Shift Returns - With A Mess

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August 02, 2015:

A breach at the Deadzone perimeter heralds the return of Shift



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Fade In…

"The orders are coming in direct from Fort Sam Houston." The report comes from Maj. Ronald C. Castenfeld, liaison to the 352nd Brigade. His chin is set dutifully when he hands the orders to Colonel Hampton.

The Colonel eyes the document with a frown.

"We hold. As long as we can, until reinforcements arrive."

"Reinforcements would have been here had they already been sent." Colonel Hampton sets the document aside, then turns to eye the battlefield with a pensive frown. "They're not sending reinforcements."

"Agreed, sir."

"We've lost one quarter of the 14th, and the 32nd Armored are taking it pretty hard," muses the Colonel. "Why don't we -"

Suddenly, a massive explosion rips through the 352nd Brigade's forward command center. The entire munitions supply depot is engulfed in flame, throwing a fireball into the sky and incinerating the support staff unlucky enough to be nearby. Major Castenfeld throws himself on the Colonel, tackling the C.O. to the ground and saving him from fire and shrapnel.

Coughing, Colonel Hampton comes to, wrestling from beneath the Major's lifeless body. He struggles to his feet and looks down at the carnage below; the munitions stockpile has been completely destroyed, leaving a swath of destruction in its wake.

"Good… Christ."

All across the front lines, sirens begin to sound, alerting other groups within the U.S. Army and SHIELD defenses; the enemy has struck behind the lines, opening a hole in the Deadzone defenses.

Back at the 352nd Brigade's forward command center, troops and officers scramble to get ahold of the situation. Hidden within the ranks and wearing the olive drab uniform of an Army Staff Sergeant, Kwabena Odame strides through the scrambling troops, a wicked smirk upon his face. But his eyes, they are lifeless; as if no soul rested beyond their deceptive black color. He's headed for the front lines, and his intentions can't be good.

Not withstanding that there are explosions, the magical backlash of Zee's wards being breached in the Deadzone is enough to send the Mistress of Magic, scrambling … for her SHIELD issued body armour and holy oil soaked combat boots.

Focussing on the epicentre of the power, Zee murmurs the words of her teleport spell and arrives with a soft 'pop' sound in the forward command centre - likely shocking several people there with her arrival. "Zatanna Zatara, Primal Force. What's happening, please?" Zee - always so polite. They should recognise her from various encounters, as well.

Blue eyes focus out on the ranks "You've something incoming…" eyes narrowing "and it's not good." She's heard of Shifts ressurection…

Sending a message through the Leylines «This is Zee. An attack on the Deadzone perimeter. The wards are failing… To my location. »

Lunair normally works pretty independently when the whim strikes her. Because she can and because she wants to are perfectly valid motives, as well as a will to challenge. And finding one of her buddes after seeing him go all PLASMA DISCO INFERNO at the flash alongside rumors of his reanimation, well. It's the best lead she's got. She doesn't know much about duct taping souls, but that's why you vacuum into a Proton Pack and ask questions later.

Lunair has power armor on, and she tends to keep things sci fi to anime looking lest she run afoul of a certain Fe man's lawyers. The rocket powered Gotham DA was pretty hilarious, though. She hustles back, her flamethrower empty and taking a moment to recreate her busted weapons and armor. "HI!" Pause. "No fancy team. Just bullets. Armory for now. Need new codename, keep being mistaken for man in truck hat." Her words fall out like milk from a bowl dropped onto a temple floor. Not quite right.

The alarm goes off at Sara's SHIELD station, and she's shrugging into kevlar and checking her gun before she's even out the door. "What are we-" Before she can ask over the comms, she's getting the update from Zee over her crystal, and the Witchblade forms a gauntlet over her right hand. « On my way, » she replies, before reporting to the others. "Agent Pezzini, en route to a potential ward breach. What's the situation out there?"

