Whack a Clint

July 25, 2015:

Clint gets a little mouthy during a gym session. The results are predictable.


One of the low security gyms set up for weapons practice.


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Clint is in one of several Triskelion gyms. One the low security ones near the front, since his security status isn't great right now. The one set up for those agents who like to practice with 'pre-modern weaponry'. There's enough of them that this is a thing. He's not, as might be otherwise expected, practicing with a bow. No, he's got a katana out and he's giving several dummies a working over as he goes through a live steel cutting exercise. Odd fact about swordplay, you can go through forms all you want, but you're still going to be awful if you never practice cutting. Hitting real people, or things with flesh and bones, is a whole different animal from forms.

Why is he doing that? Well he's upset. He's got a fair bit of reason to be since he happened to be near one of the op centers when news came through about the two non LMD prisoners taken during the raid on Pairs. It's not good news.

Kate has been getting a lot of practice with a blade lately, thanks to the arrival of Sir Ystin at the fencing club where she used to practice. One of the things she used to rarely have a chance to practice, as a result, has become one of the things she's gotten very good at.

She had an appointment to brief some of the SHIELD personnel on the last eighteen months of Clint, which was exhausting, despite the fact that she's begun to come to terms with what happened. She's frustrated enough after, though, that she's planning on taking advantage of the facilities.

'Pre-modern weaponry' is something that must practically call to Peggy Carter. Whiel she's still of the 20th century, it still feels like she's behind. All the newfangled equipment are great leaps of technology and help Agents, but there's a part of her that still likes the old fashioned. Not the ideals or the thoughts, but the weaponry, the clothing, the gadgets. While the Agent is usually dressed to the nines, today she's in work out clothes; they're a bit more army regulation looking than yoga or martial arts. Her usually pin-curled hair is swept back into a ponytail. Her make up is still perfect. It seems she's come down here in between things to work out some stuff, herself.

As she pushes through the door and sees Clint with a katana, she gives a nod, studying his form. She's more of a brawler and a shooter than someone who uses a sword, but she can appreciate people who have the proper form. "Rough day?" she asks. It seems everyone's here to try and forget some frustration or another. Truthfully, she could use the practice rooms upstairs, but she feels much more at home with all these other relics of a past time.

After all of the risks that had been taken Natasha is probably just as upset as Clint but she does a better job at masking her emotions; rarely letting them rise to the surface unless it was entirely appropriate or required. She would vent in her own way later.

"Practicing for round two?" She asks Clint, knowing that her former partner would know exactly what she meant.

A polite nod is offered to Peggy before she retrieves a blade from one of the weapons racks and removes her jacket, tossing it over one of the dummies. She intended to give Clint an actual opponent.

Melinda May arrives to practice as well. Unlike the others, though, it's not to bleed off any frustrations. She just practices diligently as often as possible. It's likely one of the very few reasons why she's still an active field agent at her age. She's carrying a duffel that appears to be rather heavy and she beelines toward one of the storage lockers in the room. Yes, she has her own storage locker. Why? Have you SEEN her weapon of choice? It's, quite literally, anything. Though her preferred weapons are the ones designed and made a century or more in the past.

Evidence? She sets the duffel down very gently by the locker, opens the storage cabinet, and pulls the first of her weapons of choice: a 1.5 meter length of shiny metal chain with a wooden handle on one end and a piece of red fabric obscuring the other end.

Closing the cabinet again, she looks around at all of the others then moves a good distance from all of them before setting the chain to spinning from one hand in almost lazy circles.

Clint looks over at the sudden influx of people. Well it had been a quiet gym. "Hang on a sec Nat, let me rehydrate… I'm not sure how good for real sparring I am right now." Because really, what he wants to do is cut things. The dummies tell that tale fairly eloquently, slashes and gashes all over them. The older archer keeps his blade sharp.

"Am I interrupting a meeting? I hope it's about the god damn security breach we had in England." That, just as Kate finds her way into the gym along with May. Ooops. You know he probably isn't supposed to know that. This is the problem when Barton has taken enough naps in the Tri to know which air vents carry sound.

Also, double oops, he might have made an effort not to swear if he knew who Peggy was. Speaking of, the woman gets an odd look from Clint not so much for the obvious things that might draw a look as for the anachronism present in her hairstyle and a few other minor tells. What? You can take the man out of spying, but you can't take the spy out of the man.

