August 02, 2015:

A man drops on the street, a strange woman murmurs over him… A God Wolf, A Witch and The Cavalry appear

New York


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Fade In…

There's a legend that Valkyries used to appear to mortal men as swans in a river and that if a man was able to take a feather, the Valkyrie could not return home, she would remain earth bound. Behind every legend, there is a modicum of truth.

A street in New York, just on dusk. It could be any street except for the fact that there's an overly large raven, perched on a ledge overlooking the street … it seems to be watching those passing by…. almost as if it is waiting for something….

On the street below, a young man in his early 30's clutches at his chest and falls to the ground… obviously having trouble breathing. The raven launches itself and glides to the street, transforming into a willowy strawberry blonde woman who crouches by his side and murmurs something to him… in a strange language.

The transformation of the raven to woman sends magical ripples out across the land - a new magical signature, not something that's been felt in New York for quite sometime….

Rain is not a dude. Nor would she qualify for Valkyrie'ing. Not really. Cowardice is one of her character flaws. But she's pretty brave sometimes, even if her danger sense is a little off. Still, it's what happens when you go from mortal to accidental witch. And she knows that many legends hold truth. She lives with Loki (he doesn't talk about the horse thing and she values living enough not to ask).

Speaking OF legends, she's riding on her broomstick this evening. Captain sits on the back behind her, in his trenchcoat. Their path takes them towards the raven and woman, even if it may not be entirely intentional. "Mmm, birds."

That would be the orange tabby cat talking.

Fenris appears with a tear in reality. He'd sensed that.. It'd be hard not to. After looking around for a moment he sees the source of the disturbance. "It used to be that only the bold and the worthy ascended to the sacred halls. What are you doing here, bird of Odin?"

Melinda May arrives with Fenris. Don't ask. She lets the god-wolf take the lead, standing back seemingly nonchalantly and with one hand behind her back. Well, technically. In reality, she's got the hilts of her butterfly swords in hand and is ready to pull them on a moment's notice.

Murmuring final words, the woman stands to face the newcomers. She might appear calm but there's and imperceptible tightening of her of her shoulders.

"It still is Wolf-God" her voice low and gentle. "It is the definition that has undergone transformation. This man was a warrior in his own way, battling illnesses for others among other things…" she pauses "Therefore, I am simply doing my duty." Mays stance gets a considering look "Peace daughter of the dragon, I mean no harm here." Eyes lift to the Witch and the Cat on the broomstick… "Friends of yours?"

There's a crowd gathering around the downed man… jostling each other and trying to revive him. A woman pushes her way through, obviously intent on the grey eyed woman - there's a fanatical gleam in her eye. "I knew you would show… "

Rain is flying up above. There seems to be a … crowd? And someone shoving through. "Okay, so, drumsticks are off…" Captain quips to Rain. "We are not eating birds, especially not talking ones." "Or British women." "ESPECIALLY." The two go back and forth a moment, landing. Is that May, and Fenris? It would seem so. They have to hop onto the broomstick, to get a better view. They do wave.

"We're not foes. We're passersby. Are you guys alright…? If it's a standard escort to the next-" They cut off. And pause. That lady seems odd.

Fenris is about to come up with a retort when the other woman arrives. He reaches down and pulls his rod out, leaving it held against his thigh. "Something like that yes." He murmurs quietly. "Is that a friend of yours?" The wind's starting to pick up already. If there's one thing Fenris can't abide, it's poachers.

Melinda May glances over toward Rain and gives her a nod. "Fine. But if you could help me with crowd control…"

The woman's hand goes to her jacked pocket. She's blonde and rather athletic, like the Valkyrie crouched over the body. "By the power of your missing piece I command you to-"

That's about as far as she gets. Fenris raises his rod and a blast of wind hurls the woman into a wall twenty feet away. His aura pulses palpably. "Everyone leave. Now." This is not the voice of a man who will tolerate being ignored.

"Brenna" the grey eyed woman hisses as she turns, removing the torq from around her neck. Holding it in her hand, it transforms to a spear "How many times are we going to do this?" Shaking her head towards Fenris "No friend of mine, Wolf-God, quite the opp…"

Cut off, she glances to Fenris and then to woman flung against the wall … as the crowd around the downed man starts to leave.

Remaining crouched by the body, Astryd looks over it "A trap, I should have realised…"

Rain and her cat stay up. They both have eyes as wide as dinner plates when Fenris sees the woman gets launched into a wall. "We should go…" Rain offers to Captain. It seems a shame, maybe. The two aren't entirely in on what's going on. "… I - huh. Well. We'll be out of your hair, unless you need help." Or cat hair.

Melinda May pulls her swords when Fenris uses the wind from that not-a-Harry-Potter-wand to knock the pushy woman away (Brenna?) but she doesn't wade into the fray. Not yet. She's not sure who is on which side. Other than Fenris and Rain, of course. She knows whose side the cat is on. His own.

Brenna gets to her feet and shakes herself, taking off at a run… sparing one last glance over her shoulder as she disappears into the departing crowd.

Rising to her feet, Astryd turns to face the gathered group "My thanks Wolf-God. I have obviously grown careless in my time on Midgard. My name is Astryd."

Captain is a cat. Cat is a side. The two really do seem to care about one another. He just has a sharp sense of humor and well, cat. Still, if it came to it, they'd stick by one another. Rain smiles and lands nearby. "Nice to meet you, Miss Astryd. You're not hurt or anything, are you?" She hesitates a moment. Fenris did totally knock a lady away, but at least no one got newted. If the answer is in the negative, she will probably quietly retreat.

