Upgrades... and How to Use Them

April 07, 2015:

While FitzSimmons are showing Captain America a new design for upgrades to his shield, Peggy Carter wanders by the Triskelion.

//The Triskelion //


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For the first time since arriving in 2015, Peggy finds herself alone and able to wander. She slips out of Howard's penthouse unnoticed while Jarvis is occupied and Howard is in his lab to explore. Though sure that both of them will tell her that it's too soon for her to go out by herself, she simply can't fumble at the computer terminal she's been using to try and research this time period, she needs to be doing something. Dressed in the clothes she arrived in, which have been cleaned and returned to her, she heads out into the city. While she saw some of it in the car on the way to the Triskelion and then on the back of Steve's motorcycle, it's different to actually walk around.

Eventually, she ends up at the front doors of the Triskelion, moving into the lobby. Before, she was being hurried one way or another for meetings: now she actually has the time to take in the place. Mindful of security and how a gawker might look to them, she is a bit more deliberate in her move toward the front desk. She can always say she's lost. It wouldn't be a complete lie.


Walking along side of Steve Rogers is the shorter SHIELD engineer, Leo Fitz. As they walk, he carries a flat tablet, which doubles as a holographic unit. Upon it, there is what appears to be a gauntlet of some sort, sleek and stylized.

"It's a bio-metric deployment and recapture system, which Simmons and I will personally tailor to your unique bioelectric signals and impulses. Sort of like cybernetic technology, without being invasive. In other words, no surgery, and it's detachable."

He's about to carry on, when his keen eyes catch hold of Peggy Carter. "Oh my. There she is," he murmurs. "Agent Carter herself!"


Steve strides alongside Fitz and nods, trying to mentally jump through the hoops of what Fitz is saying. He's begun to understand more and more of the vernacular of this time and place, but has never been good with technology as it were. In truth, he's got an artist's mind. "It sounds like it'll be pretty remarkable," he forces out, wanting to see it in action before he decides if all these hitech doodads are going to be a good fit for him.

When they see Agent Carter, Steve gets that vicious pang in the stomach you get when you that one person in the world you care about seeing more than any other. He'd been giving her space—it's what he needed when he came back. But there were still a lot of things he wanted to ask her about, both about the past three years of her life and about them.

But he isn't likely to get the opportunity now either.

"Peggy," Steve says smiling. And then he forgets what he was going to say for the follow up greeting. He stumbles with a, "Hi."


As she's taking in the surroundings, Peggy easily manages to spy Fitz and Steve as they walk by. Her breath catches for a moment: it's still strange to see Steve walking around as if he wasn't missing for years and she's not sure how long it will take before it seems normal. As the two of them seem as if they're deep in conversation, she makes no move to disturb them. However, the decision is made for her when she's greeted. Swerving away from her intended destination, she smiles brightly at Steve and then at Fitz.

"Good afternoon to you both. I didn't mean to intrude." If one can intrude on a building, though perhaps she means the conversation. "This is really the first chance I've managed to look about. I didn't get an opportunity to take it all in properly the last time I was here." Her attention moves to Steve for a moment as she continues, "I didn't realize I was headed here until I was outside, otherwise I might have arranged for a proper tour. If that sort of thing is allowed."

As she's not been introduced to Fitz, she smiles. "I was going to introduce myself, but apparently that's not necessary on my end. You were one of the scientists in the park, I believe? How is your head?"


Science isn't Leo's only specialty; he's paid careful attention to social needs as well, and he already suspects that Steve won't want to deal with something that has a lot of buttons and switches. That's why the gauntlet will be designed to literally read bio-electric signals. A flex of the muscles he would use for throwing the shield would detach the magnetic clamping system; strength and speed of wrist motion would determine the shield's maximum outbound travel speed, before a minor repulsor system built into the clasping device would engage to bring it right back to its bearer's forearm.

But! He'll have to explain that another day. Captain Rogers seems visibly preoccupied.

Now, when Peggy and Steve meet, Fitz gets drawn right in. He's become something of a good actor in recent months, so he manages to properly conceal his star-struck reaction. Mostly. Should Peggy be perceptive enough, she might see him gulp before offering a hand. "Leo Fitz, Ph.D. in physics and mechanical engineering." He draws a deep breath and stands a bit more proudly than is his usual slump, though when she mentions his head, he winces. "Modern painkillers are a beautiful thing," he answers. "It's an honor to meet you. Can't say the idea ever crossed my mind, to be truthful."


