Little Buddy

August 16, 2015:

Hal and Reese finally catch up.

China Town


NPCs: The Moloid and Max



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Fade In…

It really wasn't hard to find Reese, she hadn't gone far. K't had dropped her down some clothing, as well as her moloid, Max, and a bit of cash to put into her pocket. The little midget acted as a care port for her, smallish hat covering his head, little red bookbag upon his back as he clings to her hand like a tiny little child, he and Max both leading the way to a bench as the moloid flops down beside Max to lightly comb the mane of the pup.

It was night out, but that was when everything felt the best. The cool breeze allows her hair to whip to and fro, occasionally keeping the crinkled locks out of her face with a sweep of her hand.. and well.. just listening to the hustle and bustle of people leaving to party, coming from partying.. or working.. whatever. It was quietly lively, if that was a good term, for her.

Hal Jordan shows up with a six-pack of beer, walking in from down the street as if he didn't just fly down behind a nearby building and resume his normal clothing. He goes over and just takes a seat next to Reese, popping the top off one beer for her and one for him and extending it. He knows she can't see it, so he nudges her lightly with the bottle - she knows he's here already, he knows that. He's not exactly stealthy and he's still wearing the same cologne he always wore, although he's at least toned the volume down in deference to her senses.

"It really was sudden - the Guardians of the Universe don't take much interest in your desire to write a note or make a phone call when their ancient enemies they exiled to another dimension start breaking through the walls of spacetime and trying to ruin the joint," he says. "Still…I should've found a way to say something. I'm sorry."

Yep. There were times she could smell him from a mile away. There were also times that she couldn't, this time wasn't one of them, for she wasn't sitting near a street vendor who could put out better smells than any resturant could offer. But there were footsteps, and then the slight lift of the bench as he sat, and a smile that causes her head to tilt upright. And then the chill of the beer, which was carefully taken so that she didn't spill it all over him.

But, it was Max who showed enthusiasm, easily knocking over the moloid who'd yet to have a name, to quickly try to put his paws upon Hal's lap to offer him a few licks in happy greeting, even growling a bit for a touch of attention, forget Reese, it's all about mee! Is what it said.

"I know." She finally murmurs out, then takes a sip of the beer. "You've warned me plenty of times." She.. didn't know what else to say, but to shake her head and drink a little bit more, even if it wouldn't get her drink.

Hal Jordan pets the dog, scratching behind his ears and along his spine, finally giving him a few meaty pats on the ribs, "Okay, okay, that's enough, droolbomb, I'm glad to see you, too. Sheesh," he grins.

He takes a sip of the beer himself and shrugs, "Yeah, I did, but doesn't make it fun, especially since I know you were going through plenty of shit of your own at the time, some of which I had intended to help you with before I got…unfortunately sidetracked. Looks like you were takin' care of yourself pretty well, though. I wouldn't wanna be on the receiving end of one of your cracks ot the skull," he syas.

Max, was truly happy in that moment. Tail wagging, getting affection, and once the order was given to move away, he does so happily, trotting all smug like to sit back down to keep the bare feet of Reese warm, as usual.

"I've lived a very, very long life, Hal. Surely it could end at any minute and I'd like to believe that nothing in this universe could stop what's to come. But.. that hit was a lucky shot. I never really had to do that much this day and age." She smiles just a touch, then sets her beer down.

"But.. I'm glad you're back. Really, that's all that matters."

Hal Jordan shrugs, "If you say so. As you said, you're the old person, so I'll just defer to you and your ancient wisdom," he says with a playful tone. "So, been up to very much while I was away? I see you have…" he says, noticing the little man and blinking for a moment, "a few differences. And you're hanging around with bitch mages, so that's new," he says.

"Honestly, there's nothing much new with me. I went to war. I came back. The JL:A is still intact, I've been helping them out with some things since I got back. I had to get a new apartment - my landlord actually shoved all my crap in storage at least. He thought I'd been kidnapped by terrorists. He's a very weird man."

"Ha. Ha." Reese snips out, equally playful in her tone. Though, his question does give her pause, her bottom lip chewed upon as she draws in a breath, then exhales. "Uh.. not much? Went on a few adventures, met a new friend.." The moloid stares up at Hal, obviously jealous of his tall stature. He then turns his head, to take off his little pack to dig inside to find himself a treat.

