Let There Be Darkness: The Fall of Thames

August 09, 2015:

Members of the JLA are called to retrieve a package from Thames House, but disaster strikes again…

Millton, London


NPCs: Adam, various citizens, Thangarians



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Adam remains by his desk as he picks up the phone, the receiver pressed to his ear as he gives a faint nod.

'Correct Sir. Yes. Hawkgirl of the JL:A Avengers should be en-route in one hour.'
'As far as I know, the package itself is secure.'

The package, a spider like entity that rests upon the table within the labs of the Thames House, has been emitting a beacon for three weeks since its arrival, gone unnoticed due to being packaged and sealed away within the vault inside of the lab for safe keeping, attendants periodically check to see that the case it was held in was there, but not the actual spider-like creature itself.

'Already? It looks like she arrived early.'

Adam steps away from his desk, ordering his subordinates into action as the two men follow him to the lab. The briefcase was retrieved from the vault and promptly, the men head up to the roof to await Shayera's arrival.


Portals begin to open close to the moon, creating a glittery effect across the sky. The nighttime seemed pristine and with that added effect, it made the stars shine a little more brightly across city landscapes, cutting through thick smog and building lights until it all fades.


Shayera lands with her full regalia upon the roof, it was certain that she did in fact call a few heroes just in case things go awry, in which Shayera is involved, they likely would.

'You're early.'
'Adam, I've no time for snide remarks. Hand me the package and I'll be on my merry.'
'But you haven't called.'
'I've no need.'

Adam laughs as he lifts the briefcase to hand over to the woman in Nth, her clawed fingers clutching the handles with a slight grasp as she brings it down to her side.

'Shayera, about the other night. I didn't mean to —-'


The laser fire cuts past Shayera's cheek, bloodying it with a thin line, yet straight through the head of Adam, who falls back upon the rooftop, dead.


The sound drives armored wings up to block the two men escorting Adam from the same fate, her body whipping around to slam her free hand against her chest to summon the Mace made of Nth which is soon fired to life. "GET TO COVER!"

The sky opens up above the house Thames, buzzing and chittering that spans across the city as the swarm of spiders bear down upon the denizens, their arms extending to grasp at least two of them up to carry over the city skylights.

+MEET: Superman has arrived via +meet.

Fenris comes into FRP Room #2 from FRP Ready Room.

There's a ripple in the fabric of time, a way opens, down near the Thames River, just under the rooftop where Shayera stands, out steps a tallish woman, with a harsh visage, grey eyes and long strawberry blonde hair.

Seeing the hail of spiders falling from the sky, she pulls the silver torc from her neck and it immediately forms a spear, the bracer on her left wrist expands to a small, but lightweight, shield. "What in Odin's name is this?" The words murmured as she sweeps the spear at the spiders that drop to the ground near her.

Green Lantern had been hovering over the Atlantic, using his power ring for the purpose the Guardians surely envisioned - Netflix. He's about halfway through the newest season of Orphan Black when he suddenly picks up the squeal of Shayera's JLa signal. She'd told him to stay on guard in case anything went wrong and, judging from the sudden spatial anomalies popping up all over the place according to his ring's sensory array, went wrong is kind of an understatement. Blew the fudge up is probably more appropriate, albeit not quite as profane as Hal himself would put it.

Sheathed in green energy, he streaks to London, seeing the spider's arriving and, gritting his teeth, he broadcasts on the JLA com-channel, "Hey, Green Lantern here, don't mean to put anyone off their Cheerios, but we got a giant friggin' buttload of mechanical space spiders making London into their personal waterspout. So, I'm gonna play the part of the rain and wash the spider right the hell out and if anybody wants to join me, I would suuuuuuuurely appreciate it," he says.

A big disturbance like this was sure to draw the attention of The Watchtower, especially with one of their own involved.

Supergirl had been in the middle of fighting a group of bad guys with Caitlin when the call to head to England came in and she sighed a little, "Looks like you're coming with me, trouble in England."

