Intergalactic Ninjas

August 07, 2015:

Kara and Zen meet up to chat about space. Spearhead and Rain embark on a very important mission for the Justice Society; to offer Zen membership within the group!


Tall Building!


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Kara had contacted Zen to chat with her about the galaxy, since so few people on Earth actually knew about all of the great stuff that existed beyond the solar system. Presently she was sitting on top of a large skyscraper; she had no idea if Zen could fly.

If not, there was always an elevator.


As members of the New Justice Society of America, Rain and Spearhead probably rarely realized how much good they were doing.

They didn't worry about orders, missions or assignments; they just did what they had to and got help when they needed it.

Today was different.

An elderly man who helped run the administrative side of things for the JL:A had called Spearhead and Rain to meet with him.

They would recognize him as Pedro, a vigilante known deades ago as the Luchadore.

"Rain, Spearhead. Good to see you, yes?" The short little man smiled at the pair, his accent still thick after all these years.

"We've found a few new recruits we'd like to send out invitations to." He hands the pair a photo of an alien man, it was Zen, "He arrive on Eart' a few month ago, ah? Now he is in Metropolis, lot of the time, but maybe he not know where else to go. You help him ok?"

He hands Spearhead a little box containing NJSA communicators and other things to give to Zen if he accepts. He also slips Spearhead a fifty and leans in close, "and eh mang, you should your girl out to dinner sometimes. Show her a good time, you know?" Pedro winked and headed back into the gym.

Spearhead listens to Pedro, takeing the box of gear and nodding quietly as Pedro hands him the 50, "Now that I have time; Hell yes, and thank you." he says quietly. He turns to Rain now, and puts an arm around her, "Well, looks Like to Metropolis we go."

Rain is travelling with Spearhed. She can help them fly and avoid the traffic. She smiles politely and nods. "Sure thing. It's good to see you. I hope you're doing well? And thank you." She asks. She waves to Pedro. Captain is guarding the manor and doing Cat Stuff(TM). "We'll do our best and oh my, hi." She quirks a smile at Spearhead, turning red.

Zen, in fact, can't fly, but his T-pod sure can. He arrives sitting in the lotus position, floating inside the bubble. It comes to a halt over the roof Kara is on, and the blue alien slips out through the membrane of the strange 'vehicle' to land lightly on his feet. «Hi Kara,» Zen says, his mental voice coming through a rich baritone, in whatever language she is most familiar. «I'm glad you called. It's nice to be in touch with those of us… from outta town.» He grins in his way, the corners of his eyes tugging up, and moves to sit on the lip of the building's edge.


The language of greatest familiarity was Kryptonian; not because Kara wasn't perfectly fluent in other languages, but because she had spoken it most of her life.

A bright smile formed on her lips as she saw Zen, golden blonde hair blowing in the wind as she turned from her overlook to regard the other alien.

"<Hello Zen.>" Her reply came in Kryptonian, the way she spoke it gave it an almost musical quality.

"<How have you been since we last met? I was hopeful I'd see you again soon.>"


Pedro winks at rain and replies, "I've been good little witch, I'm a grandfather for the fifth time now!" The small little man departed and allowed Rain and Spearhead to fly to metropolis.

Spearhead congradulates Pedro, and as he nears Rain's broom, pulls out an old tractor seat tat he tore off a …well, a tractor, and crudely welded on a fixing to mount it on the broom quickly and easily. "There, that should be better!" He says, smiling at Rain.

Rain smiles at Pedro's wink. "Aaah, congratulations. See you." She waves to the Janitor, quietly amused. She looks to Spearhed, "You could sit sidesaddle…" She rubs the back of her head. "Is it that bad?" She half-grins at Spearhead. "Well, whatever works. Let's head to Metropolis." And considering that even while Rain can only really push 120MPH tops, not having to deal with traffic or stops cuts down time considerably.

Zen shifts to turn and peer down at the street far below. The heights don't seem to concern him, even if he is only wearing cargo pants and boots. «I've been alright, thanks,» he says with a pleasant expression. «A bit bored, but I've been working on getting my comm to listen in on your police bands here. That should keep me busy.» He chuckles, and asks, «How about you?»