Steve takes half a step back as Peggy speaks, her hyperprofessionalism puts him in a position that he feels like he should follow suit. Figuring all of this out is not one of his strengths and the guy many look to for leadership becomes, in a sense, a social follower.

"I'm sure that if Peggy Carter wants a tour, she's going to get a tour," Steve remarks quietly. "There are a lot of people who owe you quite a bit. Especially their pensions."


Simmons is returning from 'elsewhere', hurrying through the lobby of the Triskelian to get to her lab, head down reviewing her tablet. At the sound of Peggy's voice and Steve's mentioning her name, the young biochemist looks up and smiles. "Agent Carter! How lovely to see you again." Of course, Jemma doesn't consider they weren't properly introduced the other day, Agent Carter has been a role model for her years…


While Peggy won't understand the updates in the science Fitz talks about, she certainly will understand the basics. Having worked with Dr. Erskine and Howard all those years has given her a very thorough understanding of certain scientific studies. While Fitz is good at hiding his reaction to meeting her, she's been trained to look for weaknesses and changes in behavior. It's, luckily, something she certainly would not bring up, especially as the knowledge that people are nervous or excited to meet her is all very strange to her. But, as a woman trained to hide such emotions - both professionally and personally - she does a very credible job of acting as if she is used to this sort of attention.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Dr. Fitz," she says, firmly shaking his hand. "No, it certainly was not something I ever expected, either." Yet, here they are. "I'm glad that you're feeling better. It looked like a nasty bump." While standing in the base of a company she started, it's hard to act anything other than professional. It's her sort of default when she's unsure of how to react. Though, she gives Steve a warm smile. "I don't wish to cause any trouble. Perhaps if you've the time and the permission…" it's an open invitation and she'll feel more comfortable exploring with someone who doesn't quite think of her as a history piece.

The arrival of Simmons causes Peggy to turn just slightly to include her in their conversation. As she only knows a handful of people in this time and place any more, it's easier for her to recognize the young scientist. "Thank you, it's good to see you as well…Agent…Simmons…was it? Howard briefly introduced us at the park." Of course, it was while time was attempting to explode overhead.


"Nothing a good, thick Scottish skull can't handle," Fitz answers Peggy. Way to show off, there, buddy.

"Simmons!" Fitz looks toward his research partner when she arrives, his eyes brightening, before doing a double-take back to Peggy. "Uh, Doctor Simmons. Bio-tech." So that they can be properly introduced and all.

Bloody Scottsmen.

Like a rubber band, Fitz darts his attention back to Jemma. "Simmons, I was just reviewing our new rapid-deploy-and-recall prototype for Captain Rogers' vibranium shield."

Both Fitz and Simmons turn their eyes to Steve, speaking the very same words at the exact same time. "We'll need to schedule you for —"

Fitz blinks, and turns to Simmons. "—a biometric reading."

"And laser gridwork scans for the gauntlet fitting," adds Simmons.

Fitz looks back toward Steve, before reaching out to clap him on the shoulder like he was one of the bro's. "Don't worry. It doesn't hurt, and this device is gonna kick some serious tail." He looks down to his tablet then, suddenly distracted. "Dunnae about the name, though," he mutters to himself. "Needs a better acronym…"

For the next few moments, Fitz spends his time murmuring potential names and their acronyms under his breath. Naming his tech is a big deal.


"I'd be happy to, Peg. Whenever you want. Just let me know." Pause. "Agent Carter." It's weird calling her that and he kicks himself inwardly for using her first name. He assumes by the tour she means sometime in the future after things have begun to settle down.

Steve chuckles a bit and nods at both Fitz and Simmons. "Yeah, it sounds like it will have some good applications once we get it rolling. Just let me know what you need me to do."


Smiling at they finish each others sentence, Simmons holds out her hand. "Dr Jemma Simmon, SHIELD Science division. Although Dr Fitz" Jemma smiles warmly at her friend "and I are assigned here." rather than in the science facility and both get to see time in the field. Nodding to Steve, Jemma smiles again "Drop by the lab and we'll get those scans and readings done to begin with."