She just assumed Caitlin would want to help, so she grabbed her by the shoulders and flew off towards England. It was going to take a bit, "Sorry, there's no in flight movies."

"Hmm?" Caitlin had lost reception on her phablet-sized sPhone less than a mile from the coast of New York, but apparently the ever-resourceful intern had installed a few good videogames on it. "It's all good, I'm playing X-com," she informs Kara, looking quite comfortable despite the chill of the plunging ocean air and the incredible speeds Kara attains. If she's cold or even irritated by debris, it doesn't show, and the flight proceeds fairly quickly with neither of them being bothered by the sort of thing that one normally flies at 35,000 feet in a Concorde to avoid.

Unaware of the situation beyond the terse explanations Kara offers, translated from her Official JLA Decoder Ring Headset, Caitlin doesn't focus on the situation until they've got eyes on it. She puts her phone in her little daybag and grips it firmly with one hand, waiting to stow it under a rock once they touch down. For once, she's actually dressed for the party, wearing her green and purple leotard and stompy purple boots. No ruined clothes for this girl, today!


Amidst the ruins of an ancient city, Superman's eyes snap open at the distinct tone of his JLA communicator. Hovering in lotus posture above a crumbling tower, he orients himself towards the blue marble while Shayera lays out the situation, but otherwise doesn't move— not yet. He only needs to intervene if things go awry, she said.

When they inevitably do, he fills his lungs with misplaced atmosphere, narrows his eyes, and—


— a blue and red comet darts through the uppermost layers of spiders, explosions unfolding in its wake as twin ribbons of fire endeavor to sweep the skies clean.

"Superman is on the scene," he transmits to his teammates.

In an office half way around the world, an alert is sounded in Dario's company Roxxon. Satellites detect portal activity and a plan moves into action like a well oiled machine. A team of scientists boards a large jet with a massive sensor array. "Go! Go! Go!" the voices of armed agents can be heard as they board helicopters for deployment.

Dario is alerted by a young woman in a red dress. His personal assistant, "Sir." she says as she opens the door to his private bedroom without knocking. Dario is playing Call of Valor on his high speed connection, "Yeah, eat that frag b*! Eat it like your daddy's **!" he yells as he sits there playing in his Iron Man pajamas. His avatar gets shot but not killed and he spins on the shooter yelling into the mike, "Oh! You want some you noob!? I'll eat your ing liver, rip off your head and in the hole!"

"Sir?" she asks again, "Sir, the Jumpgate protocol has been activated. The research team is on it's way. You said to notify you.." she says timidly. Dario nods his head and says, "The team that gets me the data I want gets a raise, fire the rest, if they refuse to go fight fire their families, with napalm." he says then he goes back to his game. Competition brings out the best in your employees!

Fenris emerges behind the other woman, glancing around with a vaguely disapproving look. He may not be JL:A anymore but he does still keep an eye on things. He always has. And of course he knows the Hawkwoman who us currently bleeding from her cheek. "That's not normal. Hello Shayera. What's going on here?" Astryd had mentioned getting that feeling from this area. A very Valkyrie feeling to have. It's not good.

GAME: Hawkgirl has set the pose order to Hawkgirl (emits), Astryd, Hal, Supergal, Fat-Caitlin, Superman, Minute-Bar, & Fenris.

The situation itself was divulging fast; people were being picked up off of the ground mid-run and shucked high into the air, tossed from one spider to the next to draw them upwards into the sky. A little mechanism from the belly of the spider injects itself into their spine, testing..



And drops. Yes. The spiders are picking people and testing their blood to find 'that one', only to drop them to the ground to their deaths or to serious bodily harm, or a fate much, much more worse.

The swarm that aimed at the Thames House was thick with them, the little clacking of their mechanisms bursting them into full speed as the mace was soon drawn forward and the electricity begins to dart out.