"Security breach?" Kate quirks a brow, of absolutely no help in not drawing attention to Clint's slip. "That sounds interesting." She's already had sword, bow, and hand-to-hand practice for the day, but there's always something new to work on. In this case, she reaches for a staff, weighing it in one hand. "Agents May, Carter, Romanov," she nods to the other women, stepping back to claim a space on the mats.

Peggy didn't realize the area would be so crowded. When she comes down here, she's used to having the space to herself. At the nod from Natasha, she returns it, moving toward the mats. She doesn't move toward the cabinets or the weapons.

Agent May is given a smirk as she pulls the chain out of the storage cabinet. Peggy's own weapons of choice tend to be whatever is at hand. Or a gun. Her method of fighting is more physical and throwing heavy objects around until the opponent falls over than any other sort of sophisticated fighting art.
"I'm not here for a meeting," she tells Clint, her British accent immediately apparent. "I certainly can't speak for anyone else, but it seems everyone is here seperately for the same thing." She certainly notices Clint's study of her, but she doesn't seem to do anything other than note it. "Though, if there's a security breach, I'd certainly be interested to hear the details." She can't place the blonde agent for the moment, nor did Kate actually say his name; she'll have to find out another way.

Kate's entrance into the rooms is met with a smile, though, her head tilts just slightly. "Miss Bishop, hello."

Natasha's eyebrows shot upward a little as Clint mentioned the security breach in England, he probably shouldn't have known about that; not yet anyways. She had only just found out when the news had come in.

"Why am I not surprised you already know Clint."

She leaned against one of the dummies, allowing Clint to explain to the others. Agent May's weapon is examined appreciatively from a distance; she would not want to be on the receiving end of that.

Agent Venom heads out to East Side.

Clint gives Nat a sheepish shrug. May and Natasha both know, as really, does Kate… he wasn't always the best about the 'need to know stuff' either in disseminating or… keeping his nose out of it. And this is personal…

"Nevermind how… I just do. They broke into that London… relic… and killed the prisoners and nuked the records." The archer blows out a frustrated sigh. Now their best chance for information, short of whatever was recovered during the interrogation itself, is with his double. And SHIELD would have to be insane to let him within a hundred yards of it.

Since Kate and May and 'Carter' aren't yet caught up and he's already rather let the cat out of the bag, the older archer turns to them to explain. "The prisoners from a raid on a clandestine information drop in France were taken to the SHIELD London holding facility. Which is… old. And has some security holes. It looks like someone exploited those holes rather expertly and robbed us our prisoners. And any information they could have provided. And it sounds like our investigators don't have the first clue who or how." Though Nat or May may gave some ideas on that front, given that they were present at the interrogation.

Great. Thanks for reminding her. May's expression doesn't change at all, but the chain in her hands starts whirring faster, almost to the point of blurring as she spins it around herself, catches it around an arm or a leg in a clearly repeated progression of motions, and then finally she kicks it away from herself, letting the chain go so it hurtles across the gym area to slam into one of Clint's practice dummies with enough force to knock it off of its stand.

"Well that's…just great." Kate takes the staff, stepping back and giving it a spin before thumping it into one of the dummies. "Did they get the 'bot?" she asks, thumping it twice more. Despite her frustration, she's still socially aware, looking between Clint and Peggy. "Agent Carter, this is Clint Barton, the original Hawkeye. And Agent Romanov, and Agent May. Clint, this is Agent Peggy Carter." She doesn't add the 'Cap's girlfriend' part. She's sensitive enough about those things herself.

Relic? London? Old SHIELD facility? Those all perk Peggy's ears, or more likely, she knows exactly what the place he's talking about. "The SSR Headquarters? From the War?" To say she knows the place well would be quite an understatement. Of course, when she knew of it was some 70 years ago. Who knows what additions or changes are added in now.

"It seems the sort of thing that SHIELD should mind very much about how you know," she tells Clint matter of factly. "Especially when it already involves a breach of security."

However, about then, May's chain goes hurtling off across the room to pummel right into the practice dummy. She doesn't start or make another other movement, though her shoulders tense, as if expecting an attack. It's habit. Her eyes flick toward Agent Romanoff, nearby the destruction before they return to the others.

The mention of 'Agent Barton' makes a few things start to click into place; mostly involving the recent report she read of him and his situation. So, the men they were speaking of were involved in that matter. She crosses her arms, this time she is the one that studies the original Hawkeye. "Agent Barton. I see." Reasons for him sticking his nose into the matter are becoming apparent. "I've had the pleasure of meeting Agent May previously." Then, she nods at the others as her greeting, "Agents."