While Steve may be used to the back and forth between FitzSimmons, Peggy certainly isn't. The rapid back and forth between the two of them is watched closely, attention moving as they interrupt each other. "Ah, forgive me, then. Howard called you an Agent and I saw nothing that would dissuade me from such an impression. It's a pleasure, Dr. Simmons." She takes Simmons' hand and shakes it with the same firmness as she did Fitz's.

She grins, but does not make light of his thick Scottish skull, instead moving on to the science. "So, you both working on some sort of mechanical way for Steve's shield to return to him no matter what?" With a grin to Steve, she adds, "I remember you mostly throwing it against Hydra soldiers hard enough that it bounced back into your hands." Him using her title actually raises her eyebrows, though the smile doesn't fade. "It's been awhile since you've called me that. I actually have the day, if Doctors Fitz and Simmons need your readings, perhaps I could accompany you?"


Midway through Leo's mumbling, he looks up to Peggy, breaking stride to interject. "Oh, we are field agents. Science and Engineering division, but we have all the training. Firearms, hand-to-hand combat, we're just… still, Doctors, with degrees." Then, he goes back to his murmuring.

"Rapid Ejection and Collector Over Inconstant Length. Mechanism." Fitz looks up from his murmuring. "That's it!" He snaps his fingers, clearly excited. "R.E.C.O.I.L gauntlet! It's bloody perfect, isn't it?" He looks from Simmons, then to Steve, hoping that either of them are as excited as he is over this awesomenaming ritual.

"That's correct," he says, now turning his attention back upon Peggy. "We can use biological readings and bio-electrical impulses to release the mechanism, then remotely activate a repulsor-driven return. Though —" He darts to Simmons. " — we really ought to reconsider using the magnetic interlock, considering the dangers posed with magnetic fields of such magnitude." A glance is given back to Steve. "Put it to you this way, we don't want you frying hard drives or getting stuck to metal walls just because you're passing through."


"Well," Steve says to Peggy giving a small chuckle, "I didn't want to seem overly informal or anything." At the idea of the doctors needing to see him and Peggy coming along, he hopes that's a possibility, but he can't understand a word Fitz says when talking about work.

"Recoil gauntlet. Got it." Steve nods, sensing Fitz' need for approval and forces himself to look as excited as he would be if he understood for sure what has happening. "So, it tells when I want to throw it and comes back right?" He doesn't mention the HYDRA agents of old that Peggy mentions. Not wanting to seem like he's bragging.


Simmons doesn't get quite as into the naming rituals that Fitz does but she knows how much it means to him "It's a start, Fitz, a good one." Peggy's question has the scientist frowning slightly"I would love to have you along, Agent Carter, if you have the appropriate clearances." Casting a glance to Fitz… is there a way they could accomodate the request, without bringing the wrath of Agent Hill on their heads?

"That's correct, Mr… um Captain Rogers, Agent Carter, a way to get the shield to return but more biomechanical than simply mechanical.


While SHIELD always had a research department, it is a bit of a surprise to see the scientists are so heavily involved with active duty in the field. Peggy nods as she takes this, along with the rest of his technical talk in as much stride as she can. It's a bit like listening to Howard discuss something he's recently invented but with far more words she can only guess are advances in technology that she has yet to understand.

Grasping onto what she understands - namely magnetic fields - she nods again, thinking she has gotten the basics of it. To Steve, she grins, teasing, "I appreciate that, Captain." As for the appropriate clearances, she looks between Simmons and Fitz, before moving to the bag she carries. In it are quite a few newspapers - most likely there to catch up on world events in a more old fashioned way - and her wallet. Pulling out her 1948 SHIELD ID card, it denotes her as the Head of SHIELD along with her picture. "By now this must be an antique, but technically, I did have the highest clearance for, what I believe was, an extended period of time." She smiles, confidently adding, "Which means that I am rather good at keeping secrets."


"We can show you a demonstration at the lab," adds Fitz. Seeing the simulation in action would clearly make much more sense.

When asked about clearance, Fitz looks to Jemma with a contemplative frown. "Founder of SHIELD… no, that wouldn't fly. Ahhhhh, uhmmm… special advisor to test subject " He gestures to Steve, indicatively. " upon the basis of familiarity with the subject's enhancements."

Its… a stretch.

