Live and Let Die

August 08, 2015:

Black Widow, Agent Venom and a SHIELD Tactical Team deploy to a secret volcano base on a recon mission. What was Dario Agger up to? A lot more than they suspected. (Emits by Dario)

Volcano Base

A super secret Volcano base/research lab owned by Dario Agger.


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Dario Agger, he's a man of mystery and shield does not like mystery. Somehow he just seems to have dropped off the face of the earth. No camera, no observer, no one has been able to track him since his announcement that he is willing to destroy the economy of any state whose representative votes for the metahuman registration act.

Sources inside his mega-corporation report that he intends to fulfill that promise and preparations are already being made, deals struck with those states that are anti-registration to move his more easily transplanted businesses there immediately then the more problematic, larger assets will be moved in stages.

The threat, that he seems to be willing and planning to carry out,is borderline treason but rulings like Citizens United makes it legally iffy so shield hasn't been able to do much… until now.

Eight hours ago, on an island research facility an explosion happened. The energy was channeled upward into space in a single gravity warping pulse. It was targeted towards deep space and hit nothing. The pulse had a massive energy signature of a type unknown but it blew the roof off of a hardened bunker like research facility giving shield it's first glance inside the private island. The chunks of roof that were exposed to the energy floated off into space as if gravity had no hold on them.

SHIELD was not happy. From the satellite imagery, what little they got before the hole in the building was covered up, it looked like they were experimenting with some kind of high yield energy reactor something about the size of a large car that could create a pulse strong enough to possibly alter the orbit of the moon.

A select team of agents was selected to go in, find out what Dario is up to, steal the files from the research facility if necessary and report back to Fury… Purely recon. Those are the orders…

A stealth jet is provided and our intrepid are given a tactical map of the island. The research facility is set into the back of a dormant volcano. The back of the building is built into the rock so there are no rear entrances, the front is guarded against pirates and the top of the four story structure is usually sealed off but a series of security hatches have been opened for several hours now with workers coming and going starting to repair the damage under the tarp covering that large hole.

The team has a choice, they can go in on foot, drop in from the mountain top and infiltrate through the roof or find a way past the front door guards.

After the briefing and then the muster on the flight deck, Agent Venom stepped onto the drop jet and made yet another check of his gear as he took up a seat on one of the side benches. Carbine, check, sidearms, check, suppressors, check, electronics suite, check… the list goes on as he flips switches, chambers a few rounds, and voices a sub-vocal response to the control frequency. It's all standard procedure before operations.
Once they're decently underway, Flash looks across the way at the other two operatives. He gives a grin to each, good-natured in his manner. He's got a certain ease to him, probably in part because even though Fury didn't give any of them specific command… well since he's still pretty much 'the new guy' Agent Thompson's reasonably sure it's not him.
Looking between them, the visor of his goggles catching the lights of the cockpit's electronics as he considers them. "Any preference on how we do this?"

A small S.H.I.E.L.D. Tactical Team of six men and women have been brought along for the mission, all of them equipped for stealth operations including silenced carbines, ICERs to deal with potential non-combatants and standard-issue body armor.

Of course, none of them are wearing any SHIELD insignia, that would be silly.

Natasha herself is seated with the others, strapped in and awaiting the drop; having finished double checking her gear for this. She hoped the more lethal gear she was carrying would not be necessary. She had her own orders if the site turned out to be a danger, it would be shut down one way or the other.

"I hope you all brought your sunscreen, we're going to go in through the heating vents. We'll have five minutes from drop to get in and out of the tunnels before they vent excess heat." She completely avoids the issue of casualties, generally if you were working on what might be a super weapon; you knew what was going on.

"Once we've confirmed what the site is, we'll proceed from there."

The thermal vents are very poorly secured with just a padlock over a metal grate to keep the animals out. No one in their right mind would want to crawl down into one of those things. There is a rung-ladder that can be used to get down into the vent for when they shut it down for maintenance, but it's not shut down right now and the heat Inside the thermal vent is intense. It's not going to burn anyone's skin or do any damage but it makes it's like being in a sauna with the human torch inside the stone shaft at the bottom.

