Anarchy Unlimited

August 14, 2015:

The riots in M-Town reach critical point. A large contingent of X-Men deploy to stop a rogue SRD Platoon from slaughtering an arena full of mutants. Purifiers attack. The Suicide Squad joins in on a mission. It all ends with the arrival of the National Guard. 'Nuff said

New York City

District X (Mutant Town)


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District X (Mutant Town), Late Thursday Evening

The riots in Mutant Town had intensified into a situation full of anarchy and mayhem as the streets were filled with violence, looting and oppression of civil rights.

Fires were burning across the skyline and several larger buildings had been fully set ablaze, the New York Fire Department unable to make their way in with the conflicts raging around.

If something wasn't done, those fires would continue to spread and potentially engulf the entire district.

Less than an hour ago, one of the most explosive actions in the situation had occurred. SRD Troopers had taken the law further into their own hands and lined up a group of violent protestors who had been captured and executed them 'for treason'.

The SRD was currently moving in on a large building, a small arena where many of the scared and frightened people had fled from their homes with obvious intentions to move in on them.

A small convoy of armored vehicles was moving down the street with SRD troopers on foot; making full use of their advanced gear. Broken bodies and corpses had been left in their wake.

For the X-Men, it had no doubt been a busy few days.

Zen has been in the area for sometime, blinking himself in and out of situations he thinks he can defuse without too much violence. We find him now perched on the wall of a building, sitting on his heels with his feet flat against the wall behind him. He watches as the SRD convoy rolls by below him and he shakes his head. The mouthless blue alien frowns, in his own way, the corners of his eyes pulling down. He clicks his NJS communicator just in case any of the other New Justice folks are in the neighborhood, and then backflips up to the roof behind him, running along to keep pace with the convoy, and keep an eye out for anyone else on the scene.

Nate has not slept in the last two days. He was one of the first X-Men to get into Mutant Town, and fortunately Cyclops' instruction got to him right away. Otherwise he would be the next Grey wanted by the law. Maybe he is going to be anyway, since he has already resorted to violence a few times to stop the SRD agents from beating up mutants. Some of those men are Purifiers, he saw it in their minds.

When the news of the SRD murderous advance get to him, he was working in an improvised hospital, giving first aid to injured that can't reach one of the hospitals of Manhattan. Mostly, they are people that are too stubborn to leave and not hurt enough to be evacuated.

Upon hearing what is going on, he contacts telepathically with all the X-Men in the area, and flies to intercept the convoy.

Lunair tends to avoid SRD heavy areas. But it's been difficult lately. Her activities in M-Town are usually peaceful, running groceries and keeping an eye out on some of the neighborhood mutants. She really does care.

Except that has changed now. It's been difficult to even get in, and now she's hearing about SRD and innocent mutants being murdered. This is upsetting. She arrives in power armor, a black visor concealing her face and different from her usual designs. Can't be too predictable. While it'd be tempted to just clear the SR out… She refrains, for now. And on getting the message, flies to intercept things with nate as well.

X-Red have been in M-Town providing relief and support to the inhabitants. Brins been spending time between X-Red HQ and Bobby's apartment - and is just heading out into the street again when Nates message is received. She'll head that direction … she might not fight, but she can certainly help evacuate the innocents…

Hearing of the SRD's oversteps, Emma Frost's first instinct was simply to pick up the phone and make some calls to the truly powerful in this city, state, and nation, and demand they bring their frothing-mouthed rabid curs to heel. And she still might. But when Nathan's mind telepathically connects with hers, she decides on a different course of action.

~// I am coming, Nathan. I should warn you … I have no intention of those men ever being able to feed themselves without medical assistance, ever again. //~ Emma responds, telepathically.

Emma slips into the rough and ready dark clothing she has been keeping on-hand - in a servant's closet - for going out on surveillance runs, and then she pulls on the tuque. She HATES this. But she refuses to be identified. Too much is at stake. Emma emerges at a sublevel, and makes her way towards the heart of the matter. No one will ever connect her actions with Emma Grace Frost, CEO of Frost International. But she's about to put a serious hurt on these fools. Permanently.

Unshowered, unshaven, and worn down, Cyclops has been steadily helping the NYFD to make headway into the riot zone. Obstructions cleared out with his optic blasts, stern orders given to motivate civilians in helping to clear the way.

In addition, he's been coordinating with the other X-Men team leaders, giving orders and instructions as requests for guidance and new reports come in. This latest report that comes from Nate Grey startles him.

"All available X-Men, close in on Scion's location." The order goes out over the X-Comms, and moments later, he is parting ways with the NYFD and headed for his surreptitiously parked sports car. The engine is fired, then, the modifications courtesy of Mike Drakos are activated.

Moments later, the bright red muscle car takes to the air, and zooms along the rooftops on a direct intercept course with the SRD convoy.


"What about collateral damage?" Samantha Vendez (Pyra), a former police officer asked the man in charge of the mission, "There's lots of civilians in the area."

"Not civilians. Mutants." James Price (Purifier) spat on the ground after saying it, "They barely even count as animals. Drop a nuke on the whole damn district if you ask me." The large man began texting on a phone, sending a message out to his allies in M-Town. It was party time.

"Nobody asked you Price." Spike Mcgee (Spike) glared towards James as he challenged him, electrical gauntlets sparking together in a threatening manner.

"Orders are clear. We take down the targets and all known associates in the area. No survivors. No witnesses. We finish this mission and you're all done. We fail it? You're worse than done. Now let's get moving." Captain Stone gave the group a withering stare before stepping onto the chopper and shouldering his rifle.

The other six members of his team followed behind, one of them a rather quiet cyborg who was hoping for revenge after his last time in M-Town.

District X, Crowded Arena

There are several hundred people in the arena when Brinley arrives, most of them unsure what to do in the current situation. They know the SRD are coming and they are not sure how to get out. The streets on the other side of the arena are on fire, water is on another side and then there is the approaching SRD.