One down. Two down. Ten.

Nothing was spared for the beasts that took down a 747 just months prior. "Lantern, it looks like your buddies are back." She says into her comms, taking up position before the two men as they kneel near the fallen Adam's body to unleash their own hell in the form of bullets.

'Adam is down, I repeat, Adam is down.' Agent One says.
'Get the director to the safe room!' The other says into his own unit.
'Evacuate Home Base. Situation Alpha, One, Niner, Five, Two; Protocol Zero!'

The emergence of Fenris and Astryd gain a nod, her jaw tensing as she points up towards the sky. "That's the situation." Heard across the comms. Look alive people, the swarms are coming in!

A barrel rolls towards the three, moving in a cylindrical shape as it slams down upon the roof of Thames, forming into something of a larger construct which is practically immune to the electricity that fires. Shayera takes a slow step back, her eyes wide as she looks towards Fenris and Astryd.. and then to the city as a whole..

"We have to move fast! DESTROY THEM ALL!" Is sent through the coms, as if they had to tell everyone twice.

GAME: Hawkgirl has set the pose order to Hawkgirl (emits), Astryd, Hal, Supergal, Fat-Caitlin, Superman, Minute-Bar, & War-Mount.

GAME: Hawkgirl has set the pose order to Chicken-lady (emits), Ask-spits, Halibutt, Supergal, Fat-Caitlin, Supertoots, Minute-Bar, & War-Mount.

"At least we know why I was summoned, God-Wolf." Holding her shield in front of her, spear at the ready, black and grey wings that rise above her head with tips that sweep ground appear behind her "I shall be busy this day."

With a powerful leap, the grey eyed woman leaps into the sky, to gain a vantage of the barrel that's slammed down in front of them, launching herself towards it, to arrest it's progress.

Hal streaks into London and his energies ride with him spreading out as as line of emerald fighter jets suddenly manifest in the air, each of them guided by his own piloting instincts, "Yeah, I remember 'em. I guess there's a reason the phrase isn't "What happens in North Dakota stays in North Dakota". Cause, really, what the hell happens in North Dakota?"

"Coming in hot, JLA, keep your belts buckled. Except you, Hawk, just try not to murder anyone with your belt, your belt is probably a lethal weapon or something. Supergirl, keep an eye on the new girl. Superman, stop speaking in the third person, you're freaking everybody out. Green Lantern, keep being awesome, you're making everybody proud," he says.

His jets start to fire, unleashing blasts of emerald plasma energy and assaulting the spiders at every turn, streaking between buildings, doing barrel rolls, all the stuff that makes Hal happy, really, the stuff that always made his superior officers lose their minds and generally want to rip his head off if he wren't so gosh darn good.

"Uh Cool.."

As soon as they arrive, Kara tells Caitlin, "I need to save the people being dropped. You can handle yourself, right?" She doesn't wait for a response as she sets Caitlin down on a rooftop near the action.

Her focus is on saving the people being dropped and destroying the occasional arachnoid while she does so.

Caitlin starts to reply, but then she's dropped unceremoniously on the rooftop. "Well, yeah, but- hey! Supergirl! Hey!" she shouts, as Kara soars off to deal with some arachnoids. She flaps her arms once, bare fingertips slapping on her hip.

"Well, fine, guess I'll just figure this out," she mutters, very under her breath. She kicks a skipping bootstep on the roof, eying the situation with a practiced eye for strategy; she's not exactly flummoxed. "'No, you don't need the secret decoder ring or anything, just jump in ohmygodit'safreakingJLA convention," she suddenly gets out, eyes bugging to the size of saucers. Superman, Supergirl, Hawkgirl… some… okay, don't know the warrior girl or the wolf, and then Green Lantern, on top of that?

Caitlin very carefully sets her little satchel aside, making a mental note of where she left it. "Gotta get a selfie with the Lantern," she mutters, watching him soar past overhead. "Soooo cooooool."

