Looking for Magik

August 04, 2015:

A wide data hack of SHIELD and X-Red systems have May and Brin concerned (emits by Aspect)

X-Red HQ - New York


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It had been a wide hack. Pretty good… for an amateur. Good enough to get past basic internet security… maybe. It'd more or less immediately set off alarms at X-Red HQ though. Someone had tried to get into their personnel files and access private data. Telephone numbers, addresses, tax ID info, there's a lot in there. Even more alarming than that was the nature of the query: Someone had badly wanted to know everything X-Red did about Illyana Rasputina.

A similar alarm had gone of at the Tri when someone tried, badly, to access one of their databases with similar search queries. Neither case had been successful but it hadn't at that point been exactly a surprise when X-Red called. Either way the source wasn't hard to trace. It was coming from California. And the tracing seems to have gone unnoticed.

If X-Red had been the only ones that got hit by this hacker, regardless of success in gleaning data, the powers that be might have written it off and sent some junior agent to check the situation over. But as their call in for assistance almost perfectly coincided with the attack on SHIELD's own systems, it couldn't be allowed to slide.

And, probably because of her growing track record of working well with 'people of power', May is given the task of taking a tech team out to the X-Red's HQ to check it out. Now, they're looking over the results of what the techs found.

"California. Can we be any more specific?"

Brin is nearly tearing her hair out. Dougs systems have done their job but still… an attempt on their systems - this soon after striking out on their own and the information she'd got when out with Jericho and Illyana, doesn't bode well.

Taking a deep breath, the brunette mutant straightens her shirt and smooths down her hair, "Agent May, here's the information we could glean before the connection got bounced." Handing over her tablet, Brins display shows the address of a Starbucks cafe in L.A, IP Address and the information on the server used to launch the attack.

It's… pretty sketchy for a professional hacking attempt. To begin with it was sloppy. It left behind a lot of tracks, it got caught very quickly and the trace went undetected. This is either a brilliant trap or a very amateur attempt. The question is, if the latter, who would want to know that badly about Illyana to try both X-Red and SHIELD? Well, at least they have an address.

"One way to find out." May taps at her comm and calls in to the Triskelion, requesting a team go to the Starbucks to collect any data they can from that location. Wifi logins, security camera footage, the like. "For the record, Ms. Myers, I dislike this as much as you do. Very fishy."

"Tell me about it" Brin mutters, pinching the bridge of her nose. Taking the tablet back, she pulls up the data they'd collected from the other day, when they'd rounded up the prisoners "Magick and Mr Trent invited me to accompany them on a mission." she begins to explain "We recovered information that indicates the Purifiers are targetting X-Red… Given Magik is the common factor…" Brin trails off, the implication left hanging.

The information comes right to May's phone from the Tri about five minutes later. Pulling the survielance data at the time hadn't been hard. The cleaned up footage shows a young woman working at a laptop on one of the counters. Her face is obscured by a baseball cap, perhaps deliberately, but her closing the laptop and leaving coincides exactly with the hacking attempt being foiled. Moments after it had been traced as well.

There's follow up text. Spoke to the owner. Woman seemed familiar. Perhaps stopped by a couple times a week. No name though. And no better shot of her face.

Purifier? Mutant hater? Or something else? There are answers in Los Angeles. That much is certain.

Melinda May sends a reply text. If the woman paid with a card, get the card data. It's a long shot, but if this hacker was this careless about digging around, maybe she'll be careless in other ways.

Looking up at Brinley after sending the text, she offers, "Looks like we need to go to L.A."

Brins already on that and Illy's credit card statements are already being uploaded to May "Last team card transactions, sent to you, Agent May." The brunette snags her backpack from her desk. "L.A…. here we come…" She's hilarious!

The text comes back from the Tri. No luck on the card. Paid with cash. But we did get a clearer shot of the woman as she went out to the parking lot. Sending it now. They do have a place to go now, and an address to wait on and if the picture's decent quality… maybe even a bit more than that.

Melinda May lets Brinley see the photo. "I'll get this run through facial recognition, but I think we might have a lead. Do you know if the hacker actually got anything?"

Shaking her head, Brin gathers the last of the bits she'll need "None at all, Agent May" the look of worry on the young brunettes face speaks volume. "I've sent Magik and Aspect messages to not respond to anything within this area" she means Earth… or whatever you'll call it… "Can we go… please?" She doesn't mean to be rude… but these are her family and she won't see them hurt… not like before.

Melinda May gives Brinley a look. Anyone who speaks 'May' would recognize that as the 'don't be daft, that was already a given' look. But as the young woman likely doesn't, she says aloud. "Be packed and ready. When we get the go ahead we'll be leaving very quickly." She then taps at her comm again, already getting the process starting to gather a team to send to California. And now May is mentally cursing everything she can think of that Barton is in the wind. His skills would be VERY useful.

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