Target On Her Back

August 06, 2015:

The Purifiers start their plans to target the Phoenix


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Fade In…



A scream is heard from Jean Grey, who lands upon the floor almost immediately clutching her chest. She curls into a ball, her body slowly rocking back and forth, the sticks held by Jericho Trent soon dropped to the ground to create a pile of debris that Jean left behind as she was hit.

"I think you broke my ribs!" She screams out, pure frustration and anger. They've been training for days; and yet an eidetic mind still has much to learn from Aspect. "Take it as a lesson, always stay on guard." He growls, eyes glowing as he looms over the broken woman, "Zee, heal her. We're going again."


"Is this the one that he went up against?"
"Yeah Boss."
"She don't look like much."
"No, but she actually made him put down his gun. I think she does this sort of mind thing."
"And apparently flies as well."

Pictures were strewn across the desk of their time in Brooklyn, the media caught attention of the Heroes who stopped the Pillars from raising in New York, and halted the infestation of the parademons who fled after the motley crew drove them off.

"Which one of them though? Do we want the purple one or the red one."
"Bet on red. She looks like the weakest link."
"I still think the purple haired one would be better. Survival of the fittest, only the strong.."
"Look, this isn't some Mark Dacascos movie, start immobilizing the Purifiers and send in the folly. This operation is going to require some finesse."
"Nah, go younger. This bitch seems to glorify on saving mutant children."

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