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August 08, 2015:

The Outsiders gather to tend to Lian, but.. Ninja Nurses? What?

Some hospital


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Lian Harper's summer camp for the very young students had gone quite well. A chance to explore multiple sports and play around all summer, and more importantly, to keep her active as well as to play various sports of all types that she'd enjoyed talking to people about, and more importantly, demonstrate. Baseball ('Don't let Skaar -have the bat-! He'll put a hole through the hull!'), basketball ('No fair using flying powers!'), lacrosse ('Someone get that dog to give the ball back!'), archery ('Disqualified, Roy!'), even darts ('No, Lunair… aaaa, DUCK!').

But then came a call, followed by a frantic Roy cancelling on a meeting aboard the Starfire and dashing to the hospital.

"Daddy, they put a cast on," Lian says, patting Roy, seemingly much calmer than her father as he sits there, poking at her arm. "I fell, and it was hurts, but I didn't cry." Much.

"She's at the hospital, she's fine."
"You're going."
"Don't press that button, don't you dare Kit—"

Reese lands with a slight stumble at the front door of the hospital, her hand reaching out to try to grab anything to at least stop her fall..

ZZART There's Max..


There's her cane. Both were scrambled for and held as she straightens herself out, her hands immediately fixing her hair, reaching into her coat pocket to retrieve a pair of sunglasses that she had managed to snag from a flea market a month or so back.


And there's the moloid, a little backpack upon his back as he leaps and climbs to hang upon Reese's back as if she fit. Cripes. It was like she was moving out. "Ah, still have to give you a name little buddy." Reese mutters as she walks on in. Reese was a fixture in that hospital, whenever she goes in, people come out. Happy, walking, and alive. So no one really bothers her too much, but some do have their cell phones waiting just in case.

Lunair is not the best at sports, even if she is a nimble, clever and powerful soldier. Darts seem to end up - in many places. "Um. I am disappointing the children, sorry." Poor childrens. She has problems with handling people, especially humans in the larval stage. Nevertheless, Lunair will be joining the others at the hospital. She has a small, expensive squishable plushie and some candy. Kids love chocolate, right?

Then there's a Reese. She's amused by the dynamic duo. "Hiya. Are you here to visit Lian and Roy?"

Reese is making a Pokemon game of every mission they go on.. Well, the team is. Luna with her baby dino, Reese with the moloid… Starfire has done her collection of the millenia when they broke free of the citadel, her motley crew aboard the HMSS keeps growing, and that is the family, leave the collecting to the others! For now…

Though when Roy got that call, the look on his face had Starfire reacting defensive at first, one hadn balling into a fist to alight with perse heat.

"Someone so much as hurt a hair on her head…"

"They're all kids except the counselors."

Talking Kori down had to be abrupt and fast because Roy was gone and she was right there with him, K'tten already making sure others were aware or present with or without consent.

Kori stood at the foot of the bed, the inducer that changes her appearance from alien to human and back flickering off to reveal the Tamaranean. With the way things were going on the streets it is just best this way, but the revea was got Lian's sake before she snaps back to the imagery of a red headed woman with emerald eyes so green they nearly light on their own. Though she cannot help but scoff at the cast. "Primitive technology.. Better make her able to have full function… Depalo will look to be sure.." Her mutterings just help quell the overall annoyance, though it fades as the others show up - bringing forth a smile.

Skaar might have made a hole or two with baseball balls, but not many because after he broke the second bat, he had to sit out. Fine for him, he prefers to watch anyway. Or that is what the big grumpy guy would say if asked.

He shows up at the hospital with Lunair, and as usual his appearance causes some consternation, even though he is dressed up in pretty normal clothes. Cargo pants and a t-shirt. He is still a seven foot tall hulk. The baseball cap does not help. He think it does, but it really doesn't.

"Well, sweetheart," Roy begins, looking back at Kori. "We'll get you out of the cast as soon as possible."

"Aw, but Daddy, I wanted people to sign my cast. Janice got one and the whole class signed it!" Lian protests.

"Well… we'll see." If Roy was right, Lian would be literally itching to get out of that cast within a few days, so he'll just give Kori a look to just wait a bit.

As the Outsiders gather about, though, a doctor comes in. "Excuse me. Mr. Harper? We'd like to ask a few questions," he says.

"Excuse me, kiddo," Roy remarks, as he stands up, following the doctor. Moving aside for a nurse that happens to be dressed in black for some reason or the other, Roy steps out into the hallway.

