Steak Dinner

July 15, 2015:

Rachel and Colossus have steak while she's in JLA Jail.

JLA Jail

JLA Jail


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Rachel and Scott were presently being held in a multi-room cell at the Hall of Justice in Metropolis, with guards and what not posted outside; not that they could probably stop either individual imprisoned from escaping, that would be up to the JL:A.

At present, Rachel was pacing the main cell, looking very much like a caged animal as she walked back and forth.

Add Colossus to the mix. Men with guns aren't likely to accomplish much. He walks forward and is put through multiple security checkpoints before finally being allowed free, luckily Illyana had made a deal ages ago with SHIELD to wipe clean his illegal proclivities in the past. "Is not very comfortable beds in prison, I found." He smiles as he spots the restless Summers, "Hard on the back." He has a plastic bag in his left hand.

Rachel smiled back as she spotted Piotr, moving towards the front of the cell to look at the man through the bars, "It's better than most prisons, but it's still a prison." She didn't say it outloud in case of listeners adding telepathically, ~And a total waste of time in stopping the real threat that's out there right now. So much could have been accomplished in this time~

"How are you Piotr? Life at the institute going well?"

"The institute? Oh, yes." Piotr says, turning to the guard and pulling out a to-go box that is handed over to one of the guards, who does a quick check of the content and then goes to slide it through to Rachel. "All utensils and trash must be accounted for."

"Hope you are hungry." Colossus says with a laugh, "Anyway, yes, the institute. They seem nervous around me but very patient and nice. I am moving couches and was offered job on maintenance crew. It is living." He takes a seat just outside her cell, opening his own box. "Have they let you speak with legal advisors yet?"

Rachel accepts the food, peeking in to see what is inside before raising her eyebrows at the job work that's been offered to Colossus but she wouldn't comment outloud, "Legal advisors? Unless you count Captain America and my father arguing, none at all." She pauses a moment before asking, "Have you seen my mother?" She looked hopeful wondering how the other woman was doing, she had heard no news yet.

It's a steak! Ribeye, medium-rare. He admittedly took a guess on what she'd want.

"That's… alarming." Colossus says, "You should press, see what they'll say. Then again, they've allowed me to visit you so maybe the X-men just need to get together on that." He opens his own box, taking his plastic knife and fork to cut at the meat. "You mean Jean Gray? Yes, met her, was speaking with Kurt. She seemed nice. She seemed well. Stressed, da, but handling. Would want me to ask her something for you?"

Colossus had taken a good guess on what Rachel would like, she sets down on a chair near the cell door and begins to try and cut at the food with the plastic knife and fork with an amused smile on her face, "This is my dad, Cyclops' idea so we'll see what his plan is other than throwing me to the wolves. He seems keen to keep blaming me for all of this, it's making the stay in this cell even worse."

Rachel shook her head to the question, not confirming anything out-loud, ~Yes, Jean. Just tell her that I said I love her if you could.~ She nibbled on a bite of steak while speaking telepathically, "Thanks for the steak to. Dad got cheeseburgers from a JL:A member but they left me out."

Colossus looks sheepish as Rachel suggests caution without saying as much. Right. He takes a huge bite out of his steak, chewing. He looks up as she speaks into his head again, furrowing his brow as he thinks his words instead of saying them. Is that how all these telepathy things work? Who knows? "Well, hopefully this makes up for it. No movie sadly. They, uh, weren't keen on the idea of me bringing in Terminator Two on DVD." He smirks. "So, what, do you just sit in here until they decide to let you go?"

~Yep, just think what you want to say and I can understand~

"Right now, that seems to be it. It's an exciting life with a grouchy roommate who probably doesn't want to be here, even though it was his idea." Rachel said it loud enough so that if Cyclops was awake, he would hear it.

"Captain America is supposed to meet with the President soon, I guess he can save his job or something to since I heard they wanted to fire him." She smirked as she took another bite of steak, ~It's also given me time to plan. When this is over, there's going to be some major action.~

Colossus lowers the bite of steak just an inch, looks up and then smiles. "So, uh… that terminator movie, like, coming out? Got me pretty excited, I have to admit. Looks good. Even James Cameron said so."

He leans back, thinking telepathically. ~So you've got a plan? What exactly? Are you going to need help?~

"You'll like it I think. It's got lots of explosions." Maybe Rachel had seen it or maybe she had sifted around in the mind of someone who had, she would never tell.

~The Sentinels need to go, if we can destroy their manufacturing centers that will be the first step. I'll need lots of help.~ She doesn't seem too pleased with the plan, she really didn't want it to come to that.

Colossus nods, "You've seen it? Is shame, was hoping we'd get to watch it together for first time." Colossus says, placing a bite between his teeth and chomping down as he frowns.

~I think mostly everyone agrees, but nobody has made a move yet on the facility.~ Piotr shrugs, for certainly he has no chance to discover it. ~Well, when it comes time to really be a terrorist? I think you know where to find me.~

"I didn't say I had seen it, but the trailer did have lots of action. Probably ruined all the plot twists to." Rachel winked as she continued to eat the steak, doing her best to enjoy it despite the circumstances.

~Someone will know where it is.~ She sent a reassuring thought though, ~It's not being a terrorist though, it's being a patriot. Sentinels mean the end of life on this planet as we know it, not just for mutants or metas but for humans to. It's not long before they end up being used to enforce the law against normal people.~

"See," Colossus says as he jabs a fork in her direction. "I don't believe you now. Trust is gone." He takes another bite, ducking his head.

~Terrorist can do helpful things too. Brotherhood started out as a good dream.~ Piotr leans back to inspect the woman, ~Just have to make sure you don't press it too far. Is there anything I can do for you on the outside?~

A soft laugh escaped Rachel's lips when the fork was jabbed in her direction and she shrugged, "Hey, it's your fault, I was trying to avoid ruining any surprises!"

~The brotherhood does lots of good in the future as well, it's just too late to make up for the bad by that point. Let's hope it doesn't come to that in the present.~ She pauses a moment before suggesting, ~Speak with Bobby Drake, Iceman of x-Men Red. Tell him I sent you and see if he's learned anything new about the sentinels and scanners.~

~Bobby Drake. Got it.~ Colossus opens his mouth as if to say something before a curt order is given from one of the guards. Seems like their time is up. The large russian rises to his feet, swallowing down his last bite as the guard looks away to speak with the doorsman, so he can reverse the electronic lock. Colossus extends a hand through the bar. "Be strong, sister. Won't be in here forever."

"You as well and thank you for coming. It means a lot to me." Rachel sighed a little as the big man departed, going back to eating her steak in relative silence as she looked out the window of the cell. She hated being locked up.

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