Melinda May heard the same alarm and update that Pezzini did, and she falls into step with the younger agent on the way out. "I knew this was going to happen." She's got her usual go-bag ready, and is tugging one sleeve of her jacket down over the forearm-holster-full-of-throwing-knives-thing she just finished fastening.

"Get me a corpsman!" Colonel Hampton calls a medic for Major Castenfeld, but the arrival of Zatanna is quick to draw his attention. He descends from the command observation platform to meet her.

"Colonel Hampton, 352nd Brigade," he greets her, and casts a look toward Lunair as she arrives, giving the strangely dressed woman a nod. "I'm still trying to piece it together, but our ammunitions cache just went up in flame. Someone must have sabotaged it."

Behind the Colonel, army soldiers are scrambling to gather the wounded and contain the inferno, a futile effort in many ways.

Meanwhile, closer to the front lines, weapons fire erupts afresh. The dead are moving through the broken perimeter, but acoustics can tell a lot; some of that weapons fire isn't being directed outward, but toward each other.

"What in Sam Hell?" spits the Colonel, before getting on his radio. "Lieutenant Davis, report!"

A voice screams over the radio. "It's — *static* our own, sir! Friendly fi-*static* Repeat, one of our own- *STATIC*"

A quick smile for Lunair, time for niceities later. Zee nods to the Colonel "Colonel Hampton. The wards on the perimeter are down, you've undead coming through and" she pauses, focussing her senses, "You've got a Darque minion somewhere in your ranks."

Thinking quickly, the teen mage looks to the Colonel, she's torn… and she's probably going to come over as terribly bossy… "The wards need repairing. I can put up something makeshift for now. What's come through, will need to be taken care of, your troops can take care of those: Fire, beheading, hoy oil will all work - just leave nothing behind that the necromancers can reanimate." The poor Colonel, not only being instructed by a teen - but dealing with undead as well.

Taking in a deep breath, she fixes the Colonel with a glowing gaze "The Darque minion will steal your soldiers souls and use them for power, I'll try to draw it to me at the Perimeter… When Agent Pezzini and Agent May arrive" Zee just knows May will be here "They should be able to locate it… and advise a course of action."

«Sara, May. The wards need repairing but we need to locate the minion and contain them… I'm going to try and draw them to me at the Perimeter. Otherwise, they'll use the live soldiers for power….» Zee's going to use herself as bait… May might just kill her if Darques people don't first.

"May I take Armory with me? She knows how to work with me and will provide protection whilst I do what to do." Hopefully Lunair accepts that assignment.

Poor downed officer. She nods politely. "That's - not entirely surprising. I'm sorry." Lunair is sympathetic enough, but she's got a few problems in the connecting to people department and right now most of her brain's switches and operators are turned on to 'AMMO. NOT DYING. FIND SHIFT BUDDY. DE EVIL HIM (bring two priests, one old one young? Irish optional?) KILL ZOMBIES' and that infernal song from the Evil Dead musical stuck in her head. If she can see May, she'll wave. Her power armor today is darker colors, olive green and black. No cutesy anime. It's something dragged out of a hard military (SO HARD! Wait, did she really google hard— nevermind) sci fi or something.

Nevertheless, Lunair has the edge on some mercenaries in that she plays well with others. "Um, sure. I'll go where you need," She offers sympathetically. She'll accept the assignment, since she's really best at just murdering the stuffing (do zombies have stuffing? No, don't google that) out of things. It's really a shame (or a blessing) that zombies don't twerk or she'd already have a Thriller re-enactment going.

And there's a polite wave for Sara. But niceties are for when imminent death isn't on the menu. It's low carb, at least.

"Some days I actually miss the basement at One PP," Sara sighs as she steps into the chaos, head tilting at the sound of gunfire. "Not a good sign." More armor forms to protect her as she changes course toward the sound of fire. « Zee, I'm headed toward the gunfire, » she says over the crystals.

Jericho isn't ordinarily involved in this. SHIELD only contacts him when they have need of his peculiar talents but he had been listening to military radio chatter and things sounded like they were getting fairly bad. He can see, from the bridge of the Starfire, Lunair's comm signal near the Deadzone. When the news comes that something is threatening containment he doesn't hesitate in going over to the teleporter and giving K'tten a nod.