"<I let the Justice League council know of your interest in working with us. Sorry I couldn't do more.>"

The young kryptonian woman gestures Zen to come take a seat on the edge of the building, "<It's pretty beautiful for such a primitive city, don't you think?>" Kara had never met many aliens on Krypton but she knew of different species, "<Did you ever visit my star system?>" She found it far more likely travel would have occurred there after it was destroyed.

In the distance, Rain and Spearhead can see a diminutive caped figure at the edge of the tallest skyscraper in the city along with a blue skinned man.

Zen obliges the request and joins Kara on her ledge, sitting amiably close. «That's ok, I've worked with these kinds of groups before, but honestly, the bureaucracy is why I've been solo for so long.» He looks out at the city for some time, taking in the skyline before finally nodding. «I like it here. And yeah, I actually did make it out there one time.» Zen balks, the mental flinch communicating his hesitation. There's a distinct thread of not wanting to hurt her feelings, and he chooses his words carefully. «I chased a bounty there. He was hiding in the… in the debris field. I'm so sorry. I've never seen anything like it before…»

Spearhead nodds to Rain, "You have no idea."
Looking out for the potential new recruit for NJS, Spearhead spots the cape. "he tapps Rain on the shoulder amd points, "Over the-…" at that moment, the jerry0-rigged seat loosens, pivoting an sending Spearhead upside-down, and clinging to the broom.

Rain is piloting them neatly on her broomstick. "Got cha. And hang on." She gently pulls Spearhead back up, the broom going still for a moment. "You /can/ sit sidesaddle." They do have male witches, but this might explain why most male witches opted in for a saucer. Nevertheless, Rain will steer them over to the caped figure and Zen. She waits to wave until after Spear and they land.

"<Thanks for telling me.>" Kara seemed sad at the confirmation that it was a debris field; she had always held out hope.

Spying the approaching pair she shakes her head and calls out, "Do you need a hand?" She would fly out and save Spearhead if need be.

Zen turns to see what Kara is looking at and cocks his head curiously when he sees the two broom riders. «Huh…» he broadcasts generally to everyone present. Everyone gets his voice, but in their best language. He hops up onto the lip of the building with nary a wobble and takes a few steps in their direction. «Are you both alright?»

Spearhead shakes his heaq at Rain, "No, I'll be ok here, it's no that much further to the building. Besides, I need to get that thing off of this before I can hop on again." hearing Kara, repeats being fine with hanging out below the broomstick untill they reach the building. Zen's mental voice comes across as english, heavily accented with Russian.

Rain grunts softly. "Alright. In the future, just ride sidesaddle," She remarks. She will take them down to land near Kara and Zen. She does wave politely. She takes a moment. Telepathy takes a second to get used to. "Yes, we're fine," Though she responds verbally before thinking it. "And hi!" She greets Kara. "Sorry. We're alright. I - guess I'll have to think of ways to make this thing more comfortable…" They land easily enough on the roof.

Zen hops down and walks to where Rain and Spearhead set down, ready in case anyone needs a hand to get upright. But really he's eyeing the broom with open curiosity. «I like the esthetic, but I'll admit, I'm not familiar with the drive system.»

Kara looks between the group of new arrivals and says to Spearhead and rain, "This is Zen. Zen, this is Spearhead and Rain. Two friends of mine!" Rain was her friend, which made the creep spearhead kind of her friend!

Spearhead lets go of the broom and lands after a few inches of falling, and puts a right hand out to be shaken, "Nice to meet you, Zen. Thanks Kara, how have you been? don't think I've seen you since…. Zod was it?"

Well, hopefully that's not a comment on the guys Rain hangs out around with. Y'know, like Loki, Darkne— Okay, nevermind. JUDGMENT RENDERED MOOT.

All that aside, Rain pauses at Zen's comment. "It doesn't use a drive system. It's magic. Though, I guess my will would be the drive system if you wanted to get technical about it." Freaking engineer witches.

She bows neatly. "Pleased to meet you. It's good to see you." She looks between the two, and will carefully handshake, too.

