All Trents Are Equally Annoying

August 05, 2015:

Following the data hack on SHIELD and X-Red, May and Brin find out that all Trents are annoying (emits by Aspect)



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The flight from New York to LA is a lot shorter when you have supersonic SHIELD transports. And May in the pilot seat. Their destination was a Starbucks not far from the ocean in Santa Monica, north of the heart of LA proper, but deep into the metropolitan sprawl that is the greater Los Angeles area. SHIELD personnel had been keeping on eye on the Starbucks in question but so far no one has showed.

The facial scans had turned up negative. Which isn't a huge surprise. SHIELD has access to criminal databases worldwide and scan social media and google but if someone has no notariety then they really are a certain kind of anonymous. With no financials to go on all they have is that picture, which has been circulated to the agents watching the place from a distance, but as the quinjet lands and a vehicle is provided, there's still no hits. At least the place isn't far.

Melinda May stands away from the Quinjet's controls after they set down and leads Brinley and the rest of this hastily assembled team to the waiting car. As they're heading for that coffee shop, May gets an update from the SHIELD people already there, the relays their findings to the rest of the car. "Nothing yet." She's hoping that'll change, though.

Brins normally quiet and serious but now, she's even more so. Dressed in her X-Red uniform - something she doesn't wear often - her jaw tense with concern, she's tapping on her tablet, speaking to the team back in the New York - maybe Doug will find something else to go on, but she's not holding her breath.

Looking up at Mays update, Brin gives a short sharp nod and then looks out the window at the streets flashing by. She's /not happy/.

The short drive leads to Santa Monica Boulevard, a long street that stretches right to the beach. There's a Starbucks there that overlooks the sand and waves, actually. Their destination. As they're pulling in to the parking lot May's phone goes off. Subject just entered the area with a laptop. She's sitting at facing the western window.

Melinda May is driving, so she hands her phone off to Brinley to read. "Be ready. This person is still an unknown quantity." She kind of wishes Fitz or Simmons were here, but as she stops the car just out of sight of that Starbucks, she checks her ICER after disembarking. "Capture if possible. Meet up with the agents already on the ground." She nods to the other agents as they move off, then looks at Brinley. "Feel like walking in the front door?"

"She's at the Eastern window of the store. She has a laptop." Brins no slouch, but hacking isn't her forte… she's the people person, supposedly. Today, she'll see how she feels about that.

Sliding out of the car, securing her tablet in her backpack and smoothing top of her uniform down she nods to May "They'll recognise me." Which is probably what May intended. "Do you have a weapon I can use?" Brin doesn't usually go about armed but today…

The young woman, she's probably early to mid twenties hard to say, is working intently on that laptop and does not at all seem to have noted May or Brinley's arrival. Indeed she's not really keeping out any kind of a lookout. Which means that the first move is absolutely on the agent and the mutant.

Melinda May offers the ICER to Brinley, suspecting she'll at least understand the rudiments of handling a firearm, then pulls one of her taser batons, though hasn't triggered it to full deployment yet. So it just looks like one inch by six inch metallic tube in her hand. "Let's go.

Brin does know how to use a firearm - even if she doesn't know what an ICER is. She'll be relieved later if she finds out it is non-lethal. Without a holster to use, she puts the pistol in the pocket of her trousers and nods to May as they head off.

Entering the Coffee Shop, backpack on her shoulder, she takes a deep breath as she sees the woman and heads directly for her table and takes a seat, noisly. "Hi There." Her tone is clipped and even as Brin speaks, her mind reaches out to sense the other womans emotions.

The young woman looks up. She blinks at the X-Red uniform. It's fairly distinctive. There's a slight nervous shift to her seating. Subtle, but noticable and of course there's no hiding emotions from Brin. She's a bit nervous right now, yes. May gets a glance and then Brin and then May. "Uh, can I help you?"