There's a flash of purple light and moments later the former commando, dressed in black tactical gear, is on site. Lunair this is Aspect. What the hell is going on.

Melinda May nods to Sara as she heads straight toward the gunfire then detours toward Zee and Lunair herself. Jericho gets a glance and a nod, the former two get offered wax-sealed jugs of holy oil. "Lunair, can you replicate the contents of this precisely?" She knows the young woman has made holy water before, let's hope holy oil isn't too complex.

Yes. Being given instructions by a teenager does have Colonel Hampton grinding his teeth, but the orders from Fort Sam Houston were clear. Elements from Primal Force and SHIELD were to be obeyed.

"Fine," answers Hampton. "My men will clear back and use a suppressing fire - explosives and flame throwers. It will resemble a retreat scenario, cause our munitions supply is now limited." And that part really stings. "You people will be clear to engage these - 'minions'. Our goal will be to reinforce the forward command and prevent the defenses from being completely overrun." A quick nod at her request to bring Armory. "Go! Move!"

Within moments, the troops begin to withdraw, which would have opened up the theater and allow the new arrivals to go to town. However, there's a hitch in that plan.

A tank from the 32nd Armored Battalion suddenly turns on its own people, unleashing an incendiary firestorm upon the troops making an attempt to withdraw. Round after round is fired into a space between the retreating troops and the forward command center, essentially cutting them off and blocking their retreat.

In turn, the undead and Darque's minions begin feasting upon the trapped soldiers, turning an organized withdrawal into a chaotic massacre. Things break down pretty quickly, though a pair of tanks see fit to open fire upon the commandeered machine, pelting its armor with cannon fire.

Zee nods to the Colonel, she's not missed the teeth grinding and normally she'd be terribly amused. "Jericho, undead and a powerful Darque minion out there…" Whether he's kept up with what Zee's doing earthside, she's no idea. "I'm going to the perimeter to create a distraction, try to draw the thing to me."

With Mays arrival, Zee looks grim "I'm teleporting now. Jericho, you can come with if you want." It's up to him… murmuring her teleportation spell the teen mage transports at least herself, May and Lunair to the location of the broken ward "Get ready, I'm about to make a loud noise."

Zee's ward work is normally done with finesse, but not today… she draws deeply on her power, letting the waves of it wash over the field of battle… If Darque wants power, she's got it in spades… he just has to come and try and take it.

Channeling that power into the ward, the perimiter is soon mostly secured, a few more minutes and it will be complete - she'll need to fix it later, but it will hold for the time being.

For better or worse, Lunair probably doesn't notice the Colonel and Zee's finer pointed exchange. She's just doing her thing. She waves to May. "Okay." And she's getting a message, too! She sets a hand to her helmet. « It is that Dorqu— Daruqe? Deruque? DARQUE, » She has a little trouble with pronounciations sometimes. At least Darque isn't making a remix of Sandstorm anytime soon. Ahem. « Something about a breach in the ward slash parameter. There's been undead and now people are turning. I've heard of Shift sightings, too? That one is a bit fuzzy but I saw him the other day so … » So she's partially been looking.

« Miss Zatanna and May are here, too. And a shiny armor lady, » That would be Sara. « She seems familiar. I'll leave my communicator on so you can come to us easily. »

Lunair pauses. "I can but try." Oil, oil… right, it shouldn't be too different from water. She'll at least make some. « Oh, and miss Zatanna is trying to make a distraction. I was going to offer because I have power armor buuuuuut… » Well, people can hear Lunair. « I think she can get his attention more than a lot of bombs and fire would, » Lunair notes, somewhat sagely. Either way, she'll give things asked and start following. She's alarmingly vicious. Explosives, her flamethrower and a railgun now and then. When she has to, it's a veritable hail of steel and fear. It buys space, even if somewhere, somehow, some guy named Ash is really proud of her.

