Haunted Houseboat

August 06, 2015:

Swallowing her pride, the Coyote asks the God-Wolf for help protecting her home.


Jesana's House


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Fenris knocks on the door of Jesana's houseboat. It's been several days since he last saw the young coyote with the Green Arrow and he knows she'd wanted help with a couple projects around here that require a magical touch. So here he is. It doesn't hurt that the two probably need to catch up. She was a bit awkward around him the last time and while he understands why they should probably clear anything left between them up before they move forward.

Jes is awake and even dressed. She'd been out and up to something, exercise probably judging by the gym shorts and tank top. Fen can probably hear her move to the door, and the moment's hesitation as she peeks out to see who is there. She opens the door, holding a pistol loosely in one hand. There's a bucket of bloody clothes just inside the doorway she hasn't gotten around to burning yet. "Fenris." Jes smiles and moves aside to let him in.

The pistol gets a curious look. Not so much by its presence as by its nature. Fenris uses prosaic weapons, sometimes. It's handy and preferable to making a magical effort to squash mundane foes, but he doesn't do it because he feels the need for protection. "Hello Jesana." He murmurs, stepping inside. The blood doesn't bother him though he does wonder why it's there. "You asked me to come by?"

She looks relieved to see him. If she's still feeling the same awkwardsness as last time, she's too distracted to be worried about it right now. "Yes. Yes, I'm glad your here. I um.." Jes looks down and toes the floor as she sets the gun on the counter. At least some of the bullets are silver. "I..I need some help." Not easy to admit, not anymore, but she isn't stupid and knows she's in way over her head.

"I gathered as much." Fenris murmurs. "What with?" Her behavior, particularly the shy toing the floor is not exactly like her but she has matured a little in the time Fenris has known her. She's also been through quite a bit. The uncertainty comes with the territory.
"Are you thirsty? I have um..water and pepsi and scotch. I think there's some kind of beer." She eyes the fridge before continuing. "I wanted to ask if you and maybe Zee could set some wards here. There's something hunting me, and something else haunting me. If it was just me,..but it isn't. There's the baby." Jes idly rubs her stomach with alook of worry on her face. And someone else is here a lot. I don't think i can protect us from this."

"Something would be nice. Doesn't matter what." The God Wolf follows her over to the counter and waits. She'll tell him when she's ready. Judging from the smells around here whatever it is has caught up with her at least once alrady.

Jes reaches for the fridge and gets him a beer. John was the one who'd liked scotch. Her expression darkens for a moment but she shakes it off. Not right now. The beer she hands him is some fancy imported german thing. Jes hops up onto one of the stools in front of the counter. "This is going to sound crazy and probably stupid. When I was at shadowcrest with Zee, sometimes I heard this voice. I started talking to it and it got louder and closer and we talked more. It started sounding like a she, and she always had good advice and pointed out which books in the library I should read. I thought it was..I got this dumb idea in my head that she *was* the library. Eventually she even took on a shape, like a little girl. But a spirit. I called her El and she let me think thats what she was and that she was my friend."

"Mmmmmm. Okay So there was a spirit that spoke to you. Not uncommon though such things often have an agenda. Has it been misbehaving or is there something else?" Fenris takes the cap off and takes a sip. He's aware John's still missing. He hasn't gone after the man because in the scheme of the things they're presently dealing with, it's kind of low priority.
"I would speak to her whenever I was upset. It seemed to help but now, I think she was getting stronger somehow this whole time. When I look back, she was goading me, pushing me into feeling strong emotions. It's what she did this time only she had a message from my stepfather. I was so freaked out. If Ollie hadn't woken up and ran out and tried to hit her..and then I slipped and almost fell off the boat. He could see her too. I think because of the closet." Jes looks behind her, down the hall. "Its really not a closet. More like a doorway."

