A Trip to Medical

July 27, 2015:

Clint stops by Nat's hospital room to see her.

SHIELD Medical

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Hospital beds weren't an environment that Natasha enjoyed, but at least she got her own room with a nice view outside of the Triskellion; small comforts for being shot in the stomach. It wouldn't be the first time Clint had seen her like this and she never enjoyed being weak, even with the serum from the red room; it would take her another day or two to recover.

If it was up to her, she would have already gone back on duty; the doctors couldn't stop her but she knew how The Director could be.

She's presently sitting up in the bed with a tablet in her hands, looking through shield's databases for information on the woman who shot her.


Clint's… er. In the area. Don't ask why. Okay it's probably not a huge secret that he's been undergoing observation and a rather massive psych eval. He's even got the papers to prove it, a whole file full of them. What exactly he intends to do with them… well that you probably shouldn't ask.

He did remember that Nat was hurt their last time out though and he knows that as good as she is, she's probably still laid up. So he thought he'd come visit her while she can't get up and kick his ass. By way of recompense, he's brought her coffee. SHIELD standard, which means it's awful. "Hey there Nat. Doc said that they did everything they could, but you're gonna live."


The tablet was turned off by Natasha when Clint entered and set down beside her on the bed, not that there was anything important on it to see. Her eyebrows raised just a little bit when Clint told her she was going to live and she laughed, "I thought I had died and went to heaven." She gestured around the drab interior before reaching out for the coffee, "Thanks for passing on the good news Nurse Barton."


"Yeah well, I had to meet my quota for the month." Barton snarks. His humor is recovering but it's still not all there. Heart's not really in it. "Seriously though, how you feeling? Docs taking care of you?" He hands Nat her coffee and has to juggle his a bit before he gets that massive file into his free hand.


The coffee is taken greatfully and Natasha sips it, of course Clint knew just how she liked it, "Consider your quota met. The doctors have been about as.. good as you could expect." She looked towards the file, trying to distract herself from thoughts about the woman who shot her. The Red Room was something she didn't talk about with anyone, secrets were secrets because you kept them.

"What's in the file?"


"This?" Clint lifts the small novel in file form currently occupying his left hand. "Oh, doctors notes, medical forms, interviews and my latest set of orders." He blows out a sigh. "They're pulling me from active service and putting me in front of a medical review board. It'll start pretty soon." The board will determine whether or not SHIELD keeps him as an agent.


"I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, not going to say I'm pleased with you being pulled from active duty." Natasha sipped the coffee looking displeased, "Who is going to watch my back if you're not around?"


"Oh they'll find you a dedicated back watcher I'm sure. May? That P guy. What's his name? Paul… no, Phil. Yeah, maybe that guy. Or… does Captain America still work with us?" He's trying to catch up on all the changes to the SHIELD roster since he's been gone. "Anyway it's not like I'll pack up and leave town if I'm 'retired'." Though you know it may curtail certain options requiring security clearances.


"It won't be the same, so you better make sure that you jump through whatever hoops they ask you." Natasha wasn't looking forward to the prospect of a new partner after a decade but she would figure it out, she always did, "Besides, I can't see you ever 'retiring'."


Clint snorts. "I don't think I have it in me to just retire either. Well, not from doing things. From SHIELD… I might not have a choice… and I'm thinking I need to go have a talk with the JL:A too…" He shrugs. "Fun fun. But you don't need to worry about that. Just get better."


"I don't envy you having to deal with the JL:A. That's going to be rough on a lot of them." Natasha tried to smile reassuringly, "You never told me how it went with your young paramour, what's going to happen?"


"We'll take things one day at a time." Clint says quietly. "When you get down to it that may be the one good thing that robot did." Beat. "Speaking of, let me know how his interrogation goes. I doubt they'll let me anywhere near it." Probably with good reason. He'd probably kill it. A lot. With fire.


"I'll let you know, even if I'm probably not supposed to. You can count on it Clint." Natasha raised the cup of coffee a little, "I owe you." Clearly, she didn't just owe him for a cup of coffee after so long.

Clint just winks. Whatever he thinks of what she owes him she probably already knows. "I'd better get this to MedRec then. Get better soon Nat. I'll see you around."


"Good luck." Natasha leaned back and sipped her coffee as she looked over the tablet once more. She had way too much on her mind to be stuck here in the medbay.

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