See A Man About A Dog

August 10, 2015:

After The Reavers attack the other night, Brin brings friends up to date on X-Reds findings

M-Town - New York


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The other night, due a fire in a tenament building, a high tech facility had been found in the basement. There'd also been Cyborgs, known as The Reavers… horrifyingly, brutal and efficient.

Brin had been there that night, helping Nick, Rachel and Collosus had shown up as well… The brunette X-Red member hadn't had chance to catch up with them yet… so she's sent a call out, asking them to meet her at a cafe in M-Town.

Colossus climbs out of his beaten up pickup, after parking it. Stepping out, he makes sure to put on the emergency brake before locking the doors up. Long, white stretch pants, a zipped hoodie. He looks as if he might be hitting the gym or free weights right after this little meet up.

He walks into the cafe, his arrival announced with a pleasant chime of bells, scanning the booths for his friend before smiling and walking to meet up with Mana. "Mishka, is good to see you. Are you still hurt?"

The rumbling sound of a motorcycle can be heard outside of the cafe before it shuts off, no doubt Wolverine had no clue who took his bike from the Institute if he had even looked lately. Hopefully he didn't need it in a hurry, because she felt safer 'borrowing' it than Scott's car.

She arrives not long after Colossus, stepping inside. When she spots the pair she slides into the booth and smiles at the other two mutants, "Piotr. Brinley. How are you both doing?"

Remy doesn't spend much time in M-Town. It just rubs him the wrong way. He's a mutant. That doesn't mean he should try and segregate himself with his 'kind'. Instead, he'd rather spend his time in Manhattan, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, or Cape Town.

But just because it's a rarity, doesn't mean it never happens. He had to see a man about a dog, quite literally, so he finds himself walking a Black Labrador. He thinks to himself that he has some strange friends, but a bet is a bet, and he has to walk Coco for a month.

He's dressed casually, wearing a brown leather jacket, purple polo shirt underneath, and black jeans. But he might need to get a new pair as 'Coco' has decided to relieve herself on the sidewalk, "hey, watch de pants! Bad dog, bad dog! Mon Dieu!"

Brin looks up from her coffee as Piotr and Rachel approach. They're near enough to the door that Remy can see and hear them, if he wants. "You too, Piotr. Hello Rachel." On her cheek is a burn that is healing, remnants of the assistance the X-Red team gave in New Jersey. Demontoad blood, burns. "A little, but not from the other night, Piotr. I simply over-extended my ability. I'm still rebuilding my strength…" from before she'd been put off on leave. "Are you two ok?"

Glancing out to the pavement, Brin smiles in slight amusement at the cajun and to black lab. "Afternoon, Remy…. " for once, Brin raises her voice slightly.

"I think so," Piotr says as he takes a seat in the booth. "Is good to see Rachel free, and you walking. Feels as if should be celebrating." He smiles as he drums upon the tabletop, leaving a spot open for Rachel to sit next to him. Or Brinley if she chooses wisely! "Starving, could eat whole pig." He looks out the window at muted cussing, "Oh no, dog pissed on him."

Coco sits on a clean part of the pavement and looks at Remy and Brin as if she were completely innocent. Those black eyes of hers look so pleading. But the Cajun isn't buying it. He gives the dog a knowing look, but what can he do. It's a dog after all.

"Salut," he offers to Brin, and ties the dog to the cafe's fence, being careful to make one that will stick. He then moves over to take a seat, pulling one from an adjacent table. There's a couple sitting there. "Excusez-moi, but may I have dis? Merci."

They don't seem to mind, though a lot of it seems to be the smile he offered. Picking up a piece of bread from the table, Remy eats a piece, and then tosses some to Coco, who leaps up to catch it. But the throw was just at the edge of the leash, which meant that although she caught it, it hurt her. Did Remy plan that as some small piece of revenge? Tough to say.

"Piotr, you off to da gym? Now that jus not fair to we mortals."

