tim Drake. They used to call me Robin, but now… Well, now they just call me Red Robin. So you're a Martian? That is so cool!"

Then Spearhead's wandering in, and Tim blinks, but gives him a nod. The question about incendiary hookups elicits a shrug from the former Boy Wonder, and he just says, "Bat-rules. No guns. Not much help, I'm afraid."

+MEET: Thor has arrived via +meet.

+MEET: Zen has arrived via +meet.

Presently Tim, Kara, Mikial and M'Gann were in the living room on the second floor of the JSA Headquarters.

"It's nice to meet you M'Gann. I just recently joined to, it seems like a great group. So you're Martian, I'm guessing?" Kara raised her brows a little but smiled, Manhunter was a bit pushy but she looked up to the strange alien; she was sure he thought she was a complete dinkleberry though. Which was ironic, because he could put most people holding PHDs on Earth in various fields to shame.

"Hey Miki. Yeah, I'm a member now to. I'm going to need a new costume, something like, kind of classic or whatever. It's going to be great." There was no denying she loved costumes, Tim had seen her wardrobe of over a dozen /different/ ones. Who had that many?

She doesn't seem to mind Tim's arms but pokes him a little in the chest playfully before moving to sit down on the couch where M'gann was.

Thor would have been given the location of the JSA Headquarters after his membership invitation, it was hard not to trust a mythological god and hero like him.

Thor has been asked here by Uncle Sam, the spirit of the United States. He is still dubious about entanglements but the roster is quite honorable so he has decided to join in hopesthat things will work out. He slowly hovers over the headquarters, cape furling in the wind as he descends to the gorund. "Hail and well met Lady Kara."

The reminder of her being a Martian spurs M'gann's realization that she's still in human form. "Oh! Ummm…yes. I'm a Martian. Martian Manhunter is my uncle so that would make sense, yes?" And then, to provide her bona fides, M'gan changes into her 'normal' form: a green girl in a white costume with a blue cape, boots and skirt. "I was just practicing being human while I was watching TV. I was getting some ideas for baking from 'Cupcake Wars."

And then Thor arrives, and M'gann starts to fan girl all over again, going slack jawed and wide eyed at the Gotd of Thunder. "Oh my gosh! You're Thor! I can't believe that I'm meeting so many heroes on my first day on Earth!"

Zen appear outside the window to the second floor living room, riding inside his soap bubble conveyance called a T-pod. He sits lotus in there, and leans forward when it stops by the window, reaches his hand through the membrane and opens the window. With that done, he steps out of the bubble and into the living room, turning to close the window behind him.

«My friend, I'm sorry to impose,» he says mentally, just to Kara for now, though his gaze scans the room at large, taking everyone in. «But many people find telepathy intrusive. Would you mind asking their permission for me?» Everything he says mentally is also being said via ASL in case anyone in the room understands sign language. Having no nose or mouth has pros and cons.

Zen is wearing his usual boots and cargo pants, but with the addition of a white dress shirt open half way down the front, and the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. Hey, at least he /has/ a shirt for once.

"Well, you were doing a fine job of it, though you're more than welcome to wear your normal form here." Tim says, though, as Thor (when did he start coming around?) makes his appearance and M'Gann begins going all fangirl again, Tim just shuts his trap. He flashes a glance to the others with a questioning hike of his brows and then just shrugs his shoulders. "Alright. Chopped liver. Got it."

Then, Zen comes in through the window, and Tim is left wondering why there are even doors. Still, he gives a nod to the intergalactic ninja, and offers a salute as means of greeting.

"Well, seems like you have some visitors, Kara, and it's… getting a bit crowded in here. Think I'll just head on up to my room and get some rest. We'll catch up soon."

With that, Tim turns to head on out of the living room and go back to the solitude of his room.

Tim Drake returns to OOC Land.

"Ooo, I love that show." Kara settles in comfortably and looks a little disappointed when Tim leaves, even if he was her ex. She waves Thor over to join them when he enters through the window and smiles at Zen, "Hey Zen."

"By the way, the blue guy is Zen and he can only communicate through telepathy. Is that cool if he talks into your mind?" Kara asked of the group before asking M'Gann, "How long have you been on Earth?"

Thor takes the offered cookies. "Thank you for the offering of thine cookies. I am entirely fine with him speaking inside of my mind. It is done often in the nine worlds.

M'gann shifts her costume into the 'normal' clothes she was wearing a few moments ago, but she still stays green. While she could sense the mental communication between Zen and Kara, M'gann isn't so rude as she would listen in. But the offer of a telepathic chat brightens her day. «Of course I'm fine with telepathy», she projects to Zen. «This is a more natural way for me to communicate. Oh, and I'm M'gann; Martian Manhunter's niece. Pleased to meet you.»

turning to Kara, she smiles bashfully. "This is my first day here on Earth. And it's been wonderful so far. And I love watching cooking shows! We don't cook much on Mars, just for the taste of food. Hopefully, I can try to cook here for all of you someday!"