There is some basic security in the tunnels, laser trip wires to alarms, security cameras, things that shield agents could bypass in their sleep. It's easy really, almost too easy… The tunnel goes downward at a slant leading into the thermal core at the bottom of the facility. The shield tech can detect a series of tunnels branching off the main vent into the underground facility. That is their way in. They just have to walk through the oven to get their.

At Widow's words, Venom gives her a short precise nod. They've backed each other up enough that she can at least marginally trust him… kinda. So when their jet makes its way to the target location, they make the drop, and then they get in position to make the entry. He sets up beside Widow as the team gets set and when they make their entrance he takes up a place to support the others unless he gets told to take point or given another duty otherwise.

Natasha knew of all the agents here, Thompson would be best suited for scouting ahead once the security systems were disabled; there was no sense making him ride shotgun, "Agent Venom, when the security grids are down you'll move ahead on your own and report back what you find. Quick takedowns, if you run into anything that's too much for you don't engage."

She signaled the tech to get the security down and run a loop as they moved in.

The tunnel is dark and miserably hot, the smell is… well, lets just say New Jersey looks appealing compared to this tunnel. Agent Venom will have no trouble making it down the tunnel but about halfway down the tunnel to the first entrance he runs into something interesting. There is a section of the stone coordined off with yellow caution tape it looks like some kind of excavation site. There are heavy machine marks on the ground where they dug out lots of earth and reinforcements around the entrance to what looks like a old temple of some kind that must have been buried under a lava flow thousands of years ago. The stones of the temple chamber are marked with faded ancient writing and there is a raised platform in the center of the room that looks like something once rested on it. The strange thing though, is the dust. The room doesn't have a layer of dust on the floor, it has a layer of dust above the floor… the dust floats a quarter inch above the stone.

"Grids down, move ahead. Silent. But Agent Romanov… I've never met anything that was too much for me." He grins at the last just before he breaks away from the group and starts his way down the tunnel, making his way and looking for what there is to be seen.
The video feed that comes from Agent Venom's visor will give some decent situational awareness to the rest of the team should they bring up the imagery, also his tracking is clear on their own displays as he makes his way. But then his voice comes over the comms as he makes it to the temple chamber and starts to give the place a once over as he clings to one of the walls, keeping to the shadows and emitting little of a heat signature.
"You guys getting this?" He murmurs on the comm freq, sub-vocallizing.

"Yeah, let's take a closer look. It looks like they build everything on top of this, for some reason." Natasha wasn't entirely pleased with the floating magical dust, but she assumed it to hopefully be some effect of the device being tested here.

Along with the team she continued forward, not liking how easy this was either but there was no turning back now.

The structure under the modern facility is ancient and if they keep down the path cut by Dario's people, they find more chambers that have been drilled into. Some of them are part of long side tunnels, some of them look like they might have once been homes, and some of them have been wrecked by Dario's people ripping things out of the walls.

There isn't much left they haven't scavenged yet but there are strange energy readings like one tiny stone that is just 5 degrees hotter than the rest of the room for no apparent reason. Perhaps it's radioactive? The sensors don't detect anything.. it's just a tiny little pebble in a room all by itself with a barred metal door set into the tunnel. There are cameras focused on the rock like someone in the facility is studying it and there are warning signs on the door like, 'Please wear appropriate safety equipment at all times. If exposed, please report to incineration room 4. Your cooperation is appreciated. '

Further down the tunnel, there is the first modern door leading into the subbasement of the main facility.

Still on point and staying a good distance ahead of the rest of the team, Flash advances from point to point stealthily, using the walls or the ceiling at times to shift position. He keeps in touch with the rest of the team with occasional status updates, but definitely doesn't clutter the comm freqs.
He reaches the warning signs and gives the camera a good view of them, then sub-vocalizes to the rest of the team. "Set for hazmat, looks like the place might be messy." That having been said he presses on.

Natasha gets to work on the keypad once they catch up with Agent Venom at the door and she nods her head to him, "Be ready when we open the door, so far it doesn't seem like we've alerted them but this is just too easy."