"Excuse me, Lian," the nurse greets. "We'll need to take you somewhere for observation," she remarks, not even sparing a glance for the others in the room.

Reese hitches the little Moloid upon her back as he begins to play with her hair, digging tiny fingers through her scalp as the little lady sighs. "Oh, Hi Lunair. And yeah. I was hoping to pass on a little healing so she wouldn't have to suffer with a cast."

Max was set to wait outside the door and on guard, watching the various people pass by, even sticking out his large head to sniff and allow for a few pets here and there while Reese and the Moloid remain inside.

The little bugger leaps from her back and onto the bed, fingers poking lightly at the cast leg, immediately looking around for charcoal or bits of earth so he could 'tramp' stamp Lian's little feet with a tiny hand print that read..

'Jiggy Smalls was here.' Or.. which ever name Reese would give him. Maybe Keith. Keith is disarming.

But once the doctor enters, Reese carefully slides into the bed, distracting the little girl from the grown up talk as a little chain is pulled from her neck. And inside? The light is bright, and it glows. "You see this? I made this for you, and whenever you want your cast off? Just twist it and open it. Magic is awesome that way. Right, Lian?"

All silliness aside, Lunair is in awe of Skaar's ability to make holes in things. She still adores him, grumpiness and all. It's part of his charm. She walks alongside him, figuring the clothes must help at least a little. Certainly, going naked or just in a loincloth would call far more furor than Skaar in ordinary US-ian Earth Clothes. But that might tell someone how far detached from ordinary people Lunair is.

Lunair is being good in the hospital, though- she sort of pauses. The moloid peers at the nurse intently, and points a little frantically. Subtle, but worrying to those watching. She waits her turn to chat to Lian, but there's a pause. "Observation?" They are observing Lian just fine.

The doctor's arrival and departure with Roy is watched, the nurse thought little of save that attire. Nothing she has ever seen a human nurse wear, especially when dealing with the children. a second glance from Starfire, but max's 'sit and stay' was ignored now. Normally very obedient that large head wedges between the door and frame to kep it from closing, lowly that growl begins but it is a menacing sound that is not at all that of a normal canine, in fact now as it stares at the nurse nictating membrane lids blink and lips quiver with the desire to peel back.

Starfire then reacts with the native foster fauna, the heat beginning to eminaye from her form lowly. "You lack the typical cartoon rags nurses from here wear to amuse the children…. We're not amused."

Six month ago and Skaar would be here with a kilt and a giant sword. And the police would have been called. But to be realistic, six month ago Skaar wouldn't have come with Luna to check out on Lian. Also, chances are the police are outside waiting for him.

Skaar saw nothing suspicious in the nurse. But that is due to know knowing the different between a nurse, a doctor or the receptionist at the door. Have we mentioned it is his first visit to a hospital. Nevertheless, even he finds Max actions a cause for suspicion.

Lian's "Aren't nurses supposed to wear white?" question is met with a bright smile. "We're special nurses for special patients," the nurse says, reaching out to offer a hand to Lian, before withdrawing it abruptly as Max growls. The nurse's eyes dart towards the moloid, and then Max, before answering Kori. "It's a special situation. I'm here to take Lian to see a specialist," she responds, before making a noise deep in her throat. "Aren't these creatures supposed to be waiting outside…?" she notes, eyes shifting to Skaar.

"What's the hold-up?" another nurse dressed in black responds, peeking around the door. "Hurry up!"

"I'm trying…!" she calls out, reaching to grasp Lian's hand. "If you'll excuse me…"


That Max keeps growling and the moloid keeps gesturing as a third nurse joins them. "Come on already…!"

The Outsiders didn't know this. But Reese had an internal switch flipped on from recent events. The little conversation she did have with Lian was promptly interrupted by the moloid and Max both, and Reese knew that sound. Even as the woman reaches out to grip Lian, Reese settles further into the bed with the girl, one hand upon the pillow as the other bats away at the air to hide the womans hand..

Until the sound of urgency within their voices catch her attention.

This is the ugly side that Satana had squeezed and choked out of Reese, that head was reared. "Get back!" Reese snarled, her eyes snapping open, the glow of red where blue used to be prominent. Even as she yanks Lian, that hand reaches out and slams a white knuckled grip around the nurses wrist, the contact alone devastating enough that little, black veins begin to tug at the nurses skin, begging to be free.