Regardless, Fitz wields his tablet and begins filing the necessary clearance reports. "Have you been in direct contact with any individuals or organizations that pose a direct threat to SHIELD, National Security, or international security, within the past three months?" He asks this as if he's merely crossing the t's and dotting the i's, but the irony of it catches up to him. He looks up at Peggy, smiling with embarrassment. "Relatively speaking, of course."

And then… Peggy presents that relic.

"You know… nevermind that last question." He closes the tablet down and turns. "I'll lead the way."


"If Fury has a problem, he can talk to me about it," Steve says as he moves to follow Fitz. "He still owes me for the mission in Timbuktu. And if he wants to fireme, I could use the vacation." Peggy started this place—if Fury wants to come down hard on Steve, the latter has big shoulders.

Deputy Director Hill does not seem to scare Captain Rogers.


That works for Simmons nods "Special advisor… " she chuckles and follows along. "No offence intended, Agent Carter. Thank you Captain Rogers, getting the scans done now means Fitz and I can get things moving a little more quickly." She's thinking about the magnetic interlocks, tapping on her tablet as they walk and talk.


As Fitz goes through his questions, Peggy merely raises an eyebrow at him when he asks whether she has been in any contact with any individuals or organizations that would pose a direct threat to SHIELD. The mention of being familiar with Steve's 'enhancements' is also met with something of a wry, amused smile. Without saying anything further, she tucks her ID back into her wallet and that back into her bag, amidst the papers. As Fitz turns and Simmons goes back to her tablet, she gives a grin to Steve. "I'm only too glad to advise you, Captain." Apparently pulling the 'I'm a woman out of time and responsible for SHIELD card' will work every once in awhile.

"None taken, Doctor Simmons. You can't have people jaunting about through your secret facilities."


FitzSimmons lead the way, entering their security codes so thatthe group may enter SHIELD R&D. A soft, blue glow is replaced by the cool white of task lighting, of the type designed to provide maximum luminal wash without casting the entire lab in the harshness of bright light.

As the others enter, one of the newspapers in Peggy's custody sticks out; it's the Daily Bugle from Easter Sunday, with the headline, 'Police Crackdown on Drug Epidemic' visible.

"Miss Carter." Fitz turns around, motioning. "Welcome to SHIELD R&D, 2015 Edition." The lab is in pristine shape, filled with gadgets and gizmos that are often far more advanced than can be seen in most laboratories of the day. To those who have been time displaced, it could very well appear alien.

"Feel free to have a look around, but don't touch anything, don't turn on any computers, and whatever you do, if it's moving or looks as if it once was capable of movement… blame Simmons."


"Not a problem, Simmons," Steve says before his eyebrow flickers at Peggy. "Well that's a good thing, Agent Carter. Depending on who you believe around here I need a great deal of advising. I imagine you and May will get along well."

Steve follows along taking a place in the back and folding his arms over his chest as he watches Simmons and Fitz get down to work. "Drug bust," Steve says motioning towards Peggy's newspaper. They may be the last two people on earth whoare actually interested in newspapers. "May I?"


"Just Simmons, Agent Carter. Everyone calls me Simmons." Jemma looks around their lab with a very pleased air. It is really her pride and joy. "Enough of that, you" she chides Fitz with a laugh "I can't help it if some of my cultures evolve."

The mention of the drug bust gets mild interest, Simmons busies herself in setting one of the pieces of equipment and she glances at Fitz as she does "Biometrics or gridwork, first, Fitz?"

Nodding at Steves comment "I'm sure Agent Carter and Agent May will get along famously. We won't be long, just setting up a few things here."


As Peggy moves with the small group, it's clear she's studying everything and taking it all in. Her stay before was brief and mostly spent in the medical bay before she and Steve left for Howard's penthouse. This time she's less stunned by the turn of events and can actually try and make sense of what all of this is. Entering into the R&D, she smiles and quickly looks around. She knows enough about Howard's lab to not touch anything, but she does look through all the gadgets and gizmos, some of them she can guess at their use, others are completely foreign. There's a soft laugh at the jab, but all she says is, "Thank you, Doctor Fitz. This is remarkable."

Glancing at Steve over her shoulder, she grins. "It's good to see that some things haven't changed all that much, then," she teases about his needing advice. At the gesture toward the newspapers in her bag, she nods, pulling them all out: the Bugle is on top, but there's also the New York Times and the Washington Post. There's multiple copies of them, stretching back the past three days so she could get more than just the current day's news. "I haven't gotten much of a chance to look at them. I was going to bring them back with me to study."