The recon info showed Roxxon workers being shipped to the island for the reconstruction. There are lots of people down there going about their business, even at night under the artificial lights they have set up. The harsh white lights on poles mostly illuminate the construction area with smaller lights leading along paths to and from the exists and on the scaffolding they are using to bring up equipment.

The door into the facility proper is easy to open, with a 9 year old electronic keypad lock that is a joke compared to modern technology. Once inside the old, rocky, dusty, smelly tunnel gives way to shiny, metal as if they stepped onto the floor of a modern smelting facility. Everything in this part of the building is newer but dormant. It looks like it's some form of mass manufacturing facility. Like a steel works but hidden under the lab. The manufacturing level is powered and lit, but seems abandoned… well, not so much abandoned but never used. The equipment looks prepared for work but is just sitting there, waiting for something.

There is a metal lift on the other side of the tunnel exit that can lower the team down to the factory floor.

A good spy might notice things as they look out over the factory floor like how there are a lot of power lines and network connections on the walls of the large room that serve no purpose now, how even the floor looks new as if they repurposed the room into manufacturing just recently. They are preparing for something…

At the far end of the room there is a large set of double doors, not locked but watched by a security camera, that leads to a set of cargo elevators which could take them up to the upper levels. Also there is a helpful sign between the doors of the elevators with a map!

You are here, in manufacturing. The level down is power and water, the level above you is IT and the level above that is Implementation, above that is Contaminant Research, and above that is marked High Security. That would be the level that exploded.

Taking up position covering the room as Natasha works on opening the door, Thompson seems to be focused on the task at hand. He slings his carbine over his shoulder and draws a sidearm as he gets set for their moving out. Leaning to the side he murmurs towards her, "Aren't there supposed to be, you know, people here?" Of course be careful what one wishes for…

Natasha seems to be placing micro-explosives as they move through the area, clearly they wouldn't be returning this way. As they move between cover, she does her best to set other charges near the power lines; recon didn't mean you couldn't work on crippling whatever this was.

"Venom, take the team and head up for contaminant research, I'll head for IT."

Welcome to I.T. When the doors open on the cargo elevator the there are people! Lots of people! They are all smiling and happy, cheerfully working at their jobs. Some of them are sitting at computers, some of them are working on a network bundle, rebuilding it after an overload. None of them seem to be armed but all of them, every single one, turns to look at the new people when the elevator doors open, all of their happy smiling faces look at the tactical team and… and then return to work like nothing is out of the ordinary.

Other than the strange lack of reaction things seem fairly normal. They are sitting and typing, doing work, they are… not talking at all. Even the construction team replacing the network bundle that blew out in the explosion don't talk to each other. They are just silent, happy people all doing their jobs!

Do they really want to go out into that room with those people? There are only 12 of them that they can see and none of them seem overly dangerous.

As they rode in the elevator, Flash gave a nod to Natasha and the orders given. It was just as they stop at the IT floor and those people look back at them that Flash blinks a few times behind the mask. He extends a hand to stay one of the other operatives from hitting another button to send them on their way and leave Natasha there.
Instead he clears his throat. "Agent Romanov, none of those people should be standing… or functioning well." The young Cadet with the symbiote steps forward a bit, as if trying to get a better look, his goggles seeming to flicker slightly. "All of them are running at about 103, 104 degrees fahrenheit. Like… all of them."

Natasha nodded to Venom in acknowledgement before stepping out of the elevator like she belonged there. Spying the most authoritative person in the area she approached with a neutral look; not likely the guards were too friendly.

"Mister Agger has sent new data for testing, I'll need to use your terminal." It was not a request, it was a polite demand.

One of the women in room, a mid-20's, glasses wearing, redhead with a badge hanging from her blouse is the first one to catch Nat's eye. She is most likely the one in charge because she has the security badge with the hologram whereas most of the other employees have more out-of-date technology.

