I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good

August 14, 2015:

Loki meets with Dr. Eclipse about offering potential help to Master Darque's initiative.



NPCs: Dr. Eclipse


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OOC NOTE: The events of this log are NOT common knowledge! If you think you know anything about this meeting at all, please contact Loki.

It's been a little time after the fight against the zombies…when Loki went all 'Disney' and turned into a dragon to help the allies, but while he was fighting against Dr. Eclipse and Plague, other thoughts were forming. So, alone and seemingly unarmed, he made his way to the area where the 'enemy' claimed to be residing.

Any magic meant to keep the blighters in is ignored as he walks through that barrier and he begins to merely walk deeper into the area. He's fairly certain that someone will find him before too long so he can make his presence known as well as his reason for visiting.

Loki's right. A god treading the grounds of the Deadzone, sends out energy… an energy that is detected nearly as soon as the wards are breached. Not far above Loki, a man with a popped up collar appears "What are you doing here, Trickster God?"

Loki cants his head some to look up at the flying man, "I believe you and I have similar interests. Rather than working at it individually, I thought we could discuss a possible alliance. Or at least, work together towards a common goal and evenly divide the spoils." He looks about, "You seem awfully boxed in here, wouldn't you say?"

Hovering, Doctor Eclipse folds his arms as he regards Loki before beginning to laugh. A low rolling sound, obviously laughing at the God before him. "This is why we love the gods, so arrogant."

If Loki cares to look, he'll see that Eclipse is drawing on an energy source, a dark energy that envelopes his body - Darkforce energy… drawn from the darkforce dimension.

"Perhaps it fits our purpose to let it be thought that we're boxed in." the laughter fades, as the floating figure considers the words "What type of alliance are you proposing and what are you offering?" Eclipse is not wasting any time on small talk.

Loki merely smiles, not allowing himself to be cajoled into rashness. Let people think he's the 'comic relief'. It suits his purposes just fine. "Does it truly fit your purpose to remain here? Is that why you were so easily driven…and held back by that small show of magic not so long ago? I understand that many of your soldiers are shambling undead, but is that truly the reason?" There's a slight smile, "I doubt it."

He takes a few steps in one direction, idly pacing the area. "I have allies I could offer. Allies stronger than your zombies…who won't be taken down as easily. In exchange for a share of the spoils, of course."

Eclipses eyes hood, giving him a sly, bored look as he remains in the air, arms folded. "That would be for us to know, Trickster God." the words spoken quietly "What type of allies would you bring to the fold?" Eyes tracking Loki's motion over the ground, the man with the popped up collar offers nothing of his thoughts on the offer.

"What share will you give me if my contribution swings the battle in our direction?" is countered quickly. Loki isn't going to make his complete offer without knowing what he can get in return. It's not a gift. "I was also seen fighting against you, if you recall. Surely even -you- see the advantage in that."

"You have a reputation, Loki" there's that laughter again "That's hardly an advantage - you're 'allies' are likely expecting just such a betrayal." Eclipse watches the Trickster God. "What share are you asking?" He's not giving anything away.

Loki just rolls his eyes, "You do realize some of those stories -were- just made up?" Everyone thinks they know all about him! "So you are uninterested because I have a 'reputation'? Even though I have come to you, alone, and unarmed, to offer my assistance? Very well, if you want to stay cooped up in this place until they destroy you, it doesn't concern me one bit. I was merely going to offer help in the form of additional…less dead…forces in exchange for a fair share of your conquest."

"And yet, those made up stories, go to reputation." Eclipse is rather amused. Who would be amused when facing down a god? Someone who had a being with god-like powers backing him, in his own demense, that's who.

"I'm going to assume that you've done your research and know that this is the domain of Master Darque." And if Loki hasn't done his research, well… "I will take your suggestion to him. He might be interested in talking further." Given Darque had already stolen Gods powers, Loki might want to be wary of that. "He might be in touch…"

All of a sudden, Eclipse is shrouded a black cloud and he sends a blast of necromantic energy at Loki… it's strong and powerful and yet - Eclipse seems to be holding back, then he just disappears. A warning shot across the bow, so to speak and this discussion is over.

Loki did know the reputation of Master Darque — he had been approached by those actually seeking to warn him about him, so he's not entirely unprepared. The necromantic energy blasts through Loki…or so it seems. It actually blasts a simulacrum as the real Loki is just a dozen or so feet away.

He's not entirely reckless.

"I look forward to your call," is offered before he steps back out of the 'gated' area, no less confident than he was when he first walked in.

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