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Joshua, Lynwen and Rachel get together. Cameo by Manhunter.


Xavier's Institute


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Having just finished having some pizza with Nate, Rachel had taken some time for herself and was presently sitting on top of the roof of the mansion; staring up at the sky. She has her knees pulled up to her chest and her hands wrapped around them.

It wouldn't take a psychic to figure out she was not in the greatest place mentally right now.

The Martian Manhunter had information. Important information given the recent release of Sentinels on American Soil- in direct opposition to what had been said regarding their use. Furthermore, that said machines had killed defenseless sleeping men- it put a rather bad taste in J'onn J'onzz mouth. A machine designed to kill metahumans, with an ability to track them… It just stinks of a world J'onn wouldn't want to be a part of.

J'onn's mind reaches out to touch Rachel's as he approaches Xavier's school. For the Martian Manhunter it wasn't difficult to find a place brimming with meta-human activity. It was almost a beacon to his Martian Senses. <Rachel.> The Manhunter reaches out, <This is J'onn. I have information for you. Information you may find helpful given recent events.>

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The alien mind touching her own fills her with a bit of dread for a moment, until she realizes who it is. Thank god they had worked through her potential fear of Manhunter for what had happened in a non-existent fear.

"<J'onn..>" Her psychic presence is greatly diminished, "<I'm on the roof>" True to her word, she was just sitting casually on the roof, one of the hardest places to be found in the Institute since most wouldn't think to look there.

Gone was the fiery disposition and defiant nature in a woman who would have taken on the nation into someone who seemed empty.

News of a comrade's return often spreads faster than wildfires across a prairie. Even though the institute is more secure than Fort Knox in many senses, learning where Rachel had gone wasn't difficult. Wearing blue jeans, a comfortable short-sleeved sport-shirt, and tennis shoes, and carrying a large insulated box, Joshua opens a hatch that leads from the top floor of the building. He takes one more step to the roof, and inclines his head when he sees Rachel. "Rachel?" he calls. "It's Joshua. I hope that we're not intruding. Lynwen and I came to see you and welcome you home." He looks behind him and nods. "Surely friends bearing gifts should be a great comfort."

J'onn frowns as he feels quite easily the damaged psyche of the formerly defiant woman. He knew something was wrong here. It felt, to him, like the psyche of someone who'd gone under tremendous stress. Torture, perhaps. He speeds forward, finding the roof of the Xavier School. He lands quietly near Rachel, looking over as another pair of young people appear. "You have been injured." he states simply, looking to Rachel quietly.

RLynwen is not far behind him carrying a small wicker basket, she looks to Joshua and nods her head. She is dressed in pale blue summer dress. Her golden hair has been braided and bound up with golden combs. Around her neck she wears a gold torque and gracing her biceps are matching arm bands. The jewelry is ornate and covered with Celtic knock work. Her moss green eyes peer out past Joshua to where Rachel is hiding on the roof. "It is good you are home." She tells her. Her accent is thick and words carefully chosen. She then gazes at the man near her and politly waits.

It was almost overwhelming, coming back to the Institute after so much isolation. The arrival of Joshua and Lynwen, two friends who had helped her after the whole 'terrorist' incident.

She forced a sad smile for the pair, "Hi Josh, Hi Lyn. It's good to be back"

She wasn't sure what Manhunter wanted to discuss, but she knew the man wouldn't have come if it wasn't important.

"Sorry about this, but we just need a moment, I'll be right back." She almost seemed fearful of disappointing anyone right now.

Rachel and Manhunter depart and a short time later Rachel returns. (see Martian Manhunter Issue #54 for Rachel and Manhunter i.e. need to insert log name here lol)

"Sorry again. How have you both been?"

It was almost overwhelming, coming back to the Institute after so much isolation. The arrival of Joshua and Lynwen, two friends who had helped her after the whole 'terrorist' incident.

She forced a sad smile for the pair, "Hi Josh, Hi Lyn. It's good to be back"

She wasn't sure what Manhunter wanted to discuss, but she knew the man wouldn't have come if it wasn't important.

"Sorry about this, but we just need a moment, I'll be right back." She almost seemed fearful of disappointing anyone right now.

Rachel and Manhunter depart and a short time later Rachel returns. (see Martian Manhunter Issue #54 for Rachel and Manhunter i.e. need to insert log name here lol)

"Sorry again. How have you both been?"

Joshua smiles and nods to Rachel when she asks then to wait while she has a moment with the Manhunter. "Take your time," he answers with a smile and a shrug. "You need time to deal with things. Both of us can understand that." He glances to Lynwen and explains, "I'm sure that she has many friends and associates who want to welcome her home." He waves toward the railing around the top of the building, and invites, "Come and look at that landscape. It's still New York, but it's the rural state, not the massive, smoggy city."

