Protect The Children

August 14, 2015:

A final attempt on a Childrens hospital in M-Town

M-Town - New York


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Things are bad in M-Town. The SRD are still rampant in the streets. The Mutants are still fighting. It's getting worse. They actually have control of parts of M-Town now and are working toward the 'core' areas of resistance to 'pacification'. There have been deaths. A steady stream of internet videos depicting the level of violance have made it onto web media sites and been picked up by the mainstream, sparking headed political debate and an emergency session of the state legislature. As yet, the SRD refuses to relinquish incident command or allow NYPD forces into the hot zone.

Bobby Drake has had much better days. There are simply too many SRD. Even without them wanting to risk bringing their vertibirds in (he forced two to withdraw about ten minutes ago by icing up their control surfaces), there are a lot of them. He ices off another avenue of approach with a wall that'll take possibly hours to breach. "Brin, are the patients and children down in the basement?" He'd responded with Brinley to reports that the SRD were apparently preparing to storm a small childrins hospital. So far he's been able to limit the number of approaches they have and they don't seem to want to get too close… yet… but he knows they're massing and it's only a matter of time before this gets worse.

A puff of smoke appears in the streets and an unshaven Hax appears with AI (the teleport seems to have worked this time with no kinks). Hax is dressed in his brown leather coat, light blue pajama top and bottoms, and a pair of dark blue fuzzy bed slippers. He takes in the surroundings and his face gives a grimace. He's still carrying his walking cane although it has seemed to have been modified with runes carved into the wood (he's still favoring his injured leg).

He's been inactive for the past week or so but he cannot ignore a crisis like this even with his recovery still a ways off. "AI — it is you AI is it?" The floating orange ball focuses on Hax "Yes, creator." In a hushed tone "The parasite mentioned before appears to be contained for the moment. I can function normally without interruption." Hax gives a nod to that. Good one less thing for him to worry about. He looks up at the children hospital. Wonder why it wanted him to come here? There doesn't seem to be much of use to his studies of the tomes. Or maybe the parasite is sending him on a wild goose chase just for kicks.

Nevermind. The situation is bad and Hax needs to help where he can. He begins to hobble towards the entrance of the hospital.

Brins finally removed herself from the rooftop vantage and calmed her nerves after being mobbed by The Purifiers. It's disturbed her greatly and bought up memories of The Incident… something she's working to push down deep and deal with later.

"Yes, They are Bobby." Brins not in the basement, she's standing near the exit on the ground floor. "Any news yet? And what are The National Guard doing?" Bobby should know that she's not exactly confident at the moment. "Oh no… that's Hax…" Hurrying across the foyer, she operates the door. "Hax, come in, quickly."

Colossus is sitting in the foyer, head bowed forward and hands clasped. The giant steel man does not really tire in his mutant form, and certainly doesn't require sleep, so it can only assume that the gleaming ogre is lost in his thoughts. He doesn't even look up when Hax is let in through the front door.

Aquaman is tired of your shit. Well. Actually, he's tired of a lot of people's shit. Orm reignited speicel tensions that Arthur has worked for nearly two decades to contain and quietly bleed off. His actions led to countless hours of his life spent in diplomatic meetings and playing the placating King both above water and below. And then of course there's the damned Elder Many Angled Old One Of Many Hentai Tentacles or whatever the infinite hells it's called, currently causing chaos in his Empire. Which causes more diplomatic broo ha ha. Arthur needs something to punch. Repeatedly. With vigor. He's tired, he's stressed, and so far most of his work has been behind a 'desk' metaphorically speaking, so when he sent word to Mera that he was heading to the surface to clear his head (and ditched his Tide contingent) he did so with the full intent of seeking a fight, a fact that hard to keep from your wife when she can read your mind.

And now he's a bright, shiney, golden figure walking down the street with a big pointy thing in his hand and a scowl on his face. Someone will likely have to get clearance to pick a fight with Aquaman however, he's not some faceless mutant teen, he's a celebrity. That's paperwork.

Mera, of course, upon 'hearing' what Arthur was intending to do, also ditched her honor guard and accompanied her husband to the surface. She is going to MAKE SURE he finds something that really deserves a good punch. And, as they near the surface, the sheer amount of anger, hate, panic, fear… all of it washes over her and she grips her husband's arm. ~ This way. There is something very … unpleasant happening. ~

Something unpleasant indeed. Arthur and Mera have indeed arrived by chance at the very same hospital that Brin, Piotr and Bobby (and now Hax) are preparing to defend, setting off a lot of radio chatter in the SRD ranks. Holy shit, Fish Dude just showed up. Uh, what's his name. Aquaman!

