Traces And The Data Core

August 11, 2015:

An attempt on the van Dyne data core…

van Dyne Industries - New York


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Van Dyne Industries. High tech producer, provider, and contractor. The minds behind the logo have produced top end Tech for some time and their clients are pretty varied. Police departments, other industry leaders, govermnemnt contracts, private citizens. Even SHIELD features Van Dyne devices and components in their tech and SHIELD has a reputation for wanting only the best. Also, their purchasing budget is generally pretty darn extensive.

So it's not uncommon for there to be SHIELD agents on the premesis, talking to various officers of the company. It may perhaps be a bit unusal for them to be talking to Janet herself, but these things do happen. They're not unheard of.

SHIELD isn't the only visitor to the company this evening. Though this one hasn't come in through the front door. No, he makes landfall on the roof and ditches his parachute before digging a small prybar out of his black outfit. Time to go to work.

The office of the Chairwoman, not CEO mind you, of van Dyne industries is the Penthouse. It takes up half the floor. Private Elevator. The works.

When entering that level there is a small antechamber, where a secretary would sit, though instead there is a wall screen which has a single red eye like HAL From 2001 a Space Oddesey, which would have greated the visitors and directed them to the right to Janet's office.

The Office is half the floor and seems to be a gathering area with balconies, couches, a board table, and a fabulous black desk towards the back windows. The desk looks terribly high tech. Janet is currently leaning on it looking to the two from SHIELD. "So what can I do for you ladies today?" curious about the visit.

"Thank you for agreeing to meet us, Ms van Dyne" Jemma Simmons, part of the FitzSimmons duo, is there today with Agent May. She's already briefed May on what's she found from the Sigma agent, and the fact that Janet and her had met previously.

"I thought I would share some of the information I'd found on that project we were shown recently."

Agent Melinda May is really only here to keep Simmons from getting mugged or (more likely) lost. She did change up her attire a bit, wearing a business-like outfit of black trousers and blazer-like jacket accompanied by a regular white buttonup shirt. It kind of looks like she might have raided Coulson't closet.

She nods in agreement with Jemma's words. "And I am correct in presuming that what we discuss here won't go beyond this office without explicit need to know, yes?"

The grate comes off and the black suited man slips inside. Moments later, there's a beep from HAL in the room Janet's in. "Miss Van Dyne I am sorry to bother you but we but someone is presently attempting to penetrate the building. They have disabled the ventillation access control measures and are attempting to interfere with internal survielance. I am having trouble tracking their progress." No alarms curiously, other than the internal one HAL just rang.

"Of course, this isn't a company project and I am not beholden to the firm." quite the opposite. When HAL speaks though there is a long pause as Janet stares down at her desk. "What." she says deadpan. "That.. is very foolish…." she looks thoughtful then reaches and brings up a hologram schematic of the building "HAL please highlight the point of entry and make some guesses as to where they might be going based on what you can detect…" she looks to May and Jemma "Did you bring company?" it is a pretty blunt question.

Simmons eyes widen as Hal delivers the news and watches as Janet brings up the holographic display. At the question, the bio-chem looks to Agent May, knowing better than to answer. She hasn't been told if they were or not, but she doesn't suspect so.

Melinda May answers bluntly, as is typical for her. "No." She moves to stand and get a better look at that hologram schematic. Does she perhaps recognize the tactics being used to bypass security. "How far is that from here?" She pulls the pistol she'd brought concealed under her jacket …relax. It's an ICER.

"Based on my analysis, the intruder is headed for my secondary memory cores on the upper levels." Which is to say, below them, which means that the intruder either has to get past them in the vents or may have already done so. In fact, HAL informs them shortly… "I have isolated the intrusion to the 40th floor but cannot localize it further. I am experiencing a high degree of operational interference."

In the levels below the intruder quietly slips through darkened hallways until he comes to the memory storage area. "Mmmm… reinforced… alright." His arm glows and a holographic gauntlet projects around it. BANG. The noise is heard even up where Janet is through the vents as the door flies off its hinges. Along with a chunk of the frame. Fortunately, as Chairwoman, Janet has an express elevator. For those who can't shrink…

Jan jumps a little bit "Son of a …" she stops herself and then races to one wall and tucks what looks like a bluetooth behind her ear. By god she refuses to use her attenna that is just too creepy. "HAL.. direct the Agents to the express elevator and take them as fast as you safely can to the 40th floor and your backup systems. Also lock down your secondary core and be prepared to wipe it rather than let someone get it." she points towards an express elevator that is revealed as a panel opens in one of the office walls. Sneaky.

Janet taps a wallplate and … well that you don't see everyday. Behind glass are a whole lot of zoo style wasp hives. She swings the glass open and they swarm out around her. Well… for a moment… suddenly she is shrinking rapidly and is … were those wings… . well damn she is down to half an inch and then the swarm .. well swarms towards a vent and into it. Those looked like Paper Wasps… a Rating of 3.0 out of 4.0 on the Schmidt Scale.