When she is addressed she stands, almost robotically but then when she is up out of her seat, after a moment her posture relaxes and that bright smiling face seems to be more focused on Natasha, "Of course! Anything for the company!" she says as she moves out of the way and lets Natasha have her seat. She moves over to Flash and starts to make forced small-talk, "Hi! I'm Cindy, VP of Human Resources, I don't think we've met! We didn't know that more security would be arriving! We would have made some welcome muffins! " she says SUPER CHEERFULLY!

No one is looking at them, no one else has changed what they are doing at all. The other employees just keep on doing their thing.

At the terminal, Nat finds the VP of human resources is monitoring some kind of algorithm that is doing some massive calculations. It's hard to know what exactly it is but it seems to be something massive involving numbers in the trillions.

If she looks into the file system she finds that the security protocols have been disabled, every employee on the network has total access to the island's files which is needless to say, odd. After navigating for a few moments she can find the research log, going back 10 years. It's a typical stupid human story, discovered an alien artifact, experimented on it. Researching anti-gravity, there is a report that she is reading about the discovery of Bio-Hazard 117 but she was just starting to read it when the file was suddenly deleted from the network.

Cindy gasps as she seems to realize, "You don't have your lanyard!" speaking to Flash, "You know you'll get wrote up if you don't have your lanyard!" she says then giggles, "Why don't you come with me to security and we'll get you all processed right away!" she offers.

"Yeah, good ide…OOPS!" Flash says as he casually reaches over and hits the up button that starts to carry him and the rest of the OPs team up up and away. He sub-vocallizes on the comm and tells Widow, "Moving to Containment Research, hollar if you need us." And as he says that he steps back from the closing doors, making his ever so subtle escape from the overly attentive young woman. He looks towards the operatives in the elevator and tells them in the comm channel, "When we arrive spread out, grab any data that looks useful. Portable."

The cheerfulness reminds Natasha of a 50s sitcom she can't remember seeing, but knows she did; when it aired and the deja vu sends chills through her spine. She shakes it off and slips a USB drive into the computer, getting to work on the nitty gritty of downloading data, creating a discreet backdoor into the system while she begins a download of the files and looks into what is going on here.

An automated bot is also installed that will trigger the outer entrance security alarms on a signal from her; a distraction to cover their future extraction would be good.

The next floor up when Flash arrives with his team is, lets just say, a surprise. When the doors open there is a thick black organic substance layered over the opening. He can't see through it, and it's still warm like it was just placed there and is cooling down. On the other side of the black wall of.. well, whatever it is, there are voices all talking in unison. "We must complete it! The Dario has sent them to stop us! He will not stop us!" and there is the muffled sounds of weapons priming on the other side of the wall as well as machinery being used and a high pitched humming sound like a high energy power source is being used.

On the floor below, Cindy looks back at Nat as the other people leave. She says, "It would have been so much nicer if he had just came to security to get a lanyard."

On the computer files are being deleted as Nat tries to access them. Someone doesn't want her seeing something, the only thing that isn't stopping is the calculation being done by the main computer. She is lucky in a way, the person on the network trying to stop her is being slowed down because the calculation is eating up most of the computer's power. She can read parts of files before they are deleted as her virtual combatant is slow to react.

Part of the research talks about creating a synthetic metal that emulates the technology found in the temple. She gets to read that before it's gone from the network. The computer is copying the files faster than the person deleting them can stop her so she isn't actually losing anything.

Cindy walks over to her and says, "You need to come with me to security. We need to get you a /badge/!" like it's just the best thing in the world! Nat is most likely busy reading the logs when she says it, the last log entry, from 4 months ago says, "Biso Ittino was contaminated. He refused to go to incineration. There was a big fight. He put two security officers in the infirmary. We are still looking for the egg. Biso must have moved it but we're not sure why, or how, just touching the damn thing makes people crazy so there is no telling what he did with it. Maybe he ate it." That was the last log entrantry. "Ma'am? Can you hear me?" Cindy asks Nat, "You need to come with us, to security."