"all right, let's do this! LEEEEEEEEEEEEEROOOOY JEEEEEENKIIIINS!" she shouts, leaping from the roof with an explosion of force. Shouting 'waaaahooo!' she flies through the air like a redheaded missile and shoulder-checks an arachnoid hard enough to knock it flying sideways. With brutal and efficient motions- kicking, twisting, and crunching- she rips one of the legs away, crippling the monster slightly.

Fenris snaps his rod up and begins to spin it. "It's going to get a little bit choppy flying. Sorry." The wind starts to pick up, spinning and swirling in response to the God-Wolf's motions.

And then he starts to direct it, lashing out at one of the spiders, lifting it up and hurling it with hurricane force into the nearest group. He's on the move now, blade out. If he has to apply more than that, well, messy doesn't even begin to describe how it's going to be.

The Man of Steel's trail of devastation comes to an abrupt halt once he spots the bodies falling from the spiders' grasp with blood spooling out from their puncture wounds. By that point, there are perhaps half a dozen of the creatures clinging to his body with the tips of their limbs caught against the fabric of his costume and the tips of their needles bent.

"Superman would appreciate it if Green Lantern could give him a hand with a big, green double-decker bus, or life raft," he transmits, mirth trickling into his voice for just a moment as he gathers what civilians he can in a protective embrace. Strong as he is, his arms are only so large; he can only care so many people before having to find somewhere - a parking garage turns out to be the most enticing spot in the vicinity - to deposit them.

"Or few fighter jet rides, even. If you can, that is. I'm sure you have your hands full." Professional tone: re-engaged. One by one, spiders are flung from his body as he darts away from the garage; others are knocked out of the sky, their talons mere inches away from capturing fresh prey. "Supergirl: can you and Green Lantern contain the situation in the skies?"

Bursts of heat vision drop the occasional spider or two as one of the portals looms ever larger before him. The discharges are less cataclysmic than the first salvo now that Supergirl and Green Lantern have thinned their ranks and more of the spiders are amongst the civilians.

"There's something I'd like to take a look at."

Superman accelerates.

LOGNOTE: Add the last line to Superman's pose.

Some people can't fly at the speed of light or teleport with magic or be summoned. This is something Dario intends to have corrected. Satellites scan the area focusing on the portal technology. Three teams of researchers in three different jets move towards the location from different bases. Armed troops accompany them in slower, less advanced vehicles.

Back in the office, Dario's personal assistant Prudence is busy trying to please her boss. She walks into a communication room and looks at the screens getting an update. Her confidence falters as she sees the portal readings wink out. "Damn it!" she yells, "Someone get the team leads on the line. I want those locations scanned. I don't care if they have to put on a jetpack and do it by hand. I want all residual readings recorded and sent back to the labs!" then she points at one of the other men, "You, Order the ground forces to capture and contain as many of the invaders as we can. We need them alive!" then she points at another com officer, "You! Get me someone in charge down there! I want a scavenger team on the ground -yesterday-! We can't let S.H.I.E.L.D. beat us to it! Hire locals if you have to! Just throw bodies at it -now-!" she yells as she reaches up to rub the back of her neck with worry.

The first team is still several minutes out.. They aren't going to make it… "Please let them make it.." she whispers in a desperate prayer.

Progress was not arrested, the large construct swings a large, mechanical paw in the way of Astryd, as another limb strikes out to try to pluck Shayera from her posture. The third hand swipes at the air as she ducks, wings held high, pointed towards the sky as a low spin rips it's fingers asunder. With an uprise and a slam down of that hand, electricity shoots through the being, creating a light show that keeps the construct moving and focused to swipe at the Valkyrie.

'Evacuation sequence initiated.' Is heard through the coms of Agent One and Two, and as they lay suppression fire down, they back away towards the door of Thames to get the hell out of dodge.

