Leaving and Returning

August 09, 2015:

Kitty returns to the Institute and sees Pietro again.

Xavier's Institute


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Fade In…

The Institute has not really seen Kitty in quite awhile. There has been Hell, then recovery, then Limbo. It's been a rough month and a half for the young phasing mutant. However, the brunette arrives at Xavier's at the front gate. Lockheed perches protectively on her shoulder.

For the moment, she doesn't quite approach, staying in the treeline. She feels strange and out of place here at the moment, worried. Leaning against one of the trunks, she waits for a few moments to gather herself. Lockheed flutters upward into one of the branches.

Quicksilver hasn't been around much, either. It will get him in hot water with Scott once the two cross paths, but he's only checked in enough to let the other X-folks know he's still alive. He's been disengaged from nearly everything that's been going on. He's stopped sewing. His room is full of half-finished projects.
If it weren't for the fact that Kitty happens by during one of his check-ins, they might have missed each other for another several weeks. There's a rustle of wind, then there's Pietro, standing just over his left shoulder. "Hi."

The quick appearance of Pietro might not have normally startled her. However, Kitty's been a little jumpy lately. She gives a yelp of surprise and whirls around, phasing and shoving at Pietro. Of course, being phased, her hands just pass right through him. Seeing it's him, she takes a deep breath and solidfies again. "Pietro," she says, nervous.

Putting a hand on her chest she gives him a weak smile. "Hey. It's…I know it's been awhile. I got kind of…lost."

Quicksilver is very hard to read at this moment. He's not smiling, but he's not frowning either. It's sort of a stony displeasure. "Yeah," he says, "You did." He looks down at his chest when she phases her hands in, then steps back even as she pulls back. He looks at her for a long moment before murmuring. "Glad you're okay."

Kitty is not terrible at reading faces or emotions. However, her jumpy nature is, at least, something that makes some sort of sense. "Generally speaking," she replies. As he steps back, she rests a solid hand against the tree. Lockheed flutters downward to rest on her shoulder again.

"I'm sorry," she says softly. "I wasn't…I was trying to help a friend. I kind of just leapt after him and then I was in Hell. A real hell. A different plane. I couldn't get back."

Quicksilver drops his head and looks at a patch of ground. His hair falls into his face. "I looked for you," he says, quietly. "Everywhere." And when a speedster says that, he means everywhere. "But you were gone. I started to think you didn't want to be found."

Fingers pick at the wood of the trunk, her own head tilting toward the safe tree as opposed to looking at him. "I wasn't…I wasn't anywhere, though," Kitty tells him. "I wish you could have found me." The memory of the different levels of hell, the difficulty, the hunger, the thirst, she shivers. "It was horrible."

"I'm sorry that this happened to you, Kitty," says Pietro. "You were…I…" He starts to say something. He turns back around and bangs on a tree hard enough that his hand blurs for a moment. The leaves shake. A bird squaks and takes off. "Magic is bad news."

Kitty doesn't jump at the punching the tree. For a little bit, she's silent. "I was just trying to help someone," she sighs. "I would help him again." Even after all the things that happened afterward. "It's not all bad news. It can help people."

"I have only seen it destroy," says Pietro. His voice is tight and quiet. "You haven't seen what it's done to my sister. It…gets away from you. It makes you think you're in control, but you never are." He inhales sharply. "You can make your own decisions, but I don't…I'm not sure I can watch you go down this road, Kitty."

"I'm not…" Kitty looks down, sighing. "I'm not trying to become powerful at this. I'm not in it for that. I just want to protect people." She doesn't look up at Pietro, worried. "I'm not going down any road. But, I have friends who understand this and need my help." She finally looks over at him. "I don't want to lose you, though." She pauses. "Not as…not as a friend, not as anything."