At least a dozen people in the arena are armed and the greatest feeling Brinley senses is fear and desperation.

District X, Streets

The SRD Convoy consists of five armored personnel carriers and a half dozen larger SUVs utilized by the now 'renegade' division. At least two dozen soldiers are moving in on foot, occasionally firing tear gas or other riot dispersal stuff into buildings for the hell of it.

Those on foot aren't noticed, giving them a clear view of what is happening.

Scott's big red sports car flying through the sky stands out like a sore thumb.

"What the hell is that thing Sir?" A rookie trooper asked his commander, "I don't know, but shoot it down and be quick about it."

The 50 caliber machine guns on the APCs aimed skywards and began to send a hellstorm of bullets towards Scott's vehicle.

Stepping out from the alley in front of the SRD convoy was a lone figure with a cloak worn and a hood over her head, ~Nate, you ready?~ It was the telepathic voice of Rachel.

A telekinetic barrier intercepts some of the bullets from the APCs nearest her as Rachel's body is wreathed in golden-blue ethereal fire and she says to the SRD Troopers closest to her, "I don't suppose you'll stand down if I ask nicely?"

Zen makes an enormous leap to clear a low building and land on the roof of one of the APC's. He edits himself out of the soldier's perception during the drop so he's not so great a target, but he'll have to keep on the move after this. He instructs his gravity boots to bring him down hard onto the APC, and swings his photon staff in a vicious arc to damage the vehicle's machine gun. «If you're against the SRD,» Zen says in his strange mental voice to all in range. «I'm with you.» His voice comes through different for everyone, speaking in the language each is most familiar, though still in a baritone.

Kurt pushes back the hood on his sweatshirt, wiping a bit of sweat from his brow. Behind him, on a roof, is a not-insignificant pile of lethal weapons. rifles, machine guns, explosives, pistols, shotguns - armaments legal and illegal. They're taken from the SRD and the civilians alike - Kurt shows no favoritism in his disarmament. Killing is killing, insofar as he's concerned and the more instruments of murder he removes, the better.

The SRD, however, do tend to get something extra - a bit of a whupping. He appears rapidly, in a puff of sulfur and smoke, feet lashing out, kicking out teeth, dishing out concussions. He's not gentle, much as those who might see him as a pacifist might otherwise expect. Kurt has no fear of dishing out violence - only death. But nobody dies from a broken kneecap and, while he could kill with a broken nose, he's skilled enough that it usually isn't an issue.

He is breaking protocol by not acting alongside the others. At the moment, Nightcrawler feels alienated, alone, and more than a bit outcast among his fellows - even Jean has grown angry with him or, at the least, they haven't made their peace as of yet. If he sees his fellow X-men, he will nod, acknowledging them…but he does not linger.

Nate has no response for Emma. It has taken all his self-control not to maim or seriously injure any of the SRD soldiers and he might have slipped once or twice. He is fine with the idea Emma will crippling some of these guys in creative ways.

The young man lands in front of the first of the SRD armored vehicles, hitting the front with his hand and exerting enough telekinetic strength it can't move forward. "Enough! You are not agents of law, you are just killers. All your actions have been recorded and you will answer for them, surrender now or we will destroy you!" He speaks, but also projects telepathically to make sure all the SRD soldiers hear him.

Lunair is generally heroic. She's murderous, but she keeps that quiet. Lunair still kind of furrows her eyebrows at the telepathy. It feels intrusive and uncertain. She really doesn't like this whole SRD business. Why are they doing this? Between the metahuman detecting drones, and everything, it's enough to make her want to level a freaking base of purifiers. She tamps down the urge to fill a car with explosives and end a bunch of the wayward lawmen but there's something just as effective.

She's arriving near Nate, looking like a slightly more sci fi Totally-Not-Iron Man-because she doesn't have a goatee or an arc reactor-power armor. She keeps in flight, thinking for a second. And then it hits her. The Princess Ray. Prepare for the world's most well armed Princesses as she starts zapping at people. The formerly armored men will likely want cake and now have cute, Disney Princess-esque costumes.

Brin should be recognisable to those in the arena by her X-Red uniform. «I'm in the Arena, Scion. Will evacuate those that are here. » She's not a fighter, but she can protect people.

Assessing the situation, the brunette mutant approaches the group of armed mutants, she speaks quietly "There will be tunnels that lead out of this arena, we'll need cover as we get these people out." She totally expects them to provide that …

It takes a few moments to find one of the exits she /knows/ must exist and with careful words starts to usher the crowd through them… please, oh please… don't panic…

For her part, Emma emerges at street level beside the convoy. She'd prefer the opportunity to go diamond form and drop on the engine block of one of those APCs, but a woman has to do what a woman has to do. And right now? Emma Frost is going to be putting a serious crimp in their efforts to commit murder. Starting with the pilots of that helicopter, as her thoughts reach out. She is capable of tremendous subtlety. But she's not bothering right now, just seizing hold firmly, unrelentingly.

~// That will be enough of that. Now, just drop that bird right down in the street, thanks. No, no, no weapons pods for you. Just land that damned piece of scrap and block the road. //~

Fortunately, Metal had also reinforced the car with heavy armor, but the 50 calibre rounds still pack a punch. Cyclops wrestles with the controls, keeping the flying car on course as it dives toward the crowded arena.

Between Rachel and the approaching convoy, a red beam of pure energy cuts across the landscape, ripping up asphalt and creating a rather sizable trench, through which the convoy's vehicles will not be able to pass. A water main breaks, spraying the area from one spot within the trench, and power flickers out in a couple of buildings when an underground line is cut. The optic beam, if traced, is coming from the red sports car. Specifically, from the masked face of its driver.

Debris falls all around as the car turns sideways and 'skids' through the air, coming to a halt not far from Red Phoenix.

Once the car is hovering, Cyclops stands up in the seat, rising above the windshield of the open air cabin. A glance is given to Rachel, then to the blue alien, and from the corner of his eye, a telltale cloud of sulfur is noticed. Good.

