Blue meets Scarlet

August 01, 2015:

Ulani visits the new X-Red Office and meets the Scarlet Witch

X-Red HQ - New York


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It's been a few days since Ulani's seen Bobby, but she'd received a message telling her that the X-Red HQ had moved and that she'd been welcome to drop by. Even with the new job, she's not kept overly busy, the work for a Blue is very easy… Today she's got some spare time, and has come visiting.

Ulani is getting used to actually wearing clothing and today she's dressed in a short dress along with sandals… a coral pendant at her throat and slave style bracelets on each hand.

Pausing just outside the door after the Tax leaves, the Blue Envoy looks a little confused… ahhhh, there's the button… she presses it, hoping that's what she's supposed to do.

Wanda is prowling the base…just curious…when there is a buzzer to lead her to the front door. Still in her long football jersey she opens the door and smiles in greeting to Ulani. "Hello." A long pause. "Who are you?"

Bobby is here late, it's the evening but he knew he'd be putting in some overtime with this move. Part of it is monitoring Purifier movements in M-Town and making sure they can be responded to as much as is possible. It'd be helpful if more of the team were here but he has what he has. And it's been quite tonight. He hears the voices at the door though and comes over to look. Is that…?

Looking at the woman in the football jersey, Ulani frowns in confusion "I am Ulani. I was here to see Bobby Drake." She doesn't try to look past Wanda, just yet. "He invited me." Standing straight, despite her dress, there's likely an air about Ulani. Quiet confidence, and potentially, something disciplined like military training - all very unmenacing, but it's there.

"He inv…oh…" Wanda offers a half-smile to yet another of Bobby's girlfriends and she steps aside to let her in. "Ah…here he is" she notes as Bobby arrives. "I shall leave you two to it" she says nervously before trying to make a discrete exit.

Bobby catches Wanda by the arm. "You don't have to go." He murmurs. "Ulani is a friend of mine and I invited her over." The Blue gets a smile. "You look nice. Come on in." He turns and gestures. "This is Wanda Maximoff. She's staying with us for the present and we're hoping she'll be able to join our team. Wanda, this is Ulani, of the Blue."

Ulani offers a warm smile to Wanda and offers her hand "Pleased to meet you Wanda Maximoff." Bobby's done the rest of the introduction "I'm unsure of what Bobby's team is, but he seems very proud of it." She's not seen X-Red in action.

Bobby gets a smile and Ulani walks over to him, dropping a kiss on his cheek as she does "Thank you for the invitati…." her words are cut off as she see's his right arm, icy banding and all and she takes it "What happened, Bobby…"

Wanda shakes Ulani's hand and offers a nervous smile. Why are Bobby's girlfriends all so gorgeous? A blush as she kisses him in greeting before there is talk of his wound. "There is something wrong" she adds to the conversation - Ms Obvious to the rescue. "I should try harder to heal him" she muses, "But Brinley is the expert."

"I was hurt in a fight." Bobby explains. "She healed me but… my body is… doing odd things." His powers are. "It iced over, though not as badly as the others. Wanda it's not your fault." He motions for the two to come with him back to the main sitting area. "So this is the new place. Wanda actually only recently found us again. And it's not all running yet. At the moment I'm just watching the news feeds and a few other things to make sure everything's okay in M-Town." He's explained M-Town to Ulani and Wanda needs no explanation.

Fun fact - Ulani got chosen for this mission, to learn about the Surface, because amongst The Blue she's considered 'non-descript', easily forgettable. She's learning that this isn't so on the Surface.

Bobby has told Ulani this before and she gazes at the wounds, and then back up to the man choosing to say nothing at the moment. "You are a healer, Wanda Maximoff?" The Blue penchant for using both names as /the name/ that drives Arthur of Atlantis crazy, coming to the fore. "Then I thank you for caring for him." It's only polite, after all.

Following Bobby, Ulani looks around and then back to Wanda "Perhaps you could tell me something of yourself, Wanda Maximoff. Why are you looking to join Bobby's team?"

"And is everything ok, in M-Town, Bobby?" She's curious as to how he /watches news feeds/ but she might get to that next.