"My belt is fi.." A blast of spiders crash into the apex of her back, launching her forwards as her wings kick up to jettison her into the air, the row of spiders following and encasing her into an egg like shield, which was soon broken as she flies -DOWN—-!

This creates a crater in the roof of Thames, as the floors are penetrated and broken with various spiders falling from the column due to impact inactive.

"Supergi— *zpptpzppt* assis— *ztptptptz*.." Was the last thing that was heard from Shayera, she done broke hers stuff.

A new threat assessed as Caitlin bursts into the scene, perhaps it was her warcry, but a small column of those very same spiders begin to make their way to the woman at frightening speeds.

Fenris' efforts prove worthy, the spider shattering just like glass due to the might of the wind he creates; but there was a pattern forming here, because those rows were soon forming to follow him as well.

'Thank you Superman!'
'We love you Superman!'
'Be careful out there!'

The rescuee's sing out, as one of them wisely begins to check a row of cars to see if one of them is open. Success!

'Guys, in here!'

They filter into the car, and promptly lock the doors behind them. Yet, with one portal still open, shrinking by the minute.. it looks as if he'd make it just in time..

With Dario's team being minutes out, they begin to pick up noise coming from their hull.




Knocked back by the paw, Astryd goes tumbling through the air, finally managing to right and steady herself - just in time for the beam of electricity to shoot for her. With a powerful down beat of her wings, the Valkyrie rises, narrowly missing being hit and flies back towards the construct, spear settled to pierce it… if she can.

Hal Jordan watches a few of his fighters get spider-fied, crinkling his nose - he doesn't like having his constructs broken. He could've made them stronger, by having fewer of them, by focusing, but, well, you don't get shock and awe by flying in with, like, two jets. Still, he probably needs to focus on being more efficient, at the moment, and less impressive. These things don't seem particularly prone to intimidation anyway.

"Roger, Roger, Dodger, Dodger, Superman, don't you worry your sweet Kryptonian tuchus, GL is coming to the rescue!" he says, swinging in above Superman to help clear away a few of the spiders that are pestering him, unleashing raw blasts of emerald energy - he could make, like, a gun or something, but, frankly, these things are starting to piss him off and his whimsy supply is starting to get a little low.

When he hears Shayera crackle, he mutters, "Dammit, Hawks, if you got yourself dead, I'm gonna kill you…" he murmurs, focusing, indeed, on the skies as he starts to assault the warps in space themselves, trying to close off the spider's ability to add reinforcements.

Spotting the spiders scuttling towards her, Caitlin grabs a nearby signpole and rips it out of the ground like a girl pulling a weed from soft soil. She whips it around like a baton and smacks aside the first few spiders that venture too near her, snapping the metal pole with a total disregard for its mass to the point where the metal starts to bend and warp from the violent accelerations.

Spotting the spiders scuttling towards her, Caitlin grabs a nearby signpole and rips it out of the ground like a girl pulling a weed from soft soil. She whips it around like a baton and smacks aside the first few spiders that venture too near her, snapping the metal pole with a total disregard for its mass to the point where the metal starts to bend and warp from the violent accelerations.

"Uhh… got a lot of these scrubs, here!" Caitlin shouts, her voice a clear and loud klaxon. "I'm not much for crowd control!" She takes two big steps back, tenses her thickly muscled legs, and leaps into the air like a loosed spring. At the apex of her jump she spots the largest of the constructs, the big monster slapping at Valkyrie and Hawkgirl, and narrows her eyes before landing.

"Civilians on the roof two blocks south!" she shouts, cupping her hands to give focus to her boomingly loud voice, easily heard by anyone within six blocks, living or dead. "Fliers, move them out! I've got scrubs on the ground moving… east!" she says, taking a wild moment to orient herself. "They're squishy but there's lots of 'em!" She lands, adjusts her aim, and leaps again- this time, she hurls the sign post like a hyperkinetic javelin at the back of the creature's head. Her leap carries her straight towards that armored carapace and she flexes her hands, preparing to start poking a hole in the monster's back the moment she connects.