"I prefer the rural setting my beloved." lynwen goes to step out onto the roof. She turns her head to look at the landscape that unfurling itself before her. She sets the basket down by her feet."when she returns he will give her the cheesecake and the ripe strawberries." It is as if uttering the word cheesecake summoned Rachel, Lynwen grins and turns her head in Rachel's direction "How are you doing? We brought you a gift."

It's not a long visit, Rachel and Manhunter had an interesting history. The powerful Martian had impersonated her after the incident in Washington to help buy her time, it was what had ultimately allowed her to meet up again Lynwen and Joshua while on the run.

Fate was a funny thing.

A gift brightens her features a little and she hugs Lynwen tightly at the sight of the cheesecake and strawberries, "Not a word of a lie? Those are my two absolute favourite things."

Outside of the scrutinizing gaze of Scott, she felt at least a little more comfortable.

"I've been-" A pause, "Much better, I guess?" Which was saying a lot for her.

Joshua leans against the railing around the roof with Lynwen, gazing a the rolling land around the institute - dense woods in the distance that form a natural barrier to augment the technologies that protect the professor's holdings and the privacy of his benefactors. When Rachel approaches to accept the gifts, he smiles and nods. "It was an easy guess," he explains. "Cheesecake is a wonderful comfort food, and we've grown more berries than our entire neighborhood can eat. They shouldn't go to waste when others can enjoy them." He glances around them cautiously, and then he invites, "If you ever need to escape from all of this … observation for a bit, you're welcome to visit us on Staten Island."

"We will be working on preserving them for the winter." Lynwen says in agreement with Joshua. "We can bring you some jars." She offers warmly. Her accent is thick and words carefully chosen but she is working on her English. She smiles brightly. "It helps a little, though what is comfort food? Everyone like sweet stuff, or pickled foods," Lynwen asks. "We have been worried, when word got back that you were back we rejoiced. If you need to talk we are here and you are welcomed at our house any time."

"That would be nice, to come visit and to have some preserved berries. There's not a lot of that going on at the Institute, Smuckers is the closest they get to fresh." Unless you counted that weird stuff in Gambit's shack, she avoided it like the plague.

Rachel stared off at the sky before frowning a little, "The time away let me reflect on a lot, if they can do this now, they can do it again and again. Mutants, Metahumans and even.." She tried to think of the correct term, "Spellcasters, need a safe place. Somewhere not the United States of America."

She laughed just a little, "We need our own Avalon."

Joshua looks to Lynwen. "Remember that we have more than strawberries, and we'll have other fruits in the autumn." Then he turns to Rachel and frowns thoughtfully. When she mentions Avalon, he nods. "Between calls for registration and the Purifiers, I often think the same thing, even though that might seem like surrender to some people. I doubt that we are the only ones to have such thoughts."

"Avalon still exists, but in a world that is unseen by many." Lynwen responds back to her. "You want a space of peace for those here. A place where they can thrive, but from what I have heard and seen would those that fear still seek out this place to destroy it? Fear and Anger are two very powerful emotions; they are hard to reason with. Troubles will always come, they even affect what cannot be seen. Where would you find a place like this? Where would you create a place like this?" Lynwen looks to Joshua and she nods her head and places her hand upon his arm. "No registration and the Purifiers can go cry a river."

"I have no ideas right now, but the world is a pretty big place. There are lots of uninhabited and private islands that could be claimed or even bought." Rachel turned from the stars and looked back towards the pair, "There might even be something magical that's been overlooked, due to its very nature of being magical, like the real Avalon you mention."

"There are many islands in the Indian Ocean," Joshua offers. "And we do not know what hides behind magical shields of various kinds. Old forces seem still to be at work in places, as that rift in New Jersey suggests. Buying an island might be a huge investment, but not unreasonable. Other people have done it."

"There are many hidden places, but careful, isolation is not the key to helping those that will not leave or changing what is happening here. It only leads to more chaos in the end, but having a safe harbor is a good thing. The question is what are you willing to do to help those still here and the island you want. There are many posibilities open to you," Lynwen asks, then she nods to Joshua. "Have you spoken to others?" She looks to Joshua again. "Where is that located? How would one purchase an island?"

"Buying it isn't the biggest issue, there are lots of resources that can be tapped into even among the X-Men or my own circles." Rachel mused before considering Lynwen's words, "You're right about the isolation and I'm not sure what yet can be done here, we have to try and stop things before they get worse and if they do, have an alternative ready. I haven't given much thought to it just yet beyond this, soon though I'll have a better plan."

"I agree that a new home should not mean surrender to the opposition or abandoning those here who want and welcome our help," Joshua urges. "For years, I attempted to live without revealing my gifts, in hiding because my own family has objected to such things." He glances to Lynwen and then adds, "Now that I have decided that hiding is not the best way, I hope that most people will realize that we are not evil overlords hoping to enslave them, but humans, hoping to work with others to improve this world that all of us share."