Fenris turns to look. "Mmm, yes it is. To your Father's home if I'm not mistaken." He pauses, examining it. "Interesting. Most spirits can't make such doorways. They usually form over long periods of time in places of especial magical resonance. So either your spirit is very powerful or this boat is very unusual. I wonder which it is?" Fenris considers.

"What did you want to do about it?"

It takes Jes a few moments to work that out. "Oh, no, my .." She blinks. She's still getting used to that bit of knowledge. Old Coyote is her father. "He put that there. He gave me this boat. I think he used my body to do it. Isn't that weird? I don't remember. I think it being there is the reason that Ollie saw her. She seemed shocked tha that he could. Before he scared her off she told me that my stepfather killed Dad. Not Old Coyote." Jes closes her eyes and clenches her fists, a shudder of emotion running through her. "He killed him and twisted his soul into something he could control. She said he's sent him to find me. I don't know how to fight a spirit monster. Or even a..whatever El is. Can Sucubuses be spirits? Did I just feed her all my emotions this whole time and give her power?" Jes sighs. How could she be so stupid? "I wish I'd killed him when I had the chance. But then..everything would be different." She touches her stomach and then looks towards the men's jacket draped over the couch and finally up at Fenris. "My family would be alive but I wouldn't have any of this. Or have met any of you."

"Some can. Not all are bad. I've known a few." Fenris chuckles. "Some rather closely over the years. No one can know all paths, Jesana. Not even the gods. You have to choose what you think best and walk the road laid out for you by those choices, same as everyone else." Fenris steps over and gives the younger woman a hug. "I'd offer to intercede for you with El but it doesn't sound like one of the many spirits of that manner I've met, or known. I tend to kill the troublesome ones." So the ones he knows tend to be, if not good, then at least not murderous.

"I don't think I'd care if you killed her. She lied to me and manipulated me and I never even noticed. I can scent lies…oh." Jes hugs Fenris and sighs. "Unless its someone like my stepfather, or John. Someone who can lie like I was taught without body or mind betraying you. That little bitch. I bet she isn't even a child. I just need to know how to keep them from, eating me. Or my ma-uh Ollie. Is there a way to make this place hidden? Or repel spirit things?" "I also want to learn how to make fire. Like, magically. I know I've got some kind of power in me. I thought maybe you or Lynwen could teach me. She's going to be teaching me some other stuff. It'd be useful I think."

"I can teach much, the question is what you have power for. Your potential is mostly untapped right now." Fenris looks about the boat. "Warding this place won't be hard. Making it invisible… well making the boat invisible is easy. Making you invisible… somewhat less so. Teaching you will take time, but I can help you ward this place to start.""

Jes sways with relief and her shoulders slump as she leans back against the counter. "Thank you. Oh thank you. I've been so worried..all of these things have happened at once and I'm lost. I just don't want to admit it because that's weak. If you aren't strong enough to keep yourself alive, do you even deserve it? And I've failed everyone lately. John, you, Zee. It's all so much. I've been making plans about what to do just to keep from going nuts. I don't plan. I just, do things. Stuff happens."

"That's also very like your father." Fenris makes a wry face. He's not had much interaction with old Coyote. For very good reason. Reminds him to much of his father. "I'm sorry about your mortal family. But there's nothing to be done about it right this moment." He reaches for a necklace which becomes a silver knife. "Well, shall we start then?"

He can see her blink and then her lips quirk in a bit of a wry grin of her own. "It is, isn't it. The stories about him were always my favorites. Now I guess I'm living one of them. For all I know, this.." Jes rubs her stomach. "Is him too. Geeze thats weird. But it was probably me. I was a little..wild before the whole..cluste..uh the hell thing. But yes please, I want to learn. Even if I can't do something, it's helpful to know it can be done."

"Then watch carefully. I shall explain in detail later." Fenris walks over to a wall and begins carving symbols. This will actually take him some time and they're all ancient norse runes. He carves a series of six of them in a repeating pattern, humming to himself in a tongue that is not Norse. It's something older. After a bit the words change, in english now. Fenris is just singing, but also seems to be remembering.