"I am not a healer" Wanda quickly clarifies, "I am more a destroyer." That last admitted with some embarrassment. "Sometimes I can use my power to make things better…but Brinley is the real healer. You should not thank me. You should be angry at me for making Bobby sick in the past."

A stranger wants to know her history? Does Ulani work for Transia? "Umm…I am a witch. And sometimes something worse. I came here with my brother, running away from bad people who wanted to kill us. He is safe but I live on the streets." She looks over at Bobby. "I /used/ to live on the street but now I want to be with my friends. I…I am tired of being alone."

"It is at present." Bobby glances up from his laptop as Wanda begins to clarify. "No one should be angry at you Wanda. I'm not. There's no reason for them to be." He wants her to be with friends too. On the one hand they could really use the help. On the other… she could probably use it just as much.

Being alone, and not wanting to be, that's something Ulani can appreciate. Moving to stand beside Bobby, placing a hand on his shoulder - something she doesn't appear to be entirely conscious of - the Blue Envoy nods slowly to Wanda "I understand the appeal of finding someone or people to be with. I come from beneath the waves, many hundreds of miles away… to learn about the Surface. It has been… challenging." a slow smile "That you have friends that you want to be with, that is a good reason to be part of a team."

"Now tell me, Wanda Maximoff, what is a witch… " Ulani's hand moves to play with the hair at the base of Bobby's neck… another unconscious gesture. "It is good that M-Town is quiet Bobby, how did you sustain your latest injury?"

"A witch is…is someone people don't like" Wanda smiles to Ulani. "They can see the future…cast spells…do magic. I think I can do magic." Wanda is really trying to be bright and bubbly but as she watches Ulani put her hands on Bobby like that…so intimate and without thought…a pit forms in her stomach. "Do you have magic under the sea? Unnatural things?" She can't even look at the pair now as her heart starts to shrivel. "I take it you like the surface" she asks softly before urgnently tapping her fingers on her forehead. "I have to go. Umm…the voices are getting loud. I should get dressed. Yes…get dressed. Go out for a bit."

Bobby glances back, realizing that Ulani hasn't quite… realized what she's doing yet. And he can see quite easily that it makes Wanda uncomfortable. "Wanda are you going to be okay?" He stands, breaking the contact, not that he minded it but he knows Wanda's fragile, something which he trusts Ulani's people skills enough to be able to tell without him saying anything.

Ulani realises something's wrong and as Bobby breaks the contact, blushes dreadfully. Something Bobby's never seen to be sure. "Forgive me." she murmurs before focussing on Wanda again "We have magic, yes. The term witch was unfamiliar." That Wanda /thinks/ she can do magic has her considering but the woman appears to be ready to leave. "I find the Surface very confusing, Wanda Maximoff. I believe I like it… but it is taking time to acclimatise. The customs are very different here."

Stepping away from Bobby, putting distance between them, Ulani looks to the Scarlet Witch again "I would like to know more about your magic, Wanda Maximoff and I would like to get to know you better. I have few friends here." Maybe that will help calm the woman.

"I think you make friends much easier than me" Wanda offers with half a smile to the Blue. That much is obvious to the witch. The only time she was able to get that close to Bobby was when he was being evil…and dressing in leather. "I find the surface very confusing too" she replies honestly before finally looking up at them both again. "But we can try to be friends if you like."

"Ulani's a good friend to have." Bobby confides. He may have to talk to her later and explain exactly why Wanda was uncomfortable but then she might figure it out on her own. "Look I'm gonna go get something to eat soon. Either of you hungry?"

"That is good, Wanda Maximoff" Ulani smiles at the other women. "Now I know where to find you, I will come and visit with you. We can be confused about the surface together." Did Ulani just make a joke? Bobbys statement gets a small smile from the Blue "Food would be nice, thank you Bobby." Ulani is typically always hungry.

"Sure. Food sounds good." It always has to Wanda. It tastes even better than sounds! "But I still think I should get changed" she smiles before glancing down at the hem of her shirt. "I don't have anything else on." Then she is scampering off back to her room and avoiding any staircases.

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