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August 03, 2015:

Oliver and Jes discuss past and present relationships. (Adult Discussions)


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Jes was expecting Ollie at her houseboat this evening. So it's probably a surprise when she isn't there once he arrives. It's nearly half an hour later when she jumps over the rail and onto the deck. There's a lot of muttering and snarling in her native language as she starts undressing right there, not even bothering to go inside first. "This was a new a shirt!" And it was white. What possessed her to buy a white tank top? The blood staining the front of the shirt and her jeans isn't hard to miss. "Now I've got to burn this crap!" Jes growls and then freezes, catching Ollie's scent. "Oh..fuck! What time is.." She turns around towards the door, all her anger suddenly gone.

Ollie is leaning against the door frame with his arms crossed over his belly and a mildly amused expression on his face. He doesn't coddle or lament the obvious conflict that Jes has been in. Instead, he looks her over briefly for mortal injuries. After a moment he smiles. "You look none the worse for wear."

Mildly concerned despite his best efforts, he clears his throat and glances aside before he continues. It's brief, only a few heartbeats pass before he's looking at Jes again. "How much of that blood is yours?"

Jes blinks at him for a few moments. She seems surprised but then tilts her head to one side while she thinks. "None of it mine." She glances down and sighs. "Ugh.." She doesn't enjoy having another person's blood all over her skin. "I need a shower. And you..You're allowed to ask. I like that you care, Ollie. You care but you don't try to order me around. Or demand to know what I've been up to. You're my mate though and you entitled to." Jes moves towards him and leans over to kiss him, trying not to touch him otherwise, his clothes might cost more than she can afford to replace for him and she doesn't want to ruin them too.

He may be wild at heart, but Ollie isn't eager to get blood all over his jeans or shirt either. He leans forward and claims a kiss, then steps aside so Jes can make her way through to the shower. Then he considers Jes's words. "Okay," he replies pleasantly. "What have you been up to?"

On the way to the shower he starts organizing a few things. A towel. A change of clothes for Jes. A small bottle of soap he bought for her that's almost scentless so it doesn't irritate her nose.

Jes moves inside and doesn't waste any time jumping into the small shower and turning on the water. "At least it isn't in my hair." Or her mouth. One advantage to not shifting so much right now. She turns and blinks again when she sees Ollie standing there and the things he's holding. Her eyes fall on the bottle of soap. People where so much cologne and perfume and overly scented soaps and lotions and shampoos and it drives her nuts sometimes.

Her eyes meet his and Jes gives Ollie a very sweet smile. "I..thank you. No one's ever.." Done anything like that for her before. "I was..well, it was stupid. There's this little place in the slums in New York. They have the best chili dogs. I *really* wanted some. I mean, really. I needed them. Only i wanted peanut with them and they didn't have any but the guy owed me so he sent someone t get it and while I was waiting I saw someone." Jes looks down and hugs herself for a moment.

"You're welcome." This isn't your average train of thought, so Oliver has to spend a moment boarding at the station before he bobs another nod to indicate he more or less understands. "Trust me, I get the same way. My weakness is dim sum," he explains. "Hong Kong spoiled me."

He kicks his feet, but stops short of bumping cabinets or other furnishings. "So, who did you see?"

Jes scrubs at herself in a hurried manner. She needs to be clean but she also wants out of the small space and into Ollie's lap. He can probably see she's starting to tense up. Whatever happened upset her. "Peanut butter and chilli dogs. That sounds weird. I guess its one of those cravings. I never had them the first time. Dim Sum..that sounds good too."

Jes sighs and closes her eyes for a moment. Her thoughts are all over the place. Adrenaline has that effect on her sometimes. "I have friends who aren't..the usual sort. One of them was this prostitute from England. I used to watch her kids sometimes. She had a sister and I killed their pimp one night. He was a real bastard. Her sister convinced me to go out with her to this place that reminded her of home. Bars aren't really my thing and when we got inside she slipped me something. I didn't really think much of it at the moment but later I realized my stepfather had payed her off to drug me and take me to him."

It was just luck that a real friend of mine was there and he grabbed me and took me home with him. That kind of drug has a different effect on me but it still messed me up. If he hadn't been there, it probably would of worked. When I was waiting for the food, I saw her on the corner across the street." Jes turns off the water and steps out of the shower. Her voice has gone soft and devoid of emotion by the time she gets out.

"Oh, Jes…" The moment she steps out of the shower, Ollie is ready with a soft towel. He wraps it around her shoulders, then slips his arms around her as well. He presses in close, thoroughly dampening himself in the process. He just holds her for a few seconds before he continues. "We're alike in so many ways that I sometimes forget how different we are. Surviving the things you've been through is an accomplishment, but you're not just surviving. You're flourishing. I'm proud of you."

She tucks herself into his embrace and hides her face against Ollie's neck. He can feel the tension melting away from her body as he holds her close and she breathes in his scent. "Coyotes adapt, survive. I don't know how to do anything else. I think the only thing that really scares me is that I'm not always sure I do any more than that. I struggle with wondering how human I am, or if I'm not turning into the thing my stepfather wanted me to be. A monster, like him. To hear you say that, it means a lot to me Ollie. More than I can say."

"Good," Oliver presses his cheek to the top of Jes's head and squeezes her gently. Then he grabs on to the loose ends of the towel and starts drying her off. It's a comfortable, affectionate gesture. Briefly, the only sounds in the room are the rustle of cloth and the lapping of water against the boat's hull.

"You've walked a difficult path and come out stronger for it. Trust me, I'd know." There's a little smile from Ollie and he loops his arm around Jes's shoulders again.