By the time Sara reaches the battle in the middle of the military forces, she's fully armored, a faceplate even hiding her features. She was headed for the tank, but when the army opens fire on it, she picks a new target - the Darque creatures attacking the fleeing soldiers. With a blade in each hand, she wades into the fray, slicing at crucial joints and tendons, removing heads, and tearing them apart. "Go!" she calls back to the soldiers. "I can hold this!"

Jericho shakes his head. "You and Lunair have it. I'm not much good on arcane matters unless they're demonic, or Illyana's around. But I do get soldiers. Go on." And with that he takes off toward the gunfire as well. He's not aware Sara's already in the process there but he'll find out soon enough. Speaking of demonic things as soon as he's out of the command area his traces let out a harmonic hum and glow bright blue. Moments later his power fields, that demonic werewolf-thing made of blue light, are active and he's loping away toward the battle line.

Melinda May stands a bit straighter when the tank starts to fire on its own, and she looks at Jericho while shoving an unlabelled plastic water bottle into his hands. It's safe to presume that it contains holy water. Then she's abruptly at the perimeter with Zee and Lunair.

While Lunair earns serious Left4Dead cred, May takes a moment to unseal the clay jug in her hands and she carefully pours a circle of it around Zee. And then, when the spellcaster has a moment between slinging power about, she stuffs a Zippo in the teen's hand. With that done, she pulls her blades and starts mowing through every undead approaching them or at least within easy reach. And this time, instead of doing so with two small swords, she's got out a pair of chain whips, both of them thoroughly saturated in oil to the point that as they're spinning, they're flinging droplets of oil. Sorry, Zee.

Between Lunair, May and Sara, the battle between them is suddenly turned against the minions of the dead. This, paired with the Army's attack on the commandeered tank, helps the troops to rally and regroup. Still, their retreat path has been cut off by a swath of destruction. They'll need to forge a path back to forward command, or hold their ground here.

Zatanna's warding goes up with a burst of power, once more cutting the Deadzone off from the 352nd's line of defense. This means that no additional minions of the undead will be able to join the battle, but the damage has been done. As far as manpower and munitions go, this section of the front can be officially deemed as 'weakened', especially judging by the bodies left behind.

Still, as the battle rages on, the commandeered tank finally goes up in a fireball of flame. A plume of jet black smoke goes up into the air, but a portion of it moves as if it shouldn't; coming down to the battlefield. When it solidifies, Shift is revealed, naked save for the trappings of human skin draped over his manparts, seared and bloodied. His skin immediately hardens up, adopting the look of matte obsidian, and he rushes the reforming soldiers with an expression devoid of emotion. A fresh sound of anger, fear and rage comes from the soldiers as they find super-solid fists, feet, and a forehead bashing through armor and fatigues, killing one after the other in a vicious slaughter that paints the battlefield red in his wake.

Soon enough, helicopters arrive above, firing down toward the edges of the Deadzone where the undead are grouped. They say Afghanistan was pretty rough… this rivals it.

Lines of tension appear around Zee's eyes and she sags just a little as the perimeter ward is reset. May and Lunair are doing a good job at keeping her safe… and she turns, just in time to see Shifts rush. «Sara, May, It's Shift, he's back. I'm going to try and protect the soldiers. It should leave Shift open. Tell Jericho» or so she hopes…. Eyes blazing blue, the Mistress of Magic locks her knees to keep herself upright - this is something far larger than she's done before, but she won't let the Soldiers be harmed any further.

~~ tcetorP ehT sreidloS morF tfihS, llA fO mehT ~~

Zee's magic snakes out over the battlefield, forming a protective barrier between Shift and the soldiers… she's deliberately left it so her companions can get through… «Someone tell the Colonel to get those soldiers out of there… we don't need more fodder for Darque.»

