Not So Accidental Thefts

August 09, 2015:

Brin and Bobby visit Pepper Potts to find out more information on Lobo Tech

Stark Industries





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X-Red have found information that links technology The Reavers are using with Lobo Tech. Brin's put out feelers and believes that Lobo Tech is a competitor to Stark Industries - or at least related.

The last time she and Bobby had met with Pepper, the redheaded CEO has given the two X-Red members access to J.A.R.V.I.S but Brin would prefer to speak with Pepper first, before abusing the privilege granted to them and so a meeting has been arranged.

As usual, Brins waiting in the foyer of Stark Industries, having announced herself to the receptionist …

"Miss Potts."

"Yes, JARVIS?"

"Ms. Myers is in the lobby and has requested to speak with you."

Pepper promptly looks up from where she's in the middle of fixing a pot of tea. "Oh. Please tell Becca to see her to my office."

"At once, Miss Potts."

In the lobby, the receptionist looks at the computer set into the desk she's behind, then at Brinley. "Ms. Myers? I've been asked to see you up." She gestures toward the elevators as she steps out from behind the desk, leaving the two others there to mind the store, figuratively.

Bobby Drake is also there, looking a bit tired but fighting toad demons in New Jersey will do that. He's got his hands in his pockets and follows Brinley along when she heads toward the eleveator. He's been ehre to see Pepper a few times and definitely doesn't mind seeing her again.

Brins still sporting the burn on her cheek from fighting the toad demons and turns to follow Becca up. When they reach Peppers office, Brin walks in and holds a hand out. "Thank you for seeing us, Miss Potts." a small smile tugs at her lips "We might have been able to ask JARVIS this directly" Brin doesn't realise entirely, that JARVIS is an AI "but I thought you might find it interesting. It relates to Lobo Tech."

Pepper Potts steps forward to meet Brin, shaking her hand and then offering to shake Bobby's hand as well. She steps back to let them enter properly, gesturing toward the table where the tea already waits. "What did you find out about Lobo Tech?" She knows that JARVIS will already be 'listening', ready to act on anything that he's capable of. "JARVIS and I haven't been able to find much that isn't open public record." Public, and therefore useless.

Bobby looks over to Brin. She'd been digging into that quite a bit and he's been up on it peripherally but not a whole lot. Enough to have read some of the files she'd been compiling from the internet, their website, research, stories and such.

"I'm not sure if you've been watching the news, Miss Potts" Brin takes a seat at the table "But there have been …" she looks to Bobby "Cyborgs attacking mutants in M-Town. Both Bobby, Nick and I have been targets of those attacks, amongst others." Brin had made Nick run the night they were attacked. "Bobby did some research into those Cyborgs and found they're connected with a group called The Reavers. I'll let him explain that a little further." Brin pauses "JARVIS, uploading a file to you, please share it with Miss Potts. As you'll see, Lobo Tech are claiming that some of their designs were stolen by The Reavers."

JARVIS receives a file which details several instances of technology theft, a lot of those thefts being attributed to The Reavers… although the designs are four or five years old.

Pepper Potts gets her tablet off of her desk and looks at the data there while moving to sit at the conference table. "Why would technology thieves go after outdated tech? That doesn't make any sense." Which fits in with their hypotheses that there's something really rotten in Denmark. "This is definitely suspicious. JARVIS, can you dig into these theft reports?"

"Already processing, Miss Potts. I anticipate resulting data in two point one four minutes."

Pepper smile almost fondly. "Thank you." She looks to the pair again. "This is decidedly suspicious, but by itself it's not a smoking gun. Have you found anything else?"

Bobby nods. "The Reavers have been active internationally though no one knows where they recruit from or who augments them. The designs do certainly seem to be Lobo Tech, allegedly stolen and if it wasn't an inside job then these guys have the devils own luck." As for outdated. "Lobo Tech is a cutting edge high tech firm. Even their old stuff is pretty good. They're not on your level, Miss Potts, but they certainly play with the big boys. Mostly they subcontract but they've got their fingers in a lot of pies. A lot of them."

JARVIS' search will show there have been a number of thefts over time. One occurred after a reduction in security at a plant. Another during an open day for an office anniversary. Something seems a little to 'easy' for the thefts to have occurred.

"Well, that's what we were hoping you could help us with, Miss Potts." Brin looks to Bobby. "I'd like to hear what JARVIS has to say, I feel I might be jumping at shadows." Which is perfectly understandable given the attacks that they're seeing.