"I don't know what to do," Pietro admits. "I can't…I won't condescend to you and demand you stay away from magic. That isn't my place. Not at all. But you have to understand how serious it is. I grew up around magic. I have only ever seen it hurt. Or it helped, but only to trick you into a place where it hurts you." For the most part, he manages to keep an American-sounding accent. It's clear in the moment that it takes conscious effort, as the Transian leaks back into his voice. "Some people can wield it, but it's so few. And you already have so much power without magic. You can do so much good as you are."

"I'm not learning it to make deals with devils or to move mountains or anything," Kitty tells him. "I just want to know more about it, so if something's coming after me and it uses it, I can defend myself. And the people I care about. My powers don't work the same when magic's around. It can get to me even when I'm phased." She frowns, watching him.

"I'm sorry about your sister," she tells him, sincerely. "I don't know what happened with her or with the both of you, but I'm not trying to belittle it. I know magic's dangerous and I know it's serious. I don't know how else I can assure you about that."

"And I don't know how I can make you understand why it scares the shit out of me to see you going anywhere near this stuff." Pietro's expression is pained, and maybe even a little heartbroken. He digs his hands deep into his pockets, then looks away. "If you're going to do this, you need people around you who are going to make sure you do it safely. I can't be that. I will never be comfortable with it." He looks off towards the city itself. "I've been thinking of going away for a bit. I'm not used to staying in one place."

Lockheed hops from her shoulder to the ground as Kitty moves forward. It's only a step or two, but she reaches a hand out to him when he looks away. It's a gentle one, easy to get away from. "I'm not going to be doing this all the time. I just want to know what I'm up against." She's heard him talk about leaving more than a few times, but the fact that he might actually do puts another frown on her face. "Don't…don't go."

Pietro doesn't reach for the hand, but he doesn't step away, either. He stays in one place. He pulls one hand out of his pocket and rubs his chin. "I don't know if I'm cut out for this hero thing. I've only ever looked after myself and my sister. It's…weird caring for anyone else."

The hand just rests gently on his arm. Kitty doesn't look up at him as he talks. "You are," she tells him, voice soft. "You're smart and you've helped other people. But, I can't tell you what you want and I can't make you stay. I think caring for other people is a good thing, though."

Pietro still hasn't looked up. When she touches him, his arm tenses. His face tightens. "I thought I lost you, Kitty. You were just…gone." Just like Wanda. "Even when I figured out it had to be magic, I kept looking. But there were some places I was…too afraid to go."

"I'm sorry." And she really sounds it. "I really was gone. I didn't know how to get back, but John did. He and Jesana…they helped me." The hand on his arm tightens just slightly, no longer just a gentle grip.

"It wasn't the magic. I didn't have to go," she tells him. "Something had John and he jumped into a portal thinking it'd save us. Jesana went. I just…I jumped after him to try and pull him back or to help him. I wasn't even thinking about it. I couldn't just leave him." That's not in her nature. "But, I came back. I'm back."

Pietro is very still for a moment. Then he suddenly reaches out and pulls her into a hug. He buries his face against her neck. He clings and inhales a sharp breath. He doesn't say anything at all, just holds her tight, almost to the point of discomfort.

Kitty wraps her arms around Pietro when he pulls her into a hug. It's almost uncomfortable, but she doesn't phase or attempt to extricate herself. Instead, a hand rests on the back of his neck and the other arm rests on his back. "I'm sorry," she repeats softly, but this time she's not quite sure why she's apologizing.

"I'm glad you're okay," Pietro murmurs, the words muffled against her neck. He pulls in a short, sharp breath, then rocks back, mumbling, "Need a little time. I'll be around." And then before she can stop him, he disappears in a sudden silver blur. He's not really good at this vulnerability thing. That's part of why he doesn't stay anywhere for very long.

Kitty could try and keep a hold of Pietro, to either drag herself behind him for a bit or keep him here. Instead, though, she lets him go. He needs time and space, apparently. He's gone in a blur and Kitty sighs, crossing her arms in front of her. Lockheed dutifully hops back up onto her shoulder. It takes her a little while, but she turns again and walks her way back to the Institute.

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