Lunair is really here to mop up the undead and maybe take a Proton pack to Shift if needed. And then all of a sudden, NAKED SHIFT. Something seems off about him. War zones are hardly new to Lunair, a cruel and uncomfortable reality. She winces at the carnage. « Hey, anyone have a line to the Colonel…? » She asks, doing her best to relay Zee's request. If not, she may have to start flying that way. The horrors of NAKED SHIFT and the battlefield are not lost on her. "Draw back!" She isn't quite sure she's got that. But she does have an RPG that says hello to Mr. Tank.

And it falls to her to likely help deal with the forging a path back.

"Seriously?" Sara sees dead people. Or one dead person in particular. One she was never actually convinced was on the side of the angels. And this definitely isn't helping her believe that. "I really should've just ripped your head off the first time," she mutters, shaking a zombie arm off her blade and trading it out for her gun for the sole purpose of firing three shots at Shift. She knows it's probably not going to hurt him. But it's satisfying.

A glowing blue demonwolf crashes into the undead from the side, ripping into a group of them with a five foot blade and doing it well. Well, he has after all spent a long time using it in other conflicts.

The sight of Shift assaulting a group of soldiers has Jericho blinking and checking his systems to verify the man's identity. 100 match. That's not good. He still hasn't quite sighted Sara, but with her shooting at Shift that'll probably change soon.

He knows the man's tough. But he also knows he stands a much better chance against him than those soldiers. And something inside him is pissed. Which is not normal for Jericho. But then he did get tapped out recently. With a snarl Jericho changes course and moves on Shift, stopping only rip a very heavy door off and armored hummer and sling it at him like a discus.

Melinda May pauses as Zee flings even more power around and almost simultaneously asks someone to tell the Colonel to pull his troops clear. Dropping the chain whips as a secondary perimeter around the spellcaster, she fishes a small handheld from a pocket (because he usual comm is SHIELD frequencies, not military) and calls in the order to the communications officer in the area. It's the best she can do for the moment. She is NOT leaving Zee here unattended, especially with Lunair's skills better served taking down the remaining undead and helping the troops in the area reorganize.

Suddenly, Kwabena's onslaught is mysteriously stopped. His fists bounce harmlessly away from faces, and a rush of wind from elsewhere pushes him away from his attackers. His eyes blaze with red fire, and he looks about, momentarily confused.

By now, word has certainly reached the ears of others within SHIELD of what really had happened to Shift. How he'd been undercover behind enemy lines, exposed Red Skull's endgame and given SHIELD the opportunity to take HYDRS down, once and for all. He'd given his life at Mt. Sinai, his body and soul shattered into a thousand beams of light.

And yet, here he stands.

Sara's bullets bounce off his super solid body, and he spins his head around to look her way. An animalistic snarl is let loose, one immediately silenced when an armored door smashes into him, sending both to the ground.

A backlash of power flies back at Zatanna in that moment, red fire that leaves Kwabena's eyes and strikes her in the chest. Though it hurts like hell, she'll be given insight into what's really going on. This is not Kwabena Odame; not in the sense that it should be. There are pieces of his soul that are quite simply missing. The capacity to care for another, the sense of morality, loyalty, compassion… it's simply not there. Stripped away to leave behind pure, animal instinct. The instinct to survive, which has been twisted by Darque's power into the blind urge to destroy every living thing around him.

Climbing to his feet, Shift roars toward Jericho and Sara, plodding toward them even as the soldiers scatter, obeying Lunair's orders and relaying them to the Colonel.

Men from forward command have already cleared a path through the rubble; the troops will be bottlenecked as they move through, but the undead have been routed and they're getting picked off with ease. Thanks to May, Zee will be protected, leaving Lunair to help the troops withdraw, and the others to face down Shift.

"Nice to see you, Aspect," Shift growls, before picking up the humvee door and whinging it back toward his friend. Too bad his concept of friendship is… elsewhere.

Zee … wasn't expecting that. That will earn a lecture of some sort, from one of her mentors - but still the soldiers appear safe. Thrown backwards as the energy hits her, a lot defused by the SHIELD body armour, Zee lands on her backside…her shield protecting the Soldiers just gone. It does hurt, an awful lot… and yet the insight she gains is totally worth it.