As she holds out the papers to Steve, she smiles at Simmons. "Simmons, then. And I'll look forward to meeting this Agent May." S


"Oh, so that's what you call it," Fitz answers, smirking all the while. "Evolving. From primordial stew to the next bubonic plague. It's a good thing I trust you, Jemma."

Once everything is set, he walks back over, studying Steve for a moment. "Boring stuff first, let's do the biometrics before I rig up the grid work."

Now, Fitz turns to Steve. This will be Simmons' speciality, but he knows enough to explain what's about to take place. "Simmons is going to take readings of your arm. Things like… muscle motion, nerve activity, pulse, and some less mundane items such as brainwave activity and pheromonal output. All we need you to do is attach the diodes where they need to go, and make a few motions as if you're throwing your shield.Don't worry." He grins boyishly. "You'll actually get to throw it later."


"Hmm?" Steve says as he holds a paper and languidly holds his arm out for inspection. He looks over the print carefully and purses his lips, only mildly chuckling at Peggy's crack on him. "Got it. Throwing shield later. I can do that."


"Would you care to take a closer look, Agent Carter?" Simmons throws a mock glare at Fitz "Boring stuff! I never! Biometrics, Fitz… mapping the body's motion to a digital construct. How can you say that's boring?" Seeing Steve hold out his arm, Simmons smiles slightly and gestures him over to a spot on the floor. "Actually Captain Rogers, if you could stand here…"

When Steve complies, Simmons will attach all manner of electrodes and monitors to him.

Checking her computer, Jemma nods to herself. "Excellent, now Captain Rogers, if you could move your arm like you're throwing your shield, please." She'll get him to repeat this multiple times to ensure they have a sound sample.


Trapped between wanting to know what Steve found so interesting in her newspaper and to see how all of this works, Peggy pulls her attention away from Steve to listen to Fitz describe what is going to happen. Deciding that she can most likely puzzle out the paper after the demonstration, she instead watches the scientists. At the offer from Simmons, she nods, moving over to do just that.

"Where should I be looking?" she asks the scientist, leaning over to get a better look at the screen. Eyeing the computer as well as Steve's movements, she attempts to understand what exactly they are tracking and how that matters for the device.


Freudian slip, perhaps? Fitz winces when Simmons calls him to the carpet on that one. "Oy! I dinnae mean — no, of course it's fascinating, but that?" He gestures to the work of putting diodes on someone. "That is boring." He watches for a moment, frowning. "Alright, maybe 'boring' isn't the right word."

He could just say that he's sorry. He may have, in fact, but watching as Simmons fawns over Steve's arm has him feeling a little jealous. Even if she's not really fawning.

"The computer is, uh, recording information from Steve's body movements. Then, we can use that information to build the RECOIL gauntlet. It will be specially catered to his body; no one else will be able to use it."


"Yeah, alright," Steve says as he shrugs out of his jacket, leaving the remaining white t-shirt to avoid getting caught on zippers and loose fabric. He stretches slightly as he walks over toward the point where Simmons suggests.

"So, I have two essential throws I do," he says as he picks up a mock up of the shield. "The first is the main one, andthat's a backhanded throw that I use for power and accuracy." He takes an exaggerated step, coiling up like copper wiring and snapping open like a snake.

It dawns on him how awkward this must look and he gives Peggy a wince-smile.

"The other is for more trick shots that I want to get swerve on," Steve explains. "I throw it with the same hand but with the opposite foot coming forward and a more open stance." This walkthrough is a lot lighter and obviously for throws with less heat on them.

"I can do an overhand throw too, if you guys want."


Simmons is blissfully unaware that Fitz is jealous and conducts her work in a totally professional manner, no fawning over Captain Rogers for the biochem. "It's only boring for a few seconds, Fitz." she quips as she makes a little more room for Agent Carter to see the computer screen.

Pointing to the screen, Simmons explains the spikes and bumps that register the movements from Steve. Then brings up the human body overlay depicting how the actual muscles move from the readings they are getting.

Glancing up at Steve, Jemma nods "Yes please, Captain Rogers. Whatever you would do when you throw the shield, we need to capture it all."