"It's not that simple but we're working on it." Natasha replied matter-of-factly to Clint in regards to the information they had. She would never admit it, but it was a cause for alarm to her that Clint could get this kind of information so soon after a massive security breath.

She smiles a little at Agent Carter, she knew of the other woman primarily through reputation; although a very different one than her present appearance as a younger woman.

Moving over to the practice dummy that was knocked over, she rights it and retrieves May's weapon before offering it back to her.

Melinda May accepts the chain whip back from Natasha then goes back over to the cabinet. This time she pulls a double handful of wooden staff like things, one end of each carved to roughly resemble the sword Clint has been practicing with. She launches one through the air at the former archer, another at the young archer, another at Natasha (she'll figure something out), and then one last one is offered to Peggy 'hilt' first. May of course keeps one for herself, darker in color than the others, and clearly old enough to have seen a LOT of use.

"Yeah that's the one." Clint nods to Peggy as he steps off the mat. Kate's already going to town with that staff and May… well, no one wants to be in the way when May starts throwing things. He made an off color joke once on a field mission with her that had seen both of them hunkering down in an old movie theater. The resulting stale jujubee pelting is not something he cares to discuss. Or remember.


"SHIELD doesn't throw anything away, old facilities included. Someone probably needs to go give the place a once over but it's a warren and it's been rebuilt and rennovated so many times that there just aren't any good plans of what's there anymore. They'd need to find someone with, I dunno… dig up someone who remembers the place, if they don't all have dementia by now." Oh Clint…

Comes to that really it might not be bad for the JL:A to be involved, given how Clint-Bot compromised them as well.

"Nice staffwork. Been practicing?" The archer murmurs to Kate as she goes to work. "The LMD is in custody, yes. Last I heard." Not that they're exactly keeping him in the loop. He's… shall we say, emotionally compromised on this one.

"Not as much as I have been-" And right on cue, May's tossing her a sword. Kate drops the staff, reaching out to catch the sword in a smooth motion. She has been practicing. "Sword," she finishes, adjusting her grip with a spin. "Ystin's been practicing with me. Which is nice. Was hard to find a sparring partner for a while. Alex is pretty good, but less for pointing out the fine points where there could be improvement."

Peggy takes the wooden staff handed to her by May in one of her manicured hands. She's not exactly someone who fights with swords, but she's always open to learning new ways to render an enemy unconscious. Or dead. Immediately, she starts to balance it, moving it up and down to see how it feels in her hand. Her usual method of fighting is picking up whatever is handy, so it's unlikely she will use this wooden sword as a sword, but it should be interesting to see.

The smile from Natasha is met and returned with something more of a wry grin that turns into something much more neutral at Clint's words. Her head tilts to one side as she studies the man, wondering if he is either making a tasteless joke or truly does not know what he's just said to her. Even if he doesn't know Peggy Carter, there is also Steve. "Yes," she replies dryly. "I am sure that will be quite the hard resource to acquisition."

They all have weapons now and she grips the handle of the wooden sword a bit tighter, glancing at each of the others before she steps forward. She feels no need to tell Clint that she is that exact person who can help. Not at the moment, at least. "Shall we?"

The wooden sword was caught by Natasha after it's launched in her direction by Agent May and she twirls it around in her hand twice to test out the balance before waiting to see where this might be going.

Melinda May does even try to offer suggestions. She simply moves across to an open part of the room and waits for the others to pick sides or whatever. And while waiting she goes through a few basic katas to make sure she's sufficiently warmed up.

Clint is not a great swordsman. He's a good one, of course, but he's no master samurai when it comes to the blade. Still, this seems like a good time to arm himself with a bokken, since everyone else is doing so and he knows for a stone cold fact that neither Kate nor Nat nor May will mind taking a shot at him if he's unarmed.

What he doesn't know is that Peggy wouldn't mind it either. Far from it, really.

It's a good thing she's not telling him about her suitability for such a mission anyway. It's not like he could send her to England. May or Natasha, or again, even Kate in her role as a JL:A Councilor are far more able to do that.

"Well, frankly, someone needs to get on that." If there are clues to be hand the present agents are fairly - heh- clueless about them. "Meantime…" Clint feints for May and then turns and delivers a slice at Kate, wary eye on Black Widow as he goes.

And he's left his back totally exposed to Peggy.

