Good Times

August 07, 2015:

Clint and Natasha get together to discuss what's happening in Chechnya. (NSFT - Not Safe for Terrorists).

New York

Pizza Place at 42nd Street


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Clint is, officially, out of SHIELD and has been for some time. He still has contacts though. People who will answer questions and help him get things. He's needed a lot more of the former than the latter in recent days. There's some things he's been trying to figure out. Things that'll help his old friend. Also he didn't get to say goodbye to her last time and well, he feels bad about that. So it's Pizza at a good place near 42nd Street. Clint's having a couple of slices of classic thin crust with meatballs while he waits for the Widow to show, a file folder sitting in front of him full of printouts and pictures.

Natasha had been one of the people least pleased with the news that her partner was no longer in SHIELD; it was an odd feeling. Clint was the man who had brought her into SHIELD, rather than kill her; the one who had given her a chance to be more than a weapon.

As she stepped into the pizzeria she reached up to touch the little arrow pendant worn around her neck and smiles.

Sliding into the seat across from Clint she removed her jacket and put it on the back of the chair before asking playfully, "Did you save any for me?" She reached over and plucked one of the meatballs off his slice and put it into her mouth.

Clint smiles a bit. His smiles are always kind of strained these days. Wounds that don't go away. Things that Nat knows a lot about. "Well if you make meetings on time, you get pizza saved for you." Of course, she's a bit early… and Clint slides the plate over to her. There's more there than he wants. Not more than he can eat probably. He can eat quite a bit.

"So I hear they're sending you on a trip soon right? I've been asking questions of old contacts, seeing as how I don't exactly have SHIELD's resoruces with me anymore. Results were… interesting. Why don't you have look first and then I'll explain some of it."

The papers in the file folder are a series of dossiers. Three men, two women. Of the group, one man and woman - a married pair - seems to have a connection with the insurgency in Chechnya and the other three, well, shady types. A man suspected of being an interantional arms dealer. A woman whose medical practice might be a front for black market drug activities and of course, a hitman. Because no set of dossiers is complete without a hitman, right?

The dossiers are looked over while she grabs a single slice of pizza and slides the plate back to Clint, "You need to start working on that beer belly or something, right?" Natasha's brows immediately furrowed in concentration as she began to read the dossiers in detail before looking to Clint for further details.

Insert 'Do you want to know more' being clicked in homage to Starship Troopers.

"Well you know, guy's gotta have a hobby." Clint smirks, just slightly. Okay, down to business. He can do this. He's the old dog in this game. "So, these people all used to be affiliated with AIM. I say used to be because AIM apparently experienced some kind of 'hostile takover' recently and is now under new management. Sorta interesting when the bad guys get bought out. Anyway, a lot of the rats jumped ship and wound elsewhere. These five ended up in Chechnya about two and a half months ago and just vanished. Well, a lot of HYDRA did. But they went off grid. That's not the interesting part though…

He reaches over to pull out one of the dossiers and flip to a specific page. "Before vanishing, all five of them met near an FSB data storage facility…" Nat will know them, the FSB replaced the KGB. "… that had been gutted in about six months ago by 'insurgents.' I poked my contacts and it turns out that the facility was storing data in connection to Russian extra dimensional studies of some kind. What's important in this is that the group left with a sizeable payment…" He flips the page again, showing pictures. "In what appears appears to be hydrogen." Another picture. "Specifically, tritium, a material so rare that the going market rate is about thirty thousand dollars per gram." And they appear to have a small truckload of containers for it. "It's got uses in high energy science and possibly nuclear fusion, if ever the process could be made to work. So the question is… what was so valuable that Russia would part with, off the top of my head, several hundred billion in tritium… and what were these five doing with it?"

"I think I heard about the AIM buyout. That X-Men Red guy.." Natasha had kept up to date on those kind of affairs, although it didn't mean she wasn't skeptical of the circumstances.

She's still going through the dossiers trying to figure out what these individuals may have gotten their hands on and traded.

"I'm almost just as concerned with what those five plan to do with the tritium. I'm guessing there are no more leads?"

"Well not on the people themselves. However…" Clint flips another page. "Here. Just after they disappeared Chechen rebels moved into an abandoned soviet era research station for no apparent reason. Thing's in the middle of nowhere. It's not near any Russian troops. And they're not fighting. And they've been there for near two months now. Just… sitting there."

"Sounds like our place, god only knows what could be left behind in that facility." Natasha knew all too well how careless the soviets were with their projects over the years, "Shame the Avengers Initiative caved, this would have been a good op for them."

"Well no reason you can't carve out your own team." Clint knows how resourceful Nat is. And he knows she'll get the job done. Its why he's trusting her with this, since it's virtually gaurnteed that he won't be able to. "Look, whatever they're up to with those components and facilities, I'm betting its not good. You know better thman me the kind of crap the old soviet union got up to."

"We'll see what happens." Natasha ate another bite of her pizza before winking at Clint, "You never know, they could be trying to solve world hunger or something extremely noble." Of course they weren't she was totally being sarcastic.

"With six hundred gallons of tritium?" Clint snorts. He knows Nat's joking of course. "Only if they're looking at population reduction as the method. Seriously. WMD or worse. These folks are all ex AIM. Who knows what they're up to." He takes a deep breath and lets it out. "Wish I could go with you."

"Solving world hunger by killing everyone. Sounds like a typical bad guy scheme." Natasha pursed her lips for a moment before asking, "What are you going to do with yourself then, now that you're not vetted? Become a costumed vigilante?"

Clint shrugs. "I don't know. I've got some loose ends to tie up. I'll be here in New York. Some of my contacts have mentioned that there's some odd stuff going around." He shakes his head. "Just be careful. I know I don't need to tell you but…"

"It's always touching to see that you care." Natasha finished off her slice of pizza, "But we both know, neither one of us are well known for our careful and cautious natures."

Curiousity killed the cat, or in this case the Widow maybe, "So, what did you and young miss Bishop decide on with your relationship? Going to keep seeing each other?"

"Yeah we are. We have to figure a lot of things out… we're just going to take it one day at a time." Clint in a stable relationship? Well it's happened once before. Of course that was with Bobbi. It didn't end well. "I… yeah. We'll figure it out."

"I'm sure the two of you will do just fine, I mean… not-you handled it so let's hope the real you can." Natasha winked at her old friend and slipped a twenty down on the table, "Lunch is on me, since you're unemployed."

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