Aftermath Checkin

July 26, 2015:

After the attack on New York and The Atlantic, Rowan checks in with Babs

Clocktower - Gotham


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Fade In…

After the attack on Brooklyn yesterday, Babs had seen a certain Dragon was involved… and being attacked. She's concerned, but not overly so, and she's been busy helping with the clean up operations. Lots of communications to co-ordinate and maybe some more investigation on the pillars themselves.

She's in the control room of the Clocktower and she knows that when he can, Rowan will check in with her…

He does more or less as soon as he can get away from the cameras. At least he'd had the presence of mind not to transform back into a Blue in front of them, but the Dragon of New York Harbor might not be so much of an urban legend anymore. It does take him a while to shake all the people but eventually he wings his way back to the clocktower and uses the upper window to get in. "Babs? It's Rowan."

Babs has been scrubbing as much of the coverage as soon as it goes up, but she's realistic enough to know that she won't get it all… so she resorts to obfuscation and misdirection to address as much of what's left as she can.

"You're here. Good." She'd been watching him, through the OracleNet, trying to shake those following him and she's already turning towards the window when she see's the avatar head towards the Clocktower.

"Are you ok?" He couldn't be too badly hurt, he'd have told her and she hadn't asked… not wanting to distract him. Besides, until not long ago, there'd been bigger fish to fry (pardon the pun).

"I'm fine. Scorched but no worse." There's some smudges and burns on his arms and cheek and probably on his chest but it's all superficial. "Had to lose some, er 'fans'." Who doesn't like dragons? Other than parademons. Parademons don't like dragons. "That was dangerous. And a mess. Do we know what happened?"

Parademons don't seem to like much at all really. Tugging at his shirt, Babs inspects Rowan for herself, making sure that there's nothing seriously wrong "Mmmm, I saw what your fans were posting. I got a lot of it, but not all… I'm trying to misdirect the rest."

"What happened, seems to be the same thing that happened here in Gotham and in a Russian Village some months ago." The redhead stops talking for a moment as she gives the Blue warrior a once over.

"If it's the same method then it must be the same people. Or at least connected somehow." Rowan lets Babs inspect him and then pulls his shirt back on. "I could use some tea, Babs, do you want some?"

"Yes please. There's food in the fridge, too" Someone went shopping and stocked Oracles fridge again. "I believe they are. The people I was able to see, were the same. And I'll guarantee that when we survey that area, it's being terraformed somehow." She's obviously concerned "We just need to work out /who/ and /why/" Although the why is likely obvious.

Looking up at Rowan and blowing out a breath "But before you make that tea, come down here…" tugging on his shirt again, she pulls him down to her and kisses him.

Rowan kisses Babs quite firmly, and lets it linger, then goes to get the tea. "Let me know if I can help. The technical detaisl are a bit beyond me so…" He shrugs. He doesn't really have anything more to say on the matter. Either the culprit will be found or he won't.

Babs sighs happily and nods when he goes to make tea. "I will, of course. But if the previous ones are anything to go on, the tech is well beyond our capability at the moment." And that might just say something.

"Are the oceans very bad, Rowan?" Babs moves her chair to the kitchen so she can speak with him as he makes the tea "It looked quite tumultuous from what I could see." She's no idea how this will affect his people or the Atlanteans either.

"The oceans calmed. But the water isn't the problem. There's other things down there right now and we don't need this. The wrong kind of attention could draw Atlantis back as an occupying force and…" Spark the war they so recently avoided. Rowan sighs and shakes his head.

He'd mentioned that previously and it had obviously worried him then… Blowing out a breath Babs cants her head and sets out some mugs whilst Rowan gets the water boiling "So you've said, ancient I believe you told me." He may not wish to talk about it, and whilst she's intrigued, she understands it. "And now, it's my turn to offer, let me know if I can be of help there."

"Speaking of help though, I'm running an investigation on the attack on the NYPD. I may like some assistance, if you think you'll be around."

"If I can help of course?" Rowan isn't really an investigator. He's a soldier. He can help in some things but not in others, as Babs has learned, and his knowledge often has odd gaps in it.

"Good" Babs takes over making the tea, pouring the water into the mugs "I have some leads and need someone of the ground, I think. I might want to conduct a stakeout - watch and follow someone." It's all very good and well she has her systems, but sometimes, nothing beats having feet on the street. "That's what I was looking into the last time you dropped over."

Gesturing back to the lounge area, Babs gives Rowan a smile "Let's go have the tea on the lounge…"

Rowan nods and he stands up, actually picking Babs up to go to the couch with him. He'll make a second trip for the tea paraphenalia. Sometimes… it's nice to get a bit closer than the wheelchair allows.

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