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July 31, 2015:

Nyx comes to visit Simmons to find out what's happening to her. Jericho and May drop in as well

The Triskelian


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Jemma Simmons, half of the dynamic FitzSimmons duo, is currently under self-imposed confinement at the Triskelian, due to the corruptive energy that one Bobby Drake infected her with. It's taking time to find Wanda and Dr Grey together to heal her - and she's started to get a little cabin fever. Admittedly The Triskelian is a /big/ cabin but still…

What this means is that anyone who wants to see Jemma really needs to come to the Triskelian… and today, she has a visitor who SHIELD security is escorting to her lab.

Simmons is finalising an experiment and tidying her work area, when the security officer opens the door to let the visitor in, announcing them and then leaving again.

Nyx looks everything in the world a sulky teenager in her someone scorched hoodie and ripped up jeans as she accompanies the security agents into the lab portion.

I mean the security makes sense, what little is known about her is that she is a pretty heavy hitter in the powers department. Angel of Metropolis. Maybe that girl who took out a huge chunk of Stark Towers, well that or an Orange Winged metahuman she might have been battling.

"Samantha, thanks for coming in" Simmons looks at the, outwardly, sulky teenager "please take a seat." Heading towards the nook in the corner "I'm going to make tea, would you like something? I'm sure we've got soda in the fridge."

As she puts the water on to boil, Simmons glances over her shoulder and offers a warm smile "Before we start today, is there anything you'd like to discuss in particular?"

Nyx wanders over to an office chair and plops down into it and then gives it a bit of a spin "Well anything works I guess.. Tea would be nice sure." she smiles over to Simmons. "In particular.. no I mean answers and information about my abilities would be cool…. the scans help at all?"

Melinda May arrives a few minutes after Nyx, having been notified of her arrival by the front desk. She gives Simmons a nod then looks at the young woman seriously. She has no reason to think ill of her, but the kid is SULKING. May is not fond of sulking.

"Tea it is then" Simmons has 'acquired' the tea from Mays special stash in the break room, so it's good tea. "Agent May" Simmons nods in return as she prepares the mugs, putting out an extra one for May. Handing them over before heading back to her workspace and glancing at the computer screen.

"The scans were very interesting." Which coming from Simmons might be an indication of just how interesting they are "What do you know about … the changes, Samantha?" Better find out how much the young woman understands before she starts hitting her with the truth.

Samantha aka Nyx pushes her hoodie back and then gives a nod to Agent May "Hello Agent May." she is slowly sulking less as she sits. The guards were the source of the sulk. "Oh well.. a fair deal… I mean Doctor Wilson with Stark told me some.. Stark told me some… Ms Storm at THINK told me some… I know about the whole alien business… nanites.. all that."

Melinda May nods seemingly to herself as Nyx starts to lose the sulk and then accepts the mug of tea from Simmons with a near-silent thanks. She's not been brought up to speed on what's going on with the young woman, but that list she just rattled could be summed up in two words: a lot. So, she looks to Simmons again so the biochemist can put all of those varying pieces together into a whole that makes sense. Hopefully.

The message from Simmons that she wanted to see him at the Tri was… interesting. Ordinarily that would have been met with a rather short 'Why?'. Jericho's feeling curious today, though. Well, he's feeling a lot of things. He recently had his internal resiviour tapped which always brings out the… er… Limbo in him. Not that many folks see what that's like. Simmons might be about to, though.

Getting through SHIELD security wasn't too bad. When he learned Nyx was in the building too, well that was just kind of interesting… He arrives at a lull in the conversation, quietly leaning in the doorway, arms folded, eyes glowing. A bit more than usual.

Simmons considers the young woman carefully, and looks to May. That doesn't really tell her a lot and with what she's about to share, the poor kid might freak out… maybe. Pulling the data up on her screen, Jemma operates the project in the middle of the table next to Nyx, displaying the results of her scans.

"I met Samantha a few months ago, Agent May. Mr Trent asked if I might be able to help her. It's taken some time for us to" she looks at the teen in an amused fashion "catch up. But we did and now I have some results." Pointing to the display "As you can see from the scans…" Her eyes cut to the door when Jericho comes in "Good afternoon, Mr Trent." noting the eyes before continuing "Forgive me, Samantha, this is going to sound rather … technical…" and potentially cold "But your body is being converted to a techo-organic structure."

The report shows that Samantha's skin is a mix of earthly origin metals (very potent), traces of vibranium and a metal of unearthly origins making for super dense skin and muscle.