"Um, you guys hold the skies. Shay needs help." Kara wasn't certain of it, but she wasn't about to let her friend handle whatever was going on alone, "Sorry Kal, Green Lantern."

Intense focus was used as she listened for Shayera's heartbeat to try and find her location before flying full speed towards the other girls location, "Hold on Shay, I'm coming…" Even if the other girl couldn't hear her, she hoped she would notice her.

Emerald blasts sizzle past Superman's speeding form on their way into the portal, setting his cape fluttering at an odd angle and causing him to jerk sharply away from one that gets entirely too close for comfort. Shortly afterwards, he joins Green Lantern's rays in piercing the rift, his eyes shrinking down to narrow points of determination as he steels himself for whatever awaits him.

Between heartbeats, evening melts into infinite darkness. Stars shrouded by man-made hubris explode into a sea of brilliant points; the screams and cheers swirling through the city at his back are consigned to disturbing memory in the void.

Superman's jaw clenches shut and he wishes he'd thought to take a deep breath.

And there before his eyes, looming amidst the stellar ocean is a ship composed of materials that he's only seen fewer than five instances of on Earth— all of which happen to lie in the hands of the same woman. Its great wingspan is feathered with enough weapons to crush an army in nigh on poetic fashion. The Man of Steel's eyes widen; red flickers against blue, only to cool as he attempts to contact the team.

"Hawkgirl, what's your status? I'm looking at what may be a Thanagarian space vessel near Earth's orbit," he transmits in high-speed morse code, fingers drumming against his earpiece. He doesn't entirely know whether or not the message will make it back to Earth at all, much less in time to be of any use, but it's worth a shot.

"I'm going— "


"The— human emerging from the portal…" one of the vessel's engineers begins, alarm evident in his voice and rising with each word. A bevy of monitors depict Superman from several (frontal) angles, each zooming gradually closer as scanner readouts scroll along the margins. "Scanners confirm the absence of any life support equipment, and— "

One by one, the screens close in on the 'S' adorning his chest.

"— our databases— that symbol— it is Kryptonian in origin…"

"— to approach the vessel and see if they'll let me on board," Superman continues while, well, approaching the vessel with one fist forward and the other hand frantically tapping. "Maybe we can talk this out. How is the situation in England?"

Inside the unmarked Roxxon, Vtol jet. Some of the scientists and strike team look around, "What is that?" one of them asks. Then another one says, "I don't know." then the first one says, "Command? We seem to be having a mechanical problem. There is some kind of strange noise coming from the jet. We may need to land for repairs. Please advise." then there is a louder sound of metal bending and the plane shakes. One of the mercs move over to one of the small oblong windows on the jet and looks out.

Being a professional he turns back around and walks towards the back of the plane picking up the com for the pilots, "This is cargo, there is an alien life form on the wing. Please confirm?" That's why he makes the big money. Calm, cool, collective. The scientists on the other hand panic, the team leader screaming into the com system to central command, "One of them is on the wing! One of them is on the wing!" The voice of Prudence replies over the radio, "Then land your aircraft and capture it!" the labcoats look at each other and the five guards they have, "But, we're not a combat team?" one of them says. Prudence says, "I'm activating the plane's selfdestruct. You can land and I'll turn it off, or you can explode in the sky. You're choice."

Sparks the cool, calm mercenary says over the hard line to the pilot, "We just got orders from command, land the plane. The other teams will complete the recon mission. We're going to get us a bug!"

The other two science groups in the fast response jets close in on the locations of the portals as calls go out to mercs and local gangs offering them substantial amounts of money to collect alien parts and hide them before S.H.I.E.L.D gets to them. Meanwhile back at the office Prudence is trying not to hyperventilate. This project means a lot to Mr. Agger. He's said that portal technology is the key to the future. If they don't bring him something… Oh, she knows she'll get demoted… or.. or worse, she might get a Pink Slip! Please, please let them find something, anything!