Confirmed, that's Aquaman. We're not going to be able to engage.

It's fine. Got a squad of our allies wandering your way. They'll be there in a minute. Get into that hospital and clean out those damn muties before we get shut down.

"I'm not sure." Bobby calls back to Brinley inside. "Not all of the SRD has stood down yet they're working through." He's not sure of the status of all that but the police and National Guard may be in action. He just doesn't know.

"Hax who are- crap. Look over there." There's no time to explain. As Athur and Mera arrive one of Bobby's ice walls breaks and nine very heavy, very advanced looking cyborgs wander through. They're not SRD, they're reavers. And they're looking for a fight.

They're fairly sure they've found one.

Lasers and minigun rounds lance out toward Arthur and Mera as the SRD's MRAPs start up. They're going on. "Crap. Here they come."

Hax gets into the hospital and settles into to one of the chairs in a slow manner much akin to an old man. He disregards much of the chaos happening outside (the broken ice wall, the minigun laser cyborgs, FREAKING AQUAMAN!). None of that matters at the moment except the safety of the children and faculty in this hospital. To that end Hax reaches into his satchel and pulls out a blank stone and a sharp etching intrument and begins carving a spell. It will certainly take some time to craft this spell. Normally he would code it but Hax wouldn't dare use his code with the parasite mucking about in it. The language itself has changed so even if he did use it, it most likely wouldn't have the desired effect.

"Colossus" Brins voice is tense "More cyborgs …" She expects he will want to go out to meet them. "Be careful please. Bobby, Hax … " she won't tell them to come inside, but the request extends to them, as well - Be Careful - For now, the brunette mutant watches from the doorway - her priority to keep those in the basement safe.

They found one!

Colossus looked up when a hairline fracture appeared in one of the steaming ice walls, and is up on his feet by the time it collapses, the marching cyborgs measured up against with a sharp scowl. A stray bolt of light sparks off his shoulder, the smell of ozone the only lingering result from the direct hit. The big Russian nods to Brinley at the warning and advances to cut off the Reavers. Alone if he must, every foot fall heavy. For such a big fellow, he can build up some steam once he gets moving.

Aquaman is not feeling great about this, less so when Mera arrives and begins to guide him. He's more understanding then any of his other friends when it comes to bringing his love into combat, but there's still that small twing everytime she shows up when he fully intended to break something. One day someone might hurt her after all… I mean, they'll only do it once. Ever. But still! Man Problems.

He shakes off the thought as he arrives, just in time to stare at an ice wall and a gathering of militerized police units. He frowns, unhappy about this. "This won't do." he says aloud as he walks forward, "They're all…" his words trail off as the clearly enhanced Reavers begin to make their way through the gap in the wall, "Nevermind." he says, his scowl setteling in deeply on his face, "They'll do." but his words are instantly drowned out by the thunder of miniguns and metalic 'pings' that starts to peel off of his Orricalcum armor. The trident comes around in a whirl and he twists it through complex weaving patterns, the sort that have him literally batting large calibre rounds out of the air in a brillant display of showering sparks. His forward momentum has come to a stop though, as the defensive posture takes the majority of his concentration. Blood trickles down from a deep gash on his cheek just under his eye, and another along his thigh where he was just a little to slow to stop a round from the heavy gun slipping through. He bares his teeth in a silent growl and redoubles his efforts. «Use the metal man as cover and see if you can find water enough to feed Iceman!» he mentally sends to Mera, «He'll need the moisture. We'll,» meaning he and Colossus, «will handle the cyborgs.»

The reavers are almost Sci-fi tropes. Brushed steel or something that looks like it, probably denser judging by the imprints they leave in the pavement. Weapon limbs with lots of… ordinance. A couple of them seem to have buzz saws. They fan out as Piotr and Arthur approach, pouring fire on both of them even though it doesn't seem to do any good. Oversized fists clench and buzz saws start rotating as the range closes and one of them, maybe two, let off a salvo of micro rockets.