Zen nods and grins at both of the newcomers, which is a real trick when you don't have a mouth. Looking the armored Spearhead up and down briefly, he nods to himself. «So, /not/ a robot. I couldn't tell from far away. But you've got a juicy brain in there somewhere. Are you human?» His mental voice comes with all manner of non-verbal cues, like facial features on someone else. He doesn't mean offense. It's just an honest question. To Rain he says, «I hope we can talk more about this 'magic' as some point. I'm not sure the word is translating properly in my head.»

Spearhead silently chuckles as the mouthless alien asks it's question, «Yes, I am Human» and then he wonders how being mouthless works, and how or what he/it eats.

Kara smiled a little at Spearhead, "I've been great! It looks like you and Rain are still doing good. Did you HEAR? I broke up with Robin, it was sad but I'm over it now."

"So what brought the pair of you out here?"

Rain is quiet for a moment. "I see. I'm sorry." Rain is familiar with the feeling of heartbreak, certainly in the past. There's some sympathy. "I am bad at keeping up with gossip," She admits. "And um, well." She looks thoughtful. "We were asked to invite someone," She starts.

Spearhead nods, "Yeah! I don't know how she puts up with me, though."
"Oh? I'm sorry to hear it didn't work out, but it's good to hear that you are alright now."
"Oh yeah! Hang on…" Spearhead looks in the camo bag he stuffed the bow of NJS equiptment in and pulls it out. "Yeah, We were told you were interested in joining the New Justice Society. This is the gear, if you want to join."

Zen glances at Kara at the mention of a breakup, but he doesn't say anything on the topic. When Spearhead presents the gear though, his eyebrow ridges arch curiously. «Fantastic, yes. Thank you very much,» he says. «Kara Zor-El mentioned she had put me forward for membership. I would like to help out if I can.» He reaches out to accept the box looking very pleased with the whole situation.

Kara seems to be texting on her phone, but presumably she hears the conversion mentally, to which she replies confused, "Well, Spearhead and Rain aren't in the Justice League Avengers Initiative" She looked super duper confused.

What Zen gets inside the box?

It's small wooden box with inlaid velvet, inside is a cell phone with a list of Justice Society contacts; it's disposable. A small communicator badge is also in there. It's a small kit and the final item inside is a note.

"Hello Zen, we have noticed your efforts to fit in on our planet and pursue the cause of justice. We at the New Justice Society of America would love if you joined us as a member of our association of heroes. There are no obligations, only a group of people here to help you out. - Pedro"

"And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask." Rain offers. She looks to Spearhead, quietly amused and nods. Rain is quiet for a moment, letting him take it in.

Spearhead takes a step back and lets the new guy sort through the box, his expression hidden by the helmet, but his posturing relaxed and freindly.

Zen looks vaguely confused at Kara's clarification, but he shrugs and opens the box anyway. The phone and badge disappear into cargo pocket, but the note is of particular interest to him. From the other side pocket of his cargo pants Zen produces a phablet sized device of some kind, with a screen at least eight inches diagonally across. He holds it up to scan the image, and mentions without looking up, «Sorry, I can't read English. My comm should be able to… yeah, here we go.»

He takes a moment to look it over and nods solemnly. Then his eyes come up again, holding the gaze of those present. «Thank you for bringing me this. I hope I can repay the kindness some day.» His demeanor is decidedly more formal in this moment.

Kara looks a little jealous at what Zen gets, "Seriously? You guys are all in the Justice Society? That's so cool. They never invited me to join." She sighs just a little bit, sure the JL:A was high profile and that was a bit of a pain in the butt sometimes and seemed to discourage looser knit groups from wanting the association.


"I'm getting a call from The Watchtower, I need to go deal with something at a place called Harry Potter's island." She wasn't even lying.

It was more likely she was just giving it another name.

"You three have fun becoming like buddies and stuff! Show Zen around."

Rain tilts her head. "Huh. Well, most wizards are okay." But Rain isn't too sure. She smiles, and waves to Kara. "It was good to see you. Be well." She turns and looks to Zen. "That's okay. Did you have any questions or anything? We'd be glad to take you somewhere if you're curious." The witch is a bit less formal, but more shy. She's trying to figure out the right pace for this sort of thing.

"So soon? Alright then, good to see you again, Kara." Spearhead says as Kara begins to try to leave. SPearhead seems to be laid back right now, and will just go with whatever happens.