For all how well she knows Clint is a bit of a sore spot at the moment, he's still the person Kate knows best in the world. By the time he's slicing at her, she's already taken a step to the side, bringing the training blade up to rap at his wrist. She wasn't lying when she said she'd been practicing, and more than one style, it seems. Those with an eye for it may see both a Japanese influence and a medieval influence on top of her usual fencing style. "Oh, so that's how you want to play it?" she smirks at the other Hawkeye. "That's cool." Which is when she winks at Peggy behind him. Carte blanche.

Since it seems that everyone is lined up and ready for action, it may be no suprise to those that know her or her reputation - apparently everyone but Clint Barton - that Peggy is the one that starts the fight. She's no sword fighter, but she's fought against men who were. She may not have fencing or training in this particular weapon, but she can use a length of a wooden object as a blunt object. Using the bokken more like a length of a lead pipe than a sword, she lunges forward. While her sword play is sloppy, her footing and her attack posture is not.

Unluckily for Clint, the one person he thought didn't have anything against him is the one that goes for him first. The wooden sword aims straight for legs, attempting to sweep them out from underneath him. Whether it lands or not, she's still moving - aware that there are three other combatants in this fight and she has no idea who might be attacking who.

Natasha had nothing against Clint either, in fact she felt kind of sorry for him; so she just lets him deal with Peggy and Kate, no sympathy at all.

She watches May out of the corner of her eye, but doesn't get involved just yet, smirking as she watches Clint, "Hands full?"

Melinda May steps out of her practice moves making it almost look like she'd planned it, moving to block Clint's feint and then following him as he instead slices at Kate. However, while Bishop is trying for his wrist, she's aiming a bit lower. Sweep the knee… wait, someone else already trying that tactic. So, let's go for a surprise. Instead of taking a swing at Clint, her bokken moves to block Peggy's attack. Don't get used to it, Barton.

Clint goes down in a tumble as Peggy knocks his legs out from under him and May's own block stops her follow through (stops it inches from his face but that's another matter). The only male present in the room rolls off to the side and stands… back. He may not be a strategist but he's good at reading situations. And in the words of a wise computer, the only winning move here is not to play.

Not that it'll matter a whole lot. He may have inadvertantly given folks some work to do… and they may want parting shots before they get to it.

Kate steps back as the others move in on Clint, turning a wry smile on Natasha. "It's good for him, right?" she chuckles. She's not picking a fight with either Nat or May, though. Even Kate knows there's some fights she doesn't want to be the aggressor in."

As Peggy's blade sweeps Clint's legs out from under him it also then clacks readily against May's with the distinct wooden sound absorbing into the mats. She gives a barely perceptible nod at May and then disengages her blade, taking a few steps backward without exposing her back. It all only takes moments. Perhaps the quick bout is over before it really began, but she feels a little better having helped knock Clint over. She almost grins at Kate and Natasha's comment, but decides that's not what she'll comment on.

The part of Peggy that still needs to prove herself is still alive and well, even if most of the people who actually might have thought that proof necessary have since grown old and died. But, still, all she says is, "Not bad for a relic, I believe," she smirks at Clint, again without explanation. If he's who he's supposed to be, he can figure that out on his own. Still, she'll lend her help to those who are actually in charge of this mission after leaving.

May lets Peggy back off of the impromptu free-for-all, and as soon as it's clear that the British Agent is standing down, she does as well, lowing her wooden sword and then bowing to Peggy and Clint and Kate. Must observe proper form, after all.

During the middle of the Battle Royale, Natasha had gotten a call to deal with an ongoing situation. Without a word she slipped out of the area and headed for the upper levels of the Triskelion. Dun Dun Dun.

Well it didn't turn into a whack-a-Clint-for-all. Which is fine by Clint. He'd rather save that game for LMD, him. "Uh…" Agent Carter's parting shot has his brain working overtime. He's just about realized what's going on by the time she's gone. Well… that'll be fun.

May's bow is returned shockingly. "Well, thanks for the workout Nat. Nat?" Wait. She's gone.

"She does that." Clint sighs. She really does. One of the few who can get past the prior 'Hawkeye'. "Okay, that's enough mat time for me. I'm gonna catch lunch and go meet with my Psychiatrist again. Either of you would be welcome company." That's more for Kate than May. But you know, if May wants to come and doesn't spend the whole time glaring at him…

Either way he's picking up his towel and gatorade and is on his way out.

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