"From here, Agent Carter, once we have enough data, I can actually recreate the movements without having Captain Rogers present. We'll use that when we're creating the gauntlet" no, she won't use RECOIL yet "to make sure that the recall mechanism works with each type of throw."


The idea of locking something to someone's body is something incredible. Peggy raises her eyebrows at that. "That's something you can do? Tie an object to an individual? How is that possible?" There are quite a few advancements in that area that are far beyond what she can imagine. After a moment, she adds, "Perhaps I should not be so surprised when there are people walking around in machines that perfectly imitate the human body." However, everything she finds out continues to impress her.

As she watches Steve move and the computer mimicking the movements, she looks up and then back at the screen quite a few times, amazed. It may be one of the simpler things that they are showing, but it's a visual representation of what is happening and easier for her to grasp. "Remarkable," she murmurs. While the movements Steve are doing may be a bit awkward, she is so absorbed in both the science and what it is doing, she barely notices. There's a reason why she was chosen to be in charge of operations of Project Rebirth: science interests her. "So what is attached to Steve's arm are actually connected to this device, gathering all this information, automatically storing it to be used later to somehow, what, predict what his arm may be doing?"


"Upgrades are a thing, too," explains Fitz. "If he realizes there's another useful throw, all we have to do is another round of scans, upgrade the softw-errr uhhh, I mean, modify the gauntlet to reflect those additions." Odds are Peggy has no idea of the distinction between hardware and software!

A whimsical glance is sent toward Peggy as she verbally considers the wonders of modern technology. He murmurs aside to Jemma, "Wait 'til she discovers wifi."

Back to Peggy he says, "The device will be programmed to read when these movements are happening." He steps away, drawing up his holographic image once more, and holds the tablet out for Peggy to take if she would like. "It's alright. Just a holo-image."

The device appears to be a gauntlet to fit over Steve's forearm. There is no clasp on the gauntlet, suggesting that Steve should be able to fix the shield in any configuration. The shield is also depicted, but inside, there are a pair of clamps, affixed to which are small repulsor nozzles to aide in the shield's return flight. The simulation plays out for she, and the others to witness; the shield is released, strikes a wire-frame wall, bounces off a nearby stick figure's head, then flies right back to the gauntlet.


Cap goes through the motions of his overhand serve. For this he actually holds the shield backwards with the inside on his thumb and his fist supporting the convex portion. It dips sharply back towards the right while maintaining it's vertical positioning until the very end.

The best way for Steve to get excited about science is to see it working in their favor. As the shield comes back and hooks himself to his left arm his head pops up at Simmons and Fitz. "Whoa," he utters.


"That's correct, Agent Carter. The diodes, the things on Steves arm, are measuring the electrical impulses created by the muscle movement and transmitting them to the computer." Simmons smiles "It's pretty amazing really." Tapping her phone "But then again, this little beastie has way more computational power than the one that put astronauts on the moon." The biochem blinks at that and looks slightly apologetic "Ah that happened 12 years after you left your time…" Still the fact that there's that much computing power in the palm of your hand, is pretty mindblowing.

As Fitz displays the holo-image, Simmons nods. "Fitz's part of this is to actually design and create the hardware and the program it with the data and information I provide." They work well as a team.


Again, there are multiple words that Peggy doesn't quite understand, but she can follow a bit of the tune Fitz is giving. She doesn't understand distinctions between programs and hardware, but she does know a bit the very basis of computers from what she read of Turing's work. The tablet is gingerly taken from the Scottish scientist. Guessing that a holo-image may be the entire tablet along with the holo-image, she watches it with some fascination. "So, essentially, this means you'd be able to control the shield through this gauntlet."

The moon landing is a bit over her head, but she has attempted to catch up on the very basics of historical events. She knows there was a moon landing, just attempting to wrap her head around how they got there is something for a later time. "It seems as if everything I've come in contact lately is a computer." Glancing from the image back to Steve, she smiles. "Was it all this strange for you when you learned of it?"


"It was something alright," Steve says in response as he puts the shield down and reaches for his jacket. As he does so he can feel the vibration in the coat's pocket, indicating he has a message. "Looks like I need to go see Fury, guys. Agent Carter? Catch up with you later?"

The message, for those of you who are nosy, reads: "ANOTHER ATTACK. GET IN THE FIELD NOW. WALL STREET - TIME SQUARE - HARLEM ALL HIT"

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