Agent Venom's visor flicks through several visual modes until he gets some slight inclination of positioning. He hears those voices, the sounds of weapons getting ready, and then it's game time. He holds up a fist to signal the team to get ready, he gestures to himself that he's taking point and ready. There's a quick countdown and then…
Suddenly bursting out of that elevator is a black flicker of a silhouette. Amongst all the organic black substance is another creature of like, leaping up and twisting into an acrobatic flip in mid air, weapons tracking, targets acquiring. If indeed these are hostiles then suddenly Venom's on them with a freedom of movement that is entirely uncanny, hopefully buying time for the rest of the crew to break out and take up covering positions.

Natasha removes a generic holographic card from within her tactical vest and flashes it at Cindy very quickly, "I don't need a landyard /Cindy/. Mister Agger provided me with this himself, it's one of the privileges of being his assistant."

Hurry up, she thought to herself as the data continued downloading as the other person tried to delete it.

On the floor that Nat is on, the people around her all drop to the ground, like meat puppets with their strings cut they all just fall in unison.

Targets, lots of targets! Seven security guards open fire on Agent Venom they are kneeling in a semicircle behind file cabinets that have been tossed over. They have fully auto AK-47s, hardly the most high tech security and their aim is.. actually kind of terrible. There were other humans in the room, most of them working on the large alien looking object behind the men with the guns. The non-combatant employees drop to the floor like the people below as if they have suddenly been turned off. One of the men working on the top of the device strapped to a harness just dangles in the air dropping his tools. What is more interesting though, is that there are small, child sized, insects scattering for cover behind a the large alien device. The small insects are screaming in terror and flying on insect like wings and finding places to hide.The technology in the center of the room, under the hole seems to be part human technology and part organic technology. There is a also a large metal mechanical bull-man, that looks like a mechanical minotaur, the logo of Agger's company laying on the ground blasted all to hell. Whatever they used to take that mechanical monstrosity out was way more powerful than AK-47s.

The science division of SHIELD has never liked Agent Thompson. He's gone into encounters with clearly anomalous objects and things and made no effort to recover them. He sort of has this rule, if something is weird and shooting at him… he tends to shoot back. So alright these guys are shooting at him and he starts to fire off rounds steadily, tracking targets. First those with the weapons get bullets, then once the targets are neutralized he reaches for his belt and clicks off a small shaped explosive charge that he throws at the alien device. Yeah that thing looks like it's no good, best for it to have some focused explosives.
No, the research division doesn't like Flash at all.

"Please tell me it's ciesta time in this part of the world." Natasha finished her download and removed the USB drive and began looking for an alternative exit to the IT department. She would take the stairs or a ventilation shaft to rendezvous with the others.

She did her best to step over the bodies, the high body temperatures Agent Venom mentioned earlier coming to mind. Mind Control? Robots? She wasn't a scientist, she was an agent.

From the hole in the ceiling a voice is heard, it's speaking some alien language to the small insectoid creatures hiding behind the alien construct. A few moments later a black creature, made of the same black organic substance they tried to barricade the door with swings down from the ceiling on black tentacles. It is built a lot like a large octopus with a large reservoir of the black substance in a bulb like sack above a metal ring with alien script on it and several blue glowing lights. Under the ring tentacles let it move along the walls.

The thing, whatever it is, moves to where the small aliens are and gathers it in it's tentacles moving them inside a small opening in the back of the alien device. Venom can't see this because they are behind it from his point of view but Nat climbs to the opening of the ventilation shaft in the wall to the left and behind the alien device just in time to see it.

In the main room of this floor where venom is taking fire the security guards continue to spray high and wild, not really aiming, in fact one of them isn't even shooting he's just pulling the trigger and moving the gun in unison with the other guards while the gun clickclickclickclicks because it is out of ammo.

From her perspective, Nat can see the black, tentacle thing shuffling the small, crying aliens inside a small chamber at the bottom of the device. The octo-blob seems to have it's attention split between the insectoid aliens and the computer setup next to the device, most likely the main control for whatever the thing is. The collar with the bright blue lights on it rotates between the small creatures cowering inside the chamber and the screen where a progress bar is filling. Ninety eight percent of some calculation is done.