Fenris takes a deep breath and turns his gaze on Astryd for a moment before glancing over to May and Rain. "You two alright there? I do not believe this woman is a threat." He's not sure if SHIELD will want to bring her in. "Astryd. I'm familair with your name. What are you doing on my hunting grounds?"

Melinda May watches the Brenna woman run away and turns her attention on the woman who started this whole thing. And the young man there. And the swords are put away. "Do I need to call in the medics, Fenris?" She gives the blonde woman an evaluating look, trying to determing if she'll be able to get past her to check on the man.

Astryd looks at Rain and offers a smile, not actually answering the question, it often isn't understood that well. Stepping back so that May can examine the body "He has passed Daughter of Dragons. It was why I was called to this location." May can ascertain for herself that he has gone though.

Fenris gets her regard now, chin lifting not quite in defiance, but certainly pride "Being hunted, obviously… and seeking that which belongs to me." If he's familiar with her name, he should know her story - if he keeps up with current Asgardian gossip.

He doesn't he knows the name from long ago. Exactly what she might be doing here is another question. Fenris is after all rather estranged from his celestial kin. "That which belongs to you?" Even if he knew he might ask this for the benefit of others. As it happens though he does not.

Melinda May does indeed step closer to check on the man, and glances up at Fenris with a slight shake of her head. She calls in to SHIELD regardless, though for the sharp-eared, she only mentions that a woman attacked a WAND contract agent, and there was one civilian casualty. One wrong move, lady, and she'll change the call-in.

Astryd sighs and casts a look to May and then back to Fenris. Rain had faded into the background… "I am Earthbound, Wolf-God." The for the benefit of May, yes she'd heard the call in "That woman's kin holds a feather of mine, and whilst they do, I can not return home." Another sigh "I've been hunting that feather for the last 3 centuries…. and it seems that the story of it's power has become… warped."

"A mortal has your feather?" Fenris folds his arms looking half amused and half annoyed. "I'm not sure what to make of that. In that case I'm sorry I didn't hit the woman harder. I've no desire to keep the Allfather's ravens away from their tasks and homes."

Melinda May pulls one of those silvery thermal blankets from a pocket in her jacket and uses it to cover the dead man. No, she's not religious or superstitious or any of that, it's just that they're in the middle of the sidewalk, and… well, it's protocol.

"Who is your friend, Wolf-God?" Astryd is watching the woman as she goes through the motions. "I am sorry he passed on your streets, Daughter of Dragons."

Fenris amusement is noted and for a fraction of a second, the aloof womans chin dips in embarrassment. "It is true. And my sisters laughed hard at my misfortune. Until they could not find the mortal who took it, either." A tilt of her head "It simply keeps me from my home, I can still carry out my appointed tasks. But feel free, if you see her… hit her hard and explain that the Feather Bearer can not compel me."

Fenris looks over to May. "She is a Shield Bearer of this realm and a guardian of it's magic. It is her duty and privilage to… arrive at unusual places when unusual things happen." He pauses and looks to May. "I do not believe that she poses a threat. Were she to wish me harm she could have tried something by now."

"And what is it you will do now, Astryd?"

Melinda May nods to Fenris, though there's a question that keeps coming to mind, but she's not the sort to interrupt what could be useful information gathering just to find out why the HELL everyone keeps insisting on calling her 'Daughter of Dragons'. She's in NO way related to Bruce Lee, her mother only SEEMS like she's burning air when she really gets to yelling …

"Greetings Shield Bearer." The grey eyed woman raises her chin once more. An elegant shrug of one shoulder "My journey has bought me to this city. I will do as I have done for the last 300 years. Find a job, so that I may blend with the society and have a roof over my head, and hunt the Feather Bearer to retrieve that which was stolen."

Fenris considers. "If you have a place at present, then godspeed. If not you may occupy the guestroom at my house until such time as you do." That should keep May's mind at ease. The God-Wolf can watch over the Valkyrie.

As if knowing her unspoken question Fenris just shugs. It seems poetic. Beyond that he can't offer any insight.

Melinda May stays out of the conversation until she gets a message over her comm. "ETA two minutes, Fenris." That's probably code for 'leave now or stay and write a report'. "We'll talk again later." Especially about that Daughter of Dragons thing. She's going to demand an explanation.

"I had heard this was the God-Wolfs hunting ground and would have sought you out." In the fullness of time. Astryd tilts her head slightly to consider the offer "I do not currently have accomodation. I will accept your offer for the shortterm." and there's Mays update, Astryd definitely doesn't want to stick around. "My thanks, Daughter of Dragons" if she'd been given a name, she might be inclined to use it, "For the care you've shown this fallen warrior."

"Where shall I look for your dwelling, God-Wolf?" She's about to leave the scene….

"Brooklyn. Near the Zoo." And then he's turning and opening a Way. "I'm going there now." Because he doesn't want to fill out paperwork. He steps through and vanishes.

Typical of Fenris. But then, this IS her job, not his. She gives Astryd a nod, then speaks into her comm unit again, hoping the woman's 300 years on this planet will help her realize now's a good time to leave.

More than enough time… Nodding to May "Daughter of Dragons, I hope our paths may cross again under better circumstances" She steps through the Way that Fenris opened, following him away from anymore questions.

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