Trying to drag herself painfully to her feet, she decides to remain seated (less of a distance to fall) and draws on her power again - it's more difficult as she's tiring from her earlier efforts. «May, Sara. He's not connected to the Darkforce. Large parts of his soul are missing. It's just animal instinct left. I sense a connection to Darque twisting that, I'll try to disrupt it … be ready and tell Jericho.» Message sent out along the Leylines, she casts one more time.

~~ dleihS tfihS morF ehT seuqraD ecneulfnI, ndA mlaC ehT egavaS tsaeB ~~

She doesn't want to interact directly with Darques power… but she will try to disrupt the flow and maybe left Shift recover himself… maybe….

Lunair has heard and seen that Shift passed on, and that he is here. Things are not adding up. Far as she knows, she only knows he is a zombie but you can put souls back in, right? Is that how it works? She looks worried as Zee lands on her butt. And that shield gone. No, not the shield in capital letters.

Brave, brave sir Lunair is bravely running away~ Well, not really. But at the rate of Peeps:Zombies ratio is increasing, it seems like the best plan. Even if she desperately wants to go pull Shift into a vacuum and make him watch a lot of Soul Train (is that how you get souls back…?). May is a subject of awe for Lunair, and Lunair will listen. She will come or go at the women's behest, largely a 'point and kill' or instant message client with a slight delay. And there's Jericho doing his thing and a lady in metal. Yup.

"I'd say go to hell," Sara calls over to Shift, putting her gun away - where does it even go? - before raising her hand, palm up. "But it looks like they didn't much care for your company either." Bright light shoots from her palm, aimed at Shift, though she stands back. If Jericho's going in, she doesn't want to give Shift the chance to get the two of them tangled up.

Jericho was going in. And then he caught an armored Humvee door to the shoulder. Which is better than it could have been. It was aimed at his neck. The tech-wolf spins, catches himself and flicks his blade. The odd, mechanical folding device switches to a very large carbine, which he unloads one handed at Shift as he approaches. He's still going in but he'd rather not catch any more doors thank you. Besides if Sara's goint to make a play he'd rather be able to support it than impede it.

First note, how much ammo does that thing even have? It hasn't showed any signs of letting up yet and he basically hasn't let up the trigger as he moves in. Second note… it's really not any more effective than regular bullets - despite the apparent lack of bullet - and Jericho doesn't seem to expect it to hurt Shift. Just keep him occupied and off blalance enough to get close enough to use the blade and his claws. Which will be in three… two…

Melinda May takes the small break in the chaos around them to look at Zee when whatever Shift just did knocked her on her rear. At least it looks like the teen has chosen to stay seated and is otherwise perferctly able to stand again. That means, though, that the remaining soldiers are no longer protected. "Lunair, get those people out of here, whatever it takes." Say, hasn't she built force field kind of things in the past? May pulls her swords now, expecting that as the number of zombies in play dwindles, the bigger guns are going to start showing up.

"Small minded," Odame spits back at Sara, but he's cut off when the Witchblade is unleashed. The force of impact drives him backward, but it does more than that; it serves to weaken Darque's influence.

Jericho's onslaught does not hurt him, no, but it does slow him the hell down. All forward momentum stalled, Kwabena is left to brace himself and rage as the rounds impact and are flung free, denting the black armor that has become of his flesh.

And then, the influence driving him is ripped away by Zatanna's incantation. The red fire leaves his eyes, flickering up into the air before dissolving. His flesh reverts and he drops to one knee, panting heavily. Jericho's bullets now pierce him, but as expected, his body forms little tunnels of smoke and they pass through, kicking up dirt and grass behind him. Looking up toward his attackers, his silver eyes are no longer lifeless. They seem… confused.

Lunair's work helps the soldiers to further clear out the battlefield, which allows the soldiers, with May, to rally and make quick work of those zombies and monsters who remain. With the Deadzone barriers reinforced, no big guns show up. Things are clearly winding down.

