Tracing the Scanners

August 04, 2015:

Oracle, May and Misfit infiltrate an OsCorp office looking for information on the meta-scanners

OsCorp Office


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Some time ago, Jericho Trent had asked Oracle to help trace information on who might be involved in creating the new Metahuman scanners. Her team has been investigating, asking questions and generally gathering information. Now, though, they're stepping up the game and looking more closely at one of the contracted corporations - OsCorp.

With care, Oracles been able to find some information but a more … direct approach is required. She's arranged with May and Misfit to do some physical infiltration. As with most secure operations, some computers are simply 'not hooked up.'

Planning done for the operation, it's now time to send the team in… "This is Oracle. Ready when you are, May, Misfit." She'll provide overwatch and remote hacking as required.

Okay. There's sneaking, and there's sneaking. Once Oracle gives the go-ahead, May nods to Misfit and leads the way. One distinct advantage they have is that Misfit can get inside without so much as touching a door or window, and then possibly give May a way in without tipping anyone off to their presence. Yes, May could very much do that herself, but even being as suble as possible, her way would leave traces. Better to not leave even a hint of a trace so no one knows to be concerned.

Once they're up against the wall of the building, May nods to Misfit. You're up, kid.

Charlie may not be a ninja, but she has been practicing bat-stealth <TM> and creeps along after May up to the building in question. She taps her comm on and then disappears in flash of pink and purple smoke … reappearing inside the security room with a flash … preferably behind anyone that needs a bat-blackjack to the skull so she can disable the system and let May in. Teamwork!

There's one person in the security room, watching the screens in a bored fashion.

Oracle's already working on getting control of the security system, but having the physical bodies taken care of, will mean that alarms aren't sounded too soon. "Ready when you are, Misfit." The control will allow her to unlock the doors… and control the surveillance systems.

From the hallway outside the room, Misfit will hear people moving. Oracles feeds, and the ones in the security room, show it's a security detail doing a sweep of the floor. There's another one patrolling the perimeter of the building - Mays got a few minutes before they'll be able to see her "Heads up May, outside security detail incoming. We'll get you inside soon." Misfit had better be quick!

"Confirming the target is on the 3rd floor." There's a schematic of the building sent to the Oracle Communicators.

"Acknowledged," May replies sotto voce. She waits for the door next to her to click indicating that it's unlatched for her to get inside, and once she's in has every intention of taking the stairwell to the third floor. Elevators are for lazy people and people who LIKE getting trapped in small metal boxes.

Hefting the Bat-BlackJack Misfit smacks the guy right in the knockout spot and then eases him out of his chair. She steps in and slots a comm onto the security system to give Oracle another way into the system and speed it up. "Hm. okay… should I pop out and take them …. are they headed in here Oracle?"

The door near May unlocks and she can now enter the building.

"Good work, Misfit. May you've now got access." Oracle watches the surveillance feeds "The won't go in their, Misfit. To the third floor. Don't enter yet though, I have to disable the failsafes first."

May will find the way to the third floor clear and when she meets up with Misfit, Oracle will have the failsafes disabled and the two women can enter.

In the target room, there are filing cabinets and blueprints with writing on them covering a large table in the middle of the room.

Melinda May reaches the third floor with no interruptions (almost too easy, but then, this isn't a training exercise) and nods to Misfit when they meet up again. As soon as they're in the room, she pulls two small cameras from a pocket and offers one to Misfit. They might seem like slightly older tech digital point and shoot cameras (May can't stop herself from thinking of them as PHD — Press Here Dummy), but while they lack any prosumer type controls or any sort of 'online sharing' features, the optics are top notch.

Starting with the first cabinet, May begins looking through the files there. "Misfit, get images of those blueprints. All of them."

Misfit turns the camera over in her gloved hands "Ookay…" yeah it is the look of a millenial teenager looking at a nonsmartphone camera. She reaches up and taps her goggles turning on the HD video recorder and steps over to start taking pictures with May's camera… humoring her.

As May goes through the filing cabinet, she'll find purchase orders - all paper based - pertaining to the project. They seem to be from the Government … she'll want to get copies of those, including the authorizing signatures.

Misfit's camera sends the data back to Oracle, but the stills will prove helpful as well.

"Security detail incoming…" Oracles words cut over the comms "this group have deviated from their scheduled pattern. They're in the hallway now." When May leaves, she'll have to go right through them… or they'll find the two women in the room.

Melinda May looks for a window, or maybe an air vent. Despite the rumors that run rampant in SHIELD, Barton was NOT in the habit of travelling the air ducts. But, they CAN be useful. Now, where to hide…

Misfit archs an eyebrow behind her orange goggles glass. "Do you want me to thump them in the head… I mean one guard is already thumped… not sure how bad more will be at this point?" she is so helpful. "Or .. I can pop out and let you hide…"

The schematics on Mays communicators show there are air vents, up higher but May can access them… it will certainly hide her and maybe let the guards pass… or she can try and go through them.

Oracle leaves the decision to May. "Air vents, May. Above your head."

The patrol is nearly to the door.

Melinda May looks up at the vent then at Misfit. "We're going to have a talk after this." And then she's hidden in the vent in a matter of seconds, leaving Misfit to decide for herself how to deal with the incoming guards. Clearly they already know that someone is here.

Misfit mutters "I had to thump him to open the doors…" she eye rolls and vanishes from the room. She is back with Oracle with one bounce in the clocktower. "Essh I had to…. tell me if she needs the Calvary or something O…" irony!

The patrol enters the room and looks around … it's obvious they haven't discovered the knocked out security operator, this is just a check. And they clearly weren't expecting the room to be locked… It takes a few minutes before they depart.

Oracle looks at Misfit as she bounces in and then back to the screens, watching the surveillance feeds and the departing guards. "All clear, May. If you had to the East exit, you'll avoid their sweep." She'll send May in the opposite direction "Did you get photo's of what you found?"

Melinda May climbs carefully back out of the vent, takes a last photo — noteworthy signature on that one — then leaves toward the east quickly and near-silently. Once she's well clear of the building, she taps at her comm. "Oracle, May. Tell me Misfit is out and away." After all, she can't track teleporters.

Misfit leans on the chair behind Oracle "Tell her I am rampaging through the complex beating up guards like a god damned ninja…." pause "of course I'm away… its just a lame office…"

May will get out cleanly, the only evidence the two had been in building is the knocked out guard and the open door. Well, open until Oracle reengages the safeguards and resets the security system. Then… it's just the guard.

"Acknowledged May, she's here with me." the wheelchair bound redhead casts the chaos muppet a fond, if suffering, look. "This time it was just a lame office… but it could have been a front for something else." beat "Teas on May. Regroup here and we'll see what we've got."

"On my way." And because she can, May travels there via the nearest ley line. SO much faster than public transportation.

Misfit pulls her goggles up and goes to raid the fridge, totally munching on fried chicken when May gets there. "It is like cheating all the people who can fast travel now.. from save points."

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