Summer Time

August 11, 2015:

Alex, Scott & Rachel hang out.


Xavier's Institute


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It had been well over a month since Rachel had last seen Alex; in that time she had become declared a terrorist, been right about the Sentinels being deployed in the U.S.A. and been released without a word; just let go.

Since her return to the Institute, she has not been happy.

Scott hasn't spoken to her. Jean hasn't spoken to her. It's left her with a bit of a sick feeling in her stomach, but she hasn't given up on what she set out to accomplish.

Tracking Alex down at the shooting range, she asks him with a smirk, "Been enjoying my gun Havok?"

+MEET: Scott Summers has arrived via +meet.

Alex practically lived at the shooting range, his trigger-finger putting in plenty of work lately on the down-low. Havok did alot of dirt for the X-Men after all, most stuff never to be talked about. It was nothing new to the youngest Summers brother, who had been institutionalized by the military yeaaaars ago.

He laid in the dirt, his scoped rifle resting on a light bipod. A futuristic blaster pistol is holstered on his right leg while he fires his incredibly quiet rounds out the muzzle of a silenced hunting rifle. Rachel doesn't quite catch him off guard, but he does flick the safety mechanism on, "Is that a serious question?" He remains stoic as he stands, before smiling and hugging at Rachel like the good favorite Uncle he is!

Its high time that Scott sought out his daughter. His return to Greymalkin Lane wasn't exactly pretty, for his time in prison hadn't treated him well. However, a lot can change in a short period of time.

The wristwatch he wears is tied to the Cerebro network, so it's easy to locate Rachel. When he approaches the shooting range, he seems… smaller than usual. It's probably in the way he's walking, a slower pace, a slight hunching of the shoulders.

Favorite uncle? Only uncle? Was there a difference, Rachel didn't make a distinction. Alexander had always accepted her without any questions and she loved him all the more for it.

The hug is returned fiercely and she does sense the diminished presence of her father approaching.

She isn't sure what to do, when she lets go of Alex and turns to face Scott for a few moments. She forces a smile and says almost meekly, "Dad?"

Alex was a non-judgemental kinda guy. He had done things for the Government that would haunt him forever. The last thing he'd want is for someone to judge him for his actions. There is a momentary pause in thought-process as he spots his older brother approaching. Alex squeezes Rachel lightly on the shoulder in reassurance as he looks up.

To Scott, Alex offers a grin and a nod, "Hey bro.. long time no see." In an attempt to take some of the pressure of Rachel, Alex moves forward and smacks his brother on the shoulder solidly accompanied by an eyebrow waggle, as if to say, 'go easy on the kid'.

"Hey, kid." Scott offers a visibly pained smile to Rachel, after giving a nod of greeting to Alex. He then looks on as his brother walks over, and the slap on his shoulder serves to bring a halfhearted grin to his downer of an expression.

Not to mention an acknowledgement.

"Rachel, hey…" There's so much to say, and yet so much of it may not be necessary. So, he walks a bit closer, letting out another sigh. "Look, I'm… I'm sorry for being such an… for being so… for…"

For being an ass? A massive douchecanoe? Rachel left it unsaid and just hugged Scott tightly, "It's alright, stuff happens. We get over it. You really should know though, I didn't do anything to warrant that response, I've sensed the accusatory thoughts you've had. If you want, I can show you, what happened from my perspective. I just don't want you to keep thinking I did this or intended this. "

Alexander Summers peers at Scott as he fails to actually make an apology. While Rachel may have let it slide, Alex doesn't, "For being a dick?" He flashes a brief smirk, before going stoic, and shifting his attention back to his rifle, which he picks up, and carefully begins to clean on the table beside him..

When hugged, Rachel will feel the tension leaving Scott. He sighs again and returns the gesture, holding his daughter tightly for a moment.

"It's not that," he answers, once their embrace has ended. "It was everything else that came with it. All of my concerns, fears, for the school and the X-Men, I pushed them on you. That wasn't fair." Not entirely. There is a lesson to be learned for everyone, but for the time being, Scott has realized that he needs to learn his own lessons for now.

"They had me stuck in a cube made of ruby quartz," he explains. "When I got out, it was like…" He glances briefly toward Alex. "Like I was two extremes. Hot and cold. Ready to lead and fix our mistakes, and ready to tear anyone's head off who got in my way."

Another look to Alex. "Yeah." Back to Rachel. "For being a dick. I'm sorry."

"I understand, they had me stuck in a room that cut me off from all my powers. It's never been so quiet for me before in my entire life. The important thing is, we're both back and we're here to do what needs to be done." Rachel smiled at the pair of men, "I was just about to enlist Alex's help with something I had been discussing with a few people before all of this, the need for a safe place, not just for mutants, but metahumans and anyone else who needs it is very apparent."

"I'd like to hear what you have in mind," admits Scott. "But, later. I'll let you two go… there's a whole lot of catching up to do." He will speak with Rachel of his concerns another day. This moment was about the apology he owed her… nothing more.

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