Taking available cover for the moment, Venom hunkers down beside a flipped over desk covered with black goo as he reloads one of his sidearms, the clip ejected, stowed, and a replacement slammed home with the slide ratcheting. He glances up and over slightly, getting a bead on the remaining positions as he lifts his voice barely to come over those comms, "Fire in the hole. I got six tangos visible… Romanov." The young man's words trail off for a moment.
It's only a beat, just the slightest of hesitations. The Widow has worked with him long enough that she'd be able to pick up that momentary break in his 'rhythm'. But then it's back to business as he rises, planting a hand upon the edge of his cover and launching himself into the air, swinging himself forward with a /thwip!/ of webbing firing from his arm leading him straight into the thick of the gunmen.
Shells hit the floor in a ragged stacatto as he moves amongst them, causing their own rounds to switch into a vicious crossfire if they're able to even track him at all. A few targets are put down cleanly, then he continues moving to take cover again on the opposite side of them so that he or his team are flanking them… and that might just put him in line of sight of the other creepy crawlies.
"Romanov. The suit… remembers these things."

Natasha drops down from the ventilation shaft and rushes towards that computer system the octo-blob is focussed on. She remembered reading something like this once by a man named H.P. Lovecraft; it gave her no less chills now than it had then.

"I guess there's always some truth to fiction after-all."

Her response to Venom might have made no sense given her thoughts, she would lend the young agent the book another time. Hopefully Venom meant the suit recorded all this, because it's what she was assuming.

As the security guards go down, cut down by their own gun fire, some of the Agents get a surprise after the Octo-blob lets out a cry in the strange alien language and the office workers seems to reanimate and start to grab at them trying to pull them to the floor or even dog pile them. They don't have weapons, they are just untrained office employees. The lights on the collar around the techno-organic life form starts to light up rapidly as it focuses on controlling so many humans at once.

The octo-blob thing stays behind the cover of the large device waiting for the calculation to finish but it reaches over with a tentacle and presses a button to raise a door that seals the smaller insect like aliens inside. It keeps talking to them as the door closes.

The office workers are no match for shield agents but there are a lot of them and construction workers from outside start to climb down the scaffolding to join the fight. All the humans are speaking in unison, "Stop the humans! Stop the humans!" the office workers are throwing themselves at the agents trying to bog them down to give that calculation time to finish.

When Natasha leaps down for the computer the Octo-blob just freaks the crap out and starts slashing at her with it's black Tentacles screaming in that alien language with an electronic voice. Because Natasha scared it though, it loses concentration and once more the officer workers and construction workers all fall limp on the floor.

It's right about that time that Flash's explosive package explodes. The device, not exactly made of the most sturdy stuff being cobbled together as it was, shatters, the techno-organic parts break like amber falling to the ground. The round part at the top that the workers were constructing, a focusing ring of some king falls to the side and crashes against the rim of the hole sending debris falling on some of the unconscious workers.

The chamber with the small big aliens in it rocks sideways and they all start to scream even louder. The Octo-blob temporarily whirls it's collar around towards the children leaving it open to attack by Natasha.

Natasha knew whatever this thing was; it couldn't be good. If she had any doubt about it, the fact that it was possessing the office workers shattered them.

She cancels the calculation swiftly before pointing her weapon at the octo-blob, "If you can understand me, let those people go. If you don't, I'll kill you and your children." Pure grit, no emotion.

The weapon she was holding was an assault rifle with depleted uranium rounds, a recent favourite of hers with an underslung grenade launcher.

She was just waiting for an excuse.

The alien octo-blob thing screams again then oozes inside the small chamber wrapping around the children protectively.

The office workers and construction crew all start to tremble and seize for a moment, well, the ones Agent Venom left alive at least, and a tiny version of the black squid thing slithers out from under their eyes from where the tiny little organic robots were attached to the optic nerve. One tiny little black octo-blob crawls out of one of each of the human's eyes and all start to pool together as they walk in tiny little steps across the room, pooling together to return to the main mass. Inside the pod the children are crying, the alien blob thing is trying to keep itself between them and Natasha yelling something at her from it's vocal collar.