Finally, Cyclops turns to face the approaching SRD, his black and red uniform proudly wearing the X-insignia. He has no verbal warning to give; the viral internet post has surely reached their ears.

"Stand down the moment they stand down," goes over the X-Comms. "Otherwise, give them hell, and avoid lethal shots at all costs."

For a moment, he takes stock of those around him and their actions, before firing a pair of narrow optic blasts into the front two tires of one convoy truck.

District X, Streets

The SRD Support Chopper is forced to land in the middle of the streets thanks to Emma's telepathic efforts, blocking the way to the arena for now. Zen and Nate's efforts manage to stop the first of the APCs but the nearest SRD Troopers open fire on the pair and Emma with reckless abandon. They were not taking prisoners today.

A handful of the attacking officers suddenly find themselves poofed into Disney princesses but there were many many more SRD troopers and plenty of time to spare.

The gunner of the APC Zen had disarmed draws a pistol and opens fire at the intergalactic ninja at point blank range, leaving little time to avoid it.

Unfortunately for Nate, none of the men seem to be standing down and the Rapid Response team that was inside of the APC he had stopped deployed with full intent of taking the man down.

One of the trucks still moving blows off of the ground as a pair of optic blasts hit it, sending it careening into a hydo-pole which falls into the streets.

Electricity arcs on the ground near the broken water main, creating a dangerous section on the battlefield.

LOUD Heavy Metal music can be heard playing and from all sides of the streets, pickup trucks and men and women on foot start to swarm into the area.

They were Purifiers. They were here for the X-Men.

The sound of the lyrics, "GOD HATES US ALL!" Could be heard playing from one stereo.

Crowded Arena

At the insistence of Brinley, many of the people begin to evacuate but a stubborn group of men and women refuse to. They intended to fight.

A pair of SRD Officers, regular patrolmen come into the building, pistols pointed ahead and yell, "Weapons down! Everyone on the floor now, you're all under arrest for breaking curfew!"

Suicide Squad Blackhawk

The pilot of the chopper kept his altitude level and gave a thumbs up to his co-pilot, "We've been given the go ahead for Operation: Smooth Operator. Heading in to District X now."

The co-pilot kept his eyes on the read-outs of his HUD before announcing, "Weapons systems are green. All good on my end."

Captain Stone took a deep breath and looked at the squad with him, they would avenge the murder of Sarge. They may have been the Suicide Squad, but they were a team.

Zen lets out a telepathic grunt as the bullet tears a small hole where a human's kidney would be. Bullet in, bullet out, and it looks like it pains him, but not as much as it should. Then he bears down on his concentration, making sure to become a blue flicker from just about everyone's point of view. He flicks his photon staff to stun with a tiny movement, and then becomes a dervish in the melee. It's a little like watching a smurf at a rave with the lights on strobe. Only this one leaves knocked out soldiers in his wake.

Kurt Wagner grits his teeth. The SRD were one thing - twisted, yes, and brken and up to no good, no doubt. He had little sympathy for them, even if he knew some were likely young men and women who had just been confused or twisted into thinking they were doing the right thing. The Purifiers, on the other hand…yes, some of them, too, were twisted but, even worse, they used God to justify their hatred. They are the opposite of everything Kurt holds sacred.

They really f***ing piss him off.

He appears before them in a puff of smoke and, with a flourish, he draws his saber from the sheathe across his back, extending it forward as he faces off against them, "Purifiers, you have sullied the holy name of my Lord with the hatred spewing from your lips. I do not believe in holy war - but if such a thing were possible, it would be against you. I say to you, all of you - en garde…and may God have mercy on you in your hospital beds…" he says.

And then he's moving, a blur of flickering teleportation, his blade lashing out. He's rougher with them - severing fingers, cutting hamstrings and, yes, still disarming, escaping with their weapons back into his pile up above, leaving some of the hate-filled mob helpless before the very people they intended to victimize.

Nate grunts when the bullets hit him, but he is quite resistant to damage with his telekinesis used to reinforce his body. Instead of falling, he crouches, sinks his fingers in the APC armor and flips it over.

Then he switches to full telekinesis, back-flipping the heavy vehicles, making their turrets useless. Looking around, it seems to him that between Kurt, Lunair and the mute alien, the SRD soldiers outside are under control. "It wasn't that hard," he notes, flying up a few yard.

Then he sees the Purifier trucks converging on them. «Oooh… a Purifier ambush» he projects to the other X-Men. «Christmas came earlier this year.» His left eye flares, and a forceblast hits the first Purifier truck, sending it flying back into the others. No one told him not to use lethal force against Purifiers.

Well, that's not doing the job. Time for a few lacey looking bombs and the dubstep gun. She is staying in the air. She does wince as things ping off of her. Owch. Well, not owch. More argh. And then there's - metal music? And Purifiers. Telepaths might pick up a surge of hatred and the mental image of a railgun. It would be so nice just to pull that 50 calibre and - She tries not to dwell on it. She really, really wants to pull out lethal force. Her fingers even twitch a little.

No time to dwell. There's Burlesque bombs (complete with fancy nipple tassels), and a dubstep gun in play. She'll round up the SRDs and keep that crowd under control so Nate and people can do their thing. But she's having a hard time resisting the urge to straight up murder the Purifiers.

Brins still shepherding people from the arena, trying to cajole the last group to leave - now - with little success.

As the SRD round the corner, one of the men she's trying to evacuate snarls in their direction "Break this… " and raises his weapon to the /not so politely worded/ request.

"Don't!" Brin cries out and with a little concentration, a glowing green and gold wall appears between the SRD and her group - both sides can shoot but to no avail. "Move out, now." She's quiet, but there's steel in her tone… and if they don't start moving, she'll drag her wall towards them and use it to get them to move.

Given Emma wasn't presenting a visible threat, she had no reason to be expecting to be fired upon. Only the fact that Emma catches wind of their intent gives her enough time to knock the pilots unconscious inside the chopper before leaping to the side … and transforming into her diamond form, as the shots rain in, and bounce off. Damn, damn damn damn. Now she's mad.

