Rolling Through X-Red

August 07, 2015:

Time to meet Wanda… members of X-Red filter through…

X-Red HQ - New York


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Brins sent out messages to other X-Red members asking them to come and meet Wanda, so she can join the X-Red team. She's had word that someone's coming into the office… and she's ensure that Wanda will be there!

Right now, Brin is reviewing the bathroom facilities and what needs to be done so that she and Wanda can at least shower properly…

"I used to just wait until it rained" Wanda offers as she look up at the shower head. "Then I would stand in the rain to wash." Seems logical to an ex-homeless person. "The water was not very warm though…but I do like this house has a toilet." Is it a house? Apartments? Mansion? All Wanda is sure of is that it is not a caravan.

The -office-. Doug would never really get used to seeing -this- building as an -office-. It just felt too spacious, too big, and while they were still converting the locale, Doug Ramsey never really could get over the knack of -slowing- down as he entered the building to take in the scale of it all.

The bathroom, though, was not one of those things on Doug's mind when he entered, and so he spent time wandering a bit here and there, looking about, until he gives up and texts Brin.


Well, -of course- he wasn't going to think of the ladies' facilities, but he -has- to offer a sheepish apology as he arrives. "Hi, Brin. Sorry… place's big and I wasn't sure where you were."

Offering a perky bright-eyed smile and a hand for shaking, Doug introduces himself. "Good afternoon, miss. Name's Doug Ramsey. Pleased to meet you."

Brin sighs a little at Wanda's admission to showering in the rain… "Well you won't have to do that, anymore, Wanda. I'll let Mike know we're ready for this area to go live."

Brin wasn't actually thinking of the showers as Ladies or Gents, just yet. So stuck in the process of refurbishment. "Sorry, Doug. Trying to get this section finished, given that Wanda and I are living here now."

Ushering the pair out to the common area, "It's great you came by, Doug. This is Wanda, Wanda Maximoff. She's looking to join the team and we want her to meet as many people as possible." Doug of course knows this.

When they reach the common area, Brin heads to the kitchen - still not quite finished, but it's getting closer - "Drinks? Soda, Tea, Coffee?"

Wanda is happy to shake the offered hand after she has been introduced. There is some wariness there as she's not great with strangers - bodes well for teamwork. Thankfully, since she knew company was coming, Wanda is dressed in more than a t-shirt; a black, short dress and…that's it. She heads out into the common room. "What do you do, Doug?" Why doesn't he have a fancy superhero name? "I will have coffee please."

Offering a reassuring smile to ease the wariness that showed in her body language, Doug nods at Brin. "Well, then, welcome. Hope you'll enjoy looking around. Ah, I work with computers and linguistics - all sorts of languages, whether spoken, written, or gestural."

Going along to the common area, Doug glances at Wanda. "And yourself? What do you do?" he asks, before asking for a coke.

When Joshua last visited the team's more than spacious new digs, he arrived rather suddenly by supernatural means, a summons by Illyana. He was not entirely ready for that visit. On this occasion, he made his way to the site using a conventional, and calming, conveyance. The disadvantage is that, like Dough, he needed to wander through the huge building to find the others. His clothes are more conservative than usual on this occasion - slacks, a light yellow button-down shirt, matching belt and loafers, and a flat-top cap that he is holding now that he is indoors. He stops and knocks on a doorframe. "Is anyone home?" he calls in his distinct English accent. Then he steps into the meeting area. He eyes Doug, and then inclines his head to Wanda, whom he apparently recognizes vaguely. "I thought so, miss!" he greets her. "It has been some time, and I fear that we barely had opportunity to make acquaintance. Still, welcome to the … work in progress."

About mid morning, Doug and Wanda are in the common area of the new building. Refurbishment is coming along nicely, with Brin and Wanda actually living there. Brin's currently in the kitchen area, getting beverages…

"Dougs code name is Cypher, Wanda" Whether Wanda makes the connection with the cleverness of the codename, Brin is entirely unsure. Returning from the kitchen, two coffees and a coke in hand. Offering Wanda a reassuring smile, Brin turns to Doug "Wanda's not been part of a team before, this is new ground for her."