Melinda May enters the Starbucks through a back entrance currently held by the local SHIELD agents, and moves quietly through to the front of the shop so she's behind the woman and in Brinley's line of sight. She moves to stand as nonchalantly as possible by the hall to that back exit, so hopefully if the woman catches her in her peripheral vision May won't seem to jarringly out of place. Basically, she's ready to keep the woman from rabbiting out the back.

"You know who I am? And don't bother lying, I'll know" Brin is being rather direct. With May in her line of sight, she doesn't look to the agent, keeping her eyes on the young woman in front of her. "Someone tried to hack our computer systems in New York, and we've tracked it back to you." Placing her hands flat on the table in front of her "Now, I'm willing to believe we could be mistaken, but you're going to have to convince me. What I want to know is why?"

The use of the word 'I' doesn't give away that she's there with anyone else … hopefully that's enough.

"Uh…" Oh yeah, this woman is nervous. She glances back at May. Okay, it doesn't seem likely she'll get out that way. She sighs. "Fine, fine. I'm looking for Illyana Rasputina. Only… I don't want her to know that I'm looking for her." That, at least, seems to be the truth.

Melinda May crosses her arms and stops trying to be subtle when the woman looks back at her. Looking for Illyana brings this woman WAY too close to looking for Jericho, and that is NOT something she will tolerate. Spill some more, kid. We're listening.

Brins eyes harden at the admission "Well you chose the wrong organisations to hack so badly if you didn't want her to know." Her eyes cut to May "Who the hell are you, and what do you want with Illyana?" The brunette mutant is obviously not in a mood to be messed with.

"I think… I think she may know how to find someon I need to see." She looks at Brinley. Her 'people skills' are on file of course. The general nature of her powers. May she hasn't sussed out as a SHIELD agent yet. "Look let me start over. You're Brinley Meyers, and you…" She looks over at May. "Er, you're really scary, actually. And you're not on X-Red." Cop then? "

"I think… I think she may know how to find someone I need to see." She looks at Brinley. Her 'people skills' are on file of course. The general nature of her powers. May she hasn't sussed out as a SHIELD agent yet. "Look let me start over. You're Brinley Meyers, and you…" She looks over at May. "Er, you're really scary, actually. And you're not on X-Red." Cop then? "And my name is Gabrielle Trent."

Melinda May quirks an eyebrow at that. "Prove it." Because as much time as she's spent around Jericho, she can't remember having ever heard him discuss anything resembling family. So this could be … interesting.

"She's not lying…" Brin looks to May and then back to the woman "Or at least, not that she knows." A telling distinction. Jericho's connection to Illyana isn't all that well known… "And just who are you looking for then?"

This could be a trap - an inexpert hacker sent to lure a team out…

"Uh… okay." May's demand that 'Gabrielle' prove her identity has her producing a drivers licence. Which does indeed say Gabrielle Christine Trent, age 24, her residence here in neighboring Westwood. A moment later SHIELD overwatch, which has been listening in, confirms to May that there is indeed a record of a Gabrielle Trent, sister to one Jericho Trent among other things.

"I'm looking for this man…" The woman pulls a printout of a picture. It's an older one, and actually not of Jericho or Illyana. It's a picture of a birthday party in an italian restaurant. Just visible in the background are two figures at another table talking and eating seemingly quietly. But that is, indeed, Jericho and Illyana. "I found this about six months ago… it was taken down within a couple minutes of my finding it. I was lucky to get it printed out before that happened." Jericho is indeed, usually pretty damn quick about taking such things down.

Melinda May can't see the photo from where she is, so she simply stands there and waits for Brinley to continue dealing with 'Gabrielle'.

Brin doesn't get the SHIELD confirmation but she can tell from May's emotional response, small that it is, that the woman is indeed confirmed. "And what if you found him?" Brin shakes her head "You could have come into X-Red at any time and asked to see Illyana…." The womans approach… is just dumb. "We're a public team…" Brins still tense about the attempt on the team and this woman, although she seems like the /real deal/ has pushed her too close to the edge.

"I… look, my brother's a terrorist. Or that's what the rest of my family thinks. No one's spoken to him in years. I don't know what her connection to him is… if there is one. But if… maybe…" She looks frustrated. And a bit mad. "I don't want her warning him and having him go someplace I can't find him."

