Predator Drones

July 29, 2015:

Nick and Brin are out on a training flight… Lunair is targetted by a drone… with interesting technology

M-Town - New York


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Fade In…

It's a Wednesday evening. Not the most action packed of evenings, but it is now the dog days of summer and the sun seems to set only reluctantly. There is still plenty of heat for those outside or unable to afford additional cooling. The sunset is a vivid tapestry of hues, colors spattered and mixed by an overenthusiastic gradient maker. Some of the city lights come on, some are off. A few mutant kids play in a sprinkler hooked up to a hoose on the side of an apartment building, a lady with butterfly wings and multifaceted eyes watches them while sipping a juice box, and little signs of life - small stories, significant and held dear, quietly so, to their owners.

But Lunair isn't hanging out with them. Actually, she's sort of contemplating who she was taking things to. Not all mutants can just go to a mall, and some things might not be able to be purchased easily. Some might not have employment to get these things. And a long while ago, over chicken soup after megaflu brought on by some bioweapon, Magneto asked her to look after the place, so she is. She seems to be lingering away from the more populated sections of the street.

Ping. Ping. Ping. "Brin do you hear that?" Nick is adjusting the radar detector on the ambulance they're flying." Why is it going off? There's no Radar in the area. M-Town is about as far from that as one can get in New York. "There's something…"

Something zooms by on the left wing. "Holy hell!" Nick has to swerve to avoid getting clipped. "That's a… predator drone. What the hell is it doing out here… and is it… homing?" Lunair might hear it. Very shortly.

Seated next to Nick, in a flight suit, Brin frowns as the noise goes and startles as the drone flies by them… "What the…. Can you follow it, Nick?"

She'd only gone up with Nick on a training run, part of the EMT training she'd been doing… but a drone, in M-Town is bad news and she broadcasts to the X-Red team.

Lunair reckons the dart drones are usually Thursdays. Which is why she's having no problem parking her scooter and contemplating what to bring who. She sort of wishes she'd written it all down. Oh well. She checks her phone. Hah, cats. Have things changed so much from Ancient Egypt? She's not entirely sure. But she's a pedestrian no, when she hears - what is that noise? Sadly, she missed the gravy train on super senses, too.

She blinks, frowning and looking up. Sunglasses on so the sun doesn't bother her. That noise is familiar and a gut, animal instinct is telling her 'HEY. TROUBLE. YES TROUBLE. NATURAL SELECTION DEAD AHEAD.' Uneasy, she armors up. At least this time she listens, trying to find the noise. It sounds kind of like those darty things and they already took one of her pizzas in battle.

The drone dives. Nick dives after it. The ambulance isn't armed but it's armored and very maneuverable. And it hones in on Lunair. Target locked. Aquiring Metahuman Signature. Confirmed. Target cleared for elimination. A minigun begins to rotate and tracks on the mutant. "Crap. Brin. I can't get close fast enough. Wings. I need you to use your wings and disable the targeting!"

And then it starts to fire.

Uh… what? Brins look to Nick indicates her disbelief but she unbuckles the belt and concentrates for a moment, sitting forward as glowing green and gold wings appear on her back. Reaching down, she picks up a wrench and hammer from the toolkit at her feet "Nick…" he knows… he knows her fear.

With a shake of her head, the brunette opens the door and launches herself out and down to begin with… away from the blades and the updraft. Slowly rising, she aims for the drone and brings the wrench down hard on it - either to knock it out of alignment or damage - preferably the latter.

Poor Brin. Lunair only has a moment before it hones in on her. The expression on her face is very much 'da fuq' as it- oh shit, it's firing. Lunair yelps and throws herself to the ground, diving sideways, though it may not be enough. She does get a few bruises at minimum for her trouble. "I thought you people wanted me alive!?" Is not having darts sufficient!? Bullets ping off her armor. "Mother -" Censored for common decency. "I REALLY HATE YOU AND WHOMEVER IS PILOTING YOU." It's a small target, maneuverable. She takes a shotgun and decides to take a potshot at the drone. Wait, is that Brin and a flying ambulence?

Predator drones are quick. Nick's ambulance is just as quick but it's not made for this kind of thing. Brin's really the best shot at taking it out.

Based on the movements it is at least impaired. She seems to have knocked something out of alignment. It's more erratic. Functioning on sensors only. "Oh crap that's Lunair…" Nick gets on the loudspeaker. "LUNAIR! SHOOT IT DOWN> SOMETHING BIGGER THAN THAT! BRIN! GET OFF OF IT!"

Brins not really on the drone, but she's close and as Lunair fires off that first shot, the brunette flinches. She's already letting go to move out of the way when Nick hails and she drops for moment before lifting again, aiming for the door of the air ambulance.

They are quick. Poor Brin. "Sorry! Sorry! I'm really sorry!" Now it's time to try a rocket launcher. Lunair's mostly used to the dart-y kind of drones. Those tend to be fragile, but more precise. And now a very real horror from wars far away is brought here. "Normally they want me alive," She muses. She stands up to try to aim the rocket launcher. Careful. Careful. Wait for the drone not to be near the ambulance. And then… fire!

After all, no one likes a team killer.

Nick pulls the ambulance sharply up as Brin dives for the side door. The thing slews in midair, almost as if skidding as the drone flies right into Lunair's rocket and explodes. Wreckage, fortunately mostly small pieces, rain down on the street.

And Lunair seems safe for the moment. Still, Nick can see her and he's going to set his rig down near her. "Brin are you okay? Stay here if you need to, I'm going to make sure Lunair isn't hurt."

"Lunair! Lunair! What the hell happened? Are you okay?!"

Lunair takes a deep breath. "Miss Brin? is she okay? I feel so awful. I was startled," She blurts out, lifting a hand to keep debris from skittering off her helmet and visor. She glowers where the drone was. "You guys are both okay?" She asks, not lifting her visor or armor, but she does dismiss the weapons.

Nick his out of the ambulance and… she's not hurt. Okay. He turns and kicks the some of the drone wreckage nearby. Something sparks underneath it and he blinks. Wait. It shouldn't spark. There's no power to any of the components anymore, right?

Kneeling over he picks it up and… okay. That's some of the strangest circuitry he's ever seen. "Brin… Lunair, you need to come look at this." He holds up what looks like a section of a small ish radar. Except it's clearly not of normal. Lunair and Brin might both recognize the patterns. The same ones they've seen on the meta scanners. Only much, much smaller than the last examples anyone saw. Small enough to fit in the nose cone of a drone? That's not good news.

Brin was momentarily stunned as she dove into the ambulance but didn't take long to recover. As Nick sets the bird down, Brin shakes herself and follows slowly (and carefully) after, green and gold wings vanished now.

Peering down at the device, Brin draws in a /sharp/ breath, nearly like a hiss "This is what they were doing with them… " No, it is /not/ good news, not at all. "May I take this, Nick? I've people who will be interested in it."

Lunair looks to the two and blinks at the sparking. "That's definitely different and so not good." She frowns. Lunair lets her armor go, once Brin and Nicholas are near. "Yeah, you guys can take 'em. I don't know why I was targeted. I'm not registered and my previou—" Pause. "I am somewhat legally dead."

"They may have just considered you a target of opportunity." Nick sighs. "Or… maybe they knew it was you. Go ahead and take it Brin. Lunair I'd feel a lot better if you let us give you a ride. Where are you headed?" He'll get her there in style. Medical style sure but style all the same.

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