And the Bass Goes Boom!

August 05, 2015:


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They call him Johnny the squid, this is not a term of endearment amongst bikers. Most folks around M-town have heard of him, but well nobody has ever actually seen the guy. He used to be something of an importer to drug dealers, but these days he's more interested in doing his own thing. Not that you'd know it by the "MUTANT RIGHTS!" spraypainted across two check cashing joints and earlier today an armored fucking car. See, problem is this fucker is just knocking places over and tagging them like it's the thing to do. Not that most folks are clued in enough to know, and of course nobody in M-town would ever admit to getting money anyway from the guy. Truth is though, Johnny has been pissing in the wrong cheerios.
It's about ten miles outside of M-town, a quiet enough street corner and light traffic in the early evening. That cut up GSXR splitting up to the front to wait for a red light is ridden by Johnny, so named because shorts, flip flops, a muscle shirt and a puddling bowl helmet is all he feels like wearing. Mutely, seperated by a bright yellow Taxi cab a jet black RC pulls up. It's rider clad not in leathers, but a mixture of silk kimono and samurai armor. The two exchange a mute look, before Johnny offers a simple explanation. "Fuck." Theres no boasting, no revving of engines and waiting for the green light. Both bikes just take off, sliding through cross traffic without missing a beat as the pair begin their trek towards M-town.
GSXR-750 v RC-51. Round one:FIGHT!!!

This late at night on the town, Spider-Man's practically invisible to the people far below in the vibrant city. All those lights, headlights, streetlights, storelights, and brightly lit windows gives one the impression of a living breathing creature. It all has a certain flow to it, a rhythm, something that can be discerned and sensed from afar if one has just the right view.
Luckily, tonight, Spidey has just such a view.
That rhythm of the city is matched by one he keeps on his own as he moves, small earbuds in his ears thumping a heavy bass as he sings along with the music.
"Don't call it a comeback! I've been here for years."
He's little more than a red and blue blur as he dashes across the lip of the MetLife building, footsteps silent as he reaches the edge and /leaps/ off into the air, twisting into a swan dive that drops him down down down, terminal velocity hit… but then a /THWIP!/ and his death plummet is turned into a swinging and smooth arc that sends him hurtling back into the night sky like a bullet.
"Rockin my peers and puttin suckas in fear. Makin the tears rain down like a Mon-Soon!"
He lands on the edge of a water tower, rolls off of it, flips to the rooftop of an apartment building and jumps over the edge as he reaches that border near Hell's Kitchen and Mutant Town. His movement is so smooth and graceful, yet also madly chaotic in its own way.
"Listen to the bass go boom!" He stops to perch on the edge of a billboard, lowering his voice as something tweaks his spider-sense. "Explosion… overpowerin… over the competition… I'm towerin."

The pair zip through traffic on opposite sides of the centerline as they break into properly superlegal speeds in but a second or two, because The Squid might dress like a punk but he -can- actually ride. That big japanese V-twin beneath show screaming with a supernatural sort've howl over the comparatevely muted growl of that GSXR-750. The duo sweep through traffic until things finally die down and the speeds start climbing. The GSXR is the first to break traffic, followed just a moment later by that RC-51 as it sweeps from left to right in an attempt to sweep the back tire that misses by but a hair. Tokyo reaches foreward to grab for Johnny's Belt, before the bikes drift just barely too far apart and both men tuck in to crank the bikes over. Over broken, bumpy greasy pavement the bikes slither over to the right to set up for the corner. Down shifting in perfect unison as the riders pick their lines.
Tokyo dives for the inside line, before The Squid gets to it first and shuts him down. The pair cross over in an instant, Tokyo swinging to the outside as he cranks the bike over further and further. Just enough to kiss his knee against the pavement and tickle that footpeg, before he dumps the clutch and grabs a handfull of throttle. Enough to let that back end snap far out've line, churning out a dense ripcurl of tire smoke as the whole bike drifts off line. He slips back in the saddle, reaching a clogged foot back to give the left rear footpeg a -clack- before the thing begins to bite and the front lifts just a touch before the pair bank it back over the opposite side in unison. Only now Tokyo has the inside line, and he lets it swing wide.
The pair drop down to the left to power through another immediate 90 degree left hander, but theres no need to be neat and tidy here. Tokyo grabs another fist full of throttle and loosens his grab on the bars, letting the whole bike slide off line until with a clatter he collides with The Squid. Theres a moment there, as the pair trade glances before Tokyo lifts a foot and -smashes- it down on the Squid's front brake lever. Thats how fighting on a bike is done apparently.
The GSXR's front end snaps under and the rear begins to lift off the ground before it snap rolls. Driving The Squid to the ground before rolling up over top of him and tumbling off to one direction, whilst the Squid slides down that pavement on his own. Shedding skin and sinew as he goes, because taking a 85 mile an hour slide down the pavement isn't healthy.
Tokyo picks the bike up in a hurry, before standing on the brakes and bringing that RC-51 to a victiorious sliding halt. Kickstand thrown out and bike dismounted the moment it comes to a stop. "Squid! You have been judged by heaven and found wanting, now stand up and fight like a man. Die honorably!" It seems an awful lot like bluster. Fight's won, right? That is, until Squid makes a slow shaky stand. Skin drifting from bloodied to jet fucking black, A hand drifting back to the small of his back to produce a battered Glock-23 as he lets his battered helmet clatter to the ground.

