Intergalactic Ninjas

July 26, 2015:

Zen arrives at the JLA to inquire about his prisoner!


JLA HQ the hall of justice


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In the news recently, yet another blue alien has crash-landed in New York City. But this time, he appears to be friendly! By all reports, the alien called 'Zen' was shot down by an extraterrestrial criminal known as Grick Baxle. Zen's ship splashed down in the Atlantic well away from New York City, but Baxle took the opportunity to start causing some havoc. An image is shown of the anthropomorphic blue alien, similar to humans in most respect except for the absence of a nose, mouth or any hair. He is shirtless in the picture, with cargo pants and some techy-looking boots.

With most local heroes off doing other things at the time, it was lucky that Zen survived the crash and zoomed in to the city to face the criminal. Baxle was shooting up Harlem with some sort of plasma weapon, but was stopped by Zen before he could do a great deal of damage. After the fight Zen turned Baxle over to the JL:A for incarceration until galactic authorities can be reached.

Meanwhile, Zen has been invited to make New York City his home on Earth. He agreed to an interview, which we will paraphrase now, because he cannot speak verbally. Zen describes himself as a freelance security specialist and hopes any law enforcement agencies on Earth will consider him available for consulting.

Kara is hanging out at the Hall of Justice lobby having just finished working on helping to clean the place up after she made a mess repainting it and then got told she had to paint it back the old colors.

Being a superhero was hard.

It's Sunday night and Zen the Intergalactic Ninja must think this is a good time to visit the JL:A. Surely he's here to follow up on the incarceration of the criminal Grick Baxle. Zen arrives in the lobby of the JL:A building wearing his signature cargo pants and boots, with the addition of a loud red and orange Hawaiian shirt. It certainly makes a statement against his blue skin.

When he comes in Zen 'speaks' telepathically to the man at the reception desk, broadcasting his mental voice for anyone nearby to 'hear'. "I apologize for my telepathic intrusion," the mouthless alien begins with a small bow, smiling with the corners of his eyes. "But I was hoping a representative of the JL:A heroes might be available to speak to me about Grick Baxle. My name is Zen. I'm the one who captured him."

Jericho hasn't been formally inducted yet. He's really more of a prospect, one who is keeping as much an eye on the League as they are on him and it's really rather happenstance that he's here when Zen comes in. He doesn't look like much, really. A rather fit man in a long sleeved tee shirt and jeans and a ball cap. The telepathic intrusion gets a wince and a glare at the obviously mouthless alien, but as he's not really a JL:A rep, he doesn't bother saying anything. Oracle, however, gets a text on her systems. New face at the Halls of Justice. Might wanna flip your cameras on.

They're on Oracle responds to the text as her green eyes turn to the display for the JL:A halls, a small frown marring her brow.

Zen is familiar to her from the report that was filed when Grick Baxle was bought in. The alien being held in the Watchtower, until something could be arranged. Is he enquiring about Grick Baxle, Jericho?

All JL:A members will know that Oracle is listening and watching… it is, after all, what she does.

Someone had to actually bring in Grick Braxle and that would have been Kara who had flown him up to the Watchtower. Unfortunately she had only had a faint passing meeting with Zen.

When the intergalactic ninja assassin bounty hunter arrives her Kryptonian memories kicks in and she steps forward, "Hey! I remember you. I'm Kara Zor-El. Zen, right?"

GAME: Oracle has set the pose order to Kara,Zen,Aspect,Oracle

Zen waits for the receptionist to look at something on his screen, but turns when Kara greets him. «Ah, hello again!» he says into any unguarded minds in the vicinity. His voice is a rich baritone, speaking in whatever language the hearer is most fluent, and sounds vaguely familiar for some reason. He is unfortunately not audible over microphones. «Yes, I'm Zen. It's nice to see you Kara Zor-El. Sorry for not getting in touch ahead of time, but I was hoping to follow up on Baxle's incarceration. Has anyone been able to make contact with galactic peacekeepers?»