"You are too kind to ever be an evil, I remember when you brought home the baby bird." Lynwen smiles as she says this. "I do not blame you though, I have seen what other do here." She adds. "they do not understand and they fear they have lost touch with much these days." She looks to Rachel and nods. "Good, if you have need I can help and I am certain my sweet Sunstone will?" She looks to Joshua when she says this and she offers him a wink.

Rachel can't help but smile as she hears Lynwen describe Joshua and the bird, "I'd love the pair of you to assist me if you're willing, this is going to take a lot of work to even begin to accomplish. We just have to hope that we can fix things here as well, the Sentinels are a real threat we can't ignore.."

Joshua smiles when Lynwen praises him and speaks of the bird. He nods to Rachel, and agrees, "I will be glad to help, and I agree that we need to matiain some involvement with things here. The Sentinels and Purifiers have shown that real threats exist beyond the normal underworld. We need to protect ourselves, and those around us, from such things."

"They are of metal and machine yes?" Lynwen asks. "Speak with others and I will speak with other mages, if you do not mind working with them? Many I have noticed are leery of them. Then again it could be something getting lost in translation. And you have it, you have both of our help." She is beaming when she says this. "Any land you choose make sure it can sustain life in more than just harsh conditions. Also you will need to talk to those of your kind about the issue of purifiers."

Rachel nodded and sighed a little, "The purifiers have recently stepped up their game, some of them have become cyborgs as well. Called 'Reavers' according to Brinley. It's a threat we can't ignore either."

"They are becoming Sentinels of a sort, then?" Joshua questions curiously on hearing the news about the Purifiers. "That is an interesting turn from people who view us as something less than fully human," he comments with a smirk. Then he nods to Lynwen and he suggests, "We should strive to welcome meta-humans and workers of magic if they wish to help us on this quest. It is big, and will require as many resources and ideas as we can feed to it."

"What is a cyborg and how are they made? I am assuming that they are not natural?" Lynwen asks them both she is frowning. "If that is the case then they have not place here, then again this place is more about what is manmade than what is real and of the earth."

"It is ironic, yes." Rachel replied to Joshua, "And any magical help we could get would be appreciated, any at all." She smiles a little at Lynwen and explains, "A cyborg is a human with machine parts in place of their natural ones, like an arm with a weapon for example."

Joshua nods to Rachel, and then explains to Lynwen, "It's not the same as amputees who have prosthetics, like the few that we've seen on the streets. Those aren't cyborgs. But the ones like what Rachel just described, people with real mechanical enhancements, like weapons instead of limbs, are cyborgs. I would not consider all cyborgs to be dangerous, however. It depends on their attitudes, what is in their minds and hearts. These purifiers, even when they are fully human, have dark hearts, as we have seen."

"That we have, they were chanting for the death of all." Lynwen nods her head. Her eyes are bright. "I will speak with them, they should listen. More death and destruction just adds to the balance that has been tipped." She tells them. "They are fearful and stupid to do that to themselves when there is no need." She shakes her head.

"Exactly, being a cyborg doesn't make them dangerous, my brother is a cyborg and well, he's dangerous." Rachel smiles before laughing softly, "Ok, that's a bad example, but he's one of the good guys if you ever meet him. He goes by the name Cable."

She hadn't seem him in quite some time, no doubt he was off somewhere in space on some adventure or journey.

"I'm going to talk to some contacts of mine and see what kind of resources can be secured. I have quite a few people who owe me favors or might be willing to help. If you two do the same, we can see where we stand from there. " ''

"Hatred brings foolish ideas, love," Joshua comments. "I'm sure that some of the Purifiers think that we have control over the thing that makes us … different from them. It is more like a wound, in that we must live with it and have no choice about its coming. I think that more of us want to help than harm." He nods to Rachel. "I have not met your brohter, but until I have reason to believe that someone means harm to the world, I like to suppose that they intend to help." he looks over the railing at the land stretching into the distance. "We carry a great responsibility. If we can persuade people to see that we want to work with them, and not against them, we will have done a great thing."

"There will always be those opposed and those who want to conquer because they can. I would just like to not see more slaughter in my lifetime." Lynwen nods her head when she says this. "I think that all will be well and you both will find your dream, the key for it not turn into that strange future that we were shown."

"It would be nice to avoid any future slaughter and bloodshed, I fear such a peaceful world may be farther away from us than the dark futures some of us have experienced or been shown." Rachel sighs once more and looks out towards the night sky.

"None of us knows with certainty what the future will hold," Joshua reminds them. "We might have more control of it than we imagine. We should work toward it as if we do, and try to establish the best possible future for all of us." He looks to Lynwen and nods his head solemnly. "Much blood has spilled over foolish causes. I would be glad to see less of that."

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