Rachel does happen to take the seat beside Piotr and nods a little, "Something to eat would be great. Do they sell whole pigs hear though?" She leaned on the table with her elbows and gave Remy a curious look but said little else.

"Salut, Remy" Brin takes a seat and hands Piotr the menu to peruse. "Celebrating is good… but I don't think they have whole pig here, I'm sure they do bacon, though." What cafe wouldn't. Seeing Rachels curious look towards Remy "Rachel, have you met Remy? I know him from my time at the institute."

As Remy takes a seat, the brunette looks between Piotr and Rachel, then to Remy "That was a bit rough the other night. I wanted to check in with both of you, and share some information that we've found… that wasn't the first time Nick and I, or Bobby, have seen those Cyborgs."

For Remy, Brin quickly outlines the fire in the building, the high tech faciilty and the Cyborgs that attacked… before continuing "They belong to a group called The Reavers, who have been targetting mutants, particularly high profile ones, over the last few years." She pauses to let that sink in before continuing.

Piotr takes the menu, spreading it open to go over the options. His eyes rapidly scan through the selection, probably picking out what is the best bang for his buck. He laughs at Remy, "I have to keep muscles on somehow. Siberians do not just wrestle bears naked in freezing winters like some stories would say of us. Something with bacon. Eggs. Hmm…"

He looks up at the mention of cyborgs. He showed late, when everything was fire. "Reapers? /More/ anti-mutant highly funded black ops groups? Is there no end to these goons?"

Accepting the menu with the briefest bit of physical contact, Remy takes a look at the menu. He nods his head, makes a few faces at some of the things on offer, and decides. But he'll need a server to take his order. "Bacon is good, but you should not eat it so often." The you there is more of a general one.

Remy smiles to Rachel, knowing her well enough. When the server does pass by, he says, "I have de tuna steak salad and a cup of black coffee."

He listens to Brin's explanation, but doesn't say much. He takes it all in. All he will say for now is, "dat not good, it not good at all."

"Reavers? Sounds like the Purifiers have allied with some of the worst kind of Firefly fans." Rachel seems to smile a little at something and tells Piotr, "Go ahead and order for me."

Brin snorts softly at Rachels words "That's what I thought as well, Rachel." Piotr gets a smile at the mention of wrestling bears "Eggs are good. And bacon's just delicious." even as she nods to Remy "And no, it's not good. With Purifiers and Reavers targetting us" Us, as in Mutants, "things are getting hot for us. Bobby's research shows they've been tagetting Big Hero Six in Japan" Japans equivalent of the JL:A - not small targets in anyway.

"From what we're seeing though, they're digging in, in M-Town. That facility the other night, we're sure there are more. X-Red are investigating, and…" she pauses "working with the Police to take them down."

As Remy orders from the server, Brin adds her request "Another coffee please and a steak sandwich."

"The delux for me, and uhhh…" Colossus looks to Rachel now that the pressure is on for him to order for her. "Is.. omelette okay? Country Omelette, yes, thank you." He hands over the menu, one hand still tapping at the top of the table nervously. "This is bad news. Still, I am sure that we will find them. We will bring them to justice." He nods at this, instilling confidence in himself if not every one else. "What do you need us to do?"

If the news of the Reavers affects Gambit, he's not letting it show. But then, that's always been his way. He's no coward, but he has no problem with putting something off until tomorrow. There are far more important things to consider. "La vie est une fleur dont l'amour est le miel."

"I'm not sure yet" Brin ducks her head for a moment and lets out a breath "Right now, we're just starting to look into it, but I'm sure there'll be more attacks." Looking between her three companions "Keep your eyes open and if you hear anything, if you could let us know? Certainly, knowing that we can call on you… is a big help." Remy's murmured statement gets a quizzacle look, french isn't something she's all that familiar with, but knowing Remy…

The server nods to the group and walks away, taking the order with them.

"So, now that I've delivered that wonderful news…" Brin's tone is a little wry "How are you enjoying being here, Piotr? Settling in? And Remy, it's been a while, keeping out of trouble?"