May's eyes move from the back of the woman's head to Brinley, as if to silently ask if the wannabe hacker is genuine enough for May to risk contacting Jericho.

"Yet," Brin eyes the woman and senses her emotions "you don't think he is?" A minute nod of her head - Brin thinks she's safe. She'll trust that May can arrange a meet in a safe place. "Why do you want to see him?" she pauses "Maybe we can get a message to him."

Melinda May pulls her phone and sends the security footage still of Gabrielle to Jericho with the text, 'Someone you know?' Sadly, she's done similar before, and that other time his answer was no.

Unfortunately the answer May gets back is the one that comes up when Jericho is 'elsewhere'. So there's no answering that question right away. "Just… I want to know what happened. What's going on." Beat. "Who she is, if it's important. Why a 'terrorist' would be palling around with a mutant Superstar." Gabrielle shakes her head. "We need to talk. Can you help me?"

Brin nods to May. — Take her in — The brunette mutant expects the woman to be held in custody. She's threatened one of Brins teammates, there's ground to be made in the firstplace. "Of course we can talk. The Agent over there will see to you and then we'll set up a discussion." Poor Gabrielle, hitting something so close to SHIELD agents teammate… but at least Brin will know where to find her.

Melinda May steps forward finally, at the same time as one of those MiB-esque agents reaches to 'confiscate' the laptop. "If you'll accompany me, please." Of course, now that she's within arm's reach, the black on black SHIELD symbol on the upper arm of her outfit is probably visible now. Don't put up a fight kid. You'll only end up in the same place, but with the added bonus of a dendrotoxin hangover.

"Uh, sorry no. Not unless you've got a warrant." Well, how many people say that. She doesn't fight about the laptop though. She probably knows this could get icky if May felt like doing the paperwork. "Look I don't see any badge on you so, uh, you already have my name. If you're really a SHIELD agent like that patch says you can find me. Not like I'm hiding." She stands up slowly, clearly not trying to get her ass kicked. "I'm going now. But if you really want to help… tell my brother that Gabby's looking for him." And then she backs away slowly.

She already has. May reaches slowly into her jacket and pulls out ye olde SHIELD badge. "You attempted to hack into SHIELD's systems the way you did with X-Red's. I am well within my rights to throw you in a small room with no windows have messages relayed to you on bits of toilet paper. So give me a reason why I should let you walk out of here."

"Because you're not well within your rights to do that." The woman smirks. With the confidence of, well, a younger woman. "I'm still an American citizen. On American soil. If you really want me you can come back with a warrant and get me. And if you're really SHIELD, I doubt that'll be a problem. Otherwise, last time I checked you're not a cop. And neither is she. Sooooooooo…" Now she pull out her phone. "Shall I call a lawyer and let you argue with him about it? Or the actual cops and let you argue with them about it?"

"Ms Trent." Brinley's voice is firm "You have admitted to hacking two businesses in the intent to find out personal information. I am placing you under Citizen's arrest and request that you wait here till the police arrive and you can be taken into custody." Within any luck, May and SHIELD have the building surrounded and even if Gabrielle does decide to leave, they /may be/ able to detain her. "Otherwise, you can come with us peaceably." Maybe SHIELD has been able to get that warrant in the time it's taken Brin to do this.

Melinda May looks at Brinley and shakes her head very slightly, then looks at Gabby squarely. "Next time you want to reach someone, try going through official channels first. You might actually be pleasantly surprised." She takes a step back, and before the woman can completely leave she can't help but mutter mostly to herself, "Are all Trents equally annoying?"

Brin's statement and the firm look on her face has Gabby sighing. "Christ, you really want to arrest someone don't you. Fine, fine, I'll come with you. But the first sign of things getting hinky I'm calling my lawyer." How many twenty six year olds actually have a lawyer, comes to that? Well, either way, unless she's stopped she'll turn (with a slight huff) and follow the other two out.

Apparently, yes, all Trents are equally annoying.

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