Amongst the myriad lights of traffic, it was easy to read the movement of the two bikers though they were amazingly fast. Taking such speed and turns through New York would be suicidal for just about anyone, so on some level what they're doing is pretty impressive. But all of that is ignored for now, appreciation for talent or not, that's some pretty dangerous stuff.
The wallcrawler leaps back into motion. From his high vantage point he's able to track, to trail. It's hard to keep up with them, but he's got the benefit of being able to go _over_ the buildings, to try and cut them off as he can. Yet he's only able to catch up finally when the one biker goes tumbling and the other gets off his own.
There's a short /THWIP!/ as that motorcycle tumbles off of the rider into another direction, almost heading towards a crowd of people… only to have its flight arrested by the sudden webbing that catches it and _yoinks_ it upwards to leave that motorcycle dangling from a lamp post.
And there he is, hanging upside down beside the motorcycle overhead of the two men as he says, "Ahem. Hey guys, but apparently my mother informed me that I should be depriving you both of consciousness."

Tokyo offers the spider a glance, or maybe it's a glare or..well who the fuck knows. The mask is all growly, there is some sort of literal hellfire burning behind where those eyes should be and he's got a sword in his hand. "Don't touch him, he's toxic. I've got this, just hang loose for me."Yaknow, capes are supposed to help each other right? Well The Squid breaks this little discussion with a gunshot and a bark, in some foreign languge. Then well, every -other- round he has in that gun. For Spiderman's sake, he does seem more than a little fixated on Tokyo both in terms of attention and gunfire.
Tokyo's sword isnt fast, it's like a trick of the eye. The sweep of that sword slips that bullet into neat halves with otherwise almost casual ease, before Tokyo steps into his foreward rush. Sweeping away another round, and another as Mr.Squid begins to stagger back down the street.

The gun starts barking and for Spider-Man time seems to slow down. Suddenly he's dropping down from the lamppost as a few rounds are fired. One seems to float by the side of his head as he ducks back and to the side, one arm reaching out to catch his backwards fall. He then continues in that direction, flipping up into a one-handed handstand, leaping back onto the wall with his feet somehow supporting him sideways. He crouches down, another round slicing through the air over him even as a few more ring with the ricochets off of Sho's blade.
Twin webshooters fire, a double wadding of spider gloop /thwipping/ straight at that Glock and gumming it all up. Then Spider-Man lashes his hand backwards and the weapon goes flying up into the air to splat against the wall and hang there.
"The heck is wrong with you guys!" Spidey leaps off the wall, landing in a half-crouch, a splay-fingered hand supporting him in a three point stance. "Trying to figure out which one of you is Faster and Furiouser?" He darts forwards, rebounding off of the wall to land with a light thip-thap behind the toxic fellow.

The moment that gun flies away, The squid turns the raise that tore up arm towards Tokyo. It's covered with a black mass, and it just explodes fourth in a jet black tendril far larger than it arm itself. Tokyo drops a shoulder, spinning deftly to the side as that sword hurtles upwards towards the tendril to cleave it with another audible -TWANG-. The severed limb just tumbled to the ground before splattering in all directions like hot diesel oil, staining the ground jet black and emitting a wave of tangible nausea like rotting flesh. By now though, well Tokyo's right ontop of him. Sweeping that sword back down to slam into the Squid's shoulder and cleave the arm free to tumble to the ground, the flesh shatters like glass once it hits the ground, revealing more of that black inky goo as well as bones. Mismatched human arm bones tied together with string, and well none of them seem to actually fit together."Bind him! We have to take the head off!"
The Squid isn't going down easy mind you, staggering back before sending another mass towards Tokyo and turning to swing his arm after Spiderman. Only for that entire fucking intact arm to come free, connected by that jet black crud as it races to try and grab onto Spiderman. He's fast but, well he is neither Tokyo Fast nor Spiderman fast. This is good, as Tokyo is able to deflect that mass before it finally happens. As he sweeps his sword into the oncoming mass, theres a loud -CRACK- and the blade snaps in two just above the hilt. In an explosion of neon pink smoke and fucking -glitter-, the mass impacts where Tokyo was a moment ago. Now wrapped around, what is that a huge log? Tokyo explodes into existance further up the road, skidding to a stop as that broken sword falls from his hands. "I need a moment!"

