I Believe the Children are our Future

August 03, 2015:

Dr. McCoy comes across Wiccan practicing some of his magic and the two have a discussion about alternate realities and relatives

Xavier Institute Library


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As the sun rises high in the sky, and noon approaches. The majority of the kids are headed to the dining hall for lunch. However, one kid has decided to skip pizza today to focus on a personal project of his own. Wiccan has decided to hide out in the library this afternoon and is currently dressed in a pair of jeans, a black t-shirt with Thor's Hammer on it, and a pair of sandals. He is standing in the middle of the room and his hands are glowing a soft blue as he softly chants to himself, "Show me my mother. Show me my mother. Show me my mother." As a ball of light appears before him and a young Wanda aka Scarlet Witch floats before him in a mirrored image. Wiccan is focused on his "spell" as he watches the woman who in this reality has no idea about him or their relationship.

When there wre fewer students during the summer, it means that the Staff is a little more lenient when it comes to healthy eating. It's August…it's hot, some of the Staff are tired…so Pizza it is!

One of the disadvantages of having a smaller population in the summer is that if one is missing from the lunch round-up, it's noticed. Dr. McCoy was sent to find Mr. Kaplan when he wasn't seen in the dining hall and he was able to follow his nose to the library.

He doesn't interrupt the spell immediately, but he does stay at one of the doorways until there is a pause and he's able to clear his throat, "You know, there are probably safer places to do something like that than in the library." Full of books…many of them expensive or even valuable.

As Hank's soothing voice touches his ears, Billy waves a hand in front of him and the spell fades instantly. He looks over at Hank and the apples in his cheek begin to turn a few shades darker. "It is a simple seeing spell. It's like…watching TV." The glow in his hands begins to fade completely as he folds his hands behind his back, "And any books I did harm. I could repair if needed…I think." He begins to walk towards Hank and stops, "But I can do it outside if you want. I just figured it was better here cause no one was around and I didn't want to freak out the other kids."

Hank McCoy's lips curl into what could be considered a smile, "Well…we don't allow television in the library…" but he's not really trying to scold the other. "I'm sure we can find an empty classroom if you'd prefer. I don't think you need to be doing something like this outside where the other kids might distract you either." The Danger Room would be choice, but there's the whole 'supervision' aspect. "Did you find what you were looking for?"

As he sighs softly, "Yes and no. I assume the senior members of the team knows who my mother is."

Hank McCoy cants his head some, "We do? And does this matter? Or are you searching to find out who your parents are?" The two are very different things, after all.

Wiccan leans against the nearest table and shakes his head, "No sir. In my reality. My mother was a powerful mutant who could alter reality. She was…evil. A by-product of my grandfather and his crazed rants of mutant superiority. She decided she would try and remove all mutants from existance. The X-men in my world fought against her an my uncle. My powers are similair to hers in a manner of speaking so I was able to battle against her yet she was more powerful and skilled. She erased my reality and I barely escaped. I was looking at the woman who is my mother…per-say in this reality to see if she shows any of those signs." He looks left and right to see if anyone is around before he says softly, "My mother is Scarlet Witch aka Wanda Maximoff."

Hank McCoy doesn't seem fazed at the response. After all, he's run across people with children from other realities only a couple of years younger than themselves…and he'd rather not think about how those timelines worked. After Billy offers the name of his mother, he leans in and whispers back, "So? You aren't her. Are you afraid of becoming what she was in that reality? Or are you wanting to find her to try to prevent her from becoming who you fought?"

Wiccan shrugs softly, "More like…monitor her from afar in case she does. It seems Magento has a number of the same qualities my other grand-father did yet my Uncle has…a more balanced quality about him here. I just…want to make sure I am better prepared if it ever came to that. So I look in on them from time to time. I don't look in on Mom…I mean Wanda often cause I don't know the level of her skill and I don't want to clue her in on me spying on her. However my grandfather and uncle have no skill in that kind of detection."

A clawed hand is offered towards one of the seats in the library and Hank moves to take a seat if Billy does. "That's quite a lot of responsibility, isn't it? Nevermind learning about your own powers, you now feel like you have to monitor others…" He sort of lets his voice trail off. "I wonder if we can think of other ways to do this so that you don't feel like you have to be their Keeper…"

As he cocks an eyebrow, Billy moves to a chair next to him and plops down on it. His hair fallin into his face. He cocks his head to the side, "Wouldn't you? I don't feel like I need to protect all the mutants in the world. But I was not able to stop my mother. I lost my world…my universe….literally. Wouldn't you feel obligated to at least make sure it didn't happen again? They say Knowledge speaks and Wisdom Listens. So to be knowledgeable enough to not let history repeat itself is important. Right?" Ha! The kid is clearly thinking too much for his age.

