All By Myself

July 25, 2015:

Wanda realises that Nighteyes has truly left

New York


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Mood Music: All By Myself

Fade In…

For three days Wanda had stared at the bed with the dishevelled sheets where once people had lain. She sits on an old tangerine vinyl covered kitchen seat that looked straight out of the 1970s. She sits in the gloom of the small apartment, curtains drawn, refusing to let the sun illuminate the scene. For three nights she had been searching out on the streets. Trying to find any word she could about Nighteyes – but there was nothing. And now, as Wanda continued to stare at the bed, she realised that was intentional; the vampire was gone and didn’t want anything to do with her anymore.

Nighteyes had been distraught about something she had learned about herself but could not, would not, speak about it despite Wanda’s urgings. The vampire had become colder and more distant with each of her waking hours and the undead are not famously warm and cuddly to begin with. There was nothing Wanda could do but bear it until Nighteyes wanted to speak. But instead the vampire had just left without a word or hint of where she had gone. And now it was obvious she wasn’t coming back.

Wanda wasn’t surprised. She could never understand what Nighteyes saw in her and now it seemed the vampire couldn’t either. This was Nick’s apartment for the vampire so Wanda wasn’t going to stay here. She picked up what few belongings she had – some tattered clothes, some charms and her scrapbook – and stuffed them into her satchel bag. Her fingers trail over the sheets, trying to find impressions in the mattress but nothing remains to show anything ever happened here. She finds a dried petal from the roses that were once left for her and smiles faintly before placing it carefully into her bag. One last look around what she thought was going to be a house of happiness before she heads out and closes the door softly behind her.

Of course it is raining when she steps out onto the street. A summer shower but the water is cold as it drenches her hair and sends rivulets down under her clothes. She squirms at a trickle down her back before heading towards Mutant Town. Wanda stoops as the rain strikes at her face, thrusting her hands in her pockets before her fingers freeze and pushing against the icy wind that pushes back. Why did she think she deserved some happiness? This is what her life should be. This is what she deserves for all the hurt she has caused. She could call her brother…but whenever he is reminded of her he screams in pain. Zatanna? No, she’s probably trying to save the world and even though she lives in a castle she always seems to have plenty of visitors. Brinley and Bobby? She has stayed clear of them since Bobby got better. There’s some angry person they know…May?…who apparently wants to lock Wanda up for good. Maybe she’ll visit them later.

Thunder rumbles overhead and she quickly steps into a doorway to avoid a sudden heavy downpour. Not that it provides much protection against rain that the wind whips sideways into her pale skin. Her tears mingle with the rainwater trickling down her cheek. Alone again…it seems to be her natural state of being. Shivering she lifts her head to glare up at the night sky. “No. Not this time. I do not want to be all by myself anymore. I have friends.” Though she doesn’t sound totally convincing on that last one. “I will go and see them and they will want to see me.” She looks down at her soaked clothes and sighs. “Tomorrow I will see them. Or maybe next week….if they are not busy.” With that Wanda pushes herself from the door, she can’t get much wetter, and heads back out into the icy rain to find herself an alley she can sleep in. Just for a couple of days…

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