Jemma pauses and watches Nyx for the moment, to see how the young woman responds to that.

Well Samantha isn't freaking out there. I mean when Jericho comes in, to be honest before he comes in, she stiffens a little and looks at the door before he does. Then she does lean in closer to check out the display though when it shows the report. "Huh." she tilts her head studying it then looks to Jemma "Well I mean I know it is absorbing metals and eating technology pretty ravenously sometimes…. what is techno-organic?"

Melinda May steps away from technobabble hour with JemmaNyx to say hello to Jericho. "Things going okay with you?" she asks quietly, then gestures vaguely in an attempt to point out to the hacker that his eyes are glowing a bit eerily.

The smirk - it's not a smile, it's a smirk - that May gets in reply is not something often seen on Jericho's face. Well maybe a bit more since he started hanging around Limbo, but this is a rather indulgent, near feline expression. "Been a bit busy but I'm okay, yeah." The hacker replies quietly. "Finally brought her in, did you? Is this routine or was there trouble?" The way in which it's said suggests that if there has been trouble there may also be words.

Nyx or her rider may be able to tell that something is different about Jericho. Perhaps even tell what, if they've grown sensitive enough to changes in unusual energies within him. Certainly she can tell that his body language has subtly altered. "Simmons rang me up." The hacker continues to May. "She seems a bit busy at the moment though." And then a bit louder. "Hello Simmons. Hello Nyx."

Simmons looks over to Jericho, eyes narrowing and pulls out a device… the one that measures Bio-E, May will recognise it as the one she used in France on the other guy. Placing the device on the table, it will record as she works, Jemma taps the screen of her tablet and hands a report to May - the one she prepared the other night from her analysis of the man in France… the one that says she wanted to speak to Jericho and try and get more information.

Looking back to Nyx, Simmons offers a small smile "Basically the organic parts of your body have been melded with techology… do you know the term Cyborg?"

The display shows that the techno-organic blending is subtle, so subtle that it /nearly/ looks organic, except SHIELD has some excellent resources to hand to detect the minute differences.

May's expression goes flat at that feline-esque smirk. She's NOT amused. And even LESS amused by the subtle non-verbal changes. She might have to sit his happy butt down and have a serious Come-To-Fury meeting with him. She then looks back at Jemma and the device set on the table while accepting the offered report. "You ready to get to business, Trent?" She's not going to tolerate it if he keeps smirking like that and doesn't take Simmons' report data seriously.

Nyx slinks up out of the chair sipping the tea she was given. "Oh…" she gets closer to the screens and looks the blending over blinking a little bit "So.. its not just like making me a robot it is making me like a .. blend of . well yeah like a Cyborg.. well that is somewhat of a relief really right?"

Jericho quirks an eyebrow at May's flat look and then glances over to Jemma. "That'd explain why she's been 'eating' technology. Raw materials for upgrades and repairs. She did a number on one of Stark's labs a bit back." He shifts his weight and straightens up. His body language is a bit more… aggressive. Not hostile, but obvious where Jericho is normally precisely controlled. "It also doesn't like magic once. We found that out." And it's possible that finding that out has trigged more changes, but he hasn't been in contact with Nyx recently.

Jemma's device gets a frown. "And what's that?" He's been leery of letting SHIELD examine or index him. Hell his index file is probably a paper one (his own proclivities notwithstanding) that only has mostly May's observations. Still, it's scanning. And it shows - perhaps unsurprisingly - that he's got a lot of Bio-E.

May's eyes focus on the device briefly as well. And, she's not in the least bit surprised. "That device is why as asked you to stop by. Remember that random text I sent about a week or so ago? We ran across someone with traces like yours. And they pinged on this device that Simmons designed. We wanted to compare his readings with yours, to see if there's some correlation." Okay, Jemma could have totaly explained that better, but she's more trying to reassure Jericho that they have no intention of indexing him.

Nyx comments about it not being so bad causes Jemmas lips to quirk a little "That's one way of looking at it and a good way, too." Jemma points out a few more items on the report "Basically, it's making your skin and muscles, super dense. Have you noticed an increase in strength and durability?" That would be the logical side effect of that. "And then… there's the weaponry." May might be interested in this…

The power source is a small ZPM in scope and the weapons appear to be particle beams. "This type of tech is only really dreamed of in sci-fi really, space based warfare type thing." A small smile to Nyx "How does that sound to you? I know Fitz would be doing a dance about it right about now."