" know.. the usual. Joined up with some group called Primal Force, learned how to travel in between worlds.. you know, that sort of thing. Visit Barry every now and then…" Really, she was up to a lot, most of that was just shame she was hiding. She could kill people so easily now, especially if they're on the cusp of death.

"So where do you live now? Did you manage to get all of your stuff back?" The beer was picked up again, and soon, she drank it all down. She was really thirsty!

Hal Jordan raises an eyebrow at the litany of things that happened, "Oh yeah, definitely…the usual," he says. "Primal Force? That sounds very…I mean, that's an interesting name. It does not at all resemble a feminine hygiene product in any way," he says.

"I grabbed an apartment in New York. With Superman back, Metropolis doesn't need watching over as much. I thought about going back west, but, eh, the action all seemst o happen out here and it just saves me a lot of commuting. Bad guys like cold oceans and cheesesteak, I guess, more than warm sand and guacamole."

"Hey, I didn't pick the name.." Reese points out. But she couldn't help but to laugh. "You should meet them sometimes. They're pretty nice, if a little bit unusual."

She doesn't say much about what villains like or do, but she does allow the moment of silence to finish off her beer. Her foot begins to wiggle and shake as a form of comfort, her gaze.. even though everything was dark to her.. wanders out towards the city as if she could see. She.. really didn't know what to say, and it was getting a touch awkward.

Hal Jordan sighs and reaches out to pat her gently on the knee, "I hope we can start…spending time together again. I liked that. I missed you. I don't…have a lot of people in my life and the ones that do have a habit of wanting to punch me in the mouth. And those are the people who are on -my- side," he says, thinking specifically of both some of his GL colleagues and Hawkgirl…

"But I won't impose on you either. Like I said, I know the world didn't sit still while I was away…" he says, trailing off a bit. Yeah, a little bit awkward. Shit.

"Oh.. I don't know Hal.." Reese.. really didn't know. Could they pick up where they were last time? It was.. intense to say the least. But she genuinely loved the man, and still held a candle to him despite partially moving on.. and being claimed by a bunch of demons. Oh.. what a mess..

"They just don't get you is all. But.. that's okay." She stiffens a little at the pat to the knee, then lets out her own little sigh. It was getting awkward, tiresome.. just plain.. guh. She takes a moment to actually slip closer to him, her thigh touching his, and soon, her head would lay upon his shoulder as she tries to slip an arm around his back, to at least hold him as she listens to the hustle and bustle of the streets. Hopefully, it all just made it a little bit less awkward..

Hal Jordan gently slides his arm around her and hold her against his chest. He felt the same way as she did, although he wasn't any good at reading her. He was glad that she wanted to be near him, though - that had been a pleasant surprise. Honestly, he wouldn't have been shocked if she'd just told him to go away when he showed up - yeah, he'd given her warning, but, in his experience
Hal Jordan gently slides his arm around her and hold her against his chest. He felt the same way as she did, although he wasn't any good at reading her. He was glad that she wanted to be near him, though - that had been a pleasant surprise. Honestly, he wouldn't have been shocked if she'd just told him to go away when he showed up - yeah, he'd given her warning, but, in his experience, not calling for long periods of time, regardless of excuse, was a surefire trip to turf town.

He tilts his head and, softly, kisses the top of her head, just very gingerly, like he's expecting to get shocked for his troubles.

It almost felt like home really, the way she leans against him.. Even the Moloid begins to relax against Max, finally thinking better of himself to climb upon the bench to lean against Reese's side, not jealous, just protective and relaxed. No matter how everything felt at the moment, what was then.. now.. ecetera, she just felt.. good.

The kiss upon the top of her head wasn't something that she was going to do away with, no. She just glances up towards him with a slight smile, then back down again to press her ear against his chest. "Yeah.. I still love you too, little buddy."

Hal Jordan reaches down and cups her chin gently, tilting her face up, not to look at him, but so he could look at her for a long moment. He doesn't need words at the moment, which is good, because he doesn't really have any. He's good at talking shit and expressing himself in combat or in battles of wits but sincerity? Not really his strong suit.

So he just kisses her. A nice, long, tender and very expressive kiss that tells her everything she needs to know about Hal Jordan and how he feels…

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