Hax can hear, and Brin and Bobby can see the SRD troop carriers scream forward. The first one gets about twenty feet before Bobby flips it, rapidly growing a slope of ice under the left side and tipping it over. But they're still coming. And behind them twenty or thirty or so SRD on foot with assault rifles, firing. Bullets force Bobby back into cover behind the doorway and Brin can see he's bleeding from his right arm. "Ow. Okay, this is gonna get ugly and close. Hax, whoever you are I hope you're ready to do something."

Mera nods to Aquaman and quickly steps so the metal man is between her and those giant metallic nuisances. She looks around quickly, then focuses on a smallish red object a ways down the sidewalk. Reaching toward it with one hand, she makes an upward yanking motion and the red fire hydrant is literally blasted off of its bolts by the pressure of the water underneath. She then uses the water pressure to turn the hydrant into a cast iron projectile aimed at the minigun. She is very much aware of the small injures Arthur is already sporting. «Consider it done, my love.»

Baring her teeth as one stray round makes it past Colossus and leaves a thin stripe of red on one arm, she pulls some of the water now geysering nearby and forms it into a solid barrier between those firing on her and herself (and the hospital doorway).

The reavers are almost Sci-fi tropes. Brushed steel or something that looks like it, probably denser judging by the imprints they leave in the pavement. Weapon limbs with lots of… ordinance. A couple of them seem to have buzz saws. They fan out as Piotr and Arthur approach, pouring fire on both of them even though it doesn't seem to do any good. Oversized fists clench and buzz saws start rotating as the range closes and one of them, maybe two, let off a salvo of micro rockets.

Hax can hear, and Brin and Bobby can see the SRD troop carriers scream forward. The first one gets about twenty feet before Bobby flips it, rapidly growing a slope of ice under the left side and tipping it over. But they're still coming. And behind them twenty or thirty or so SRD on foot with assault rifles, firing. Bullets force Bobby back into cover behind the doorway and Brin can see he's bleeding from his right arm. "Ow. Okay, this is gonna get ugly and close. Hax, whoever you are I hope you're ready to do something."

Bullets rip toward Mera… only to hit water. Bullets and water don't do well. None of of them make it to the other side. Which means Mera is free to… deal with problems. And Bobby might use some of that water…

The words drift by Hax as his focus must not be broken while carving. But a moment later the stone is prepped and Hax leans on his cane and pulls him self out of the chair. Nodding to Bobby Hax walks forward and makes it to the front of the hospital. Leaning on the side of the door frame Hax raises his wooden cane and one of the runes lights up in response to Hax's will activating it. A pearlescent shield appears in front of Bobby and Brin which should deflect mundane munitions and strong gravitational forces. After which Hax throws his newly carved stone at the SRD which lands and then sparks a purplish vortex that begins to draw in nearby organic material.

Hax has a shield going, Brins not needed for that yet and Bobby's bleeding - again. Reaching into her messenger bag and pulls out a bandage. If he argues, she's going to gibbs slap him. Working quickly, she binds the wound to stop the bleeding as best as she can.

Aquaman's eyes narrow as he concentrates on the bullets he can literally see hurteling his direction, attempting to keep them from getting past him and perhaps hitting the things behind him. And then he feels his wife's pain, minor though it is. And he can smell blood. Atlantean's have insanely accute senses, they have to, living under the ocean is a thing and stuff there tries to eat you all the time. Pain. Blood. Arthur's eyes widen and then narrow into slits, "AARRGGH!" he roars as the trident stops it's glinting spin in a single swing of his arm and becomes a missle of it's own, a golden flicker of light aimed for the midsection of the nearest Reaver. He's in the air following it a lunge, leaping after his trademark weapon. His hand flashes out, snatching a micro rocket from mid air and using it's momentum to swing himself around in a tight circle as he side-arm slings it back at the Reaver that fired it, fully accepting the trio of rocket impacts he takes to the torso in exchange for the mood, the smoke and fire of the explosion obscuring him from vision in an instant.

Mera is more than used to seeing through water, so it's not any kind of impediment to her seeing the Surfacers approaching after the mechanical things. Blinking momentarily as she feels a wave of dizziness, she sends a wave of water past Arthur and Colossus and the things they're fighting. It looks innocent enough, just a few inches of water… well, until the ground suddenly becomes a field of foot-tall spikes composed of solidified water directly under the SRD troops and their vehicles. Oddly, though, they disappear again after just a moment or two as Mera presses her hand over the honestly tiny wound on her arm and stumbles back and collapses just outside the hospital doors. She's still alert enough to keep her water-shield in place, but that's it.