Moments later, Emma emerges from the wreckage and starts marching towards the men firing on her. "You can lay down your weapons and surrender. Or we can see what your hearts look like on the outside of your chests. I'm not playing anymore." she snarls at them. She has had enough.

Those optic blasts were designed to only blow out tires. The resulting carnage couldn't have been Cyclops' doing; those drivers are too reckless. "Damn."

The electricity has to be dealt with. A button is pressed on the flying car, and Cyclops leaps out of it while it flies away on autopilot, to preserve itself for a future evac. The leader of the X-Men rolls on the ground, then comes alongside Rachel. "Cover me."

For a precious moment, he scans the area, trusting Rachel to protect him. He traces the electrical lines to a transformer, then fires an optic blast that bounces off a reflective sign post and into the transformer's connections. A shower of sparks explode, and the street lights on this block go dead, but the downed line becomes harmless as well.

"Cypher, now!"

Three seconds later, every electronic device in District X capable of video playback comes to life. An animated version of Cyclops, with an oversized head, appears, doing a Max Headroom impression. "Re-Re-Re-Residents of M-Town! Evacuate the streets. Go to your basement- basement- basements! This is the Scooooooter Scanner, calling! Save yourselves! Stop the rioting, rioting, rioting, and let the heroes protect you all of you you you." The message repeats, without end.

Psylocke's methods are, perhaps, less ostentatious than everyone else on the field- with the *bamfs* and the Princess Ray, and the overt shows of force that are turning things into a pitched battle. While the purple-haired kunoichi is perfectly capable of mixing it up Bedrock style when the occasion calls for it, she's infinitely more effective when she's going around functionally invisible. Her methods are utterly asymmetrical- low risk, high reward, and done with the breathtaking ease with which she seemingly approaches life in general. She doesn't hit the Danger Room every day just to look good in tights, after all.

A command to go one block north is 'mangled' to two blocks south. The exit door latch to an APC is twisted just enough to lock all the troops inside the bay. Dozens of weapons are rendered completely useless with a minute amount of force that snaps critical springs in place. Normally the work would have been challenging, but lessons with Jean have paid off. And hundreds of times more, she makes little 'nudges' here and there. An SRD platoon feeling a rash of guilt that slows their deployment by twenty minutes. A sudden wave of terror sending a pair of Purifiers scurrying to the hills. And simply a shadowy mass of confusion that leaves so many more often forgetting about their orders and having to radio someone else for instruction, sometimes multiple times.

~Linking in,~ comes the familiar refrain, as Betsy starts locating individual familiar faces and offering them to tie into her signature telepathic conversation field. Anyone who joins would suddenly gain Betsy's unparalleled tactical awareness, an overview of every team member's location, actions, and even immediate thoughts and perceptions- all handily filtered.

The individual acts of sabotage are small, but they're endless, and she moves like a speedy shadow even in the middle of the carnage. And in heels as well; incognito can be better than invisible. In some places, she just walks out of an alley a block away from an APC, holding a pair of frightened children by the hand and leaving a few SRD troopers violently nauseated from vertigo.

Crowded Arena (Not so crowded now)

The evacuation is proceeding, even the armed men and women aren't going to argue with a well known X-Red like Brinley given the current situation.

The SRD However open fire on her shield, one man crying out, "Resisting arrest! Take her down before she messes with our minds!"

Suicide Squad Blackhawk

"Roger that Bravo. Targets locked, weapons free. Fire!" The pilot of the chopper with the suicide squad onboard replied to his accompanying chopper.

The pair of choppers opened fire with a salvo of missiles that would level a city block normally, they were counting on the X-Men preventing some of that; especially since they were aiming in on the epicenters of mutant activity in the raging battle below.

Powers could become predictable.

Streets of M-Town

Wounded Purifiers are left everywhere in the wake of Kurt Wagner; a true avenging angel despite appearing to be shrouded in darkness. There was no denying, he was doing the Lord's work here on this evening.

Zen similarly is making short work of the SRD soldiers who are doing whatever they can to get him, including deploying sonic cannons at him and many of the others present.

Even as the SRD resumes their attack on Nate despite many of their number being tasselled and other hilarious things thanks to Lunair; the Purifiers press their assault.

A trio of their trucks slam into each other thanks to Nate's telepathy and some of the music stops playing, but there is plenty more of it going amidst the din of gunfire and violence.

The man don't seem to care that Emma is threatening them, the squad leader cries out, "TAKE IT DOWN!!!!" They don't relent in their overwhelming firepower, doing everything they can to take this diamond clad woman down. They were terrified. They were going to be replaced by mutants if they didn't do something.

Rachel covers Scott as he deals with the surging electricity and the lights in the street all go out, leaving the area clad in darkness as the sun sets in the distance. Only gunfire and vehicle headlights illuminates the streets.

Betsy arrives just in time as all hell breaks loose.

Thanks to the Scooter Scanner, people everywhere had got to basements and were going to escape what was to come.

From the sky, death rains down in the form of bombs and missiles fired by the pair of high altitude Blackhawks. There were a number of telepaths present, all with strong telekinetic powers; all of them working on keeping themselves and others safe.

The attack had been planned well.

Explosions tear apart buildings on the street everyone is engaged in combat on and chunks of asphalt and concrete are sent flying into the air as the full fury of a military alpha strike is revealed; only this hadn't come from the military.

No matter how strong you were, your shields were straining.

The focus of protection had also been on projectiles; the biggest threat in the area presently, not particulates of air.

A thick noxious gas covers the street and several adjoining blocks and anyone with the X-Gene feels their powers rapidly fading. It would only be a matter of moments before the full effects of the weaponized Smooth gas was felt; rendering the group to fight as normal humans would.

As Rachel's shield began to collapse she choked a little, feeling her powers weaken as her mind was filled with an almost false sense of euphoria, "What the hell is going on?"