Turning to Kara, Zen's 'grin' is as much telepathic as it is the physical tugging at the corner of his eyes. He reaches his hand out to her, «Thank you for everything, Kara. I hope we see each other again soon.» At Rain's question, he turns back with a thoughtful expression on his face. «Well, I've enjoyed being a tourist so far. But do you all patrol usually? Listen to police bands? How do you find out what needs to be done?»

Rain watches as Kara goes, before looking to Zen. "I am an occult detective. I tend to take care of matters related to magic and stuff. I also heal. So I usually hear, sense or find my jobs," She explains. "Some of our members patrol and use police bands. That's your thing, but I find there's enough black magic serial killer wannabes and other things that keep me busy."

Spearhead nods, "Yeah, I use scaners, Plus, I have a day job, that helps with this kind of thing, I do patrols wherever I feel like it, and sometimes I help Rain or get a call from the orginization." Spearhead shrugs, "It's kinda just whatever works the best, really."

Zen nods his understanding, looking from Rain to Spearhead as they explain. «I… 'magic' is still unclear to me, but it's maybe like telepathy?» He shrugs, not really needing a full answer right this moment. «I should be able to link into the scanners with my comm. I can be helpful in a lot of different ways, but I'm best at sneaking around, striking from the shadows. That kind of thing.» One moment he's standing in front of Rain and Spearhead, then he's behind them tapping on their shoulders. When they look, he's back where he was before. He grins.

Harry Potter's Island was actually code for going to grab pizza.

Kara returned not long after with a pair of extra large pizzas and set them down on the rooftop, "Turns out it was a false alarm but I came back, with pizza!" Now she was going to see how Zen ate.

Rain waves, smiling to Kara. "Hi. And thanks. Good to know the wizards aren't causing problems." SHe has a wry sense of humor. Rain looks to Zen. "Magic is pretty complicated in that there are many kinds and definitions. In general, it depends on who is practicing it to determine its strength and effects," She offers. Rain is quiet, then blinks, looking back then forth. "Neat. That's pretty impressive."

She is not going to turn into a Siberian Godbear on a roof. She might go /through/ it.

Spearhead seems impressed, "That's good! that will definately be a good quality to have, Zen." WHen Kara re-appears, he turns, "Oh wow!" he says, now in a fake wester-y voice, "That's mighty kind of you, ma'am. Thank you."

Zen shrugs. «It doesn't work against robots. Drones. That sort of thing. But it's a handy trick.» When Kara comes back with pizza he looks visibly enthusiastic, and it hums in his telepathic field. «Pizza! One of my favorite Earth things! Humans are amazing, honest.» He puts his comm and the note away, crossing to the pizzas. He looks through the boxes Kara brought until he finds the veggie pizza and takes a slice, letting it fold up in his hand, like a New Yorker would. He holds his other hand over it until a bite-sized piece of it dissolves, and the particles are absorbed into his hand. Glancing up, he seems to remember everyone gathered. «Sorry,» he says. «I should have waited. I'm just starving. Haven't eaten since this morning.»

Kara seems intrigued at how Zen eats and just smiles, "Not a problem, figured you would all be hungry. One is meat and one is veggie, dig in!" She picks up the pizza boxes and holds them towards Rain and Spearhead.

Rain smiles back. "Thanks." She'll try one of the veggie. There's a pause. She looks curious, too. "Our pizza does seem popular," She muses quietly. Namor seems big on pepperoni. It's one of the reasons he doesn't up and wipe the surfacers out. She is standing beside Spearhead, eating carefully. She doesn't fold her pizza, oddly enough. Definitely not a New Yorker. "Drones are harder to fool. Depending on the rumors, they are able to pick up on metahumans and such. And you're fine."

Spearhead Hmms, "Absorbtion, huh? I suppose that'd have a few pro's and con's, on one hand, that'd be interesting in a survival situation in hand-to-hand, like biting, but dissolving. And on the other hand, I suppose you may be sensitive to caustics?" He then removes the helmet after making sure there's no security cameras or obvious survalence on the group. He waits untill Rain take a slice, then takes one of the meat pizza for himself, and puts an arm across Rain's shoulders.

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