"Hello Joshua, glad to see you could come in."

"Cypher? So Doug likes spaceships?" Wanda may have confused it with sci-fi. English is her second language after all…probably third or fourth actually. And she does look a bit confused as to how liking spaceships makes you a superhero but thankfully he also mentioned the languages stuff. Taking her coffee from Brinley with a nod of thanks, she then has to peer at Joshua a moment before recognition comes. "Ah…yes…you were at the park. With the zeppelin. Hello." She thrusts out her hand in greeting.

A faint blush at Brinley's words about her lack of being in a team…or is it a lack of friends in general. "I was not very trusting of others" she shrugs. "There are some people after me who would like to cut me up. They could be anyone. So I hid on the street while my brother hid with powerful people. But…" Her blue eyes find solace in the floor. "…I am tired of being alone…if you want me." Wanda offers a faint smile to Doug. "I do not know what I do really. It just comes natural but I am a gypsy so it must be magic?"

Amara has been busy getting to know the city again, after being gone for nearly a year. That, and there are still things that are needed at the United Nations for Nova Roma. She's been checking in, though, which is what's brought her to the headquarters now. In skinny capri slacks, flats, and a flowy white blouse with chunky gold jewelry, she certainly has fashion covered. "Oh," she says as she steps into the atrium to find a group already gathered. "Well, this is more people than I was expecting. Hello," she waves to Joshua and Wanda with a polite smile.

« Cypher. As in the number zero, or also a play on the word 'cipher' in English, which means a puzzle. » Doug translates for Wanda into Romani, partly to expedite matters, partly to show his power in action. « Well, magic… we're not exactly worried about what we don't understand. »

Flashing a grin towards Amara and Joshua, Doug notes that she's already been introduced to Joshua, and motions towards Amara. "This is Amara Aquila, from Nova Roma. Another member of our team. Amara, this is Wanda Maximoff."

"Hello, Wanda," Amara nods to the other woman with a warmer smile. "And welcome. It's always-" Which is when her phone goes off, and she raises a finger apologetically. "Please excuse me." At which point she steps away. Those who can pick up Latin may recognize the conversation as the sort of familiar explanation of technology to a parent. It's slightly more complicated when your parent is used to Roman technology.

Joshua smiles when Wanda reacts with a glimmer of recognition, even though it is not much. Then he looks to Cypher when the man speaks to Wanda in the unusual language. When the woman speaks cautiously about her lack of experience with teams, he shakes his head and offers, "As I recall, you handled yourself well enough on an inpromtu basis on that day. I think that you might fair better as part of a team than you think, miss." He looks to Brin and questions, "Do you happen to have enough tea for a second cup? I came as soon as I could after meeting with the dean, and I'd be quite grateful."

Brins quite happy for Doug and Wanda to be talking. If Wanda needs moral support, Brins there for her…. Amara gets a wave and a bemused look, Brins used to those sorts of interruptions. "Of course, Josh. The kitchens finally fully stocked… " She heads that way to make him a cup.

Wanda waves goodbye to the woman before she even had a chance to say anything. "There is a new Rome?" she asks the pair of gentlemen left with her. "What happened to the old one?" A fond smile for Cypher as he speaks Romani. "That is good…though now I will have to find another language to speak ill of people in if you are around" she teases before blushing at Joshua's praise and shaking her head. "Zatanna was the heroine that day but I would like to learn to be in a team." She looks around the room. "And to have a place to stay…if you will all have me of course. If not then I am sure no one has moved into my alley yet."

"Well… I promise not to translate," Doug replies, doing his best to not flash a grin at Amara's exasperated explanation.

Looking towards Joshua, Doug quirks an eyebrow. "What's up with the dean?"