Pepper Potts sets her tablet down so they can all see the display, and almost as if he were watching them in the office, the display's text gets a bit bigger for everyone to see easily. "This is the listing of thefts and … they're just too tidy and convenient for my taste. JARVIS, what more can you tell us about each of these incidents?"

"Each incident was duly reported to the police." Jarvice responds. "And investigated as depends on the originating nation. All of them occured during a two and a half year period of time. There is a pattern to the employees disciplined following the thefts. In approximately 30 of the cases the cause was determined to be malfeasance and the division director was terminated. In others, no internal misconduct was reported."

Bobby frowns a bit. "It does seem a bit too tidy. So much tech going missing. And it doesn't really seem to have hit their bottom line too hard either."

Brin nods to Bobby and Pepper "That's what I was beginning to think." Looking at the display and listening to JARVIS, she shakes her head "So much tech lost and profits don't seem to be affected." Pushing her hair back from her face with one hand, Brin considers "If you look at incidents 4, 24 and 45, JARVIS, they appear to have occured after security was reduced. Reduced significantly, I might add. And they were the three that I've looked at in detail. I… don't know if I missed any either."

"You are correct, Ms Myers." Jarvis responds again "Three different facilities that lost information and technology over a 12 month period, within two weeks of drastically reduced security measures."

Pepper Potts shakes her head. "That can't be coincidence. Once, okay. Twice, I'd start questioning. Three times? That's either a screaming red flag that they're somehow not noticing, or they're intentionally ignoring the signs. JARVIS, who ordered the reductions in security on all three occasions?" She knows that that is likely NOT public knowledge, but if anyone can dig it out, it'd be JARVIS.

"Internal documents show that the vice president of the Singapore-Hong Kong-Pacific division was responsible. Initial projections suggest this was a cost cutting move done across the board though the timing is highly questionable." Bobby shakes his head again. This stuff's a bit beyond him but that at least makes sense.

Brin sighs and shakes her head as well "In two out of the three incidences, Miss Potts, the division director was terminated. In the last case, nothing was done. It certainly seems suspicious to me although all the right processes seemed to be followed - making it seem like they're not ignoring things." But timing, is everything. "What do you know about Lobo Techs' stand on Mutants, Miss Potts?"

Pepper Potts hms. "I hadn't thought to check that angle. JARVIS? What do the social media accounts of the heads of Lobo Tech have to say about mutants, in general? Are they generally anti-mutant, or openly hostile or…?"

"The CEO of Lobo Tech came forward as Pro Registration, however the company has no track record either positive or negative with mutants and metahumans. They seem for the most part simply to be a tech company." JARVIS replies.

"Maximus Lobo." Bobby offers. "Their CEO. He's not out an about much. Or well, no more than normal for men in his position. Can't say much about him other than he was the one who masterminded the split from their previous parent company and he's apparently a bit of a shark."

Brin considers the data in front of them as JARVIS speaks and Bobby offers up his information. "Maybe we need to dig a little deeper, then. Look into this Maximus Lobo and his people." tapping a finger absently on her tablet, "Too much seems to 'go wrong' for them." Glancing between Bobby and Pepper, she gives a little shrug. "What do you think? Am I jumping at shadows?"

"I don't know about shadows, but I definintely smell fish." She shakes her head at the CEO's name. Even that sounds fake. "JARVIS, how deep can you dig on this Maximus Lobo?"

Pepper looks at the tablet when it pings, then picks it up to read briefly. "Looks like Tony has just started something that's going to take most of JARVIS' processor cycles. He can still do the searches, he'll just be slower."

"Maximus Lobo, CEO of Lobo Technologies, a global Technological Consortium. They are involved in high energy sciences and weapons production. More will take time." JARVIS supplies. Bobby nods. That squares with what he knows.

Brin looks between Bobby and Pepper and nods slowly "Well then, shall we let JARVIS continue his searches? I can get Doug to do some digging as well." It seems that's all they're going to find out today. "Thank you, so much, Miss Potts." The brunette makes to rise, smiling her gratitude as she does.

Pepper Potts nods, moving to stand as well. "I'm glad I can help, even if it feels like I'll I'm doing is relaying to JARVIS for you. Oh, wait. JARVIS, while you're digging, could you also compare all of Lobo's past and present technologies with Stark tech? If anything is too similar, I want to know. "

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