She leaps to push her father out of the way of a piece of falling debris, taking cover.

Explosions continued to rain down on the area for several more moments.

Despite the chaos, the Purifiers and SRD did not relent. They continued the attack, those of them that had survived anyways. The sound of a helicopter setting down could be heard.

Zen works hard to make himself useful in this situation, even with a gunshot wound in his side slowly oozing blue-green blood. His spinning quarterstaff connects with heads left and right, everywhere he goes, laying waste to the grunts on the ground. The sonic cannons certainly push at his body when they manage to tag him, but this is situation where not having ears is finally a benefit.

Telepaths present may find it interesting that he isn't /actually/ flickering to and fro, but it's a telepathic trick his mind plays on the enemy all around. When he is linked nominally into Psylocke's network, he lets himself become a tool of that hive mind, suddenly finding higher value targets and dashing around to eliminate them before they can retaliate or take pot shots at his erstwhile companions here.

The blast from the mega onslaught however is definitely not something Zen can just wink out of, or shrug off. The shockwave picks him up and slams him against the side of an APC, leaving him open for several soldiers to pile onto him. They are thrown off in short order, each following an arcing path to the pavement, but the alien looks stunned. «Wha- I'm losing the connection. Where are you guys?» The gas doesn't seem to be effecting him at all.

Nate is in the air, firing blasts of telekinetic force at the Purifiers, when the airships begin firing missiles against the area. They are going to kill a lot of Purifiers, so for a second he is not even sure if they are enemies. He flies lower to shield the others with forcefields, though.

There is a good deal of destruction, and dust and smoke, so Nate doesn't realize the presence of Smooth at first. Then he feels a stab in his head. The damn technovirus reminding him he can't use his powers so much willy-nilly. Or so he assumes at first. The power loss comes right away, though, and he is forced to crashland on a rooftop. «Power problems, folks. I need a minute.» He manages to project before flicking out of the mental connections.

Kurt does what he always does when threatened by helicopters - he ports. One BAMF, two BAMF, three BAMF - until he finds himself up in the cockpit of one of the choppers, thankfully out of the range of the Smooth gas, although it's hard to feel particularly re-assured when you're in a hostile vehicle several thousand feet off the ground.

"Mein freunds, we really have to stop meeting like this, people will talk," he says, and then he's doing what he does, feet and fists flying, his sword sheathed again as he doesn't have enough room to properly swash a buckle in these tight quarters. He doesn't want to crash the thing anywhere populated, but, given the amount of havoc it's creating, he'll take that over leaving it as it is.

Brin holds the shield, glaring at the SRD as they make their claim "You've no jurisdiction here - I hope you've got good lawyers." She's taunting them, keeping their attention on her, giving the others time to get away.

She's no intention of letting them catch her though… «Scion?» She's not aware of what's happening elsewhere «Nearly evacuated here….»

Backing towards the exit herself, Brin will be the last of the group into the tunnels.

Poor Nate. Lunair is worried. She's fond of her friend and everything. While she's learned from having some sort of superflu dumped on her by some colossal douchtanic that collided with a doucheberg (seriously) in M-Town, she's distracted and now a giant freaking target. "Oh hell." And the firepower on her is amplifying. She's knocked out of the air, the wind knocked out of her sails. Pain echoes throughout her body, probably busting a few ribs. She gasps, yelping in pain.

This is upsetting. She's trying so hard not to kill people, and it's just - the forcewaves of explosions rush over her and her world reels a moment. But her brain is hitting fight or flight mode. KILL BEFORE YOU ARE KILLED.

Gritting her teeth, she wobbles up to her feet. "If I cannot fight… then I will choose a champion because seriously jesus fucking tom cruise's witchcraft on a pogostick oh fuck this hurts." Someone misse out on the super soldier gravytrain. And now, Emma has a sexy, sleek silver and white set of power armor with a glimmering silver visor. Instructions move across her vision. "SERIOUSLY FUCKING OWCH WHY?!" And she'll crawl towards cover to try to armor and arm Nate. One at a time.

Betsy can feel the neural web unravelling- she sends her thoughts surging out in waves, gathering every iota of information she can. She makes herself go limp and falls into a drainage gutter at the first sound of air to ground explosions, jaw slack to keep the pressure from bursting her ears.

She's been exposed to Smooth before; and despite the terror in the troop's minds, she can pick out isolated thoughts of the enemy elements speaking to one another, recognizing the situation and advising one another on how to proceed. Even while taking cover from the devstating aerial bombardment, she remains cool and calm, almost preternaturally so. She starts pushing that supreme tactical awarness outwards: Movement patterns. Purifier identities. Even detailing some of the weapons bombarding them, though it breaks down as the Smooth affects her. All of it firehosed at the members of the disintegrating hive mind, along with one strong, recurring thought:

~SMOOTH GAS. FALL BACK.~ And then, silence from Psylocke.

Hunkering down until the military blitz has passed, she takes a fractional moment to test herself- numbed at the core, her genetic talents stymied by the gas. At one time, that would have stopped Elizabeth Braddock cold.

However, that was just one of her lives, and in the other, Kwannon had been one of the best assassins in the employ of The Hand, and with barely more than a sliver of X-gene to her name. A battlefield was in fact easier to navigate than a silent house; there was a rhythm to it, one that Kwannon had spent considerable time studying and moving through. There was someone out here calling those shots in- someone who was observing the fight, to know how to place those bombardments, to let select troops know when to duck for cover and when the gas would be at full effect. A spotter, a forward observer.

'Hearing' Zen's voice, Betsy phrases her thoughts a certain way. ~I've been disabled,~ she projects into the clear void- a much less distinct or efficient form of communication than target thoughts. ~They are interfering with my talents.~ She reaches under her short jacket and produces a wickedly hooked knife, a karambit, and whirls it on her fingertip with practiced ease. ~Try to locate the others- they may not send, but can likely receive. Tell them all to fall back.~ She takes her best guess where the spotter might be and starts moving through buildings with an effortless parkour, making best, silent time towards that suspected vantage point.

