Just A Mouthy TwentySomething

August 13, 2015:

Jericho finally gets in touch with May and they discuss Gabby

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SHIELD hadn't been able to hold Gabrielle Trent for that long and she had eventually been released from the premises. As an American citizen whom they are not in fact charging with anything their ability to legally track her is limited. They can do it, of course, but if it came out in some way, well, might be a bit of a headache. Whether she's still in New York or gone back to LA at the moment is a good question.

Jericho had finally gotten back to May though. The message was simple. 'Back Earthside, dropping by.' Apparently he felt that this was best handled in person.

Melinda May waits for Jericho to arrive while in Jemma's lab drinking some of HER tea and watching the biochemist work on one of her more recent projects. She's dressed like usual, but is rather pointedly NOT moving her left arm. And, if one is sharp-eyed enough, they might be able to tell that there are bandages hidden under that left sleeve.

Jemma's back at work after adventure last night with Wanda, despite the concern of the medtech. The young biochem might be moving a little slowly, motion careful and considered. Noting the bandage under Mays' sleeve, Jemma glances at it, looks up to May and then back to the research she's doing.

"Hello Jemma. Feeling better?" Jericho murmurs as he steps in. His eyes, glowing perhaps a bit more dimly than they had been last time May saw him, sweep around noting May's stance and regarding her for a long moment. She wouldn't be here if she didn't feel it was a good place to talk. "So, got your last text. Sorry, was out on the Other Side dealing with some things." Beat. "Where'd you get that picture?"

Melinda May looks at Jericho as he arrives, and sets the mug down. "I took it." She's clearly expecting him to volunteer the information, though if he says he'd rather not divulge personal information in front of Simmons, she'll understand. And then she' grill him for the information again later. "Three days ago."

"I am, mostly, thank you Mr Trent." Jemma looks up from the results she's been reviewing. She's been briefed on the woman that came in with May, but she doesn't know a lot more than that.

Jericho blows out a long sigh. This was a conversation he'd hoped to never have with May. Jemma's… okay to hear it. It's possible though highly unlikely that Gabby might be persistent enough to run into her, so she might as well know what's up. "And what, May, did my sister do that drew her to your attention? Nothing particularly civic, I imagine." That might get Jemma's attention.

"She tried to hack into X-Red's computer system and then tried to do the same with SHIELD's computers." And if May knows about it then Gabby did a poor enough job to be noticed. "And then she was very … mouthy. Kind of familiar, actually."

"She certainly seemed to know her rights." Jemma might have heard some of the discussion as she passed by one of the rooms. She hadn't experienced mouthy Jericho, just amused Jericho who thought it excessively funny that K'nert had been interested in her.

"Yeah well it's an inherited trait." Jericho murmurs shaking his head. Hacking SHIELD is something that not even he tried. And X-Red? Well he knows who's on it and he knows better. Besides he doesn't have to. Generally speaking if he needs to know something from them it's a matter of asking politely. The group has been more than decent to him. And they're good people.

"I'm sorry she did that. I'm going to cut some of the twenty questions and guess she was looking for me. And further guess that maybe you'd like to know why?"

Melinda May picks up her mug again and takes another sip of its contents. "I'm guessing it has something to do with the fact that the rest of your family believes you are, or were, a terrorist. She found a photo with you and Rasputin in the background, and hacked into X-Red to find out more about her." Clearly, NOT a smart thing to do.

Jemma's read the report from when Gabby was bought in. "Inherited? Being mouthy or the hacking?" the biochem blurts out the question and ducks her head as she realises. "The photo was about six months ago, and that it had been taken down rather quickly. I couldn't find any traces of it online…" She'd used Fitz's searching algorithms too "Why do they think you're a terrorist?" Jemma's being a little bold.

"The mouth. If she'd inherited the hacking skill maybe she'd have gotten further." Jericho snorts. "I'm very careful with scrubbing network traces of my whereabouts but lucky beats careful every time." He sighs.

"When I first started running from HYDRA they stared hacking public watchlist databases and listing me as a terrorist to limit my ability to flee. I was on the Most Wanted List off and on. I learned to counterhack and made it not worth their while but the line my family got was that I had stolen a military prototype and sold secrets to overseas terrorists. The things I had to do running only seemed to confirm it. With the huge target on my back… I thought it best to let them. HYDRA has a habit of targetting families."

Melinda May nods. She experienced Gabby's smart mouth firsthand, and nearly slapped it off the kid's face. Good thing Brinley was there. "And you have no intention of letting them know otherwise?" She just KNOWS that that younger Trent is just going to keep popping up and being a pain if she's not told to back off.

Simmons settles now, looking between May and Jericho. She can't imagine what it would be like having to run like that. Fortunately, she hadn't had to deal with Gabby personally. "She's likely to keep trying to find you. You don't hack SHIELD without that kind of resolve." Unwittingly, Jemma echoes Mays thoughts.

"I know. It's not the first time she's tried, I'm just usually better at hiding." Beat. "And she's not that lucky, generally. No May, I don't intend to set that record straight. I don't particularly have any evidence and, more to the point, I'm still wanted by HYDRA." Jericho gestures outside. "They're on the back foot now but how long is that going to last? If somehow were to clear everything up, they'd be targets. Which was what I ran to avoid in the first place." Pause. "Well that and vivisection. Those are bad."

Melinda May considers for a moment nods. "If your sister is going to keep trying to find you, I would really rather get her to stop. And just locking her up would be… a challenge. Would you be willing to meet with her if I have her sign an NDA?"

"She knows about SHIELD and X-Red, Mr Trent. It's likely she'll be getting a lot luckier now." Jemma shakes her head. "And the X-Red representative, knows of her… what if they reach out to her? Besides, she's already made herself a target. Look at the searches she was running." Displaying the results of the cyber investigation "It didn't take us much at all to locate her." Subtext: Anyone will know what she was looking for and they're likely to be looking for her too.

"I know that too. But it's a risk versus reward thing. HYDRA has money and manpower to spare but even they can't afford to waste them. As it stands she's just a mouthy, determined twentysomething. If she ever gets to the point where they think they can leverage her…" Jericho sighs and shakes his head. "I'll think about it May. I'm not inclined to though right now for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that things keep popping off on the Other Side. At least she should be smart enough not to try hacking you again."

"Think fast. I really don't want to have to deal with her again." She's sorely tempted to have Trent write his sister a small note without signing his name and having it sent to her snailmail from an unrelated address. That'd maybe make the kid back off a bit and would be very difficult to trace back to Jericho himself. Of course, if the kid doesn't recognize her own brother's handwriting…

"A twentysomething that got the attention of two organisations" Jemma murmurs and then shrugs. "We still have our appointment in a few days, Mr Trent. I hope you've remembered." At the troubles 'Other Side' don't detain him.

"I'll make it if I can't, Doctor Simmons." Jericho nods. "And I'll see what I can do about Gabby. Unfortunately, she's a little stubborn, another trait she picked up from our folks." Jericho might just be a bit that himself. May and Simmons might well know, in fact. "Just don't let her get on your nerves too much. She's a decent kid." Twenty six sure, but Kid from her eight years older (at least) brother… "Was there anything else?"

Melinda May shakes her head no to Trent. "Nothing more from me. But stay in touch as much as you can." That's about as much dismissal as May is ever likely to give.

Simmons shakes her head towards Jericho, attention already turning her attention back to the research she'd been doing when he came in. The biochem might be a little focussed.

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