Orboros' wings, they did darken the sky. His roar furnace fire and his scales sharp as scythes. Men run and they cower and the fall and they die. They burn and they bleed as they issue their cry.

Dragonborn, dragonborn by his honor is sworn to forever keep evil at bay. And the fiercest foes rout at the sound of his shout. Dragonborn give your blessing we pray.

We need saviors to free us from Orobors' rage. Heroes on the field of this new war we wage. And if Orboris wins man is gone from this world. Lost in the shadow of the black wings unfurled.

And then came the Birds on that terrible day. Steadfast and loyal, those fierce Birds of Prey. And all heard the music of Orboros' doom. The sweet song of life, the sky shattering thum… And so the Birds freed us from Orboros' rage. Gave the gift their voice, ushered in a new age. And if Orboros is eternal then eternities done. For his story is over and the dragons are gone.

Jes watches with obvious fascination. She wonders what Fenris is remembering, he must have so many memories. A slight frown crosses her brow. What she'd wanted since meeting him was to have that same ability. To be immortal, to be able to have as much time as she wanted and do..well, all of the things really. Now though, she isn't so sure.

She's realized it isn't all just the wonderful and amazing thing she'd thought. Being immortal means more than just living forever. It means watching every one you care about die, because they still are mortal. Even if her lifespan is longer now, she really doesn't know, or she finds the power to get what she thought she wanted, Jes isn't sure she wants it anymore. There are so many things she wants to do and learn but this, perhaps not. She's already lost so many. How does Fenris do it? Is it because he's a god? is that what she would have to do, become one herself? Jes shakes her head and laughs suddenly. No, she's a lot of things but a god isn't one of them. "That is a beautiful song, Fenris."

Fenris looks up from his work and smiles. "It is. I wish I could say it was mine but it's not. An old friend sang it to commemorate a victory by heroes no longer remembered over a threat long since forgotten." Immortalitiy means watching not only your friends and loved ones die, but even the memories of their deeds and lives eventually erased by the cruel passage of time.

Her grin wavers for a moment and Jes seems to realize that too and adds it to the list of things she needs to think about as she moves forward and gives Fenris a tight hug. "Thank you for sharing it with me, Fenris. I think I understand some things better now. I know i'm still young and silly sometimes but, I'm not as..not as much of a stupid puppy as I was not so long ago. I'm learning, growing." She looks around the boat and smiles. This is hers and she's learning how to protect it. A small territory yes but, its hers and hers alone.

Fenris finishes the carvings after a time. It's taken about an hour and all the walls are now inscribed with a ribbon of runes. He lets a whisper of his power flow into them to activate it. "There. It won't protect against people, nor forms of harm that aren't ethereal but it should keep spirits out."

Jes nods and looks around, her nostrils twitching as she scents the magic and gets used to it. "I can handle the physical stuff. So can Ollie. But spirits..He can't even see them off of the boat. Maybe it wasn't even the boat the let him see her. Maybe it was, I don't know, me, or her. I love this place. It's Mine. But I can't stay here all of the time. I'll go nuts. I've got that sort of figured out though. There's a place I can go to get exercise that's protected. I should be safe there, or at least, safe from spirit monsters and now I"ll have time to come up with a plan to deal with my stepfather. I don't think it can wait til a few months from now. I need to free my families souls so that they can rest." She looks to the closet gateway again. "Wherever that may be."

"Good luck with that." Fenris doesn't truck with souls, that's his sisters business for the most part. "Well, that seems to be in order then. Was there anything else?"

Jes yawns hugely and then blinks a bit. "Um. I think thats good for now. If I can learn the fire thing, I want to but that doesn't seem like a thing you can just do. I know Kitty was having trouble with it but, thats probably diff.." She yawns again. "dammit. Different. I need to sleep." She trots forward and hugs Fenris again. "Thank you for this, Fen. I'll be able to rest alot better knowing my den isn't gonna be crawling with ghosts."

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