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate telepaths? Jericho texts over to Oracle. He can't even route her the sound, but he can route her the text as he 'hears' it. Frankly, he has absolutely zero to do with this 'Baxle' and not really anything to say about 'Galactic Peacekeepers' other than 'that is not a problem we need right now.' "I think you're rather overestimating our communications abilities, whomever you are." If they sent a radio message, right now, it would reach the nearest star in about, oh, eight years. Whether or not it'd be readable is another question. Relativity is a cruel mistress.

Oracle might be disliking telepaths right now… that's something for her to think about though - there must be a way to upgrade her systems.

Not previously, but I think you just did. Good thing you were there, today. The report of Grick Baxle's incarceration is sent to Jericho through the dedicated comms channel they use.

"Kara, Jericho, Grick is still being held on the Watchtower." Oracle checks the records as they speak "As to contacting anyone? Who would we contact? It's not like Earth is connected to the Galatic law enforcement agencies." Her voice is digitally disguised, and doesn't sound like her at all "And as Jericho just pointed out, we don't have the communication power to transmit that far… "

Kara's communicator was totally on Speaker, so Zen could hear it. How he could communicate with Oracle, that was up to them to figure out.

"Uh yeah. About that. We totally contacted the Intergalactic State Police and they were like, sorry this isn't our jurisdiction, you need to contact the Milky Way Regional Law Enforcement Agency and they were like, oh um, you need to contact the Intergalactic State Police.." She takes a deep breath, "And like, we'd ask the Green Lanterns, because we have one on our team but he's kind of yeah and stuff but he's cool and nice to, so none of us asked him yet but maybe you should or someone should cause otherwise I think nobody else wants to pick him up." She probably made all of that up except the Green Lantern stuff.

Zen turns to regard Jericho's interjection curiously, and then he nods his head in realization. «Ah, no FTL comms yet. My mistake. I'm sorry.»

Zen takes in Kara's additional explanation, he nods again, and then his mental voice his laughing softly. This is only slightly strange because it isn't accompanied by laughing body language. «Yes, I see. No one really comes out to this end of the galaxy usually, so it'll probably be a while before we hear from anyone. But from what I've seen so far, I imagine you all have the facilities needed to keep someone like Baxle safely locked up. Without any of his tech, he barely rates when you put him up against any of Earth's mightiest heroes. Although placing him with the Lantern Corps would probably be the best long term solution.»

Zen shrugs and smiles in his odd way. «Either way, Kara Zor-El, it's my hope that I might be able to offer my services to the JL:A while I'm on Earth. It'll be some time before my ship can be repaired and I'd like to be helpful while I'm here.»

Jericho quirks an eyebrow at that and looks over at Kara with a shrug. Well he's certianly polite about it. Is the comment Oracle gets via her comms. "I'm not the person to ask about that." Is what he says aloud. Kara, at least, might be able to make some introductions. The hacker himself though, not so much. He'll stay long enough to make sure Kara has this, and then he'll be on his way out.

Yes, he is Oracles eyebrows rise at Kara's response, the redhead shaking her head. "Kara, make a time to introduce Zen to the council, please. I'm sure they'll be interested in meeting him." Oracle handles the Comms for the JL:A, among with a few other technical things but she's not council.

Already keying in a report for Diana and Kate, including a query about Baxle's confinement, Oracles attention is caught by an alert on her screens… "If there's nothing else, I'll take my leave. A pleasure meeting you, Zen."

Aspect heads to the Quiet Room.

"You're welcome to help me. I could use a hand with lots of stuff. There's also this place called the Deadzone outside the city, it's dangerous and filled with magic stuff but it's a big problem right now. Plus all these crazy people who like to go around trying to be rawr rawr, I'm so evil." Kara takes a breath and just stops.

"Sure thing Oracle. I'll try to get him an introduction with Kate and Diana. In the meantime, you guys should swap comns so you can give him missions and stuff so he doesn't get in trouble cause we aliens are good at that sometimes."

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