"You do not have our permission to touch.." Reese hisses. It was now, officially.. dinner time. (If no one snatches her away.)

Lunair has a hard time reading people. And not all nurses wear white. "He's not a creature," Lunair offers in regards to Skaar. Admittedly, she's pro-Skaar, so there's that. "They are suspicious because you aren't in the same uniforms as everyone else in this place. They've already x-rayed her and given her a cast. What is there left to observe?" This whole thing seems fishier and fishier by the second.

"Can you wait until a doctor comes and lets us knooow-" She trails off, blinking at Reese. "Miss- are you- okay?"

This is not about to be pretty, and all the tell tale signs are leading to a matter that is going to open up a wing of the hospital. The change in Reese gets a long and slow blink from Kori with a flame huen brow taking a hike, but as it does so that heat rises. If anything, between the moloid and Max she was already clued in enough. Trust the creatures, but always above all trust your friends. Lunai's questions, Reese's reaction and Roy being absent - that makes Kori Lian's guardian! Or something…

The image inducer flickers and from a white gauzy sun dress falling from a shoulder it peels away and digitalizes to leave the tawny skinned Tamaranean sweeping up next to Lian to scoop her up and away as Reese began to make blue veins bleed black beneath the skin.

"Lian, this is a game. Okay. This is how it goes. The black clad nurses are targets, my hand is the gun," In saying that Starfire makes her finger into a 'pistol' and aims at each one of the three. "You pick the meanest looking nurse and pull the trigger." Sticking up thumb wiggles and the smile that comes across deep purple lips is nice, if it was not for the flash of teeth behind it all.

"Skaar…" Kori states lowly as she is now trying to back up into him with Lian in tow. "This place requires silence. Break them over your knee… quietly?" A bat of lashes as it pains her to say as much as alien types are not very good at… quiet and subtle extraction, emphasised by that subtle glow coming to fingertip.

Lian's 'gun' is charging…

Skaar is already figuring the 'nurses' are not exactly healers. He is shifting towards the door, surprisingly quiet for a guy of his size. "I can do that," he replies to Kori. "If they don't tell me why are they really here." He looks at the 'nurses', narrowing his eyes. "They can do that quietly, or not quietly." He glances Luna, "you have the portal gun at hand, yes?"

Lian's trusting hand-grab interrupted by Reese, the young girl pulls back quickly at Starfire's words. As the nurse's wrist is grasped by Reese, the black-clad woman gasps in turn. "What are you?"

Breaking free, the nurse spins into a heel-kick trying to fling Reese away from her, long enough to try and nab Lian and leave.

Lian's gesturing at the second nurse trying to jump onto Kori's back. "Her!" It's a chokehold maneuver aiming at trying to get Kori out like a light.

The third nurse is flinging scalpels at Lunair, trying to drive her back into Skaar, keeping the green hulk from manuevering quickly in this small, cramped room. Don't break anything! Really!

The nurse wouldn't be okay if she hadn't snatched away from Reese's grasp. With Lian out of the way, Reese tries to scramble towards the nurse only to get knocked off of the bed with a spin-heel kick right to the apex of her jaw.

Reese tumbles to the floor, yet from behind that place, a quiet little chirp-chirp of her whistle draws Max into attention.

It was quiet right?

Either way, the creature within begins to growl as Max takes perchance upon the nearest nurse, not barking, but pup-nails clacking and scratching against the floor as he leaps from his perch, mouth wide open, nimbus-like eyes shifting as he prepares to bite.

The moloid? He jumps down onto Reese. Protect the Friend/Mistress/Person-that-feeds-me-stuff!

Lunair's eyes widen. This escalated quickly. She stays near Skaar. She is glad for his immense presence. She always is. Lunair's eyes widen. Great, the nurses are spin kicking people. Guess they're short of anesthestics or something. Lunair is finding herself a target. She's caught off guard, catching a scalpel in the shoulder. Unfortunately, while Lunair's been good about supressing her phobia of medical buildings, equipment and staff, this is doing nothing for her. She yanks the scalpel out, eyes wide with a blank, animal horror. She can't armor up, but she does get the portal gun as Skaar asks, nodding and moving out of his way. She'll probably have to move Lian, but only on Roy's word.

Well there goes some semblance of silence, because as the nurse leaps to try and get a hold of Lian, Kori is reacting with a precision and battle etiquette of hand-to-hand that Tamaranean's used when they lacked the ability Kori was bestowed through trials.