"We survived," Joshua quips to Wanda. "The innocents there survived. Under the circumstances, I'd call that a reasonable recommendation." Then he shrugs to Doug. "It was one of those typical beginning-of-term exercises in cheerleading, to remind us of his status while assuring us that he maintains an 'open door' policy toward the faculty." He glances toward Amara and grins at her efforts to explain things to someone on the other end of that phone, in Latin no less. "Sentio dolorem," he answers ruefully before she leaves the room to continue the conversation in some quieter part of the new office space.

"Joshua works at the University, Doug." Josh might have to explain which one. Returning with Joshua's cup of tea, Brin shakes her head to Wanda "I've seen you work, remember. I know you can do this, Bobby and I wouldn't have suggested you join us if we didn't believe in you!" Dougs speaking to Wanda in Romani, has Brin grinning a little, particularly his promise not to translate Wanda's words.

"Oh Doug, while you're here, can you look over some data for me? We've been getting more on The Purifiers and we need your expertise…" handing him a usb stick and gesturing to one of the computers, the brunette mutant laughs softly as he walks off to do just that.

With Doug off to look through a USB - sucks to be him - Wanda, Brinley and Joshua are enjoying conversation in a quiet room. Arama is also around but she is on the phone and unlikely to be rejoining the group.

"I think you want me in your team because you are sick of me being miserable" Wanda teases Brinley. "And you want me to wear clothes without holes in them. But if the rest of you want me then I will do my best. That I will promise."

Speaking of spaceships … one lands in the parking lot, visible from rather a large number of rooms and locations in the office. A silver one, not quite a standard UFO, more shaped like a bike helmet. It basically isn't there, then there's a sort of blorp as it is there. And then it extrudes a set of stairs, and a human (apparently) in a space-suit comes out, and then the stairs go away and it just … hovers … there.

The human walks in through the front door, wirelessly signalling the security system to send him all the updates — which include keyword comments like 'Mike, we need showers that work' and 'doors that lock, definitely.'

He finds his way to where Brinley, Wanda and Joshua are chatting, and it's clear when he gets close enough to see that he's not a normal person - he has metal skin, brass or gold, not highly polished. He's also wearing a shades-of-red one-piece "uniform' that has a stylized X in a lighter color covering half the left side of his body. It's another "is this one OK?" apparently.

"Hello, Brinley. You must be Wanda and Joshua. I'm Mike Drakos, the maintenance and IT guy here."

Joshua inclines his head to Brinley when she offers a proper cup and saucer, and then moves to ask Doug for assistance with that data. "Clothes with holes see quite the fashion on campus," he mentions to Wanda before lifting his cup from the saucer. "I can't speak for the team, but I'd vote that you should have the same opportunity that each of us had to prove ourselves," Then he turns and looks toward the door even before the newcomer is visible. When Mike arrives, Joshua nods to him and lifts the cup in a gesture that is like a salute. "I'm Joshua, yes. I believe that we met, briefly, in what they call 'Mutant Town' after some … disturmablces disrupted the infrastructure there." Then he nods to Wanda. "This is Wanda Maximoff, a prospective new member of the team."

Brin gives Mikes uniform a once over, glancing out the window at his… conveyance and back again. Mike never fails to surprise her. She'll need a bit of time to think on the uniform, it's not bad… though.

"Mike, codename Metal." Brin confirms for Wanda. "And, with any luck, he's going to make my day. Any chance, Mike, we can get the bathrooms fully operational today? I know we're pushing things, but… " well, she's living there already.

She'll let the remaining three get to know each other.

Wanda nods a greeting to the latests arrival…a spaceman. Of course. Why not? At least she understands the codename of this one. "Hello, Mike. There are so many in the team already." And she knows there are still more out there. "Do not rush on my account" she says to Mike. "I am used to worse." Wanda turns to Joshua, "You have something in mind for me to prove myself?"

"You have a good eye, I was in an entirely different chassis then," Mike says to Joshua. "Maximoff. That name is unusual. I believe I've heard of another Maximoff."

He grins when Brin talks about bathrooms. Of course there's a "port-a-loo" set up in a storeroom, but those are kind of disgusting.

