The Reavers

August 06, 2015:

Bobby's been doing some research and has found out about Reavers

X-Red HQ - New York


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Bobby is in X-Red early again. It'd been more flood control the day before and some more assisting the police in M-Town which is to say making sure the purifiers don't move openly. It's hard to prevent them from moving secretly but they do what they can and… well Partisan's been teaching people. It's getting harder. More violent but also harder for the purifiers to just roll people.

He's typing at his laptop in the main room with the view of the planes coming and going. He looks disturbed. And with good reason.

"I don't know why you just don't stay here." Brin enters the main room in an oversized t-shirt and yoga pants. She's living here now and it's obvious that she's just waking. Seeing Bobby's face, she pauses a moment "I'm makking coffee and then you can tell me what's worrying you."

"Get one for me too?" Bobby will wait to show her until she's got that coffee. "Everything okay with Wanda and such? Er. She is still here right?" Wanda has a tendency to wander off. But she really seems to want to help this time. To want to stay. And that's a good thing.

Brin offers a faint smile "I was going to… " which is why she hadn't asked… Calling out from the kitchen area (still not quite refurbished) "Last time I looked, Wanda was still here." But as she and Bobby both know, Wanda can be strong willed.

Returning with two mugs of coffee, Brin puts one in front of Bobby and looks over his shoulder at the laptop, resting a hand on his shoulder. "So, what has you so concerned?"

"I've been researching those cyborgs we both got tangled up with. Turns out those weren't the first reported attacks. There are news stories of cyborg attacks on mutant communities and prominant meta individuals going back two or three years. They all look pretty similar from what I can see. Certainly the tech is… well, varied but it's got the same style." Bobby turns his laptop to show the news archives he's been browsing. "According to some of these stories, they're from a group that calls itself 'the Reavers'."

The pale ninja that is Wanda Maximoff slips through the kitchen door and towards the fridge. She has found an X-Red shirt…they have merchandise, right? A really large one that goes down to her mid-thigh. There is the sound of the fridge opening and then she appears at the doorway, peering at the conversing pair. Wanda has a bottle of orange juice in her hand…drinking straight from the bottle again. "Good morning" she greets softly, still trying to get used again to other people being around when she wakes up. "Is everything okay?"

Brin pales slightly at the mention of the Cyborgs and even more so as he delivers the news. Hand tightening on his shoulder, she puts her coffee mug down. "Reavers? Sounds like a bad Sci-Fi show to me…"

Reviewing the archives, she shakes her head "Two or three years… which prominent meta-humans did they hit?" Looking up as Wanda arrives "Good morning, good to see you still with us." As to being ok… over to you, Bobby….

"Sort of Wanda. I'm looking at information for some people that attacked Brinley." And him. They were in M-Town looking for trouble. And found it. "What do you know of the Purifiers?" That'll tell him where to start…

"They don't seem to be part of the actual movement, Brin. I suspect they're more allies of convenience. People who hate Metas and love fighting. Uh, they've tangled with the Big Hero Six over in Japan. There's a few other recognizeable names…" The Big Hero Six are kind of like the JL:A for Japan. Big names. If they've been fighitng on that level they're not to be underestimated.

"I have heard of Purifiers" Wanda nods, "And I think I met some once but I do not really remember. I do not remember many things. I think these are the people who keep attacking Mutant Town while I am asleep." A little smile at that before a mouthful of juice. "But I am sorry they hurt Brinley. I will make sure that does not happen again." She meanders closer to them, curious at what is on the screen. "Big Hero Six?"

"Big Hero Six…" Brin breathes out "That's a pretty big target. A superhero group, Wanda, quite large and well known in Japan." The news that these Cyborgs are loosely associated with each other has her shaking her head as she retrieves her coffee mug and takes a gulp. "Thank you, Wanda. I don't plan on letting them hurt me again."

"No one knows who is sourcing their parts or how they get their cybernetics. It's not low tech stuff. I mean they're not Wayne Enterprises or Stark Industries but…." Someone having that kind of juice is a bit frightening. "Anyway, another mystery for us that we may want to look into along with the Purifiers and the Meta Scanners. Mostly Wanda for you just be careful. If you're going to be with us odds are good you're going to run into these idiots at some point."

Bobby peers closer. "Hrm… odd. There's a report that Lobo Technologies claims that some of their designs for biomedical advances were stolen by these guys."

"I run into idiots all the time" Wanda shrugs with a sly smile before settling herself onto a chair. "Technology…I am not good with that. I am still trying to work my phone." Her brow furrows. "Wherever it is. Maybe Nighteyes took it. But technology does not work well near me. I can make it break." Another mouthful of juice. "Do you think they know the Watchmaker?"

The name Lobo Tech has Brin frowning "Aren't they rivals to Stark Industries?" She and Bobby have a direct interface to JARVIS programmed into their phones. She's not ready to use it, just yet, but that snippet of information is stored away for later review.

"I can't help but wonder if they're all related someway, Bobby." She's serious "Come at the mutant community on multiple fronts, unsettle and disrupt us…" she shakes her head. "Wanda needs a new phone…" just something else for Brin to address "And uh, I'm not sure about the Watchmaker…." Bobby?

"Could be, Wanda. I don't know much about the Watchmaker." His eyes narrow slightly. "He's been quiet for a while though, hasn't he." His stuff seems to be all clockwork so it may not be related but there's no ruling it out right now.

"I doubt it's anything so coordinated Brin. There's no shortage of people who hate mutants and metas in general and us specifically. People lashing out is just… how it seems to be. If you two want to investigate things though…" Might not be bad. "Or get the other team mates in on it. Speaking of Wanda have you had a chance to meet some of the others yet?"

"I do not need a phone" Wanda assures Brinley, if for no other reason than she doesn't want anyone to go to any effort on her behalf. "It is good that the Watchmaker has been quiet" she adds guiltily, "I hope he stays that way." Did she ever get round to telling Bobby about the power Dark Wanda gave that villain? A shake of her head to Bobby's last question. "Sorry, I have not seen any of them yet. I do not think they will vote for someone who they have not met so this could be a problem." She is finally liking having a place she can call a home.

"It's been a busy couple of days, Bobby." The teams all been deployed on jobs and Brins trying to arrange to get them in. "It will happen… and it won't be a problem, Wanda." Where is her tablet… oh, in her room. "Phones part of the package when you join the team, Wanda." That's easy to arrange.

"We'll investigate it, Bobby. I'll get a brief out to the rest of the team." She'll divide this work load, because it just seems to be getting heavier. "Wanda will help me, won't you Wanda?"

"Good. See what you can do. Looks like the Lobo Tech facility that was allegedly robbed is in San Francisco… and was collaborating with partners in Japan. Might be worth following up." Otherwise, well, he trusts his team to do what has to be done. "We'll get you to meet them Wanda, don't worry."

"Of course I will help. That is why I am here" Wanda nods determinedly…though most of her time here she has slept and wandered around in a t-shirt. Hardly the greatest superheroine who has ever lived. A shrug at the talk of meeting the others. "If it happens, then it happens. If it does not…" She offers a smile to her associates. "And I think it will happen. I am a gypsy, I know these things."

"I'll start with Lobo Tech, Bobby." Brin smiles at Wanda, sometimes their work can be mundane… Downing the last of her coffee, giving Bobby's shoulder a slight squeeze, Brin heads back to her room to grab her tablet…

"Great. I'm headed out for a bit then, gonna get some rest before another flood control call comes in." Bobby makes a face and waves to the two women. "Be safe out there." And then he's gone.

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