Emma Frost knows what Smooth is - she has sources all over the world. But she herself has never been affected. She's smarter and more careful than that. And she hates drugs. Period. As such, she has no fear of standard munitions and no need to seek cover … until suddenly, in the midst of shattering jaws and destroying weapons, she is flattened not by the explosion, but by the fact that suddenly that gas is sticking to her diamond form. Sticking, and suddenly she isn't so diamond.

In the very moment when Emma was about to be torn to a red, pulpy mess by SRD weapons at point-blank range, while stunned and powerless and choking, she is suddenly arrayed in some kind of powered armor. She has no idea where it came from, or how. But with instructions available, the lightly drugged woman takes action, confirming the seals on the suit and activating scrubbers as she levels her weapons and starts blasting. "You were told to stand down. You will stand down, or be stood down." she intones through the suit's mechanized speech systems.

Streets of M-Town

Smoke obscured vision around the area and fires burned throughout the street. The Purifiers and SRD were using this opportunity to press their assault, although it should be noted; a good deal of the SRD had began to try and pull back. They had no idea what was going on.

Deploying from the landed Blackhawk, the members of the current Suicide Squad stepped into the battlefield wearing full face helmets and full body armor. Captain Jack Stone was at the head of the pack, his rifle at the ready.

A handful of SRD members fleeing the scene were shot as they advanced.

Red lasers sights could be seen amidst the smoke and the team of killers and assassins started marking their targets.

"Priority targets identified. Rachel Grey and Scott Summers. Moving in."

Breaking ranks from the rest of the squad was James Price, a man of almost seven feet tall who looked like a Barbarian, he screamed into the airs, "BROTHERS! I RETURN TO YOU! IT IS TIME WE PURIFIED THESE MUTANT SCUM NO!"

Lunair and Emma find themselves the target of the mob of Purifiers with James at the head of them, a wicked looking axe held in his hand instead of any gun, "You ladies ready to party?" He licked his lips as he rushed straight towards Lunair first.

Rachel and Scott found the rest of the Suicide Squad moving in on them. Jack Stone kept his rifle pointed directly forward and called out, "I have my orders. You can come in with me or you can come in with me, in a bodybag." There was some obvious hesitation in the man, like he was almost giving them a chance to escape or make a move.

The other six members of the squad were at the ready, waiting for the order to fire.

When Betsy reaches the vantage point she will find an Italian man with half of his face modified into cybernetics. He would have been disarmingly handsome otherwise.

He draws a combat knife and faces off against Betsy, "Hello little bird. Come to be my Juliet?"


The crew of the helicopter is stunned to encounter Kurt in their midst, too bad there had been no survivors last time to warn them of this strategy.

"Someone take care of him!" The pilot screams as he tries to keep the bird level.


The SRD Troopers back off from Brinley for no apparent reason and seem to just be letting her escape.

Then the doors to the arena begin to open up and she finds the area being flooded with purifiers. Brinley Myers vs The World.

Having finally cleared his immediate vicinity, Zen is able to get a half second to assess the situation. Telepathic information floods into his mind and he reacts instantly, relaying his version, essentially a mental shout, no powers required to receive: «FALL BACK, SMOOTH GAS.» He doesn't have to know what it means.

At the same time, Zen has had it with these monsters. His code of honor requires him to match forces with his opponent, and not exceed it. But they just fired frickin rockets. /Rockets/, man. Zen gravity kicks a lone soldier rushing him, embedding the man in brick wall across the street, braces himself against an APC and rips the vehicle's .50 caliber machine gun off its mounting bracket. Zen just nominated himself for anti-aircraft duty.

Sighting the chopper though brings Kurt's presence to his awareness, and Zen focuses on the mutant's mind. «My friend, can you hold that thing still for a second, and then clear out?» Zen braces himself and the machine gun against the overturned APC, straightens out the belted ammo, and finds the firing mechanism. When he senses Kurt's mental assent, he sings the song of the machine gun people, tracers drawing a line between him and the blackhawk.

Kurt hears the strange voice of Zen and, while he may not know the man, it's not the first time a strange-hued ninja has reached into Kurt's mind and it most certainly won't be the last. He's grappling with the man within the helicopter and, upon being informed that the thing is about to be pelted with heavy weapons fire, he realizes he only has one thing he can do.

This is going to hurt.

He lashes out in every direction, trying to grab at all the soldiers ast once, even lashing his tail around the neck of one until he's able to BAMF in a massive cloud of sulfur just before the .50 cal bursts through the glass, teleporting himself and all the SRD members to a nearby rooftop in a heap. Kurt doesn't feel particularly good after that massive teleport, blood spilling out of his nose, his ears ringing. The men themselves are worse, puking or clutching at their heads in pain, a couple of them passed out. A teleport that big causes enough stress on Kurt - regular people, well, they're just not built for the strain…

Okay, then. Her powers are gone. She's unarmored, unarmed and in clothing that makes her look like she escaped from the art department. Lunair has one thing going for her, and that is a will to survive. She hasn't lasted 3 times longer than expected just to die to some wanker living out his gauntlet fantasies. She shakes her head at James. "Sorry, I'm not into bestiality. You are barely fit to wear a collar and kiss my shoes." She hisses, gritting her teeth and standing. A low growl.

She has to move, overriding the nerves firing 'OH DEAR GOD STOP WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS STAHP'. That is adrenaline, a herald from the days when being too slow to move out of the way of a tiger meant death. Injuries can be deal with later. And then she spots it. A car. An intact car.

It's funny how, in moments of crisis, the brain seems to slow down time. Seconds become eternities, a heartbeat an entire life. But it's time she buys, growling again and bursting into a sprint into the car. Its occupant is dead, and gets nudged out. "Forgive me—" Surge of pain ignored for a moment. She is a combatant, having fought nearly half her life. Car keys snagged, inserted and the car's engine roars to life. Ah, muscle car. Good. She needs power. Spit a bit of blood out the side. "Ugh."