"I finished checking the permits on my way down," he answers Brin, "and they signed off on my request to waive an inspection since we've already done two. So yes."

In another room, a small black robot, oblong and two-footed and making 'gonk' noises, moves to the bathroom in question. Mike seems to go glassy-eyed for a moment while the robot reconfigures itself into a more useful form, and begins running a probe from its insides down into the sealed pipe that comes up inside. Fortunately nobody can see what he has to do to make the pipe functional to the septic collector tank. (Why, no, it doesn't connect directly to the sewers. It goes to a septic collector where it gets composted, along with other materials, and then once it's been processed to safety, it can be sold to landscapers.)

He unfreezes and says, "We have employees as well. Because we'd become very, very tired of paperwork and sweeping and stuff. Oh, I'll have the training room here next week."

"I personally have nothing," Joshua answers Wanda with a shake of his head. "However, in my experience, people often prove themselves on the spur of a moment, when they must improvise and adapt their skills to the situation." he sips more of the tea, and then smiles to Mike. "The outsides /are/ quite different, but each electronic system has a unique … signature. I noticed yours then and now," he explains. Looking back to Wanda, he adds, "Just as some people are particularly sensitive to odors, and can use them to identify people and things, I have a … sensitivity to electrical fields. It's like recognizing faces."

"We each have our strengths, Wanda." Brin explains "As to proving yourself - we have to prove ourselves to you too. That's what being a team is. Supporting each other and making sure that we can work together… " A nod to Mike as he mentions Wanda's name "Pietro's sister" The words are murmurmed to Mike, confirming his first statement.

"As to so many on the team… as we bring more members on, we find that the demand for our services grow - it's rather exciting really."

Chuckling at Joshua, Brin keeps nodding "See, Josh here is an electrical genius. I wouldn't have realised Mike in different chassis, if I didn't already know. But Josh… did."

At the news of the bathrooms, Brin looks very relieved. "That's great, Mike. Training room is good, and we also need the kitchen finished up. Then you and I, Bobby if we can grab him, should talk about the next steps." The refurb of the building is progressing nice and quick.

"Electrical fields? That sounds interesting. Does that mean that disguises don't work on you?" Wanda asks Joshua with interest before shrugging. "If something happens then it happens. But I suppose it is better if nothing ever does. The Purifiers though…I don't think they will stop anytime soon." Her eyes turn on Mike now. "You know my brother? Is he okay? Happy? Safe? When did you last see him?" This is all /very/ important stuff for Wanda.

"I may have met him at a very brief visit to the X-Mansion in July. It was a party with a lot of people. Barbecue was involved," Mike says to Wanda, as kindly as he can for not having a good copy of that memory. (The chassis got trashed before he could archive it completely.)

He looks around at the various messes in the building, using the security system, and moves some things around in his mental planner.

"OK. Kitchen is kind of troublesome because the city is being a royal pain about the paperwork and inspections. I'm just two more turns of the thumbscrew away from telling them I'm using a prefab, then pre-fabbing it in my New Jersey recycling center.

Joshua says, "At first, I only noticed only fields from actual electronic devices," Joshua explains to Wanda with a shrug while they stand in the open space, talking while Brinley and Mike discuss further plans for the building. "However, I began to notice that people have similar fields due to their nervous systems. I can't detect a disguise per se. If someone is wearing a disguise at our first meeting, I would not notice that. However, if I've noticed the … signature of that person's nervous system, and then I see him or her in a different guise, I probably would recognize the same pattern and wonder about the different … external appearance." He sips more of his tea and glances toward Mike. "He is peculiar because he seems more … electronic than organic.""

"At first, I only noticed only fields from actual electronic devices," Joshua explains to Wanda with a shrug while they stand in the open space, talking while Brinley and Mike discuss further plans for the building. "However, I began to notice that people have similar fields due to their nervous systems. I can't detect a disguise per se. If someone is wearing a disguise at our first meeting, I would not notice that. However, if I've noticed the … signature of that person's nervous system, and then I see him or her in a different guise, I probably would recognize the same pattern and wonder about the different … external appearance." He sips more of his tea and glances toward Mike. "He is peculiar because he seems more … electronic than organic."