Zen nods, and smiles with the corner of his eyes. He waves as Tim leaves, and studies each person briefly in turn. «Thank you,» he says with a short bow, broadcasting his telepathy to everyone. His voice in each person's mind speaks the language with which they are most familiar. «So a human, an Asguardian, a Kryptonian and a Baltoonian walk into a bar. You'd think one of them would have ducked.» His voice chuckles, but it's odd because he doesn't have any laughing body language. «It's nice to meet all of you. And welcome to Earth, M'gann. I've only been here a few months, but I really like it. Humans are fascinating.»

Mikial looks up from the ammo clip in his hand again to see the number of people inthe room double, "Oh, Hey guys. Yeah, it's fine by me if you use telepathy with me Zen, that goes for anyone who uses it, I'm kinda used to it, even though I'm not a telepath, but I'm perfectly fine with it." He then gets up and goes over to Thor, "Mikial, or 'Spearhead' in the field, Nice to meet you." he holds out his right hand again, as usuall.

"Well, you're lucky to have J'onn as a relative for your first day on Earth. Mine, was a little rougher. Thank Rao for Superman though." Kara smiled and patted the other girl gently on the hand before eating a cookie to, they seemed to be in style right now.

"Where's Rain Mikial? I thought you two were attached at the hip?" Kara winked just a little before looking back to the TV show. M'gann could sense Kara was excited for her to cook, she loved food.

Thor is unsure what to make of all this so he simply…stands there, suddenly concious of how much older he is than these folks….but …maybe he can mentor or something? Loki would be amused. Odin more so. He takes and returns the handshake of Mikial. "Pleased to meet you.

Having made greetings to his new teammates Zen moves to get himself a cookie and peer curiously at whatever Kara is watching on TV. «So, I came by because I heard there might be rooms available? I mean, I don't mind living on my ship, but it's about a hundred miles off the coast of New York City, and I wouldn't mind being a little more local.» Zen shrugs. «Anyone know who I talk to about that?»

While M'gann listens to Kara, she's still a bit focused on Thor. He is a god, after all. After mustering up some courage, she bows her head to him and says. "It's an honor to meet you, sir. And I look forward to speaking with you more. I've never known a god, before." Or a Kryptonian or a human, for that matter.

«Yes, humans are quite fascinating,» M'gann relays bck to Zen. «It's always been a dream of mine to live on Earth, and now it's coming true.»

Mikhail also gets some of M'gann's attention, as she smiles to him and says, "It's a pleasure to meet you too. I'm staying here in a guest room, so I'm sure we'll run into each other more."

Now, M'gann turns back to Kara, still a bit star-struck. "Superman seems like such a good an noble man," she says cheerfully. "It must be a great honor to be related to him. And I'm sure he's just as proud of your achievements, too." She picks up on Kara's desire for some home cooking and nods. "Well, I'll talk to uncle J'onn, and maybe I can do some cooking tomorrow. At least some cookies. What are your favorite kind?"

Mikial chuckles at Kara's tease, "Well, you know me, if there's something that she needs to capture alive, and /I/ find out it hurt her… They or it may be alive, but if they need for it to talk… well, it may be harder without a tongue." Mikial jokes and laughes. Mikial turns to Thor, "Oh? a God? I didn't know… Do you prefer low key?"

"I think you just choose one nobody else has chosen Zen. First come, first serve. I was going to look at them later myself." Kara at least seems a little amused by M'Gann's enthusiasm, remember how excited she was when she first really started to meet people, "Are you going to live here to Thor? When you're not in Asgard? If you do, remember, towels on always, even if there is supposed trouble." She wasn't sure if Thor remembered, but at the old JL:A Mansion he had run in butt nekkid when Hawkgirl and her were trashing the kitchen…

Thor smiles,"It is an honor to meet you as well Lady Megan of Mars. Your cookies are delicious and I will always be delighted to eat more." Thor does remember this and blushes. "Yes. Towels."

Zen nods at M'gann and says, «Real telepaths are always so intimidating. I'm kind of a faker when it comes down to it. Tricks and nonsense, not a real telepath.» He seems a little confused by Mikial's question, but then the mental image of a naked Thor crashing in on Kara and Hawkgirl draws another mental chuckle, rolling out through the minds present. «Well, it was nice to meet you all. I should head up and see what rooms are available. I like be high up in a building like this when I can.» He shrugs, smiles, and signs 'goodbye' in ASL.

Zen returns to OOC Land.

At being called 'Lady' by Thor, M'gann blushes deep red. "I'm not a lady," she says with a self-concious look. "I'm just M'gann. But…thank you." She stands up from the couch, smiling all around. "I should probably go to bed now. It's been a very exciting day for me and I don't know how much more I can take before I overload. It was very nice meeting you all, and I hope to talk with you all again soon." She waves and starts heading off to the guest rooms.

"Mmm, I think I'll chose one of the smaller rooms close to the holding cells, that way, if I feel the need to, I can stay here and guard a prisoner…" he muses, "Towel, eh? Ok, I'll follow that rule…" He mumbles out loud, then, realises that he did say that out loud, and his face reflects the normal reaction to such a slipup. After a moment he clears his throat and says, "Yeah, I'm glad to have met all of you, and to catch up on who all's in the group, wouldn't wanna mistake one of you and have blue-on-blue fire!"

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