Looking to Jericho, Simmons regards the eyes and the change in personality "That detects Bio-E" Simmons murmurs "And you seem to be generating a lot of it. I wanted to see if you would consent to an examination and allow me to continue my research." There's a slight pause "I've gone as far as I can with the data we collected, recently."

Okay at that statement she laughs "Durable and strong.. uh yeah I guess so. I mean I am not sure how strong or how durable.. that kryptonian really messed me up.. Zod whats his name…" she trails off "And yeah particle beanms… what is a ZPM?" Nyx walks back to plop down with her tea, looking all the world a young woman and not a alien weapons platform.

"Zero Point something, I imagine. A theoretical form of energy also sometimes called 'quintessence' that some scientists theorize is the result of matter popping in and out of existance in the voids of space." Jericho pauses. "Unless I've missed it acronym's meaning."

Now it's Jericho's turn to give May a flat look. "Can you keep it off SHIELD's servers? Just because no one's been shooting at me recently doesn't mean I want my data knocking around this place's memory banks."

May can't help it. She gives Jemma a look for making that really nerdy reference. Stargate? Seriously? Of course, the fact that May recognized it…

She nods to Jericho. "We can manage that." They'd better. The whole reason she's been able to earn the hacker's trust is that she's never intentionally lied to him. She's not about to start now.

"Zero Point Module" Jemma smiles a little "Do you watch Stargate? Like the modules that power the gate to use the 7 chevrons." Yes May, Jemma totally did and then explained it! The laugh gets a chuckle in return "If you like, Samantha, I'm sure Agent May will allow me to help you explore the extent of your strength and " another smile "durability."

"The most interesting thing though, is your wings and I would like to examine them further, if I may. Perhaps not today though. They seem to be just a visual expression of your ability to fly, but I don't have enough data to say /why/"

"We can conduct the research elsewhere, if you like Mr Trent. Well most of it… Agent May, there's that converted gym in Gotham we went to - maybe I could use that?" Jemma totally understands Jericho's hesitation at being /on the books/.

Sam blinks "Well I… yeah I've heard of that show and I think I saw some episodes." she pauses "Does that mean I can open stargates… that would be interesting… and yeah sure we can test the strength and durbility.. also the wings. They cut like nothing else ask Jericho…"

"Yeah. They do." Jericho makes a face. A face that is mitigated by his smirk returning, but this time it's because Jemma made a Stargate reference and they all got it. Most specifically that Sam got it.

The doctor herself gets a wary look before Jericho nods over to May. "I'm a bit busy… but I'll make time for you to poke at me a bit." And if they can arrange to do it offsite? So much the better. He trusts May after all. Even when his eyes are glowing the way they are.

Melinda May nods at Jemma's suggestion. "Offsite. I'll make the arrangements." She pulls her phone to send a text, knowing Jericho can 'listen in', and asks Oracle for permission to use the gym space for some testing purposes. Hopefully, he also trusts Gotham's goddess of information.

Samantha's question causes Jemma to laugh, perhaps the first time she's laughed freely in a couple of weeks "If you find a Stargate, do try and let me know." Flipping the display off, Simmons considers the teen "Would you mind coming back in and we'll do some tests on those wings?" She's already booking time in the Gym for the other testing.

Nyx nods "Sure we can.. and I'm not sure I'd need a stargate. I mean I know I've teleported a couple times in a pinch… I just can't seem to control it. It happens when I'm hurt. Jericho has seen it I think?" she looks to him. "not sure what it looks like."

"You take everything within about five feet of you. And I do mean everything. If I had to guess it's a wormhole like effect. Twisting space to get somewhere. But I'm not a technical expert." That's for Fitz and Simmons. He just knows what google can tell him. "It's impressive. If annoying." There's something Jericho wouldn't ordinarily say. But those glowing eyes are giving him a decidedly demonic cast. And her teleportation did prevent him from dealing a solid beat down a couple of times.

Melinda May is engaged in a text conversation with Oracle over here. Don't mind her.

Simmons nods as Jericho and Samantha expand on Nyx's ability. "Well Samantha, it looks like you and I have some more exploring to do." nodding to the mug of tea "But I won't keep you today, I'm sure you'd rather be anywhere else but here." When Sam finishes, Simmons will have SHIELD security to escort her out.

"Thank you Mr Trent. Agent May will let me know when and where." The biochem turns her attention to her notes, forgetting there's anyone else in the room.

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