Rolling his index finger along the edge of his cup of coffee, Remy could easily charge it. But instead, it's just a simple distraction, something to look at, while he does what he really wants to do. "You only in trouble if you get caught," he informs Brin after a moment.

Whatever it was he did, he seems to have gotten away with it because he's digging into his tuna steak salad as if nothing happened. After a few mouthfuls, and having chewed his food, he asks, "how's the deluxe?"

Rachel listens to everyone speak, but she doesn't seem to be saying much; she has an almost paranoid look in her eyes as she glances back and forth around the room. It's just jitters though, not like anyone was there to kill her.

Brins steak sandwich and coffee arrives and she leans back to allow the server to set it on the table, watching Remy carefully, eyes crinkling with laughter "Well, that's true, I suppose." and with Remy, probably truer than most.

As a low empath, Brin can sense emotions and Rachels are coming through loud and clear. What she's sensing from Remy and Piotr isn't all that clear just yet. "Rachel?" Brins words are softly spoken, trying to let her friend know that she's safe.

Remy LeBeau has always been a hard man to read, and that's not just because of his Assassin's Guild training. His powers give him a sort of protection against people trying to peek into his mind. Although he's there, sitting next to two of them, he's more of a psychic ghost, there, and yet not.

Taking out a wallet from his pocket, Remy confidentally opens it, finding some money, and placing it on the table. Nevermind that it is not his, he acts as if it is, and that's enough. Of course, it belong to someone at the table. "Well, it been fun, but I have to see a man about a dog." Oh yeah, Coco. The poor thing's probably hungry. Remy even takes some of the tuna steak salad, wrapping it up in a napkin, and bows as he stands up.

Colossus eyes shine brightly when the plates arrive, rubbing his hands together eagerly. Oh boy, piles of eggs, bacon, sausages and ham. There is simple joy to be had in a good meal, even enough to release another's hand. He thanks the waiter softly, then begins to dig in. "Take care, Remy." Piotr says around his mouthful of food, unaware that his wallet has been swindled.

His fight money! :(

Colossus is an open book. He's not a psychic ghost or anythingb like that. He said he was confident that these men, these villians, would be found and when they were? They'd be snuffed out of their holes, dragged screaming into the light. He's also delighted at the meat's arrival.

"Nice to see you again, Remy." Brin watches as he pays, unaware that the wallet was lifted. But that's ok, she'll pay for the lunches! Piotrs' delight in the food has the brunette smiling, as she eats slowly, enjoying the afternoon and the company. "We could use some help at the new HQ, Piotr. How are you placed for more work?"

"Depends on what is needing," Piotr says. "If it is long work, will need to let institute know, so that they are covered." Being a janitor is not lavish work, but it is his current job! "Do you need extra feet on ground? Looking for these Reavers?"

"We can work around your current schedule." Brin appreciates Piotr's diligence "We need to get the new areas set up. Put up desks, mount monitors, move things around." The usual type of things that need doing when moving in.

Nodding slowly at the tall man, Brin looks serious "Of course. And if you'd like to help, we won't be saying no. You saw some of what we were up against the other night." Eating another mouthful she's silent for awhile "Have you thought anymore on joining the team?"

"Oh, is that all? Of course, can do in day." That's… mighty optimistic of him!

He chews back a mouthful of eggs, swallowing it down with his water. "I had. If Illyana is in, then I am in. Is that simple. That I get to spend time with you is added benefit." He spears the eggs again with his fork. "Jean thinks, thought, that I am too crass for their institute. I am happy for job but is clear that we have differences in personality."

"Maybe, Piotr." Brin likes his optimism… maybe they can get it in done in a day. As to the team, Brin colours a little at his added benefit, obviously pleased. "It's one reason why the different teams exist. To cater for the differences in personality."

Another mouthful of food and Brin looks over to Piotr "The team will want to meet you, but we can arrange that…" She's resisting the urge to send the message out right away. "You're living in M-Town, right?"

"Not far from here. You have my number, send text any time." Piotr says.

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