Haaanh… aaah… Even breathing is a sharp dagger in her sides. There's an open sunroof that she can't be bothered to deal with now, a square in a metal frame.

"FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU!" The engine is roaring, and she jerks the wheel sharply to come back around at the men near Emma. Hitting a button, the force of the U turn sends the door open for Emma as the car sideswipes the men in front of her and the door knocking one guy flat on his tookus. "HiIhavearegularpistolyoucanusepleasegetinnow." Lunair leaves the Beretta on the dash in case Emma needs to repel any invaders pirate style. The engine groaning in protest, the moment Emma is in and the door shut, Lunair grits her teeth, floors it and moves towards the building Nate was at.

He will know what to do. They are badly out numbered and depowered. This is hopeless. She will run over any purifier or SRD in her way. No prisoners. Only a simple, animal rage that drives her to escape.

Yes. Lunair is depowered, her things gone. But she still has one thing (unless she takes a few blows to the head). She is an incredible stunt driver, whipping around debris and even eventually ramping over a downed car.

Nate manages to crawl to the rooftop entrance, looking through the building (now mostly shattered windows) what is going down. He needs to get down, pick a gun or something and try to help. But how… wait, X-Men communicators should still work. He has never used them, but it wasn't that hard. "Scion here. Still breathing. Headache, though. What's the plan. Cyke?"

Nate manages to crawl to the rooftop entrance, looking through the building (now mostly shattered windows) what is going down. He needs to get down, pick a gun or something and try to help. But how… wait, X-Men communicators should still work. He has never used them, but it wasn't that hard. "Scion here. Still breathing. Headache, though. What's the plan. Cyke?"

And then Lunair and her car pass just under the window. Oh well, he has survived falls from worse heights. So he jumps. Crashes on the roof of the vehicle and clings to it for his life. Literally. Crazy women drivers are… awesome. Lets say awesome. Owowow.

Uh… no…. not Brin vs The World… and certainly not Brin vs The Purifiers…

Ushering the last of civilians into the tunnel, she follows them - just in time, Brins shield winks out… she can only hold it for so long and under the assault, even less so…

Now to hope they can all get out of the tunnels and sewers. Fishing her communicator out of her pocket, she sends a message to the X-Men and X-Red… hopefully they can track her and find her.

Powered armor! Battle! Butt-kicking!

And then Emma's powered armor evaporates. She has no idea how that happened, either way. She'll figure it out later. But in the moment when she's about to die, there's a madwoman in a muscle car doing Tokyo Drifts in the street right over top of armed men, commanding her to climb aboard. And right this moment, Emma can't think of a reason NOT to do it. So she leaps into the car, grabs the pistol, slams the door shut while screaming, "GO! GO GO GO!" And then she turns, racks the slide, takes aim and fires into the knees, chest, or face of any moron who gets too close.

Time to leave. If she still had her cellphone, she'd call in an airstrike of her own. Maybe two or three of them.

A shocked look crosses Betsy's face, then a look of fear. Like any good prey facing an overwhelming opponent, she puts up a good front, and the moment he agresses, starts to flee, almost facing away- but the tricksy ninja flickers her /right/ hand up as smoothly as any sleight of hand magician, as if shielding herself, and throws a fistful of Ninja Smokepowder #5 in the air between them. The sodium reacts instantly with the air, creating a flashing gout of flame, along with a dazzling flash of light and an acrid odor. Betsy twists and spins in the shadow of the flash, a move she's done a thousand thousand times- juke right, fake left. That combat knife only has so many attitudes of attack- thrust, slash. Stab. An inelegant tool favored by the strong, by the aggressive.

She takes advantage of that moment of uncertainty to juke, and then weave, her karambit snapping out in a short, vicious jab aimed at the tendons of his forearm; then, a peculiar, low-stepping style of motion that drops her clear from the 'traditional' life of knife attack/defense, dipping around to snap the tip of that tiger-claw blade at the vulnerable tendons behind the knee, attempting to hamstring him.

His response is fast and brutal- a slash that misses, a thrust that goes a bit wide and bounces off her shoulder even as he stumbles to one knee. He uses that blow as a reference and swings a haymaker, knocking Betsy to her side. He presses forward, seeing a fast kill, and finds her perfectly comfortable on two heels and splayed fingers. She takes a hard cut to her forearm, accepts it as the cost of doing business. Her blade snaps out again, ripping his bicep open and partially numbing his arm.

The exchange gets brutal, too fast for anyone without incredible talent or powers to follow. An exchange of knife blows. A kick to a shin, a punch to the temple. A sprawl of bodies, tangled limbs, dull grunts of exertion and the wet sounds of knifework. A brutal exchange of strikes with both of them kneeling, grabbing wrists and joints, a swaying moment as they both struggle for leverage in a complicated joint lock.

Then Betsy, perfectly double-jointed, lets her wrist go with a sick *pop* and brings her karambit around with a whipping scythe of momentum, aimed at his neck. The result is predictably gory.

She gets to her feet and with a wince, resockets her wrist and drowning the bruising sprain's pain from her thoughts. A few seconds to search him, to gather intel from the room, stuff it in her shirt, and she dashes out a different window, vanishing into the shadows of the dense urban sprawl as quickly as she came.


"The situation is escalating in District X. The National Guard are standing by awaiting deployment. Can I give the order?" The sweaty politician asked the other man with him.

"Do it. We can't let this get any worse than it already has."

Already on the phone, he spoke into it, "Colonel, you're good to go. Get that situation under control!"

Outside of District X, the National Guard began mobilizing and preparing to move in.

Streets of District X

Without any crew thanks to Kurt (Although all the men have been saved, for now), the Blackhawk is unable to avoid the 50 caliber machine gun fire from Zen.

The bullets rip through the chopper and it begins to spin out of control, heading fortiously towards the streets where a large group of Purifiers are gathered.