The kick that sends Reese to the floor has her jaw setting in the determination, the grab for Lian attempted to be interrupted with a grab for the nurses hand, jerking her in and down to place her off balance enough to bring a suddenly armor coated foot down upon her shoulder. If that lands, there will be a sickening pop of breaking/disloaction while Kori seeks to keep her face planted to the floor by her broken appendage.

The one Lian points out now has Kori pivoting and when Lian pulls the 'trigger' that low perse glow archs forward in a stream of light that will throw th nurse back if she does not dodge and leave a gaping hole in her attire, smoldering on the edges.

"Go to Luna, Lian! Duck duck, make her goose." Starfire states keeping tones calm for the child and even siling, but it is a smile only fellow warriors know.

Throwing scalpels at Lunair was a poor decision. A second after she is hit, Skaar is on the way and grabs the nurse's head, his hand completely covering mouth and nose. Then the green giant pins her against the way, not letting her breathe at all while he glances at what is going on. The women in black don't have much of a chance, so why did they try. "We should find Roy as soon as possible. He left with a doctor that might not be a doctor either."

Shrieking as Max's bite lands, the first nurse attempts to fling the 'dog' off, only to be taken down swiftly and quickly by Kori, and can only lie there, moaning, as she shifts a bit, trying to reach up and pop her shoulder back in place. That is, if she's even allowed to move… although the first -opening- she gets…

The nurse attempting to leap onto Kori is sent flying back, her arms going around to try and keep the tatters of her attire together, a weak attempt at grasping scalpels from her leg being made to try and fling them, this time at Reese.

The third nurse attempting to do the same is quickly caught up, and flailing arms as her breath is slowly clasped out, until she goes limp and unconscious.

Um… right. Two down. The second nurse, after flinging her scalpels, attempts to break for the door, seeking to flee.

Lunair doesn't have much time to muse on her pain. She wants to trip the nurse, but it's time to look out for Lian. And hopefully hide the slight spot of blood on her shirt. She looks grateful to Skaar. "Is the doctor in on this?" She's not sure she'll get much from them, but it was worth a shot. Nevertheless, Lianduty takes precedent.

The first nurse is not about to be allowed to move, but Lian is released to hide behind the big angry and green with Lunair that is armed with a very handy portal gun. Worst 5 year old to mess with. Ever! West Side Outsiders! Represent?

Though the first is released when the second nurse Kori had pitched back with a lightly fired star bolt aims those scalpels for Reese. A sudden rush of heated air to clar the small gap between them and a trail of light, one arm is extended and a hanf closes around one of the daggers that hovers just before Reese's eyes, a single drop of blood hitting the floor before her. The others impact along Starfire's form, but the only sound is the fabric of that sundress giving way to honed surgical blades.

That's all Max needed to see and with the scramble ofclaws across linoleum and a spring off the bed he is aiming for the woman with jaws coming unhinged much akin to a serpents. He's cute and fluffy til he goes alien. Then he is adorable!

"Roy!" So much for silence, Skaar's words bring in a sudden panic of realization.

"Perhaps not, but I find suspicious he was asked to leave just as these women arrived," replies Skaar, talking to Luna as he releases the unconscious 'nurse'. "Are you injured?" He has his priorities. Roy is able to take care of himself, right? Apparently not enough for Starfire. "We should take Lian to the spaceship before looking for Roy," he suggests.

The second nurse's attempt to flee is intercepted by Max, which… uh…

Somehow, the unhinge and swallow thing was more disturbing, but it at least trapped the nurse, even though any screaming is muffled by being stuck in Max's mouth.

Lian's lower lip quivers a bit, then, as people brings up her father. "Where's Daddy?"

"Here, pumpkin," Roy responds, pushing a tied up and gagged doctor in. "Figured something was up when he didn't have a badge, and tried to slip me -something-. Let's just say I'm not very fond of needles these days, eh?"

He eyes the room. "Whoa. Nurses. This kind of reminds me of a dream I had once…"

Reese.. just was on the floor. There was really nothing she could do in that instant, if she were to unleash a healing power, she'd heal the nurses and everything would start right back up again.

"I think we should keep one.." She mutters quietly, winces as she hears Max gulp and try to swallow. Blessed eyes, thank you for not working, for if she was to see what was happening with her pup, she probably wouldn't eat or sleep for a week.