Zee can sense that Darques control is broken - what she's not sure is if it's temporary. Drawing a sgian dubh from a compartment in the body armour, the teen mage takes a few moments and reverts to a baser form of spell casting, sealing wards on her spell shield, locking it in place around Shift… she's not taking any chances on Darque's influence.

"Agent May" Zee's voice is tense with the strain of of so much casting, as she struggles to her feet and starts moving painfully towards to the group around Odame "There's a spell shield warding Shift from Darque. I don't know if it's needed, but it won't last all that long… " They need to assess the remaining situation and decide how to handle the returned fallen hero.

Lunair is worried about her buddy. But she has work to do. She's got to help May and the soldiers. "Okie dokey. C'mon peoples." She can make small, personal forcefields. She remembers a cartoon with a bubble gun. So she's probably alternating between the odd zombie and bubbling soldiers who might get chomped. Military, she is not. Definitely paramilitary and mercenary at best, but at least she's friendly and listens. "Do we need sleep dust? One second." Bubble!

"And vindictive," Sara agrees with Shift's assessment of her personal motives, firing off another blast of light. This time, though, it lasts longer than she intended. Sara's mostly concerned with keeping Shift in line, but the Witchblade can sense the darkness on the other side of him, Darque's power a draw to the dark side and a bane to the light, and it hungers. « Zee, you have a plan for keeping him calm and contained? Because if not… »

Jericho feels bad for Shift in that moment, seeing his confusion. It doesn't take him more than a split second to recognize the look, that same look he saw when Shift returned from his captivity. Not knowing which was was up, almost literally. But that doesn't change the fact that the man needs to be contained and quick before something else goes wrong.

Oh what he wouldn't give for a Hoover right now.

His blade flips from large gun back to large sword and he comes in swinging, trusting Sara's light to keep Shift off balance long enough for him to connect. He doesn't really expect it to, but on the off chance that it does he's swinging in with the flat, trying to KO the man and not bisect him.

Kwabena is well aware of the slaughter he's unleashed; it was he who blew up the weapons cache, who turned the tank against American soldiers. He just isn't capable of giving a damn, thanks to the shards of his soul that are missing.

What he doesn't comprehend is why. He can sense that something is missing, especially now that Darque's influence is broken. He could give two shits about his friends, but self preservation is very much intact. Perhaps it was something Darque overlooked, but rather than escape, he remains. Just in time to be caught by another blast from the Witchblade.

Bullets may not harm him, but mystical energy knocks him right on his ass. Wounded, he rolls to the side and groans, still conscious but barely.

At the Colonel's orders, a platoon of soldiers are ordered to remain in the battlefield. A handful of them train their weapons upon Kwabena; confused words are exchanged among them. If he's taken into military custody, finding out what's wrong with him is going to become far more difficult, plus, should Darque's influence find a way back, things could go… poorly.

Jericho's swipe hits him on the back of the head. Were it not for the Witchblade's power, he'd have likely gone to smoke. Instead, his head hits the dirt, and he's out cold.

Melinda May gets back from helping Lunair get the troops out of the area juset in time to see Jericho deal the knockout blow and Shift faceplant in the dirt. She approaches them, her eyes checking Jericho for any obvious injuries while one hand taps at the comm in her ear to call in transport and containment for Kwabena. They already have an area that will suffice, as they've been in this situation before. Sadly.

Jericho stares down at Shift. Huh. He had not expected that to work. "Thanks Sara." He nods to the WAND agent. She did all the heavy lifting there, after all. He just got the last hit in.

The hacker lets his armor drop. He does, indeed, appear to have some feedback burns and his eyes still have that decided demonic cast to them, something about the particular way they're glowing rather than the glow itself. Once May's got the man in custody he gives her a nod. He'll catch up with her later when he's got time. "See you in a bit Lunair."

And then he hits a button on his Outsiders' comm and vanishes in a purple flash.

Lunair replies. "Sure thing! Oops, one second." Gotta make sure peeps get back. But she'll probably wander off in due time, unless someone stops her.

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