Jes tilts her head back to kiss him. "You're amazing." Her hand comes up to cup Ollie's cheek and she smiles too. A few words and a smile and his strong hands toweling her dry and the haunted note in her eyes fades away. "You understand me and I forget too, when I'm with you. I forget how different I am from everyone else. I'm just me. I don't feel like I have to hide who I am, or what I feel or think, or do. You let me stand with you, instead of behind you or under you. I never feel like I'm in the way or just a thing that needs to be protected, or worse, used." Jes wraps her free arm around his back and looks into Ollie's eyes. She isn't the best with words. She hopes she got that right.

It's heartwarming and heart-wrenching at the same time. Oliver melts and lets out a quiet, sympathetic noise that starts from all the way down in his belly. He presses his forehead to Jes's and looks her in the eye. "That's why we make such a good team. We're equals. There's no dominance or aggression issues like some people have. At least not yet." The last bit is said with a smile on his face. "You never have to hide who you are. I've been starved until I was too weak to build a fire and ate my meat raw. I've killed. I've even died. In a manner of speaking. We're different in many ways, yes. We're the same in many ways, too."

Jes gasps softly and her eyes, so close to his widen. "I don't know how, how it's possible. That we met just by chance and we've gone through so many of the same things. I don't know what I'd do without you now, Ollie. We fit together so well. I don't feel any need to be more dominant than you either. Because we are equals and you're my mate. I'm not worried about that at all." Her lips part and meld with his for a slow and very tender kiss.

Ollie holds Jes very gently, and the kiss he gives her in return is very soft. "This is definitely unlike any relationship I've had before," he chuckles. "I'd have to search my memory to be sure, but I'm pretty sure none of my old girlfriends took me as their mate."

It could be seen as teasing. Hell, it is teasing. It's light and playful, though, an attempt to bring them back to happier thoughts and topics. "Hard to believe it's only been a few weeks since we met."
Jes grins up at him and laughs. "Good. I wouldn't want to have to fight any of them off. You're mine now." She mock growls and nips his chin. "It seems like its been longer, but in a good way. A very good way." A look of interest comes over her face. "How many girlfriends were there?" She's sure he's had more than she has, if only because he's older but she's still curious.

"Real girlfriends?" Ollie glances down and the smile slides off of his face.

Laurel. Sara. Shado. Helena. Each relationship ended badly, and some in all too similar ways.

His trip down memory lane takes a second, maybe two. He blinks and his smile is back in full force. "Four. There were a lot of women, but only four were special."

Jes winces and hugs Ollie tighter. She hadn't thought about there being painful memories there. Maybe her own answers will ease or distract from it. "Three of my bonded. I don't know if that would have happened if I hadn't been compelled but there were special then and the love I felt was real, even if I don't feel it now. There were a few one night kind of things. Two women and these twins I know. And-" Her voice breaks. "A friend. He's gone now." Her eyes flick to the side. There is another question she wants to ask while there talking about it. "How old were you when you..when you fathered Connor?"

Ollie strokes Jes's hair reassuringly and gives her another little squeeze. Talk of his son brings on another small laugh, but it's difficult to read. "Connor. That cocky little shit. I was young. 15. We were teenagers and we were so in love and we were going to be together forever." He shrugs one shoulder. "She's not one of the four, but she's a good woman. And Connor's grown up to be a fine man, too."

Jes shakes her head and smiles. She likes hearing about his past and she can just picture how cute he must have been then. "I was fourteen when I had my daughter. That story isn't a good one, but she came of it and that was good. I guess she's about five now."

Jes blinks. Has it been that long? It doesn't really hurt to talk about her anymore. "I um..I..there were two more. Twins. A girl and a boy. My adoptived family, when my brothers got married, their wife couldn't conceive. So I gave them some of my eggs. I never really thought of them as mine though. They were my niece and nephew." Jes smiles again but its sad this time. "I miss them but I'll make sure they're all peace once I find my stepfather and I know the spirit world will be good to them."

Justice. Vengeance. Vindication. Call it what you will, Oliver has been dance partners with all of the above. He nods knowingly as he sits and tugs Jes down on the couch beside him. "You'll get there. I know you, you're no quitter."

It's small comfort under the circumstance, but it's all he can think of. He wraps his arms around Jes and swivels his body until he's supporting her against his chest. Sometimes the best comfort a person can offer doesn't come in the form of words.

"Mmmm. This is my favorite place to be now you know." Jes sighs contentedly and curls up against Ollie. She tilts her head back and gently kisses and nuzzles his neck and throat. She slides her hand up under his shirt and strokes up and down his side. Right here, in his lap, with his arms around her, letting her hands roam where they will. It soothes away the even the darkest of her memories and pains. She hopes she can do the same for him. "I have you, I won't quit. I know I'm kind of a mess still yet but I'm getting there and a lot of that is you. Thank you for being so paitent with me." Jes smiles and leans back to kiss him.

"My pleasure. After all, you've had to be patient with me. You have to again, I'm sure." He smiles and winks. Though he's not a huge man, Oliver is more than large enough to curl around Jes and cover her like a blanket.

"I used to think alone was good," Ollie muses. "Simple. Quiet. And that's true, but when you're alone, this is what you don't realize you're missing. Alone sucks."

"Yes it does." Jes kisses her way from Oliver's neck to his lips. "It really does." Her hand is moving in circular motions at his back now and she tangles both her legs around one of his. "You feel so good." She nibbles his bottom lip and then runs the tip of her tongue over it. "So good." Jes murmurs.

"I used to think alone was good," Ollie muses. "Simple. Quiet. And that's true, but when you're alone, this is what you don't realize you're missing. Alone sucks."

Oliver kisses her back and lets out a low, happy rumbling sound. When he pulls back and looks into Jes's eyes, he looks… younger. Lighter, even, as if her presence has rejuvenated him. "You're amazing," he murmurs. "I'm keeping you."

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