James Price is chasing after Lunair's car on foot and he is about to toss his axe threw the back of the window..

..when in Hollywood fashion, the chopper smashes into the ground; rotor blade slicing James Price in two before he can toss his axe.

The chopper blades continue spinning as it cuts up dozens of the racists before impacting with a truck and a man with a flamethrower on the back and exploding spectacularly.

Scott is unconscious about ten feet away from Rachel and the Suicide Squad is focussed on her. Thank god for X-Communicators, "Scott isn't far from me, he's near a street lamp. Get him out of here, don't worry about me." She whispered the message before stepping towards the Suicide Squad members with a smile on her face, "Fine, I surrender. Take me into custody."

Lunair, Emma and Nate could easily grab Scott and drive the hell out of the area if they liked. Likewise Betsy can escape if she chooses to. Romeo's dying words to the woman, "Damn, you're fine bitch." Before he collapsed.


A horde of Purifiers, a massive mob descends upon Brinley. They were fuelled by pure rage and hatred, which made them fight like crap.

Of course, she could always fly away or fight her way out.

With only half the belt gone, Zen's mental growl is a strange sound, rumbling through everyone's mind nearby. It's a broad spectrum broadcast, «Who the hell do you people think you /are/? You brought these weapons. Now you will know regret.» He shifts to the side to glance at the fleeing car, making sure their getaway is clean, and then he levels his machine gun at the Suicide Squad. In a tighter mental burst, he tells Rachel only, «Get down… /now/.» And he opens fire, the weapon creating an incredible chopping noise, echoing between the buildings all around. He walks forward toward the group while he fires, and still manages to keep the bucking weapon under control.

Kurt Wagner watches the helicopter crash and burn, the swath of destruction it cuts, witnessing men cut to shreds by the spinning blades of the thing. He forces himself to watch - this is war, this is consequences. This is what happens when hate is allowed to fester and grow until it turns to violence. He did his best to save lives but, in the end, the storm that envelops them could not entirely be avoided. He feels a pang in his heart at his own part in the death below - he mutters a low, quiet prayer to himself as he gazes down.

Hearing Rachel's message about Scott, Kurt answers into his communicator, "Da, fraulein, I have Cyclops. Do not linger for them…I will get him to safety but you need to get yourself out of there…there are too many for you alone…" he says and, with a flash of sulfur, he appears, scooping up Cyclops and quickly porting the X-men leader away, holding his breeath to keep the gas out of his system.

Hell will freeze before Nate stops worrying about Rachel. But although he manages to crawl inside Lunair's car, he can barely hear Rachel's words. "Scott… pick him up…" he grunts. But it is Kurt to the rescue, whew. Nate busted some ribs doing that jump. Rose is going to laugh at him. And he forgot the painkillers when he came to Mutant Town. Definitely not able to fight much right now.

Lunair is worried about Rachel. She is relieved she could at least scoop up Nate and Emma. She's driving with busted ribs at minimum, and concussive damage among it all. She sees Zen doing his thing and Rachel still seems combat capable. She can deal with being humiliated and angry later. To get around a knocked over car, she jerks the wheel, taking the car onto two wheels before returning it to four and driving the hell away. "Everyone is scooped up," She breathes heavily. "Let's go - away. To campus," She offers.

Finding herself under assault before making the tunnels, Brin concentrates and glowing green and gold wings appear on her back - she's not sticking around, not at all… this is an illegal operation and the civilians are clear…

Lifting off as quickly as possible, she'll find a safe vantage to watch whatever comes next.


The purifiers fire ineffectively into the air with the few weapons this group had but Brinley is out of sight and out of reach. She can see the National Guard moving into the district in the distanceStreets

The .50 caliber fire from Zen sends the Suicide Squad ducking for cover just as Scott is bamfed to safety by Nightcrawler. One of the new recruits goes down to a shot in the head and another falls to the ground with bullets in his chest.

As the Suicide Squad ducks for cover, Rachel chooses this moment to act. Unlike many of the others, she had come from a future where power suppression was a reality and she had learned over what had amounted to possibly hundreds of battles to make do.

Her cloak is tossed towards her enemies as a distraction and a metallic hilt is drawn from her belt in one hand along with a futuristic pistol in the other.

Lunair and the others find themselves being pursued by a pick-up truck filled with angry Purifiers, blasting 'Ride the Lightning - Metallica' through loud sets of speakers.

They start to fire on the group with shotguns and assault rifles, it was going to take some crazy driving to avoid them.

She looks almost sad as the pistol is fluidly aimed at the electrical engineer 'Spike' who had used his technology to rob banks. The man's head is blasted clean off and she rolls forward, sliding the pistol into its holster.

Held with both hands now she comes out of her combat roll and a blade of pure energy springs out from the object she was holding; it was an energy sword.

Samantha Vendez, a former police officer who had manifested fire based powers screamed as the energy sword ripped through her torso in a brutal display of killing.

Rachel looked positively feral, the tattoos on her face entirely visible without her powers to hide them.

"It was a mistake to let you all live in Washington."

Captain Jack Stone levelled his assault rifle at Rachel and fired off a pair of three round bursts, catching her in the stomach and shoulder before calling out, "Bitch. Most of these people weren't even criminals or terrorists, they were just forced into this circumstance because people like you exist."

Rachel chokes up blood, feeling faint. The feeling had been lost in her right shoulder.

The energy sword in her hand deactivated and for a moment it looked like it would fall from her hands uselessly before she re-ignited it and tossed it directly towards Captain Stone.

Another burst of gunfire caught her as the Captain took the blade directly in the chest.

As Lunair and the others drive away, the last sight they see is Zen heroically manning the 50 caliber finishing off the Purifiers as Rachel collapses to the ground.

Over loudspeakers you all hear, "This is the National Guard. A state of emergency has been declared. Please clear the streets." Soldiers and armored units could be seen moving in to begin the process of restoring peace which would undoubtedly carry on long into the night and onto the next morning.

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