When In Rome

June 10, 2015:

Magdalena is back in Rome to check the authenticity of the Spear of Destiny

Vatican City


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Fade In…

The Spear of Destiny has returned to its rightful bearer. This is the kind of event that a little party in the rectory after work is not appropriate for. Instead, the Magdalena had to fly back to Rome (on a private Vatican jet of course) to have the relic validated and, if it is real, presented to His Holiness. She would prefer to be back in New York and working on stopping the demon infiltration but that decision is not hers to make. As another day turns into night, her fifth back in Rome, she is practicing swordcraft while balancing on a balustrade overlooking Saint Peter’s Square.

“You will be seen” remarks an elderly and kind male voice from inside the building. “I would be at a loss to explain to the devoted why a woman was on my balcony” the Pope continues as he settles himself onto a chair in his apartments, a wry smile on his face.

“My apologies, Your Holiness” Magdalena replies as she leaps down to the balcony and quickly moves inside and out of sight. Her sword quickly sheathed as she pads barefoot across the tiles before kneeling before him and gently taking his hand to kiss the Papal Ring. “I should have chosen another place to practice but…”

“But it is nicer to practice in the fresh air than in a dungeon where we have kept you for close on twenty years?” The Pope smiles softly at that before nodding permission for her to stand. “There is news on the Spear” he adds nonchalantly before gesturing to a coffee machine in the corner. “I do not suppose you could make me a Cappuccino?”

Magdalena stands, offering the Pope a small bow before looking worriedly over at the machine. “I…I am afraid that I cannot even get the ones to work where you put money in and press buttons. But I shall try.” She walks over to the machine and stares at the contraption for a few long moments.

“Do not concern yourself, my child, sometimes God does not arrive to show the way” the Pope smiles, studying her confusion. “Certainly not where coffee machines are involved. I suspect He has more important things to do.” A beat. “You did not ask about the news.”

Disappointed that she couldn’t even make a coffee, the Magdalena steps back from the machine and turns to face the Pope. “If you wish to tell me the news then you will tell me” she explains, “It is not my place to inquire of Your Holiness if you had no intention of telling me.”

A sly smile forms on the Pope’s face as he studies the bearer of The Bloodline. “It is /the/ Spear. You have done well to retrieve it so quickly. Obviously God favours you.” His brow creases. “Is it true that a witch was using it as a golf club?”

“Not exactly, Your Holiness. She was disguising it as a golf club…in her closet. In case any agents of Darkness came to steal it. Not that they could touch it for long but perhaps long enough” Magdalena explains, standing at attention though her tone is informal. “And though she is a witch, I looked into her heart and she fights for good. In fact, I could say the same about many that I met in New York. A pure heart, striving to do good…but still touched by darkness. They must fight every day to keep evil at bay which is within them.”

The Pope steeples his fingers and nods solemnly. “It is never easy…and nor should it be. We need to prove to God that we can resist temptation and the allure of evil so that we are worthy in His eyes.” Another beat. “The Cardinal tells me that you reported meeting some…Gods?”

“They referred to themselves in such a way…or others believed them to be once upon a time…but there is only one God, Your Holiness. He allows them to exist for His purpose and though some may be…egotistical…they no doubt have their place in His plan. I did not see evil in any of them. Vanity perhaps. Confusion. Loneliness. But no evil.” The Magdalena shrugs. “Those that display themselves prominently and boast of being Gods…they do not seem to be attracting many worshippers. For all their power, it seems they are diminished by their very proximity and availability. God is everywhere and in everything. These ‘Gods’ are only in the place they are standing at that moment.”

“The Cardinal would have you cast down these false idols” the Pope muses softly. “To slay them to prove how powerless they are.”

The Magdalena frowns slightly at that. “With all respect to His Eminence, Your Holiness, God directs my work. If He wishes an abomination cast down, then He will tell me but He has not asked me to do such a thing to these people. Of course, if you think He has abandoned me and I am no longer doing the Lord’s work correctly then…”

The Pope holds up his hand to stop her talking. “I think nothing of the sort, Magdalena. You carry His blood and if you betrayed Him then that blood would consume you in holy fire in an instance.” He shakes his head as he lowers his hand. “I know that you are doing what He wishes and the Cardinal will simply have to get used to that. But…if you wouldn’t mind…this old man needs to get to bed and a beautiful woman in his chambers is not something that should be present when he does.” He offers her a teasing smile before she smiles softly and nods in obedience.

“Good night, Your Holiness” Magdalena replies before once more kneeling and kissing the Papal ring. “Sleep well. May God protect you.”

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