The humans start to cool down, they start to breath on their own, their heart beats start beating individually instead of all at the same time, some some of them, the ones who weren't hurt or iced, even start to snore.

As the blobs and black goo surge and shift, moving together and retreating away from the captured humanity, letting them be free as the SHIELD agents take aim, Venom's voice can be heard on the comm frequency, "The large one is the parent, the smaller ones are… children."
He rises up from his cover, both handguns aimed at the large octopod even as his own suit shifts subtly, rippling as it extends small subtle pseudopods towards the now held at gunpoint aliens. The young man's voice goes on, "She was getting ready to sacrifice herself for them…" There's a beat as the creature in front of them keeps surging and making noise and then Flash repeats the translation quietly. "She's calling us monsters, telling the children to look away so they don't see what's coming… cursing us for what we're doing."
For a good chunk of time Agent Venom has been a soldier, he's followed orders and has had several rough tours of duty. He won't second guess Romanov's orders nor try to take the command from her. But she might be able to sense his reluctance as his weapons lower just slightly. Just an inch down, hesitant.

It was hard to beat your own killer instinct sometimes. Kill. Kill. Kill. Had been beaten, programmed and trained into her for decades. The woman Natasha once was, would have opened fire and ordered her men to do the same.

She lowers her weapon and says to the creature, "We're not monsters."

"I saw a ruined building beneath this facility. I'm going to assume you came from that, take your children and go back home. We'll secure this site and insure you're not exploited again." She could sense it, the exploitation; how the red room had exploited her.

Recon was at an end, she would be calling in the backup not far away to help mop this place up.

That just won't do at all. The large robotic bull that was laying on the ground next to the device opens an arm compartment and a rocket flies out. The rocket isn't targeted at Nat or Agent Venom. It's targeted at the hole in the device created by Flash's bomb. The rocket explodes on impact and the inside of the chamber containing the aliens is engulfed in flames burning them alive as Nat watches.

The gold colored robotic bull begins to laugh, a horrible, dark laugh that lasts for several seconds then warps and stretches becoming distorted as the machine starts to self destruct, melting itself to slag.

"They actually want to take off using the…" And that's when the robotic bull seems to come to life. Venom's already turning, lifting an arm to point but before he can even voice a warning that rocket flashes out trailing a faint wisp of smoke as it surges forward and /slams/ into the chamber.
Surging forward, Venom brings his weapons up and takes aim… only to have his reprisal denied him as the device starts to fall in on itself as it melts and seethes with molten slag. He snaps his gun back, looking back at Widow for a moment. Behind the black balaclava it's impossible to see his expression but chances are… it's angry. He looks back and says into the comm, "Control, kick was wide right. We're going to need to secure the facility…" Unless there were other self-destructing devices set. He leaves that last part off comms though both he and Widow are probably thinking the same thing.


Natasha's scream was ineffectual to stop what had happened. It wouldn't do a damn thing.

She tosses her rifle onto the ground with a clatter, showing actual emotion and frustration at the loss of that thing that just wanted to go home.

She was right back to work on the computer; she had been hacking before it was a thing. DOS had been more complicated than this system originally, at least that's how it felt.

She cuts off internet access, sealing the network locally.

She does everything she can to prevent a self-destruct but she promises herself, she was going to kill Dario Aggar.

Oh, no, they can secure the facility. They can go through all the data and discover exactly what had happened. Dario's people were excavating an old underground stone structure when they discovered alien technology. From the logs most of it was moved off site months ago for research. The biological sample, a set of adult aliens were found and… examined harshly. The children were in a suspension egg but when Dario's people figured out how to break them out, the techno-organic Nanny also activated and kicked the asses of the security team holding the parents. The video records will show that Dario's people tried to stop the Nanny but it adapted and started to take control of them.

The Nanny started building a transporter system which could return the aliens to their home world as the colonization mission had obviously failed. The parents were sent home in the first pulse but because the journey was over such a long distance they had to recalculate once they knew it worked. The children would have made it home in the second pulse except for the misunderstanding. Which begs the question… why kill the kids? Why kill the Nanny? Why go through all this?

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