The spear jettisons itself through the metal body of the beast, it's back arching in a roar as Caitlin's strike rings true. The spiders that made up the behemoth begin to fall apart one by one, for it was their fault for consolidating all of it's power into a single spider that was pierced front to back and promptly shut down.

There was no word on the comms from Shayera. The last message that went out was the only thing that was heard from the woman.

And yet, as Kara finally breaches the hull of the Thames House, she'd see the devastation that was left behind. A large hole in the middle of the floor that mimics the one upon the roof spans down three floors, and the strongest, fluttering heartbeat was heard down there.

'T-Minus, three-forty-two.' The computer rings out, red dimming to add the eerie backdrop, the tha-thump of five hundred or so heartbeats were in the vicinity and slowly making their way away from the area.

'T-Minus, three-thirty-seven.'

Within the further point on the floor lays a broken Shayera, a spider attached to her back with it's needles attached to her spine, the rattle of metal drawing out to encircle her limp form as it tries to drag her body through the endless rubble.. the quietness of the way it moves her.. the scrape of metal upon carpet. *SHHHHTK. *SHHHHTK.* It was obviously broken.


The Captain of the current vessel remains cool and collected. Even as he watches the 'S' flare upon the screen and the moving bullet of the man he leans forward, clawed grips grasping against the armrest. "Do we have confirmation?"


The silence of the ship was cut through with a resounding 'yes'. Two of the technitions giving sharp nods of approval and victory as the Captain leans back with a tap of his fingers. "Good. Get us out of there. Contact High Command and let them know that we found them."

"And of the constructs, Captain?"

"Disable them all, we're done here. Set the course and move us out, I'd rather not deal with a Kryptonian today."

The scene of devastation and pain was not lost on Kara as she burst into the residence with a growing look of concern on her face.


She rushed to the side of the other woman and used her X-ray vision to analyze the spider-bot and safely and quickly remove it from her friend and teammate.

"Hold on, you're going to be just fine. Kal-El went up into space to tell the baddies to go home." She seemed very hopeful of the situation and that Shayera would be alright.

She had to be, right?

"Fish and chips? Shay. Let's go get some fish and chips." She started to shake Shayera, "WAKE UP DUMMY!"

Hal Jordan helps clean up the last of the spiders, although it's pretty clear when the call to retreat comes in. He flies around quickly, zapping and shutting down portals and, along the way, setting an analysis of the energies being used to create them - the ring had quite a catalogue of information and you never knew what might crop up if he sent the energy signature to the Guardians for answers.

"Supergirl, any word yet on Hawkgirl? Tell her to swear so we know she's alive. I'm pretty sure they're pulling back, let's focus on first aid and getting some of these buildings stabilized, huh? And if there's anyone at all at the Watchtower listening in…I have a very large jar of mocha cappuccino mix in the cabinet. Behind it is a very large bottle of Jameson's. Both of them better be intact and available by the time I get back, capisce?" he says, swooping down to begin the work of cleaning up after yet another violent alien incursion. In other words, business as usual for your local space cop.

Caitlin was all ready to go bare-knuckle on the spiders, but to her surprise, the construct starts to disintegrate under her feet, the spiders going inert.

"Damn, girl," she tells herself, blinking a few times. She smacks her half-gloved hands together, knocking some dust loose. "Well, take that, weird British aliens," she sniffs. "The Doctor /wishes/ he could kick ass like this." She nudges a spider corpse with a booted toe, frowning at it. It's tech that's waaaay outside of her pay grade, that's for sure. But, still, she grabs for her phone, only to remember it's hidden under a radiator on a building.

…one of these buildings, anyway. She looks around, a bit consternated; they all look the same from this vantage. "Uh… okay, then. Hey! Hey, Green Lantern!" she says, shouting and popping up on her toes a few inches, waving at Hal. "I, uh… what now?" she asks, gesturing vaguely. "I'm out of things to punch, and my ride home kinda disappeared! Also, I can't find my phone!"