The Reavers suddenly find themselves rather outmatched. They're elite, augmented. Very good. But Arthur and Piotr are //ripping into them. Certainly, they won't be headed into the hospital any time soon. Another MRAP flips over. And then the third. Well that takes care of them. The troops advance… right until the vortex starts. And then they start flying, screaming into the center and just… vanishing. They has a lot more spreading out and shooting happening but nothing's getting through the shields.

"Thanks Brin." Bobby mumurs as she bandages him. "When you're done, do you have your comm or phone? Is there anything on the police or National Guard?" They're still out there, about a couple dozen still from the MRAPs and what's left of the storming group. And Arthur and Piotr are still fighting.


Hax boldy walks forward towards his stone while holding his left hand forward. A stone in his left hand is generating a constant shield around Hax which is deflecting any stray gunfire. Upon reaching the stone Hax waves a hand and negates the magic running through it and picks up the stone which has a rune pulsing with purple light. The cage won't hold for long. "Hey purifier-dicks" Hax gestures to AI who carries the stone skyward and drops it from a great height "In 30 seconds your comrades are going to fall to their death. Get busy."

With that last sentence Hax hobbles back towards the hospital to check on the civilians inside all the while keeping his shield up.

Of course Brin has her communicator… listening in as she finishes bandaging Bobby "They're on their way in. They know we need help." Glancing out to the mayhem that Hax, Piotr, Arthur and Mera have created, she shakes her head. "I just want this to be over, Bobby."

The smoke bulges in the center and Arthur hurtles out of it like he was fired from a catapult, bringing both of his fists down onto the shulder of a Reaver, simply shattering the entire mechanics of cyborg's joint with a sound like someone stomping on an empty soda can, forcing the 'man' to list to one side heavily. He grips one of the cyborg's ankles in his hand and rips the leg free with a grunt before a palm strike to it's chest sends it flying backward in a tumble of streaming smoke and sparks. The leg then swings out wide, smashing another cyborg in the face with bone crushing power while the momentum of the swing spins him around close enough that he can grip the end of his trident, currently stuck deep into the guts of a third Reaver. He rips it free in a colorful spewing of wires, much to the cyborg's shock, and the blade slice through the air with a whistle and the rocket pod the Reaver had shoulder mounted is ripped free, this time in a spurt of blood and tissue. Aquaman doesn't seem to care greatly, a snapping front kick sends the cyborg that recently was pummeled with it's friend's disembodied leg, airborne towards an SRD APC just on the other side of the remains of the ice wall.

It may be a good thing they're /right/ next to a hospital. Hurting the Queen of Atlantis is not a recipe for short term pain free recovery.

The leg is tossed in a spinning arc close to the ground, aimed to take SRD soldiers out at the ankles as the trident snaps out in a quick jabbing motion that reminds everyone exactly how much greater Aquaman's reach is with the weapon in hand. Spearing through the armored front end of another APC, and apparently it's engine block from the sudden muffled explosion and rolling black smoke, the trident wedges deep in the vehicle. With a growl of anger and a sudden ripple of muscle, Arthur lifts the APC up off of the ground as if it were a giant brussle sprout on the end of a fork, and pauses with held up in the air before rotating it and bringing it smashing down on it's roof in a crash of steel, armored glass, and concrete, shattering troop carrier and parkinglot alike. "ENOUGH!!" he bellows, the cry followed by the sight of him ripping his trident free of the ruined SRD truck's engine with a single hand while bits of smoke still drift from his mostly (rockets hurt you know) armored torso, tiny flickering flames puffing away on one shoulder.

Arthur's bellow has the whole area descending into shocked silence. The SRD hates mutants but the King of Atlantis can bring to bear a level of violence most don't expect, let alone are prepared to deal with. The whole area is dead silent for ten seconds…

And then an Apache screams over the street. Followed by three more. "This is the New York National Guard. SRD, lay down your weapons or we will open fire." Well, they're late, but the National Guard and NYPD are moving in all over the area, disarming the SRD to the cheers M-Town residents who are, indeed, also being told to lay down arms and return to their homes. There'll be a lot of hard questions to answer soon. But as APC's full of Guardmen and Squad Cars of police fan out… it does seem to be finally over.

Bobby slumps against the hospital wall and breathes out a sigh of relief. "Good job, everyone." He murmurs.

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