There's a group of X-Red members standing, sitting, in the common area of the building … talking. Wanda's there too, meeting the team. Mikes transport is hovering outside, visible through the windows, taking up one on the car spaces.

"No The Purifiers won't." Brin nods to Wanda at that observation, she, Bobby and Wanda had discussed some of that last night. "Let me know if you need help with the beaurocracy, Mike." Brins actually pretty good at finessing certain situations. "With Wanda and I staying here, that's the next thing of importance."

"I haven't seen Pietro in a while, Wanda." With her staying there though, maybe it will be easier to get the two together. Joshua gets a warm smile as he engages with Wanda, explaining how his power works (sort of).

Sundog has not been to the new headquarters yet. Mostly logistic reasons, mostly the fact that he had to take a sudden trip for a week or two. There are some things you usually don't say "no" to, and one of them is the Make A Wish people. He had to take a day or so after that because, well…

The glowing man (after being vetted by the security systems, of course) steps into the common area in his uniform, albeit with his own personal touch in the shape of a leather jacket. Hey, don't look at him like that, Superboy hasn't done that here yet, so it's a trend he's setting. That's right.

He lets out a whistle as he raises his sunglasses (he wears them purely for effect) "I love what you've done with the place," he says with a smile at the assembled members of the team, "Very Jetsons, I approve."

"I am sure that Pietro is off with a girlfriend…or three. He does that kind of thing. I should meet this Kitty person" Wanda replies to Brinley, totally unaware that she had met Kitty in Limbo…though they were both distracted. "Mike is an android?" Wanda asks Joshua. "That makes sense. I know what they are. Robot is a word from Transian." And then a glowing guy shows up and Wanda stares at him impolitely before turning to Brinley. "Who are the Jetsons? Is this their house?"

"Android?" Joshua repeats the word and glances toward Mike. "I should allow him to answer that. I do know that he has a fantastic rapport with machines of various kinds." He again sips from his cup of tea. "As for the jetsons, I know that they're a family from a fictional future, but I'm no aficionado on animation from the so-called 'Space age.' Honestly, I'm probably one of the last people to ask about popular culture, except for the snippets that I overhear in my classes at ESU, and students rarely talk to their professors about that sort of thing, unless it's to prove how 'square' the professor is." He lifts the cup once more and drains it

"Yes, I use robot. Means 'worker'. Also means 'servant'. Neither of those meanings bothers me," Mike says. "At the moment I'm an android. Sometimes, I'm a car. Or a motorcycle. Or, very rarely because it's really uncomfortable, a computer system generating training holograms."

He waves a salute in Aaron's way, and then goes blank again, concentrating on finishing the hookups in the bathroom stalls and connecting the sinks and showers. Joshua might notice for a moment that he becomes actually more electronic, less organic feeling, while he does this.

Brin snorts softly at Aaron's arrival. When she'd put out the call to get the team to visit and meet Wanda, she hadn't meant for them to descend en-masse - but there you have it… most of the team filtering through in one day.

"Jetsons were a cartoon…" Brin eyes Wanda, the woman who thought the walls were speaking to her because of the intercom.. "A make believe show… and no this isn't their house. This Aaron, by the way, codename Sundog. Aaron, this is Wanda, she's considering becoming a member of X-Red." Because, after all is said and done, Wanda can still choose not to.

"Oh, hey!" Aaron says, shooting a particularly bright grin Wanda-wise. He gives a nod of greeting to Joshua and Mike, and approaches Wanda to offer a friendly hand in greeting, "So you're considering joining the insanity? Nice. Do you have a codename?"