Jemma jumps… of course she does… she's a scientist not a real field agent. "What… what was that?" She's currently unarmed, that's not unusual for the young biochem. Janets transformation has her eyes widening still… poor Janet might be in for a discussion later.

Waiting for May to go ahead of her, Jemma will follow into the elevator… she's not going to stay here alone.

The elevator moves as fast as it can without injuring the two agents. The break in must be serious judging by the noise and Hal doesn't speak again as the doors open. Not far down the hallway the dented, abused door to the data storage area can be seen. Along with a foot long section of doorframe just ripped out of place from the punch and then discarded. There's noises inside.

Janet knows her building and is very fast. She'll make the floor before the elevator does. The data storage area is typical. Server banks and hard drives, some of which can be moved to offline storage by means of servo arms. The intruder is inside, having selected a very specific bank and open it up to prep an automatic data spike. It's not likely that HAL will fall prey to something like that unless it's very good, so it's probably either a recording or delivery system for something else.

Or maybe it just is that good.

No one expects the Waspy Inquisition. Though the intruder may wonder what that buzzing rush of noise is. Seriously. Look behind you right before an entire swarm of paperwatch descends on your ass.

Janet meanwhile will swooop very much up high and then take very careful aim and launch a Wasp Sting at the dataspike to destroy it, hell fry the system if need be if she has to. No way she is letting someone spike her computers. The .. well HAL is much too dangerous like much of Hank's inventions.

Still not armed, Simmons follows May out of the elevator, hanging back to give the other Agent. Nothing worse than being a liability - and Jemma knows that she's not that great in these situations.

Melinda May hands the ICER to Simmons and starts forward, pulling one of those taser batons from her jacket as she picks up the pace. She knows the biochemist will use the weapon only as a last resort, and honestly she prefers it that way. She reaches the door and peeks around the damaged doorframe very briefly before pulling a couple of those small disks that are practically Romanoff's calling card and slinging them to land at the intruder's feet.

The shock fields go up identically.

The moment the first sting hits the intruder cries out and something begins to glow under his shirt. Circuit like traces. May and Jemma and perhaps even Janet might ahve seen them before.

What follows is entirely new though. A field of zapping, discharging energy surrounds the man close to his skin at the same time that the stun disks hit. The result might not be good for the wasps. It might also not be good for the intruder who rocks back a few steps as smoke pours up from his feet and arms.

Janet's shot disables the spike. But not the drive. She's good. Though now there's a shock field very near her.

Janet moves very quickly and stays very small right now. She dives up and away from the shock field and orders the wasps to pull back and disperse around the room. She doesn't want any of them hurt after all. Then she points both arms at the guy and Wasp Stings at him again, aiming for his tender spots. Like neck. Then moves hopefully before she can be zapped.

Jemma can see the traces glowing, as she takes the ICER from May, and she looks a little excited "Another one." That's three … and maybe she'll be able to study this one further, if they can disable and hold him.

Holding the ICER in one hand, she fumbles in the bag on her shoulder, pulling out that little device that measures Bio-E emissions. She's going to get as many scans as she can - the more data she has, the more she can confirm her findings. Turnig the device on, she shoves it in a pocket - it can still take readings - and she can hold that ICER pistol properly.

She won't shoot yet, but she does position herself to get a good line of fire, just incase.

Okay, so these traced-out people aren't fond of electrical shocks. Good to know. She snaps her taser baton to full extension then charges into the room. If she ends up with a few wasp stings, she'll have a chat with Jan about it later. Business first. She charges the man with — again — Trent-like traces and aims to either brain him with the baton or zap him with the cattleprod end. Whichever works.

Trent never did this. Though if he was ever capable of it, it's a bit frightening. He's hit by one of the wasp stings as armor coalesces around him out of the shock field, holographic and glowing orange and muted green. And then again, causing the system to change color as it's hit. They clearly hurt. The target is moving to avoid those bio electric blasts. May charges in and the man holds a hand out. In that hand forms what looks like a short barrel, large bore… shotgun. Just out of nowhere. Up it aims toward where the blasts are coming from and then discharges a triple load of buckshot right as May zaps him. That also makes him flinch… then he turns and tries to kick May though a wall. Think fast.

Jemma's systems are going nuts. Output for those power fields is incredible. Easily in the multi-gigawatt range. The weapon the man formed appeared seamlessly in his hand and the armor appears to be solid as well as energetic. What. The. Hell. Is. This?