Lunair nods at Skaar. "Just a little. It was only a scalpel," She muses. Lunair's been in combat before. She's rating it fairly low on the 'scale of injuries experienced'. Plus, she doesn't want to worry Skaar or anyone. She smiles up to the big green fellow. "Thank you, though. And yeah, I doubt we should stick around," She admits. "Keep one?" She asks. Then a blink at Roy.

"… dreams are weird, I guess." She just leaves it at that. "I wonder who would target you guys. I guess we can't stick around and debate it. There will probably be cops swarming this place soon."

Star isn't flinching as Max begins to make one of the nurses a full course meal, her legs kicking frantically but her upper body is engulfed… in more ways then one. Lian's lip quiver snaps her back and she stands between them, trying to block the view. "Max!" «Spit that out, you don't know where it has been.» The final bout of words in Tamaranean with a snap and point towards the floor as to where he should put the nurse. When she is dislodged she is covered in a sticky slobber and none the worse for wear save some scrapes from teeth.

Though when the nurse is deposited, Kori crouches beside her and pinches her cheek. "Now we don't go trying to sneak off with kids or Max gives them -bigger- kisses. Hm?!" She sounds so chipper when she says it asif a big lesson for the children has been learned, even with a small clap at the end and a gleaming smile.

Standing, Kori looks at Skaar and Luna, a slight nod in agreement to what has been said, taking one is definitely on the table, though Roy's arrival has her approaching slowly with head tilted. "You dreamed of this event? Was the slobbery nurse in it?" … Oh in more ways then one Kori…

Skaar watches curious what Max is doing. He is almost sure it is not what a normal dog should do. Definitely something to ask Lunair later. "Ah, we were about to go looking for you, Roy," he says when the redhead returns. "Looks like they were after Lian and you. But they were unprepared to deal with us. So I suspect one enemy of yours sent them."

"Maybe so, but… sending a bunch of nurses after Lian, while sending a doctor after -me-?" Roy wrinkles his nose. "Somehow I think there's a lot more to this than meets the eye. Helloooo, nurse…" Roy replies, prodding a foot at the heaving nurse who'd just been coughed up. "Who sent you anyway?"

The nurse scowls. "Not telling you anything," she says, as she tries to brush off the drool off her. "Ewww…"

Lian, meanwhile, sticks closer to Kori, frowning. "Keep one…? I don't want any."

Reese uses the cane to stand, the Moloid easily climbing into the bed so that he could attach itself around her neck again, legs holding onto ribs.. a moloid backpack for one! She reaches over to pet it's little bald head, her hands soon feeling around the bed for a cane as she listens to everyone speak.

"It's okay Lian. We're just going to take her a bath and get her some new clothes." Nope. Reese.. in the privacy of the starfire HMSS. Is going to swallow.. her.. soul. Just a bit!

"Though, I'm amped. I'm going to hit the cancer ward and perform miracles." Which means? Prepare burgers, hotdogs.. maybe even milkshakes. Reese is going to be very hungry.

Lunair has no idea about Roy's dreams and she'd really rather not know. Dreams are weird in general. "Um. If you do want to interrogate them, you should probably take them back" She's no expert, really. Then she looks to Reese. "I guess I'll fetch some food." Lunair is going to follow Skaar, and maybe do that food thing for poor Reese. "I'll follow you," She beams up at Skaar. She's keeping an eye on Lian, though.

Reese is watched, her tap-tapping of a cane leading the way to her direction of the cancer ward. A felinistic tilt of her head while arms fold across her chest and she takes to leaning against the wall that leads towards the door out. A scalpel is dangling from its entanglement in her sun dress, a finger hooking through the torn hole from the weapon, tangling into it and tearing it from her. Human clothes are so burdensome. Instead she is standing there in the straps of purple armor that had shielded up beneath upon their attack by these nurses.

"We have to talk to them. They lost the game but now they need to tell us who their leader is so we can make it game over." Kori states to Lian trying hard to keep the smile upon her face and make it all seem like a real game, down to one being swallowed whole and another's veis turning black under Reese's touch. Visual effects! But there is only so much Kori can lie, so a giggly truth it is?

Picking Lian up, Kori hugs her and spins so they are heading for the exit, but in passing Skaar and Luna a glance is given to them, Max also left behind and unsure if Roy joins or not, but they know where to take them and how to make them talk. Lian's had a long day and as soon as she is in bed Star will be joining them to cook for Reese and serve the justice as Outsiders do.

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