"You are a professor, Joshua? Oh…what do you teach? Or do you do experiments? I never went to school…not one with walls" Wanda smiles to Joshua before looking thankfully to Brinley about the Jetsons. "Cartoon… They are the ones with the drawings. They used to have a cartoon in Transia. I think the title translates to something like 'Secret Police Fun and Games with Subversive Elements'. It was the only cartoon we had." Another nod to why she is here. "If people want me."

Wanda shakes Aaron's hand. "I have always been crazy" she assures him before looking confused. "Codename?" A shake of her head. "No…I do not. Should I have one?"

Joshua peers at the now empty tea-cup and then looks toward the door when another member of the team arrives. When Aaron eagerly approaches Wanda, Joshua inclines his head. "I wonder if she brewed enough tea for a second cup," he muses. Before he leaves, he explains, "I teach literature, linguistics, and a few languages on the side at ESU. I don't experiment on anything, in spite of what some of my students think after they've received their tests." he chuckles. "I'm going to see about a refill. I'll check the coffee pot for you if you'd like," he offers. Soon, he is wandering off to the kitchen.

Mike begins projecting the plans of the building, original and modified, into the air for review. The place where they're gathered is one of the two 'upper lounge' areas because that's where the remaining functional kitchen is. The individual rooms, though… they're currently converting some ground-floor rooms that had been office and mechanical space. But the two terminals at the end of those long halls, those also have promise. Really this place is well suited as a … well. As an air terminal.

"No, no need for a codename right away, right Tin Man?" Aaron asks Mike with a grin, "You just get a codename as part of the team, but if you have trouble coming up with one, we do a brainstorming session over pizza. Those are fun… I chose Sundog because of, well-" he shrugs. The effect of his glowing aura makes the name plain to those who may be familiar with the meteorological effect. "-I figured it fit."

"You are a dog?" Wanda asks Aaron curiously. She has met werewolves so maybe he is. "No more coffee for me" she calls out to Joshua before she glances around at those who remain. "I hope that you like me as I am very keen to be in the team. Who have I not met? Illyana? Tabby?"

Brin had momentarily been distracted by a notification on her tablet and finally looks up again to rejoin the conversation. "You don't need a codename right away, Wanda. One thing at a time…" To even have Wanda stay in the building without wandering off, was a major step forward.

"Not a dog, no…" Brin trails off… "Illyana and Tabitha, I think they're the remaining two." Mike projection gets a quick look "Anything wrong, Mike?"

"Please. I'm clearly brass," Mike says. "Tin Man is also Someone Else's Property so I can't use it anyway."

He nods as Wanda asks if Sundog is a dog. Yes, he is. Doesn't say that out loud.

"Hmm? No, just … seeing if there's anything special we're missing in our plan. I don't want to do anything that'll really mess up the original design of this place. It's gorgeous."

Tabby ducks off the elevator messing around with her cellphone. Where she has been late into a Friday evening who knows. Still here is here now right.

Brin literally beams as Mike says the building is beautiful. It is … which is why they worked so hard to negotiate for it. As Tabitha walks in, she smiles over "And… there's Tabitha. Tabitha! Meet Wanda!"

"A sundog is a pair of bright spots on either side on the Sun, weird atmospheric thing. My aura does that, so I thought 'why not?'- and I made a thousand meteorologist fanboys cry in glee." Aaron grins and crosses his arms. He notices Tabby's arrival and huhs, "Well, the gang's all here, we should totally order a bad movie and have pizza."

"Oh" is Wanda's succinct reply to Aaron's explanation. Being a dog would have been much more exciting. She waves to Tabitha, they have met briefly a couple of times. "I like eating" she offers about the pizza idea, "But I do not know much about movies. Pietro knows more about all that kind of thing. They make bad movies? Why would they do that?" She nods to Brinley, "I am not in the team yet, no need to have a codename."

Mike scowls at nothing. "Huh. Uhm. I'm getting an urgent request to meet with Cyclops. I'll be back when that's done. The bathrooms need to finish curing for five hours, then I'll put the floor covering in later. Meanwhile you're still stuck with the port-a-loo.'"