"Right…but you have that knowledge already, don't you? And you've shared it with me…and I recommend sharing it with others of the Senior Staff so that we can help you to make sure that it doesn't happen here," Hank offers. He looks off into the distance for a moment before he glances back to Billy, "Have you thought about talking to them? Actually telling them what you know? Sharing that knowledge with them as well?"

Wiccan shakes his head, "Magneto seems…a bit manipulative in this reality. When I watched him I got a sense of he is not someone to trust. My Uncle Pietro might be open to the idea but I am not sure yet. As for my mother. She seems to be struggling with her own reality to be honest. She seems to be working on getting a handle of her powers. Which seems odd to me. I think I have a better control of my powers and I only know what I am doing half the time." He chuckles softly, "I am not sure they would be ready to know about me."

Hank McCoy tilts his head some, "Maybe you could just present yourself as one from another reality? Not necessarily point out your relationship to them, but that you knew them in this other reality and this is what happened…and you'd like that to not happen here." He leans forward some, "I want you to be able to learn and grow in your powers and in who you are as a person, Mr. Kaplan…and I don't want you to feel hampered by having to babysit people here in this dimension. I want us to be able to help you with that so you can focus on who you are here and now…not what could happen. Does that make sense to you?"

As he sits back slightly, Billy listens for a moment his face revealing that he is clearly conflicted with the idea. The young man struggling with the fact he blames himself for not being able to stop his mother from erasing his universe. He runs a hand through his hair to get it out of his eyes and takes a deep breath, "I can try."

"I'm more than happy to help…and I know others of the Staff will be as well. You just tell us what you need us to do and we'll make it work." Beast is quite serious about this as well — they don't need to have to battle with erasing universes…not with everything else that they're battling with. It's also about making sure that their students reach their potential without being held back by external obstacles.

Wiccan hmmms softly, "When I was a part of the Junior X-men I was learning how to use my powers in combat. That is why.." Billy looks down at his lap and sighed, "I think that is why I was unable to defeat my mother." He looks up into Hank's eyes, "I was not as good as my mother and…I couldn't do what had to be done against her. She may have been evil but she was my mother. I ran better defense against her reality warping on the team then I could in openly attacking her." He opens his hands as small flows of electricity dance between his finger tips. "I think I need to learn my limits. I tend to only do what I am comfortable with because I am scared my own "spells" will bend this reality too much if I try anything out of the norm and I have an accident or do something she did."

"It's an appropriate fear, but when the Danger Room is up and running again, it might be a good place for you to test those limits. Just be aware that as you learn more about yourself and your powers that your limits may change. They may not be entirely hard and fast," Hank points out.

Wiccan flicks his wrist and the electrical display fades away, "I have not been in your Danger Room yet. When it is ready it might be best for me to do my first session alone so I do not harm anyone." He folds his hands in his lap.

"Well," Hank points out, "Students do need to be supervised, but there's an observation room which is protected from effects of the room itself…" and that will count for the supervision.

Wiccan nods slowly, "I am ok with that. Our Danger Room sounds very similair to yours. It was a giant round room that must have been the size of a stadium and it had enhanced hologram interaction with various robotics. The best way I could describe it."
Hank McCoy hmms quietly, "Yes, it's something like that." At least, that's what it used to be before the upgrades. "In the meantime, there should still be some pizza left if you're hungry."
Wiccan nods and smiles, "I think that is a good idea, unless Bobby ate it all again." Billy stands up and pushes his chair in and says, "Coming for a bite Hank?"

"Drake? I don't think he's even here at the Institute, to be honest. I haven't seen him around in months." But then again, he doesn't often leave his lab unless he's teaching or is asked to help out in things like this. "And while you're still a student here, it might be best to call me 'Dr. McCoy'…wouldn't want the other students to think there's preferential treatment or anything going on…or that they can use our first names." There's still some formality to uphold.

Wiccan begins to blush slightly, "Yes Dr. McCoy. I am still learning the rules and background of this school. My apolgizes." He moves to open the door for Hank and says, "After you."

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