Janet frowns as she dives out of the way. Okay this guy seems like a total problem. She doesn't want to go big.. it would ruin her building. The Wasp Stings seem to hurt but not get through his armor. What to do. She shrinks a bit smaller flying between the shotgun blast and around behind. Looking for a weak spot with a critical tactical eye now.

"Lots of Bio-E, Agent May" Jemma fishes the device from her pocket, it's beeping indicating something big "Short him out, it might work" No matter what she's found, energy is still energy and it likes to be lazy … finding the easiest way to ground.

May throws herself to one side when the shotgun appears, but she's not fast enough to get completely clear. NOT faster than speeding buckshot. At least she doesn't end up with a giant hole in her torso (Goldie Hawn, anyone?), but the left sleeve of her jacket is pretty well shredded. The Kingsman is FICTION, people, her suit is plain old wool gabardine. The buckshot hitting her arm causes her to pivot unintentionally, but she makes use of it to turn enough to catch the booted foot kicking at her. Then, with a grimace that's practically a snarl, she aims her baton and stabs at the man's gentleman's area with all the force she can muster.

Sorry, Jemma. She'll try hooking him to earth ground if it turns out this guy actually thought to wear a cup.

The baton makes an impact with the armor and causes it to stutter. Just a bit. Which is odd because that's also something Trent's fields don't do. In any case, the very brief opening gives Janet what she was looking for. And possibly Jemma one too if she's quick aobut it. That is, a chance to strike. A short window in which that apparently quite good armor won't be nearly so much protection. Maybe no protection at all if the strike is timed right.

And if it's not? Well the other foot comes up as the man throws himself back, letting himself fall to the ground as he kick's at May's arm. With enough force to crack steel, hopefully May's feeling her A game tonight.

Jemma's sensor beeps. That eletric shock is doing something to her readings. They're up, and then down, and then up and then down.

Interrrrrresting. Janet dives in shrinking a little bit more. She is a bit like a bullet like this a good 40mph and very nimble. She is diving for the hole as he goes his little leap back kick .. and if she makes it .. oh yes she is going to make her way up to his ear inside his projection field armor.

Dropping her measuring device, Jemma holds the ICER pistol in two hands, taking aim - although she's not sure where Janet is - and squeezing the trigger… maybe she's been quick enough… and maybe she's missed May and Janet as well!

The recoil of May's baton hitting the man's force field thing is actually enough to knock her back a step, and she lets go of the leg she'd grabbed a hold of as he throws himself back to kick at her already injured arm. Oh hell no. Again, she's not superhuman fast OR strong, but a clumsy move like that is almost too easy to counter. Instead of trying to back away from the kick aimed at her with excessive force, she again reaches to grasp an ankle and use the man's momentum against him, trying to make him turn in midair and hit the ground face first instead of on his back.

Well… that works. Clearly, whatever his other qualifications, this man isn't quite as skilled a combatant as May. And down he goes as his field flickers and stabilizes… with Janet inside. Jemma's shot, sadly… well, actually where did it go?

Whatever the case the man rises and punches one of the exterior walls. Hard. Hard enough to make a man sized hole. He'll be exiting via said hole in three… two…

Janet managed to barely not get iced by Jemma. Sometimes being small poses some very large difficulties… … .. Anyways she zips up and along per the original plan and shrinks just a bit more, then unloads both hands worth of Wasp Stings right into Chuckles ear drum.

The man drops with a scream as he's directly shocked basically right in the head. His fields wink out as he goes unconscious. This operative is done.

An examination of the room reveals that he was about to slice the files that HAL had been keeping for the reports on project Aetherblade. How he'd known where to get them… is a very good question.

Simmons winces as her dart misses… although… yeah, no excuses. She probably shouldn't have shot. As the man drops, she reaches into her bag and pulls out ziplock ties… If May doesn't get there first, she'll try and restrain him "Agent May, I would like to study this man further." Whereever Janet is in the room, Jemma adds "And I would like Ms van Dyne to join me, should she like." She's certainly earned that.

Janet will reappear though now she is in her Wasp Suit. From.. well it isn't like she didn't leave the designer gear upstairs when she shrunk after all. She steps over and examines the spike and pulls HAL up now. "Ah.. thank goodness. He was after the files about them not HAL…" she sounds very relieved. Like this is so much simpler and less dangerous. "Agent Simmons.. I am of course happy to help you with the intruder, but I am not sure what help I would be. You are certainly free to take him into SHIELD custody and interrogate him."

Melinda May is ready to try and chase the man down, even if she thinks it'd be futile, but then he's poleaxed by something she can't see. Presumably, it's van Dyne. Resourceful woman. When Jemma asks for the okay to to study the man and steps past with zip ties, she nods her permission. And then… she doesn't move to help restrain the man. Instead she starts very carefully extricating herself from her jacket. "I'll call it in." Yeah, stoic turned up to eleven, here. She's also undoubtedly calling for a medic.

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