He stands up, holographic images vanishing, and says, "Hi, Tabs. Sorry to greet and run."

And, normal people don't just DROP off the mezzanine into the exit below, but Mike does because (1) robot, and (2) he can fly, sort of.

A minute later the spacecraft in the parking lot is gone.

Oh right, Scarlet is the girl she met with Bobby and those adventures. Tabitha waves to everyone "Bad movies and pizza sounds amazing." she tucks her phone away now. "So I hear you are wanting to join this rebel band of mutants against the evil palpatine empire…" must be joking about.

Mike gets a slight scowl from Brinley with the news about the bathrooms. He'll be hounded tonight to get the job finished. Tabitha and Aaron, get an indulgent smile "Pizza and movie it is then." Grabbing her tablet, the brunette mutant starts ordering pizza… "You two get to choose the movie."

Brin had forgotten, momentarily, that Tabby had helped Wanda that night… or was that the other way around? "Oh yes, that's right, you two know each other. Excellent."

"Manos: The Hands of Fate," Aaron announces and looks at Tabitha, to see if she can one-up him on bad movie suggestions. The glowing man (dimming his glow enough to make it not distracting- he can't go to movie theaters anymore) he grins as Wanda asks about people making bad movies, "She's absolutely adorkable." To Wanda, he sas, "I like you. And you're not familiar with much stuff? Oooh, I can introduce you to all sorts of things- like balloon pants and M. C. Hammer."

What fresh hell…

Wanda stares at Tabitha. There is an evil empire too? "Umm…yes. I would like to join you. And to stay in this nice office. And to have pizza and to watch bad movies. And…" She shrugs. "Just to belong to something. To see what that is like." Aaron's words - adorkable? - seem to be complimentary so Wanda offers him a smile. "My brother was the one who kept wanting to see American things. And listening to their music. I was too busy…doing other things. Balloom pants? Do they help you fly?"

Tabitha double face palms at Aaron now and then nods "You win.. you are the bad movie expert…" she isn't even about to try, he obviously knows more about pop culture than the girl, at least in her opinion. "So you are sticking around too then Sundawg?"

"Of course I am, Tabs," Aaron raises an eyebrow when Wwanda mentions her brother. While Brinley orders the pizza, he finds himself a good seat, "Hey, I happen to be a big deal in American music-" fortunately he is not a Justin Bieber case because he is not a horrible human being, but his reputation does still linger as the enfant terrible of his particular genre. "Maybe I can give you and your brother a tour of the studios. Just not when Nikki Minaj is recording."

Aaron is fairly convinced she's a closet mutant.

"Maybe…but I do not see my brother much. It is safer if we are separate…though I do miss him very much" Wanda replies with a faint smile before finding somewhere to flop down. "I think this is typical America" she smirks, "The bathroom does not work but the entertainment system is all okay. We will be phoning for pizza?"

Tabby laughs "yeah I am pretty sure that Brinley is ordering the pizza Wanda…" she looks around "Wait.. Mike still hasn't fixed the bathroom… okay that is awkward… I mean…. drinking and eating pizza means bathroom eventually…"

"That's okay," Aaron laughs, "If you need to use the john, I can fly you over to my penthouse." He pauses, "Except I can't carry anyone when I'm in my energy form. I could tractor beam you, though. That ought to be fun, no?"

"Depends how urgently we need to go" Wanda shrugs to Aaron. "It could get embarrassing being tractor beamed through the air and not able to hold on any longer." She points behind them. "There is a port-a-loo in there if you need to go." Wanda has been here a week or so and knows it well.

Tabby looks relieved "Well thank goodness…. I suppose I could just turn into a dog and litter the neighbors lawn… which is ..well let us hope I am never so desperate right?"

After ordering the Pizza, Brin wanders back into the room. "Have you chosen a movie? Pizza will be here in 30 minutes." At least there are some lounges and chairs, the group can drop and simply enjoy being in company.

Fortunately, she's missed the discussion on bathroom facilities!

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