Exotic radiation floods the space around the ship as its engines engage. It draws away from the purplish ribbon racing towards it, gleaming curves blurring into warp-kissed ambiguity stretching backwards through the void.

Superman pierces the momentarily twisted patch of space left behind once it's gone; he can feel the distortion in every cell, rippling through his very being while it lasts.

"It's… gone," he taps out. The string of atonal chimes his teammates may or may not be receiving do not adequately convey the confusion twisting his features. It'll have to wait. "I didn't have a chance to make contact. I'm en route— "

He speeds towards the shrinking portal. Either he'll be back over England in a matter of seconds, or the team will need to start handling the clean-up without him.

"— but I may need a few minutes."

The jet full of scientists and mercenaries working for Roxxon makes it almost to the ground before the insect on the wing disables the engine and then the plane spins, and drops like a rock onto the ground. The bird ends up with a crushed wing, laying on it's side.

After the team recovers from the crash the leader Sparky says to the rest of the crew. "Ok, you've all had firearms training. We're going to give you stun guns. Try not to use them on the people protecting you." he says to the scientists.

One of Roxxon's fast response jets finally makes it to the place the portals were opening and hovers there in the air taking readings. They aren't really doing anything, people might even wonder why they are there, they certainly are not helping.

At the crash site one of the scientist refuses to take a gun, "I'm not a operative! I'm just a bio-tech! I don't want to go out there!" Sparks looks at the guy and smiles an understanding smile, "It's ok! It's ok! If you're not able to fight then I just want you to run. I'll open the hatch and you crawl out, then run as fast as you can. I'll crawl out behind you and protect you then they can crawl out and protect me. I'll be the closer, easier target. The bug will attack me, so you just run as fast and as far as you can, ok?" he says to the man leading him towards the hatch, "Everyone ready? On the count of three! One, Two, THREE!" Then he opens the hatch and the unarmed man crawls for his life out from under the damaged wing. The commando Sparks crawls out behind him yelling, "Go! Go! Go!" but he stops under the wing as the man runs out into the open sprinting as fast as his legs will carry him.

"There once was a bug from space," Sparks says as he lines up a shot on the fleeing man, "Who wanted to eat my face," he says switching to neurotoxin rounds, "I said with a grin, I can't let you win, but I will give you some bait!"

The fleeing man is leaped on by the spider creature and Sparks opens fire pumping it with a mix of substances he hopes will knock it out *PFFT!* *PFFT!* *PFFT!* *PFFT!* *PFFT!*

The other security forces come out behind him as the scientists wait inside trying to remember how to use the stun weapons they were trained on, once.

'Five.. four.. three..'

"GET OUT OF HERE!" Shayera snaps up, an arm slung around Kara as she flies out of the building like a rocket.

'Two.. One..'


An arm is extended to capture Caitlin just as that hand is waved towards Hal, Fenris and Astryd get the meaning of the hasty retreat and make one of their own in whatever means they can.

'Execution Complete. God save the Queen.'

Demolition experts have nothing on those employed previously by the Thames House, one by one each floor alights with fire, demolitions setting off starting from the top to bottom, containing the blast and the blows into that radial perimeter that does not damage much. There would be no casualties this day, save for Adam who took a lazer blow from an unknown who had gotten away long before the spiders descended.

With comms down, Shayera heard nothing, but she was sure to be updated, but the women (assuredly Kara is flying on her own now), were deposited upon the roof not too far away to watch the Fall of Thames, as the spiders collapse into themselves and begins to rain down into the River Thames and the streets of Millbank below.

Superman makes it through the closing portal by the skin of his teeth, no doubt with questions that need answers to..

And the haphazard crew got their just deserts. Nothing, but a small little chip after the spider collapses into itself.

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