Spider-Man's instinctive response at first is, "Are you crazy, I'm not going to help you kill this…"
And as the word 'guy' falls from Spider-Man's lips behind the mask, he turns just in time to see that arm detach and swinging at him, messily, nastily. And all of a sudden Spidey, having thought he had control or understanding of the situation /leaps/ straight up into the air to catch that street lamp, even as the arm _SLAMS_ hard into the base of it and leaves a dent.
"The heck is he?" Spidey's voice lifts, but apparently he's addressing pink smoke and glitter. So he snaps into action with dual weblines firing to splat at the supporting limbs of Squid and try to yank his support out from under him, to at least immobilize him for a moment.

That facade of skin cracks, fractures and falls away to reveal more of the inky blackness below. "Chinese witchcraft zombie!"Comes Sho's immediate response as he whips out a neat strip of paper filled with Kani and lets it flutter away. Then with a quick reach skyward, he produces it. A mixture of titanium, carbon fiber and neat brass fixtures. A Naginata, pulled from thin air. Not that the Squid has stayed still for all of this, no but it's thankfully more confused than anything by all that webbing. Stepping free as the webbing passes through that skin and inky blackness to tug free, more human bones. It's enough to leave squid confused, enough to distract him for long enough.
Then comes the clatter of those tengu Geta, as Tokyo breaks into a sprint. He's fast, very fucking fast by any measure. Finally raising his voice with a shout of "Ten Thousand years" in Japanese, which of course sounds like "BANZAI!" The blade never seems to move really, it just goes from one place to the next as Tokyo races past Squid. Skidding atop those Geta to a stop, before a sharp breeze blows down the street to roll that head back off Squid's body and immediately the whole thing just collapses into a nasty black mire of human bones and foul smelling black sludge. Tokyo gives a stomp of approval and a sigh, before looking towards Spidey. "Did you get any on you, are you ok?"

Dropping down off of the lamppost, Spider-Man seems pretty much focused on the mass of muck and bones that was once that guy. He leans forward, head extending like some curious avian of a sort, then straightens up and one can almost imagine the look of revulsion that must be on his features behind the mask. He shakes his head, "That… is so gross." He steps back and checks his suit for smirches, making sure he is not besmirched, "Zombies… oh man don't tell me there are more of his kind running around?"
The young hero turns to look at Sho and then back at the mass of corruption that was the body. "I think… oh man I shouldn't have had that chili…" He turns away and his shoulders heave slightly.

That Naginata swings back to rest comfortably against the Ninja's shoulder, ever so casual. "No this isn't that kind of zombie it's like, a robot made of bones and poison. It runs off of souls, and it doesn't make more of itself it just kills people. Quite dangerous, very disgusting. Thank you for your assistance, all the same. I have never met such a popular Hero in America, you honor me with your assistance."Theres a modest little bow offered, but well he doesn't go overboard for once.

"Popular?" Spider-Man leans forward, resting his hands on his knees as he gets control of his stomach. He grimaces a bit, lifts the bottom of his mask up and spits, then straightens up and puts the mask into place. Luckily he doesn't lose his lunch in front of Sho. He turns back and then says with a smile in his words if not visible on his face, "Guess you don't read the Bugle much, huh?"
He holds up his hands at the bow, as if trying to stave off the appreciation. "Hey no, was no big thing. Just saw you guys… you know. Was going to stop you both but… this turned weird quick. You okay?"

"Back in Japan, they called me the Tokyo Nightmare. Blamed me for everything imaginable, I was pretty popular unfortunately. These days, I see somone show up in the papers and I figure they're getting things done."A little shrug, as Sho produces a nalgene full of water from..wait where did that come from? Either way he lofts it to Spiderman, before leaning back against a nearby car. "I am a Ninja, we don't actually take names for ourselves. So you can call me whatever you want, but as far as I'm concerned I owe you one."

"Tokyo Nightmare? Was that Fastest and Furiousest 5 or 6?" Spider-Man actually doesn't know, but it does sound like a tagline… to him at least. He catches the container of water, looks at it, but then flips it back to the man with a casual toss. "Nah thanks, I need to get moving… but hey… umm if I see anymore of these things I'll know what to do…" It's clear that Spidey isn't entirely sure what went down, but he at least has the impression this guy is in the right. If a little strange. Then again he's a guy who hangs upside down in his long johns.
"I'll give the cops a ring, if you don't wanna deal with a Q and A session I suggest you beat feet." That having been said he crawls back up the side of that lamppost and crouches atop it.

The water bottle just nails Tokyo right in the head, and stiff as a board he goes down right there. Then after a few moments, -BOOM- it explodes into pink mist and glitter. "Oh man, I had like six more seconds on that thing to get my ninja vanish thing on."Wait, oh Tokyo's standing over by his bike now minus the Naginata. Though yes there are pieces of sword laying in the roadway. Anyway he seems, well mostly bummed. "Ok ok, goodbye for real. Next time don't throw things at rice paper life size dummies, alright? It totally ruins the illusion, and those things take forever to make."That bike cranks over with a ripsnarl, and off Tokyo goes.

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